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Business Trip Surprise


The first clue I had that something just was not quite right is when I started packing my bags. I was going to meet my wife, Lynn, on Friday in San Diego. She was spending the week at her company's satellite office in Los Angeles and the plan was that we were going to meet up at her parent's place in San Diego and spend the weekend there and drive back to the Bay Area together on Sunday. I was doing everything in my power to finish up what I had to do so that I could get out of town a day early and surprise her at her hotel in LA, with the idea of spending one night alone without the fear of interruption (our son was spending the week with my parents).

I started packing for the trip early so that I would be able to just jump in the car and head south as soon as I wrapped up on Thursday. We hadn't been able to use our bedroom accessories for awhile so the first few things that made it in my overnight bag were a large vibrating dildo that my wife was partial to and a couple of adult DVDs. Lynn had bought a very nice lingerie set recently and I was going to include that in my bag as well, but I couldn't find it. The Victoria's Secret box was still under the bed, but the black lace teddy and matching thong were nowhere to be found. I thought that she might have washed it, but it wasn't in her lingerie drawer either. I finally gave up the search; figuring that she must have returned it as she did with seventy-five percent of the clothing she purchased. I was a more than a little disappointed; I was really looking forward to seeing her in that outfit. She rarely wears thongs and this was literally a string with a small diamond cloth that would barely cover her trimmed pussy. There was an outside chance that she brought the lingerie with her, but I really doubted that she would bring something like that on a business trip and our weekend was going to be spent with her family so it wasn't like she was going to put on a sexy outfit at her parent's place. Oh well, the toys and our pent up desire would just have to suffice.

It isn't as if we needed any props to make our sex life more interesting. After almost ten years together Lynn gets my motor running even faster now than when we first started dating. I think the main reason is that she has really loosened up over the years. I'm not sure I know how to describe her attitude towards sex when I first met her. It wasn't as if she was a prude; she was up for almost anything, but I think her upbringing made her feel guilty about enjoying anything outside of "normal" sex. Her parents are from the Philippines and she grew up with the idea that women are broken down into two categories: hookers and decent girls. Decent girls don't have casual sex. When we first got together she claimed that I was only the second person that she'd been with sexually. Over the years that number increased, but I don't know if she made up stories because she knows it turns me on, or if she just started feeling more secure in our relationship and started coming clean on some of her experiences. She's one of the most beautiful women you'll ever see, with a toned body that is proportionate to her height. Nice b-cup breasts and the softest skin you've ever felt. Needless to say I was looking forward to Thursday night.

I finished up what I had to get done early Thursday morning. The car was loaded up, I had my directions to the Hyatt that she was staying at in downtown LA and with that I was off on the 6 hour drive. I knew that she would call me a few times during the next few hours so I had already thought of the things I would tell her I was doing when she did call. I was very proud of the details I had covered in my plan. I had even had my company's receptionist call the Hyatt pretending to be Lynn, and informing the front desk clerk that I would be arriving early in the afternoon. I figured that in this new age of security it might be a hassle to show up at the hotel and expect them to just hand over a key to a guy claiming to be a guest's husband.

I arrived at the hotel just after 4 PM. I went straight to the front desk and was somewhat surprised that I was handed a key with no questions asked. I assumed that this was the weakest part of my plan, but it appeared that my rouse worked. Once I got in the room I flicked on the television and jumped in the shower to rinse off six hours of road. After getting myself all cleaned up I thought that it would be a good idea to give Lynn a call at the office and get a better sense of when to expect her. I wasn't planning on jumping from behind a door and yelling "surprise", but I didn't want her to walk through the door and treat her to the sight of me sprawled on the bed watching Sports Center in my ratty underwear either. I caught her at her desk and casually asked her about her day and what, if any, plans she had for dinner. She told me that since it was her last night in the office a few of her coworkers were going to take her out to dinner, but she would probably be back in her room by 7 or 8 PM and that she would give me a call at home then. My hour wait just became more like a 3 hour wait. No problem. I figured I would take that time and go grab something to eat and maybe go find a liquor store that had a more reasonably priced bottle of Champagne than offered by the Hyatt's room service menu.

I finished up dinner and found my champagne in less time than I anticipated. I still had at least an hour to kill, more than likely two, before Lynn arrived back at the hotel. I decided to go back up to the room for an hour and watch a little more TV before heading back down to the hotel bar. I had decided that I might scare the hell out her by being in her room when she walked in and that it might set a better mood to either greet her in the lobby or let her go up to her room and then follow her up and knock on the door. When I got up to the room I put the champagne in a bucket of ice and stashed it in the closet. Instead of watching another hour of Sports Center, I decided to scratch an itch I had to snoop. I wanted to see if she had brought the missing lingerie, but I also like to dig around in general.

I was a bit surprised by the clothes that she brought on her trip. A couple of outfits weren't things that she could wear to the office. There was a mini skirt that was too short to be professional attire and a few other things that were more in line with something you would wear to a night club. She didn't mention any plans on going out after work so I was caught a bit off guard. I didn't find the lingerie in her overnight bag, but it dawned on me that I hadn't checked her "dirty clothes" bag yet. I emptied out the bag on the bed and sure enough there it was. I'm no panty-sniffer by any means, but I was totally thrown off by the fact that she wore her sexy lingerie on a night that she was by herself. I took a deep whiff of her panties and smelled a strong musk odor. Nothing concrete, but things just weren't adding up. I decided to change my plans on surprise and decided to wait up in her room to see what was going on.

At about 7:30 PM I decided to erase all evidence of my arrival and join the chilling champagne in the closet. We had talked about having sex with other people, but those conversations were more along the lines of fantasy during our lovemaking. Lynn knew that it turned me on when she told me about things she'd done or fantasies she had, but that was the extent of it. I had told her that I wouldn't mind if she just had sex (if it was only sex) with someone else, as long as she was honest with me and told me about it. Deception, I said, was the real issue. Those were just words, words that didn't sound so brilliant at the moment. The good news was that I didn't have long to wait to find out what was going on. I heard her come in the room and it was quickly apparent that she wasn't alone. I was crossing my fingers that she was with her female boss, but also became clear soon enough that her companion was male.

"Make yourself comfortable while I make a quick phone call" was the first thing I heard Lynn say clearly.

I had turned off my cell phone just in case, but I was pretty sure she was calling our home.

"Hi honey" I heard her say. "It's just me calling to say goodnight. It's a little after eight and maybe you went to sleep early so that you could get an early start tomorrow. I'm going to got to sleep now myself so I'll just talk to you tomorrow morning."

"Okay, I'm ready for that massage that you were bragging about all night" I overheard her tell her dinner companion.

"First you need to remove some of those clothes. I need bare skin to do my magic" replied the amateur masseuse.

"Turn around so I can take my top off" I heard Lynn say.

I didn't make out anything else until I heard him try and get her to remove her panties. The good news was that she wasn't totally naked, the concerning thing was that she obviously wasn't wearing much else. The worst thing was that I could only make out bits of the conversation and couldn't see a damn thing because of the location of the closet. I cracked the closet door open and luckily was able to see what was going on by looking at the mirror opposite the bed. The angle wasn't that great but it was better than nothing.

I was able to hear more and put two and two together and things didn't make any more sense. Her dinner companion was a marketing manager that she hated. Hate might be a strong word, but she had told numerous stories about what a clown she thought Mike was. I didn't like the guy because he had had a couple of affairs with women in the office and I didn't trust him. Lynn kept insisting that he was a closet homosexual and that he only slept with women as a cover. At the moment he didn't look or sound all that gay to me.

She was laying on her stomach and Mike was straddling her thighs rubbing her shoulders and back. He must have worked his way down to her thighs and gone a bit too far because I heard Lynn chastise him for going too far and that her panties were going to stay on. I still couldn't make out much but I soon heard Lynn telling him how great his hand felt. That must have been all the encouragement that Mike needed because shortly thereafter I heard him tell her that it was time to roll over. He got off of her and she didn't hesitate in rolling over on her back.

"You are going to need to remove these" Mike said indicating her bikini briefs, "if you want me to do what I want to do next".

"Okay, but you need to leave your clothes on" I heard my wife reply.

Off came her underwear and I saw Mike immediately dive between my wife's legs. Lynn absolutely loves having her pussy eaten. I've eaten my share of pussy in my time and I can say without question that she is the best. Her pussy gets lubricated completely with her juices and she loves having her sweet asshole tongued. He must have been doing a pretty good job because I heard her tell him to fuck her with his fingers. When she gets worked up she loves having a couple of fingers pumping inside of her. I could make out her squeezing her tits and telling him where to pay attention and once he found that spot, not to stop. He must have been licking her pussy for a good 30 minutes before he popped up and said that he needed some relief.

I could tell that Lynn was worked up and wasn't surprised at all when her rules when out the window.

"Take off your clothes" she told him.

The lights were dim and both of them were now preoccupied so I was able to open the closet door almost completely and got a full view of the action. Lynn went down and took his hard cock in her mouth and started the familiar bobbing of the head. She ran her soft tongue down the length of his shaft a couple of times while massaging his balls like she does. She worked on him for a few minutes before telling him that he needed to finish eating her pussy.

He protested for a few moments, but was between her legs almost as soon as her back his the bed. I could tell that she was close to an orgasm and sure enough she pulled him up and so that she could lick her pussy juices off of his lips. It surprised me the first time she did it, but it is the sexiest thing in the world, having a woman lick her juices like it's best thing she ever tasted.

She then pushed Mike on his back and I knew what was coming next. She straddled his body, grabbing his cock and slid on top of him, guiding his throbbing cock into her eager pussy. It sounded like he wasn't going to last much longer. Lynn must have sensed the same thing because she told him not to come yet. She fucked him for a few more minutes, banging her sweet ass up and down, slamming on his pelvis. She finally got off of him and got on her hands and knees and told him to fuck her from behind. He was slamming her as hard as he could with her encouragement. I could see Lynn grab his hand and bite it to keep from screaming out as she came once more. I heard him tell her that he was going to come. I don't know if she was feeling particularly dirty or what, but she told him to come on her ass. He did as he was told, pulling out and shooting a nice rope of semen on her brown ass.

"That was really good" I heard her say, "but remember that the only reason I invited you up here was because I forgot my vibrator and got tired of playing by myself all week. This will never happen again. Agreed?"

"Sure, but next time you are down here and forget something, don't hesitate to ask" he replied.

I could tell that things were pretty much finished so I quietly closed the closet door. I heard Mike leave and Lynn walked into the bathroom. I heard her turn on the shower and that was my queue to hit the road. I grabbed my bag and bottle of champagne and slipped out of the room. It was only around 10 PM and the prospects of sleeping in the car didn't sound so appealing. I decided to hang out in the bar until around midnight and then make my "surprise" showing. Lynn was sleeping when I knocked on her room door. I told her that I drove all night and that I was tired too. I got in bed with her and the last thing she said before drifting off to sleep was, "honey, I have a good story for you, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow night."

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