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Business Ravishment


My name is Samantha and I am 27 years old. I've graduated from Oxford University and I live in Boston. I work as a financial manager in big investment company. I'm 5"7 and I weigh 120 pounds. My breasts aren't very big, mid-B, I have nicely formed butt, though. At the moment I'm alone, I've never been married, too.

In my job we have to wear certain clothes – white blouse and black skirt just above knee together with black shoes. So everyday I'm dressed exactly like that. My company's office is in the very heart of Boston but I'm still living on the outskirts of the city because I like fresher air than it is in the centre. I have a car – BMW in colour of champagne in which I drive to job everyday.

One cloudy Friday morning I woke up and did my usual morning things – went to shower, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and so on. Then I took black lacy panties and white lacy bra. Over them I put my usual blouse and skirt. I put on my shoes, took my purse and went out of my house. I locked the door and went to my car. I opened it, got in and started it. It coughed but didn't start. I tried again but it didn't seem to work. After some more tries (which became increasingly more desperate and desperate) I understood that I have no other choice but to go to work by bus. I didn't have much time left till I had to be in my job and taken that bus was slower I had to really hurry up. I went in a brisk pace to bus stop and waited.

After some minutes the bus came and I got in. When I opened the door of my office the clock showed 9 am sharp.

In the midday it started to rain. I didn't have an umbrella but I hoped that by the time I ended my day it would have stopped. Usually my day ends at 5.30 pm but today I had to attend two business meetings after that. At 5.30 I left my office and by metro went to first meeting. It took an hour and a half and it was terribly dull. After that I went to metro and tried to work out how to get to next meeting. I had address but couldn't remember where it was, so I had to take a taxi. After 25 minutes I managed to get one and it got me to the restaurant where the meeting took place. It was weird place – very silent and dark (it was October, 8 pm), with small streets and people who didn't look like the kind you would like to meet.

Thankfully driver took me to the very door of restaurant. It was amazingly nice compared to the rest of the district.

This meeting was even longer. Two and a half hours of dull talk about investments in Eastern Europe and Russia. When it ended I smiled broadly. Before both of my partners vanished through the door and drove away in their Porsches I told them about my problem with transport. One of them, named Mike who was about 45 years old and looked like an escaped prisoner told me that he could take me home because he didn't live far from my place. I, of course, agreed because didn't want to go by bus or try to find a taxi. Jack, the other participant of meeting went out of the restaurant and vanished while Mike waited for me to go to bathroom. When I was back we together left the building and went to his black Mercedes-Benz E-type. He opened the door for me and got himself in the driver's place. Then he locked all doors saying that it's safer to drive with locked doors in this district. I couldn't disagree and, therefore, didn't think it's something very weird. What a mistake.

He started to drive but we didn't talk at all – we both were too tired. In the beginning I didn't pay much attention to where we were going but then I saw that we had apparently left Boston – in fact, we were driving on a highway. I didn't say anything then because I thought that we are just trying to miss the centre of town and I couldn't remember – maybe the taxi-driver drove on a highway, too. After 10 minutes Mike turned left on a very small and dark road which wasn't even asphalted. It led into a forest. Then I started to worry a bit because there wasn't forest in 10 km radius of my house.

'Where are we going, Mike?' I asked him.

'Wait a moment, you'll see,' he answered and drove further in the woods. I could see no other light than the headlights of our car. After 5 more minutes Mike stopped. He turned on the light inside of car but turned out headlights. I started to sweat and get frightened.

'Mike, what's going on?' I asked in fear.

'Well, you see, Samantha, I can't miss the opportunity to fuck such a beautiful arse as yours,' he answered and with his right hand stroked my thigh. I pushed his hand off of me and said 'Mike, please don't. Be reasonable.' He didn't respond. He just raised his hand and squeezed my right breast. Then he said 'Now, Samantha, if you don't obey to me now, I'll punish you severely. I will hit you, take off all your clothes and underwear and I'll leave you here in this fucking forest. Now get to the back seat.'

I feared that he could fulfil his threats so I clumsily got to the back seat. When my butt was in front of me he spanked it.

'Ouch!' I cried.

'Shut up,' he answered and got to back seat himself. Then he reached down and took my shoes off. He turned me to face him and put his hands on my breasts. He squeezed them, and then massaged them.

After that, he ripped my blouse open (half of the buttons were ripped off, too) and caressed my breasts through my bra. He reached towards me and kissed me, forcing his tongue in my mouth and moving it around. I tried to push him off but he was too strong, he grabbed my hands with his and held them. After that he let my hands off and with force took my blouse off. I cried and tried to stop him but I couldn't do anything. Then he with one hand took and held both my hands while his other hand went behind my back and tore my bra open. Then with the same hand he ripped the bra off completely.

I tried to cover my breasts but he was holding my hands and I couldn't move them. He put his mouth to my right breast and sucked and licked it, then did the same to other. I screamed and told him to stop but he simply ignored me. Then he quickly let my hands free and pulled my skirt up so that it didn't cover my panties anymore. He pulled them down with one hand, at the meantime the other opened his pants, pulled down boxers and got his hard big cock out. It wasn't very long, around 6in but it was terribly wide. It was so big I thought it would simply tear me apart.

Then he did something terrible. He pulled my panties lower. I thought that he will simply fuck me but he didn't put his dick to my entry. He put it to my ass and with terrible force penetrated it.

'AAAAAAH!' I screamed in pain. I hadn't had much sex before and I had never had anal sex. It hurt unbelievably but he, seemingly oblivious to my screams, continued to penetrate my little hole. He bent his head down and sucked on my nipple. Then he did something even more terrible although at first it didn't seem so. He put a finger in my pussy and started to slide it in and out. Then he added another. When three fingers were sliding in and out it started to hurt, although it was nothing compared to pain I felt because of his cock in my arse.

Then he added fourth. I started to cry out loud, to beg him to stop, I just wanted it all to stop, to die, because the pain was unbelievable. Then he forced his thumb in me as well and closed his hand in fist. It hurt beyond all I had felt before. He moved the fist around meanwhile fucking me harder and deeper in my arse. Then he pulled his fist out and I thought that this part is over but then-- SLAP!

He had slapped my pussy with all his strength and it hurt. A lot. SLAP! SLAP! He did it two times again. I screamed, hoping that someone will hear me but there was no hope – he would just fuck me until I would die because of pain. He slapped my pussy again and again. He grabbed my hips and forced his cock deeper and deeper in me. Then he said 'Say you love me, bitch or I will continue to hurt you.'

'Never,' I thought and kept silent. Then he slapped my breast hard.

'Say "I love you"!' I still kept silent and he slapped my breast then my pussy even harder than before. I cried louder and louder but he just fucked my arse.

'Say it, bitch!' he then slapped my face, then spanked my butt, slapped my breasts, pussy and every place he could reach. After all these hits each and every place of my body was painful.

'Say it, or I will never stop!' He said while slapping my pussy again and again.


'Now, beg me to fuck your arse harder!'

'Please, please, Mike, fuck me, fuck my arse harder, harder, please!' Everything to stop this pain. Then he (THANK GOD) pulled his dick out of my hole and put to my face.

'Open your mouth and suck it!' He said and I obeyed afraid of pain. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper, I almost gagged taking all his length in my little mouth and then he came, shooting his enormous load in my mouth.

'Swallow it, bitch, or I'll have to fuck you again,' he said. I obeyed and swallowed every drop of his load as though my life depended on it. I drank his seed as if I had never tasted anything tastier. Then at last he had finished and took his dick out of my mouth and put it back in his boxers.

He slapped my pussy twice before he got his pants back on and got to driver's seat. Then he in silence drove me home and I got out still naked. I went to house and went to sleep. Next morning I got up at 11am and continued my life as though nothing had happened. I didn't go to police because of two reasons – I didn't think I could stand the humiliation of having to tell it someone and because who would believe me – Mike was top-manager of big bank, they would all think that I'm just trying to make him lose his job...

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