tagLoving WivesBusiness Trip Leads to Pleasure

Business Trip Leads to Pleasure


On Thursday my boss told me I had to go on a three day business trip to Northern Virginia. I thought that my wife Kim would like to go with me since she grew up in the area. I gave her a call and asked her if she would like to go with me. She gladly accepted the offer as she could visit her sister and her childhood best friend and was ready for a short getaway.

We left our Florida home early Monday for the flight to Dulles. During the flight I began to think about some of the sexual encounters Kim has told me about when she lived there and the thoughts were beginning to have an effect on my dick. She sure had her share of dick over the few years she was sexually active in her late teens and early 20's. Whenever we go up there for a visit, I stay horny all of the time, just thinking about the stories she has told me.

We arrived at Dulles in the early afternoon and made the 30 minute trip in our rental car to the hotel. We made the obligatory phone calls, me for business and pleasure for her. We made our plans for the few days there. While I was working, Kim was going to hang out with her sister and friend. The evenings were up in the air at this point.

It was now getting close to dinner time and we decided on a nearby Italian restaurant. We arrived at the restaurant and fortunately didn't have to wait for a table since we were just ahead of the dinner crowd. As we ate our meal, the manager came to our table to see how we were doing. We complimented him on the food, service, and atmosphere. I noticed he looked at Kim a little funny and she looked at him the same way.

He asked her if her name was Kim.

She responded Tony?

It turns out they knew each other from years ago when she lived up there. Kim introduced me and I exchanged greetings with Tony.

Kim told Tony we were there on business for a few days and gave him a quick update on her life since she left "home".

Tony said that he would love to chat and catch up on their lives over the past 19 years. He invited us back to the restaurant the next evening, as he was getting off at seven. He said we could sit at the bar and have a few drinks then go to a café where we could all talk in a quieter setting.

We agreed to come back the next evening and we bid him a good evening.

We left the restaurant and made a couple of stops to pick up some necessities for our stay. As we made small talk in the car, Kim said that it was nice to see Tony. It had been a long time and she didn't expect to run into him.

I asked Kim if he was one of her "ones".

Kim slowly grinned and shyly said "Yes." She said "He is the Tony she has told me stories about."

I almost passed out as the blood rushed from my vital organs to my dick. Tony has been the star of some of my favorite stories she has shared with me. Kim told me long ago that Tony has the biggest dick she has ever had. She could never recall the dimensions of it since they were fucking, not measuring, but it was the biggest she had ever had.

The only thing I could think of that evening was the stories she had told me about her and Tony. Kim knew I was going to ask her more about them when we went to bed.

The night came to an end and it was time for bed. I asked Kim if she would like me to rub her back.

She said "That would be nice."

We both lay naked in the bed as I began to lightly rub, massage, and scratch her back from head to toe. As my hands caressed her body I asked if she liked seeing Tony today.

She said "It is always nice to see old friends."

I said "Old friends with a big dick?"

She said "Them too."

I asked her if she had thought about the times they had been together.

She said "No, but I'm sure you will help me bring back the memories."

I laughed and said "Yep."

As I continued to massage her, I went on asking her questions about the times they had fucked. She answered and gave me the details she could remember. Although it had been many years since they were together, she recalled that he fucked her good all over his house. I repositioned myself so I could massage her feet and calves. Kim was still on her stomach so I bent her left leg back from the knee so I could massage her lower leg and foot. As I did so, her legs were slightly parted and I could see her pussy. Her pussy was glistening with wetness.

I continued to ask her questions about her and Tony. I asked her if her pussy was so wet because of Tony. She didn't answer. I took a finger and ran it along her seam. I said "See how wet you are?" Is it because of Tony?" Again, she didn't answer. I inserted my finger into her and moved it around. She began to move her hips as I fingered her. I asked her if my baby's pussy was all wet because of Tony.

Kim finally responded with a yes, as she spread her legs further.

I inserted another finger and moved them in a circular motion with a little more pressure. Kim was moaning while giving me full access to her pussy. She was hot!

I asked her if she wanted to fuck Tony again. She didn't say anything, but kept moaning and moving her hips. I said "do you want to feel Tony's big dick inside of you?'

She said "Yes, I would like him to fuck me?"

I thought my dick was going to explode when I heard her say that. As I continued to explore her pussy, she slid her right hand under her and began to work on her clit. I then got a finger on my other hand wet with her juices and eased it into her ass. She began to moan loudly as all of the attention on her pussy and ass had her on the brink of orgasm. Kim finally erupted with a deep guttural moan as she came. As she came, I could feel the contractions of her sphincter and vagina muscles on my fingers. Once her orgasm subsided, I told her to stay just as she was. I straddled her legs and let my erection find its way into her pussy as I spread her open with my hands. I was so hot from her talk about her Tony fucking her, I only lasted about 20 seconds before I emptied my balls into her. After we caught our breath, we commented on how great that felt.

I asked Kim if she would really want to fuck Tony again.

She said "Yes, but how do I feel about it?"

I said that since she has told me stories about their times together it really turned me on. We had a threesome in St Martin with a stranger, so I'm OK with it. That is as long as I can participate. I asked her if she thought he would go along with it.

She said that she remembers him as being open to experimenting, so maybe.

Now how do we approach him about it? We decided we would see how things went when we meet tomorrow evening and take it from there.

The next day Kim met with her sister and did some shopping during the day. I on the other hand had to try to keep focused on the meetings I was involved in. It was difficult to keep my mind off of what might happen this evening. Well eventually the work day ended and I headed back to the hotel. As I entered the room I saw Kim sitting on the couch in a robe watching TV. I sat next to her and asked her how her day went.

She said she had a good day shopping and hanging out with her sister. She showed me the clothes she bought and asked me how my day was.

I told her it was OK for work, but kept thinking about the possibilities of what might happen this evening.

She said "I thought you'd be thinking about that."

As she came back to the couch and sat next to me, I asked her if she had thought about getting with Tony.

She said "maybe a couple of times."

I then leaned over and kissed her neck and let a hand slip into her robe and make its way down to her panty covered pussy. I slipped my hand under her panties and as she spread her legs, I slipped a finger in her slit. Her pussy was very well lubricated. I said "You only thought of Tony once or twice?" "You're lying, your pussy isn't normally this wet".

Kim said "OK, maybe I thought about him three times"

I kept working my finger in her pussy, but she pushed my hand and said "Let's save it for tonight".

I reluctantly agreed and removed my hand from her panties.

Kim took a bath and I took a shower as we got ready to meet Tony. We both dressed casual. Kim was wearing capris and a blouse that looked very nice and showed a little cleavage. I wore slacks and a polo shirt.

As we began to leave the room, I asked her if she was OK with this.

She said "Yes, are you OK with this"?

I assured her I was OK and hopefully it will work out.

We arrived at the restaurant about 6:15 and sat in the lounge. As the waitress took our drink order I asked her to let Tony know we were here. About five minutes later Tony stopped by to say hello.

He told us he wasn't normally supposed to work today, but had to cover for an assistant manager that was coming in late. He went on to say his assistant was in and they had to go over a few things before he left.

As we waited for Tony to wrap things up, Kim and I sipped our drinks and talked, occasionally making reference to Tony.

Tony came back to our table right at seven carrying some bags. He explained that he had been in and out of the kitchen all afternoon and wanted to go home to take a shower to get the food smell off of him before we went out. He motioned to the bags as he explained that he brought dinner for us and we could eat at his house.

Kim and I said great and we followed him to his house.

Once we arrived at his house, we went into the kitchen and began setting up for dinner. He showed us were things were. Kim got the plates and silverware. Tony took care of organizing the food and I poured the wine and water.

As we ate dinner, we talked about our lives. He was impressed that we had been married for 19 years and had three children.

Tony told us that he never married, but has had a few live in loves over the years, but his career and work hours just never seemed to lend itself to a marriage.

Kim and Tony talked about people they knew and what they were doing. Kim hasn't really kept in touch with many people from the area over the years and was interested in what some of her friends were doing these days. They said they dated for about six months. Kim was 20 and he was 25 at the time. Tony was a few years younger than me and stayed in good shape. Even after the years and three children, Kim is still a hot 40 year old woman. Kim's 38DD's, beautiful smile, big green eyes, and short brown hair turn many men's heads. Tony commented that Kim has aged nicely and looks better than she did so many years ago. We were having a good time sitting there chatting away and sipping drinks.

I asked them what kind of things they did when they were dating. Hoping this would lead into something that will turn the subject into sex. They said movies, dinners, drives, hanging out with friends. Tony said Kim was always fun to be with and I was a lucky man to have her as a wife.

I (and the alcohol) then said to Tony "We are both lucky men."

He said "How is that?"

I said we both had good careers and have known Kim very well, in ways not every man knows her. He looked at me a bit puzzled. I told him that Kim has told me about some of their times together and I was cool with it.

Kim said "Mike, you are embarrassing us."

I said there was nothing to be embarrassed about. There is nothing wrong with great sex between two people and you've said it was great with Tony. After the shock wore off, they both had little grins on their faces.

Tony asked us if we minded if he excused himself so he could take a shower to get the work smell off of him. He told us to go in the den and he'd be back shortly.

Before Tony left, I mentioned that since we were having a good time here we didn't mind continuing the night here instead of going out. Tony agreed.

We refilled our drinks and went into the den and watched TV as we waited for Tony to return. As we sat there, Kim and I thought the odds were good things would progress as we hoped. Since Kim had been lightly drinking over the past several hours, I could tell she was ready.

About 15 minutes later, Tony returned from his shower in shorts in a t-shirt. He asked if we needed anything. We said we were fine. He got a drink for himself and sat down with us. We continued with talk about our lives and travels. We talked about how we liked going on cruises, but he had never been on one. He asked us our favorite destination so far. We both said St Martin. He asked why and I said the nude beach. Tony said that he had never been to one and asked if bothered me that other men saw Kim naked. I said that it didn't bother me and actually turned me on a little knowing that other men are checking her out and I am the one that gets to be with her. I also said that "You should know exactly what I mean about that." He said "You're right." He asked Kim if it bothered her that other women saw me naked. She replied that it didn't.

Tony then realized that he hadn't shown us around the house and apologized. He then said let's go. He took us room to room and showed us his nice home. When we came to his workout room, I saw a weight bench. This sight immediately sparked the memory of a story Kim told me about how Tony fucked her on his weight bench.

I asked is this "THE" weight bench?

Neither one seemed to catch on.

Tony asked what is "THE" weight bench?

I told him that Kim had told me about some of their escapades on a weight bench and was wondering if that was the one.

Tony, a little choked up, replied yes it is. It was refurbished several years ago, but it is the same bench. I now felt a stirring in my crotch.

Kim was quiet, but giggled. Then she said "I sure remember that bench."

We went back to the den and talked some more. Tony and I were mainly the ones talking. After a while, I asked her if she was so quiet because she was thinking about the workouts on the weight bench. She just laughed as Tony did too. Tony must have become more comfortable with us or the alcohol was loosening him up.

Kim said "They definitely worked out on the bench."

Tony said to Kim "I'm glad our time together was still a fond memory for you."

Kim said "Those times were good and Mike likes to hear about them." She then excused herself to use the bathroom.

While she was away I told Tony that we had discussed her having another romp with him. Tony said "Well I don't know, she is a beautiful woman and we had some good times many years ago, but with you being here and all." He went on to say that he has been in MFM before, but not with a husband and was kind of unsure.

I told him I was OK with it. If it made her happy I was all for it and I thought Kim was up for it. I said "Let's see what Kim thinks and go from there." Besides, her stories of the two of you together get me so hot and I'd love to see the real deal, but I want to be a part of it.

Kim returned to the den and sat back down next to me. She asked what we talked about while she was in the bathroom.

I said "You."

She said "Really? Why was I the subject?"

Tony remained quiet. I spoke up and told her that I told Tony how we discussed having a threesome with him.

She took a sip of her drink then looked at Tony and asked what he thought.

I said "He was OK with it if we were."

He told her that he was a little nervous because of me being here, but they did have some great sex in their younger days and that if we were OK with it, he was too. I guess the alcohol let our inhibitions go. We weren't drunk, just feeling nice and relaxed.

I began to rub Kim's back and kiss her neck. I thought the ice has been broken and it was time to get started. Kim was enjoying the attention while Tony was sitting across from us watching. Kim let out a little moan as I lightly sucked on her neck and caressed her back under her blouse. She then turned her face toward me and we passionately kissed. I broke the kiss and whispered in her ear. I asked her if she was ready. She shook her head yes. I went back to kissing her neck while my hands began to caress her legs and breasts. I put one hand under her blouse to fondle her bra covered left breast. I then lifted her blouse up over her breast for better access. I looked over at Tony and he was taking it all in. I then asked Kim to remove her blouse. She complied with my request and slowly removed her blouse and placed it on the arm of the couch. She then sat back on the couch. She looked over at Tony and smiled as I lightly rubbed both of her breasts.

I asked Tony if he would like to join us. He got up and sat next to her. As he sat down I said "I get to have her all of the time, so since you are the guest of honor you should have the privilege of touching her too." Tony and I kissed and caressed Kim, focusing on the side of her body we were on. As we caressed Kim, she closed her eyes and let out a sexy sigh. Our hands were working her body and occasionally our hands would meet over her covered pussy. I asked Kim to sit up so Tony could take off her bra. Tony easily unhooked her bra and Kim let the straps slide off of her shoulders and uncovering her large breasts. I asked Tony if he remembered these. He said "Yes, Kim still has lovely breasts." I watched as Tony ran his hand over her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Tony then leaned over and gently sucked her right nipple. I then cupped her left breast and sucked on her neck. She said "This feels so good." I looked down and saw Tony's hand between her legs rubbing her panty covered pussy as he sucked on her nipple. I told Tony to try this one, as I held her left breast up for him to suck its nipple. Kim's hands were now searching for our cocks which she found with no trouble.

Kim suggested we get out of our clothes, but she wanted us to do it one at a time. She asked me to strip first. I stood up and slipped off my shirt. While I was do so, she unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. I was standing there with my pants around my ankles and my boxers did little to hide my erections. I finished removing my clothes. As I stood there naked, she pulled me to her by my dick where she gave it a few licks and sucks. I then sat down next to her. She said "Tony, your turn." Tony stood in front of us. There was no hiding the excitement contained in his shorts. Like I did, Tony removed his shirt. Kim told him to slowly remove his shorts, then his underwear. Kim and I sat back and watched. I imagine Kim was looking forward to seeing his dick again and I was curious about this tool she has told me about. Tony's shorts fell to the ground and he stepped out of them. Tony was wearing briefs and he had quite a knot in them. He slowly pulled the back of his briefs down and worked his way to the front to teasingly reveal his dick. As he pulled down the front of his briefs, his cock sprung to life as it was released from its confinement. I must say I was impressed with what as before us. He let his briefs fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

Kim then reached out for his cock and brought it to her mouth and began to suck on it. While she slowly savored his meat, one hand cupped his nice sized balls and her other hand held onto to his butt cheek. Seeing Tony's dick slide in and out of Kim's lips so close to me had my dick rock hard. Kim took Tony from her mouth and told me to stand next to Tony. I did as she commanded. She positioned us so she could take us in her mouth at the same time. She put the heads of our dicks together and sucked on them simultaneously. The feeling of another cock touch mine was a little strange, by Kim's mouth made it feel good. Since our dicks were side by side it gave me the opportunity to gauge is size. I am seven inches with an average circumference. I'd say Tony was nine to ten inches and considerably thicker than mine. The head was longer and fuller than mine too. Kim worked on us for a few more minutes, licking the undersides of our cocks and even tried to fit both in her mouth at the same time. No such luck, too much meat.

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