Business Trip Encounters Ch. 06


With her standing up on the couch, her pussy was position right in front of my face, giving me the best position to do what I wanted to do; that is to eat her pussy.

Hazel stood there for a moment, not really knowing what to do. I looked up at her and then took a quick glance at her pussy. As though beginning to know what I meant, Hazel reached at her crotch and started playing with herself. I hooked my hands around her thighs and pulled her towards me. After an initial shock of finally realizing what I wanted to do, Hazel gently placed her knees on the back rest on each side of my head and lower her pussy slowly to my mouth. I then spread her young pussy with my fingers and reviewed a pink and wet, young pussy, ready to be eaten. I took a first lick at her clit and Hazel jumped a little at the new sensation she was feeling down under. After a few more licks, Hazel's pussy was already flowing with fuck juice. I could feel Hazel humping her pussy at my face and started moaning," emmmm, huh...huh.....ehhhhhh."

I held on to her hips and pulled her closer to me. I continued to feast at her pussy and was digging my tongue deep into her fuck hole. I inserted my middle finger into her pussy at the same time and started to dig deep. Hazel began to get use to the new sensation and started to settle into a humping rhythm, " sssss.... huh.....mmmmmm.....oooooo."

While savoring Hazel's pussy, Nina whispered into my ear," Sir, I want to fuck you."

I gave her a smile and then used my eyes to direct her to the direction of my cock. I held up my semi-erect cock and flipped it a few times. Knowing what I meant, Nina disappeared behind Hazel, and soon, I felt my cock being engulfed in her warm mouth again.

The air in the room was fully sexed up now. I was eating out of Hazel's pussy while Nina was preparing my cock for a fuck. Soon, my cock was growing in Nina's mouth and it was raging hard before long. Since I have already came once, I know this one is going to last a bit longer. While I was humping myself into Nina's mouth, I could feel Hazel's fuck juice flowing into my mouth. She was sweating away in her crotch area and the mixture of pussy juice and sweat was arousing to say the least.

Nina then said something to Hazel, and in a coordinated fashion, both the girls switched places again, and I found Hazel going down on me while I prepare Nina's pussy to be fucked.

Nina's pussy was as pink as Hazel but not as sexed up. Nina positioned herself in front of me and I started to feast on her pink oyster. Since I came in Hazel's mouth, I wanted very badly to cum in Nina's pussy. So I was careful not to make Nina cum before I get to fuck her. The girls seem to know who will get what, and Hazel was only sucking me hard enough to maintain my arousal without making me cum.

I sucked and licked at Nina's pussy, keeping her aroused for the fuck later. Being as young and fresh as she was, it did not take much effort for Nina's fuck juice to flow. Very soon, she was moaning with pleasure," Oooooo.....mmmmmm.......urrgg.....oh."

I then heard Hazel saying something to Nina in their local language, and with my little knowledge, I knew Hazel was asking Nina to let her fuck me for a while and then Nina could finish me up.

As good a friend as she was, Nina muffled a yes although I was not sure if she was responding to Hazel or just lost in her own world, "urgggg....ohh........Yes!....ohh."

Nina then started to hump her pussy into my face, completely lost in her own world.

I then saw Hazel standing up and tried to sit down on my lap, apparently trying to fuck me while I was eating Nina's pussy.

I slide my body down towards the edge of the couch to allow Hazel better access to my fuck tool.

When I was low enough, Hazel positioned herself behind Nina and slowly eased my cock into her pussy. Nina was also nice enough to position herself further up to give Hazel more room to move. After some awkwardness, Hazel managed to position herself nicely and started bouncing on my cock. She had to lay her body onto my chest for easier movement and her face was very close to mine. Without neglecting Hazel too much, I pulled my mouth away from Nina's pussy, causing her to feel a void in her sexed up pussy, which she gave a moan of disapproval,""

I quickly lifted her hips further up and gave Hazel a kiss on her lips. I then pull Hazel's head forward a bit and push Nina down, positioning her pussy in front of Hazel's mouth.

Whether they have done it before or not, I am not quite sure, but lost in the moment, Hazel started licking Nina's pussy. And with the sudden void that she was feeling in her pussy, Nina seems not to care who was doing it. She seems to be quite happy as long as somebody is keeping her pussy moist and warm.

With my mouth free, I focused on Hazel and held on to her hips to help her to fuck me.

After only a while, Nina started to feel a bit frustrated that she wasn't getting much action. She lifted herself up and signal for Hazel to swap places. Reluctantly, Hazel stood up and took up the empty position in front of my face. Without much delay, she pushed her pussy right into my face, desperately wanting to fill up the void left by my cock.

Nina wasted no time, sat on me and started fucking me hard and fast.

All 3 of us were now very aroused and all one could hear in the room was my mouth sucking on Hazel's all sexed up pussy, Hazel moaning beyond control and Nina slapping herself against my thighs, "Urggg, huh huh......grop....grop.........hupsss......piak... piak .....piak."

After about 10 minutes of heavy sucking and pounding, Hazel seems to have lost herself in the moment of ecstasy, and started humping herself hard into my face. I then held her hips tightly in place and started to suck at her clit real hard. She gave a loud screech and hump uncontrollably into my face, cumming and letting her juice flowed all over my face, " Ahhh.......fuckkkkk.....urrrrrrrrr.......ugggggggg.".

At the same time, Nina was also bouncing hard and fast, uncontrollably into my laps, and her fingers were digging hard into my chest," Urhh...huh....ahh..ahh ahh......." And almost at the same time, I could also feel my balls tightening up and frantically grabbed Nina's hips down and unloaded my second load of sperm into her pussy. I was jerking frantically for a few seconds while Nina was still trying to push her final ounce of fuck juice out of her pussy.

After what seems like hours, Hazel stood up, with a bit of struggle and sat herself hard onto the couch, while Nina lied on my chest, recovering from the fuck fest.

Recovering from the fuck, I held Hazel and Nina in my arms and then gave them my proposal, "Nina, Hazel, how about if you forget about finding a job in the spa and come and work for me permanentPart of your unwritten job description would be to be my Physiotherapist. What do you think?"

Nina then gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "Only if you allow both of us to conduct the therapy together."

"Well, I am sure I could accommodate that just to keep talents like you," I said, smiling to myself.

Without say, both Hazel and Nina slept with me for the night.

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