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Business Trip with Wife


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Conference trips are a necessary part of my job. It was time again for another newspaper related conference. This year it would be in Chicago, one of my favorite cities. I was in circulation planning with a large western newspaper and had spent a lot of time in the Windy City. My main love for Chicago revolved around my love of the blues. There were numerous blues clubs scattered around the city and its' suburbs, however, Center Street with its' small, intimate, local talent clubs is where I liked to spend my time.

This trip I convinced my wife, Kim, to accompany me. Kim also worked for the same newspaper and had no problem convincing the powers-that-be she should attend. Kim still uses her maiden name so we decided to have some fun since not everyone would know we were married.

Here's a little background. I'm 42, 6' 2" and in reasonable shape. Kim is 36, 5' 8" with an athletic build. She has dark brown hair and green eyes with a constant twinkle in them. Her mouth is full with pouty lips that look great wrapped around my cock. Her breasts are a pert B-cup with fat, sensitive nipples that get and remain hard with little stimulation. Her tight ass still makes me twitch; it sits on long gorgeous legs. Hidden between them is her delicious pussy. She keeps it shaven so her prominent inner lips are clearly visible.

After 10 years of marriage, our sex life was still active. We had a few experiences with threesomes, but for the most part we loved each other and each other's company too much to share. Kim is my best friend, confidant and lover. Having seen some of our friends marriages fall to the wayside, we knew that having careers in the same industry was an additional reason things were going so well for us. It gave us something else in common.

The conference was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel. I had upgraded our room to a suite, paying the difference myself. When we entered, spread before us was a large room containing a king sized bed, sofa and a nice sized hot tub. The far wall was all glass with sliding doors leading to a private balcony. The large bathroom had a roomy walk-in glass shower. We put our things away and got comfortable.

Kim asked me to join her in the shower. No way was I going to ignore that invitation. She was entering the shower as I walked in. Her ass cheeks beckoned me to hurry. We held each other gently while gazing in each other's eyes. As we kissed, our love and hunger showed in our eyes even after all these years. As our tongues explored, I squeezed her tight ass and pulled her closer. My cock was trapped against her belly. We took turns soaping each other up and washing all the nooks and crannies.

Kim sank to her knees and held my cock close to her mouth. She teasingly kissed and licked the head. My 7" pole was aching for her to engulf me. She pulled back my foreskin and squeezed my shaft. Her lips neared their target, but stopped. When I groaned in mild frustration, she smiled, opened her luscious mouth and swallowed me to the root. Her tongue, lips and hand kept getting me close, but each time Kim would stop. This is a familiar game with her. When I couldn't take anymore of her teasing, I picked her up until she was able to wrap her legs around me. I then let her slide down until my cock was buried in the comfort of her velvety grasp.

I backed her against the wall and proceeded to pound her pussy until my sperm flooded her. She wasn't too far behind. We held each other until her shuddering eased. Kim slid down and hugged me. "You still give great shower," she said smilingly.

We both put on boxers; Kim added a short tank top that left her belly bare. This was our normal relaxed home-wear. I got a beer and a red wine out of the mini-bar and headed for the balcony with Kim trailing. We sat on soft chairs at the small cushion. I opened the wine and handed it to my wife. We discussed how these conferences had changed over the years. The newspaper industry used to be predominantly a male domain. The few women attending these conferences were considered fair game and pursued relentlessly. Those not complying would soon have rumors flying thru the industry implying they were gay. This week's conference would be about 40% women, many in high corporate positions. The pursuing during downtimes, however, would continue, only now from both fronts.

This last part was what Kim and I were discussing. We were both still in a dreamy sexual afterglow and our thoughts were still focused on our feelings. I reminded Kim it had been almost six months since we had a three-way encounter with our good friend and neighbor Dave. (That may have to be another story) Since few knew we were husband and wife, she was going to be hit on. I let her know if someone interested her, I was okay with it. I would prefer a threesome, but just wanted to know all the details if she went with a one-on-one.

Kim gave me a throaty chuckle and said, "You love to see me in my slut role. But you're right, the time might be right for some new experiences."

"My love, you are a slut even when it's only you and I."

We agreed that Kim would wear business attire during the conference, but would change to sexy evening wear at day end. Also, we would interface as colleagues from the same newspaper, friendly and familiar but nothing more to observing eyes. If something came up it would be up to Kim to decide whether she wanted to pursue it or not.

We had the rest of the evening to ourselves as the conference started tomorrow morning. We decided to explore the blues clubs on Center Street and eat there while enjoying the music. We dressed and got ready to go. I put on slacks and golf shirt; Kim in a short mid-thigh skirt and a sleeveless top that showed her braless breasts to advantage. Her fat nipples pointed the way. She was evidently in an exhibitionist mood.

A short cab ride later and we were in front of Blues Chicago, a local club I have always had luck at. They featured only local talent with occasional named entertainers dropping in. Their food was okay. We had a about a 20 minute wait for opening and joined a line of maybe 30 people. When the doors opened, we paid the cover charge and were able to get a booth close to the stage. The show wouldn't start for another hour, giving us time to eat and enjoy a few drinks.

The waiter taking our drink order seemed to be enthralled by Kim's on-display nipples and the clear view down her front. His attention ensured that they stayed in that condition. Kim, my little slut, took her time considering what drink to order. When she crossed her arms under her breasts and asked him what he suggested, I thought he was going to choke. A faint outline of his cock appeared in his pants. When he left with our order, I laughingly scolded her for teasing the poor guy. "Bet you we don't have to wait for our drinks all night," she coyly remarked.

A bit later we ordered our meal and when it arrived, enjoyed it along with the background blues playing while we waited for the main show. Kim was right, as usual; our attentive and staring waiter delivered our drinks speedily.

As the club filled, Kim received many appreciative stares from men noticing her erect nipples. Her nipples tend to stay hard as long as she knew someone was watching. I expected them to be very painful by night's end.

Because of the large crowd packed in to the club on a weekend night, booths were filled on a first come first serve basis. Two other couples soon joined us. At least by being first, we were facing the stage. They were also casually dressed so everyone did a quick intro and sat back to enjoy the show which was beginning. I smiled when I saw the two guys keep taking furtive glances at Kim's chest. My slut was in her element.

The music was great and our waiter continued his excellent service, to which our booth mates also benefited. Soon one of the guys bought a round for the table. This gave him a reason to start talking to us, actually to Kim, making it easier for him to continue checking out her nipples. My ever-friendly little slut just continued her teasing.

When the band took a break, Kim whispered in my ear, "Let's go. I'm so horny, I need you to fuck me soon." We said our goodnights, to the disappointment of the guys, and headed outside to hail a cab. When we settled into the back seat of our cab, Kim was all over me. She kissed me hard while her hand squeezed my hardening cock. I had a tough time walking thru the hotel lobby to the elevators. The elevator ride was no better than the cab ride. Kim had worked herself up so much with her teasing and exhibitionism that she was becoming insatiable.

When we entered our suite, I picked up and carried her to the bed. She sat up, reached for my belt and started to undo my panes. I pushed her away and told her to concentrate on her own clothes. Mine were off while she was still attempting to wiggle out of her thong. When I grabbed the front of her thong, I was amazed at how sopping wet it was. She lay back with her legs raised and spread and said, "Fuck me quick."

My cock was up for the task. I crawled between her inviting legs and held my cock against her opening. Niceties were not required; she was wet and in need. My cock slid in to her welcoming pussy. I started a fast pace that had her pert breasts jiggling on her chest while moans and grunts escaped her mouth. Kim thrust back as best she could until she stiffened under me and called out, "Yes" as her juices flowed around by cock.

When she calmed down and regained her breath, she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "Now you." I restarted my pounding into her depths. We fucked for about 10 minutes, during which time Kim had another, smaller orgasm. Finally I couldn't hold back anymore and flooded her honey pot. I always had strong cums after one of her tease escapades. We rolled over side-by-side and held each other until our breathing approached normal. "I love you Kim," I murmured. She smiled at me sleepily.

I had her roll on her other side so I could spoon her. I placed my semi hard cock between her ass cheeks, kissed her on the neck and ear, and drifted off to sleep.

Before the alarm had a chance to wake us, I was awakened by Kim's warm mouth engulfing my morning hard on. "Good morning, lover," she mumbled around my cock. After a few tugs and squeezes, she got up and left me there. As I groaned in disappointment, she chuckled and said, "Just something to keep you thinking of me during today's conference sessions." Did I mention what a tease she is?

We headed downstairs to the registration table and picked up our nametags and welcoming bag. Then it was time for the greet-and-eat breakfast. We both ran into a few folks we knew from other papers and spent a few individual minutes greeting and trading problems and issues. After breakfast and the opening speaker, we headed in different directions. Kim was going to attend a session on single copy issues, while I was more interested in a session dealing with use of the Internet. We planned on meeting up during lunch.

The first two sessions took us thru to lunch. I wandered around the break area scanning the crowd for my wife. A colleague ran into me, so we chatted for a few minutes and then parted with promises to catch up over drinks that evening. I finally spied my delectable wife surrounded by six guys who were all vying for her attention. As I approached, I overheard the gist of their conversation. They all seemed to be lamenting the drop in single-copy sales (newsstand sales) and the impact of the Internet on circulation. It was pretty much the type of issues you would hear anytime newspaper circulation types got together. Though they all had to deal with these issues everyday, for some reason the guys were all addressing their concerns to Kim. She prettily smiled at all their attention and then disappointed them all by breaking away when she saw me. "Sorry guys. I need to compare notes with my colleague. Catch you all later." The sweet smile she gave them softened some of their loss.

We discretely headed toward the elevators talking about the sessions we had attended. Once we arrived, Kim softly told me to give her a head start and take the next elevator. She smiled at me teasingly as the doors closed. When I finally arrived at our room, I quickly headed for the bedroom. My wonderfully slutty wife was laying on the bed in all her splendor. One hand was pulling and pinching a fat nipple, while the other was rubbing her pussy and tugging her lips.

She looked at me and said, "Get over here and eat me quick. I'm so fucking horny. I'll have to get fucked later."

Kim spread her legs more as I crawled between them. Her pussy gave off its' musty aroma as I neared. I always enjoyed unfolding her treasure. With my fingers on each of her full, prominent lips, I gently spread her open. Her pussy was already moist. Her clit was inviting me closer. When my tongue flicked across it Kim let out a moan and pushed my head into her pussy. Her other hand was still busy with her nipples.

My tongue lapped as far into her depths as it could while I continued to pull on her lips. I then pulled out, wrapped my lips around her fat little clit and began to suck and nip at it. Kim was soon humping my face and moaning. She must have been on edge all morning, because her nectar soon flowed as she bucked and spasmed.

Waiting for her to calm, I gently lapped at her pussy and then crawled up and held her in my arms. She murmured a thank you and kissed me gently, then pushed me off and ran to the bathroom to get ready for our afternoon sessions.

"Sorry babe", she called from the bathroom, "I'll take care of you later. I just really needed to take the edge off."

Kim headed down first and I followed a few minutes later. We had agreed to meet outside the group dinner area later. The afternoon sessions went as expected and it was soon dinnertime. Again I found my horny slut surrounded by a hopeful group of horn dogs. She quickly introduced me as her colleague as we headed inside. During the dinner the conversation remained mostly professional and centered around the session subject matter.

One of our tablemates was Ron from a Mid-west newspaper that we both knew vaguely from other conferences. Gail, a colleague of his, had joined him. As dinner wound down, the other horn dogs finally got the hint and began to leave. The four of us had been centering our conversation between us and were getting very comfortable with each other. Ron suggested that we go somewhere to have a few drinks and maybe dance. We were all in immediate agreement.

Kim suggested to Gail that they change out of their business attire. She then asked Ron and I if we would mind waiting for them in the bar. We all quickly agreed and headed out of the dinner area.

Ron and I found an empty table in the quickly filling bar. After ordering our drinks, Ron said that he was thought he had heard somewhere that Kim and I might be married. I wasn't too surprised by his question since we had run into each other before.

"You're correct, but not everyone knows that so we thought we'd have a little fun this trip."

"Damn, I was hoping I was wrong. She's very attractive but I guess I'll just leave it at that."

My smile confused him until I explained that Kim and I enjoyed exploring from time to time and it was completely up to Kim as to how she treated any advances. I assured him I was fine with this. He saluted me with his drink and took a sip. I knew Kim was attracted to him. He was about the same age, height and build as me, with an olive complexion and wasn't too full of himself.

"So what's the story on Gail?"

Ron smiled and said, "Like that do you?"

He then told me that Gail was 31, divorced and that they had dated for a short time but now were just good friends. She was great company and though they no longer had a sexual relationship, he still enjoyed her company.

As we were finishing our drinks, we were both stunned by two dazzling visions. Kim and Gail could have woken the dead with their entrance. They definitely turned every male head in the bar. My wife was dressed in a black knee length dress. It was cut low with thin straps keeping her braless breasts from popping out. Her nipples were at tease alert. Gail was in an equally revealing red dress that could have come off the same rack.

Let me describe Gail; she was about 5' 6" with short, strawberry-blond hair, green eyes and what appeared to be C-cup breasts. She had also decided to "hang free" as her attentive nipples, and bouncing breasts proved. She had a fair complexion with a smattering of freckles running across her cheeks, nose and tops of her breasts.

They stopped at our table and Kim smiled and said, "You guys must like what you see, but you should probably stop gaping."

Ron quickly rejoined, "Let's get a cab before you both get mauled by this horny bar crowd."

The four of us crammed into the back seat of the cab. Kim was next to Ron while Gail was pressed against me. She was sitting a bit sideways which caused her breasts to be crushed against my side. Her cleavage was on display for me to admire. When I raised my eyes, Gail smiled at me and asked if I had seen anything that interested me. My answer was placing my arm around her shoulder and drawing her close. Our smiles met in a brief, promising kiss.

Meanwhile, my wife was pressed against Ron. She was slowly rubbing his cock thru his pants while his hand was lightly stroking the exposed parts of her breasts. This evening definitely was starting out promising.

The cab dropped us off at a club Ron recommended. We were seated at a booth close to the dance floor with the same partner arrangement as in the cab. Our waiter took his time taking our drink orders while enjoying the double cleavage and hard nipple show.

Kim told Ron she wanted to dance to the slow jazz number playing. When they got to the floor, they held each other close. She had her hands around his neck, while Ron's hands were at the small of her back. They slowly moved to the beat while their tongues explored each other. That's my slut, going after what she wants without any wasted time.

Gail chuckled and asked me if she was going to get any of my attention or was I going to watch Kim and Ron all night. I answered by drawing her close and kissing her while one hand drifted to her ass. It was immediately evident that she was wearing only a thong under her dress. When I squeezed the side of her ass, Gail softly moaned into my mouth. She pulled back and told me she would like to dance the next slow number with me.

We looked back at Ron and Kim when the current number came to an end. His hands had been cupping her ass while their mouths continued their exploration. They parted and walked back to the table smiling and holding hands. Ron had the beginning of a respectable bulge in his pants while Kim's fat nipples were so hard they must have hurt.

We sat thru two faster dances, sipped our drinks, and talked a little about the day's sessions and some of the jerks attending. Then the conversation switched to how well everyone was getting along. Kim had a hand under the table and appeared to be rubbing Ron's crotch. She smiled and stated, "I think he likes me."

A slow dance had all four of us headed to the floor. I pulled Gail to me and held her close by placing my hands on her ass cheeks. Our mouths met as she put her hands behind my head and pulled me to her. Her lips were soft and silky. Her breasts were crushed against my chest. The overall effect had my cock twitching and hardening against her belly. As my cock continued its' awakening, Gail pulled her head back and smilingly said, "I think you like me too."

"I would love the chance to show you how much", I replied.

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