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Business Trip Bi Cheating


This is a true story.

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I had my first bi male encounter 6 years ago and since then have only traded oral with one other guy.

Last night I had a close encounter for the third time.

It was a one-night away business trip and after finishing work, getting to my motel room, showering down and having a couple of beers, I was horny as hell. When I am this horny, I start to go through the M4M Casual Encounters section of a website. I never really have any intention of meeting anyone, but then I came across this headline:

jerk/suck - m4m - 46

It sounded like this guy was thinking of the same thing I was and he was my age, so I clicked on it and this was the ad:

Mid forties, Oral Bi . 6'5", 235, Clean, decent shape, shaved cock/balls for oral , you give or possibly mutual. You host. Normal, kinky guy, but nothing crazy. Put on some porn and go from there. Very discreet, you be too.

Thinking or maybe hoping that nothing would come of it, I responded to his ad. Within minutes, I had a response and within an hour of some emails back and forth and some trading of pics he was on his way over. The pics were from a cell phone and not that great of quality, but I could tell he was pretty fit, with a bit of a belly. The one pic of his cock showed it to be thick, hard and curved upwards.

I couldn't believe I said Yes to him. My hands were sweaty and my stomach was full of butterflies as I waited. The half hour wait seemed like hours as I went over in my head about how I was cheating on my wife with another man, how wrong that was, what if things didn't turn out right, what if he was violent and robbed or raped me. The thought of this stranger taking control also turned me on to a point where part of my mind was sort of hoping for it. It frightened and turned me on at the same time to realize that I wanted to be forced into homosexual acts. While all these thoughts were churning, there was a knock at the door and I jumped.

I opened the door with jittery hands and his frame loomed large in the doorway. I am rather tall at 6'2" but at a full-sized 6'5" and very close to me, this person seemed huge.

"Hello." I said nervously "You must be Jon?"

"That's me!" he replied "And you must be Jim?"

"I am."

"Well, it is very nice to meet you in person." He said with a big smile on his face as he stuck out a large hand for me to shake.

Right away, he seemed like a genuine, nice and normal guy. The fear (or anticipation) of being forced to do things went away quickly.

Jon brought some beers with him and we sat, him on the small motel couch and myself on the desk chair sort of facing each other, drinking a beer and starting some small talk. He noticed that I had my laptop open and asked if I wanted to watch some porn on it, as he knew of a good site. I agreed and as he was typing in the address to the porn site and looking for a video, I looked him over. He was a big guy wearing jeans and a dark blue t-shirt which fit tightly on him. His head was mostly shaved, but I could tell that he had light red hair. When he came in, he was wearing sandals, so he was barefoot now. Even bent over at the waist while sitting on the couch working on the laptop, he seemed to have a sizable bulge in his jeans where his cock would be. Looking at that made me even harder and I knew my cock was leaking slippery pre-cum.

"Here. This one looks pretty good." He said, startling me out of leering at him. "You ok with guy on guy porn?"

"Sounds about right for right now." I said and immediately felt stupid for some reason.

"Holy cow. Look at the size of that guys cock! He's huge. I hope you don't mind, but I am not that big!" he said with a laugh.

We watched the video together for about five minutes and discussed previous encounters. I told him, he was only the third guy I had ever done this with and he told me that he had been with about 7-8 guys, but usually they just blew him and that was it. He said that most of them wanted to just suck and that was ok with him. I told him that was pretty much what I wanted too.

Jon turned and looked right at me.

"Do you mind if I take off my clothes?"

"No. I don't mind. I would like that very much."

I stood up when he did and we started to strip. His shirt came off first and he looked like someone that worked hard for a living, but didn't work out. The tops of his arms were big which led down to powerful forearms with those big hands. He had a slight covering of hair on his chest that was so light orange that it was almost see through. His nipples were a very pale pink and he was covered in light freckles.

His jeans came off next and I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was wearing just regular white briefs, but there was a cock in there that appeared to be fully hard and angled up and off to the right, and much larger than my 6 inches. I almost tripped as I quickly tried to drop my jeans and underwear, so I would be ready for him when he was naked. Jon tucked his thumbs into his tighty whiteys, bent over and pulled them off. As he stood, I saw the first real cock (other than my own) in person in almost 5 years. My heart almost leapt out of my chest at the sight of it.

Jon was fully hard and throbbing. While not a crazy-huge porn star cock, it had to be at least seven inches long, but it was the thickness that dwarfed my own average cock. The clearly defined head, sat on the top of his circumcised shaft and was the perfect shape and size. Even from our distance of about six feet, I could see blue veins bulging on the underside of his penis. His dick was so hard, that it curved up and away from his body almost as if it were weightless.

My thoughts of cheating on my wife, my nervousness and fear were replaced with a need to get to my knees and please this huge man. I knew that I would do anything that he asked of me. I would do it just like a little bitch.

I heard a voice say "Wow. Nice. Can I suck you?" and realized it was me. My mind was in a fog of anticipation.

Jon laughed and said "Of course!" He took a few steps towards me and sat down in the desk chair I had just been sitting in. Both of his arms were resting on the chair arms and his legs were spread. His thick cock looked fully hard, stretched past his belly button and was hovering and throbbing. He was wide open for me to crawl in there and start pleasing him and that is just what I did.

I dropped to my knees, put my hands on his thighs and moved my face in close to his cock. I could still smell the soap from his shower and feel the heat rising from him. I wanted to do so much, that I wasn't sure what to do first. After a second or two, I reached up and gripped the base of his cock so that it rose straight up in front of and above my face. I brought my tongue to the base and slowly licked all the way to the top. The touch of my tongue to him sent an electric jolt through my body and I knew I was going to love this. At the top, I encircled the head with my lips and tasted his pre-cum for the first time. It was delicious. I tried to take as much of him as possible into my mouth, but I really could not get too far. It was just too big.

Jon seemed to like when I alternated what I was doing. If I sucked him for a while and switched to running my lips up and down his shaft, he would groan with pleasure. Alternatively, if I stroked him for a while, he would groan again when I stopped to use my mouth to catch the pre-cum oozing out. He also wasn't shy about telling me what to do. I had neglected his balls for too long and he told me so, so I gently sucked them into my mouth and felt them rolling slowly around as I jerked him off. At one point, I was rubbing his cock on my face and he reminded me to be careful, as he didn't appreciate the way my not recently shaved face was rubbing against him.

I really would have done anything he asked me to at that point. I have never had anal sex, but I would have given my ass to him if he asked for it.

After only about 15 minutes of pleasing him orally, my mouth was getting sore from his thickness. I wanted to continue for longer, but wasn't really sure what to do, so I started working him towards a climax and my reward. I still could not get much of him in my mouth, so I went as deep as I could with his cock until it was about halfway in and used my hand to simulate a deep throat session. He seemed to really like this and slowly moved his hips to match me. Over the next few minutes, I increased my tempo, but took care to take my time and not rush things. To soon, though, he told me he was close to cumming.

"Not much longer." He grunted, "Do you want to swallow it?"

I looked up at his face and managed an "Mmhmm" while nodding my head in approval. Of course I wanted it. I wanted it to flood my mouth. I wanted to be covered in it.

Jon's hands gripped the chair and the muscles in his forearms stood out as he got closer. Soon, he was just kind of whispering "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." and I knew he was close. I felt his cockhead expand further and twitch, so I froze my mouth in position, increased my grip with my hand and slowly jerked him. His hips raised off the chair and his cock did a stronger twitch and he was motionless for just a second. Then I felt it. His entire cock felt like it grew and lunged in my mouth and I tasted cum as it flooded it out. It filled me as he jerked and jerked in my mouth and I did my best to swallow it all. I could feel some of his cum oozing out from around my mouth, but I made sure to clean it all.

As his climax subsided, he slowly relaxed and sunk back down on the chair. I continued to gently hold his cock in my mouth as he started to get softer. I really did not want this part to end, could have just laid my head on his thigh, and nursed on him, but he said "Ok. That felt really good." And I knew it meant he was done.

I extracted myself from between his thighs and sat down to his side on the edge of the bed. My own cock was still fully erect and leaking and Jon asked if I needed any help finishing. He didn't really seem to mean it, so I replied "No that's ok. But thank you for letting me suck you."

He laughed, "Oh no. It was my pleasure!" and stood up and walked to the bathroom. He closed the door and I heard his piss hit the toilet. As horny as I still was, I wished I was in there with him; holding his cock for him and then cleaning him up.

When he came out, he washed his hands and cleaned his dangling penis with a washcloth and started dressing. We had some quick small talk as he put his clothes on. When he finished, he shook my hand, thanked me again and was gone out the motel room door.

I collapsed on the bed, with my cock hovering over my belly and jerked off imagining his large frame looming over me while he fucked me.

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