tagLoving WivesBusiness Trip with Wife - Prelude

Business Trip with Wife - Prelude


Thanks for a suggestion from two readers for a prelude story to Business Trip with Wife. Hope this pleases. Please vote and comment.


It was another knockdown, drag-out, fucked-up workday. Meetings that did nothing more than waste everyone's time including the assholes that used them to stroke their egos. But now I could put all that behind me as I sat on the Metro Link heading home. The train ride home always had a soothing effect on me. The day's crap just slowly flowed away as the downtown area was left behind.

However, the real reason for my change in mood was waiting for me at home. Kim and I have been married for about 6 years and still looked forward to our time together. Here's a little background. My name is Rich, I'm 38, 6' 2" and in reasonable shape. My mind's eye brought the vision of my wife to the forefront: Kim is 30, 5' 8" with an athletic build. She has dark brown hair and green eyes with a constant twinkle in them. Her mouth is full with pouty lips that look great wrapped around my cock. Her breasts are a pert B-cup with fat, sensitive nipples that get and remain hard with little stimulation. Her tight ass makes me twitch; it sits on long gorgeous legs. Hidden between them is her delicious pussy. She keeps it shaven so her prominent inner lips are clearly visible. I just love opening her full outer lips to bring her inner ones to full view.

Our sex is still lively and vibrant even after 2 years of dating and 6 years of marriage. Though I feel that I'm open to all experiences, I have to admit that Kim is more of the initiator in our relationship. She has always been aware of the effect she has on men and dresses to that end. Her teasing is done in a classy rather than trashy way. Two of her features that help her teasing are her overly sensitive nipples. When Kim knows she has someone's attention, her nipples take on a life of their own. They get and remain hard. Since they are fat and stand out about ¾ of an inch, they are hard to ignore. All I can do, besides enjoying the sight myself, is enjoy the show as waiters and bartenders stumble over themselves for her attention.

Up to now we have been each other's sole sexual partners. Though we sometimes talked about the possibility of including a third person or even a couple, these were just fantasies that spurred on our sexual exploits. I must admit the idea of watching and/or joining Kim with another man did have its' appeal.

Kim worked at a smaller newspaper up in the Valley and usually beat me home by an hour or so. As I got into my car after exiting the train, my thoughts were swirling their way around the image of my luscious wife waiting for me in the hot tub. That was enough to wake my cock and put a smile on my face. Kim had that power over me even at a distance.

I entered the house and dropped my laptop and brief case off in our shared office. Heading upstairs, I was already focusing on what awaited be outside. After removing my clothes and taking care of them, I headed downstairs to the kitchen for drinks; chilled white wine for Kim and a cold beer for me. I then headed outside for the crowning part of my day.

She was sitting waist deep in the hot tub. Her perky breasts were wet and crowned with her fat, hard nipples. She greeted me with the smile that had captivated me all those years ago and every day since.

"Ooh...here comes my favorite waiter with my favorite cock," she chuckled.

She took her wine as I contentedly slipped into the soothing water. We leaned toward each other and kissed. Our lips met and parted, allowing our tongues to greet. After a moment, we parted and sat back. Our routine was to discuss our day and catch up on each other's issues. Both being in the same industry made this easy and rather enjoyable. This also acted as a final act of letting the outside day drain away and letting the rest of the evening and night be ours.

I won't bore you with all the details beyond saying that Kim and I both worked in circulation for our respective newspapers, thereby having most of the same daily issues and concerns.

Soon, as happened most weekday evenings, our verbal downloads as we called them and the soothingly hot water (and the alcohol?) had us relaxed. Now was the time for us to pay attention to each other. Though we didn't have sex every day, we did play every day.

As we both finished talking, we were laying back and gazing at each other. Kim smiled and rose. As she moved to me, my heart and cock twitched. She still has that effect on me. She was a delicious sight with the water dripping off her breasts. While standing another of her treasures was visible; she has very prominent inner pussy lips that show themselves even when she isn't aroused. Now they were on view thru her puffy outer lips. At full arousal they would be about 2 ½ inches or so and very sensitive.

Kim had me sit on a lower seat and then sat sideways on my lap. I knew this was her way of letting me know she wanted my hands to explore her. As she lowered her mouth to mine, my left hand cupped her right breast while my other hand held the back of her head. She sighed into my mouth when my thumb brushed her nipple. Our tongues explored each other while I alternately pinched and pulled on each of her nipples.

Kim had, until now, her arms wrapped around me. She lowered her right hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit. As she rubbed herself and squealed in response to my tugs and pinches, my cock was begging for some attention. I reached down to her pussy and began to play with her lips while she continued her attack on her clit. When my finger found her opening, she shifted a bit so I could push into her. When I had two fingers in her, I curled them up and pressed against her G-spot. This brought on a quick in take of air by Kim followed by her stiffening and shuddering thru a brief orgasm.

While she lay against me, I marveled again even after all this time together, how easily Kim reaches orgasm. She and I are truly blest by how sensitive her various erogenous parts are.

Kim began to slowly stroke my cock while catching her breath. She kissed me deeply and murmured thanks. We scooted around so we could face each other. Kim began to stoke my cock with both hands while keeping eye contact with me and smiling. She loved to pull my foreskin back and forth over my cock head. It didn't take her long to have all 7 inches ready for her. She began to stoke me faster while cupping my balls. I leaned back and gave in to her ministrations. After a few minutes of this I was getting close and she knew it Her head dipped under water so her mouth could engulf my cock. My cum was ready for her and as her tongue swirled around my head, I emptied myself in her. She came up for air licking her lips.

"Yum, I just love when you save up a load for me," she smiled.

I got out to refill our drinks. With drinks in hand, sexual appetites temporarily sated, we lowered our selves back into the hot tub to enjoy the warm water and the stars appearing in the darkening sky.

These quiet times together and the comfortableness of it all made the entire crappy part of the early day fade away as if never having happened.

"Don't forget Grace and Art are coming by tomorrow." Kim said. "Will you still be able to take the earlier train?"

As my drifting mind scrambled back to awareness, I mumbled, "No problem."

Grace and Art are long time friends of ours. We are all comfortable enough in each other's company to have harmlessly flirted openly over the past few years. The interest was there but never followed up on. Art was a fair skinned Hispanic with green eyes and all the Hispanic charm that seemed to draw women. He was my height and approximate build. Grace was a 5' 6", hazel eyed brunet with a generous body. She carried maybe 20 extra pounds, but with her glorious ass and 36C breasts, she held it well. To my minds eye she has a fuck-me body.

Kim and I had often discussed a sexual bout with Grace and Art if the occasion presented itself, but had yet to follow thru. From all the flirting up until now, it was evident that we were all attracted to each other. At the right time it would be an easy jump to take.

As if she had read my mind, Kim asked, "Do you think the time is about right for us to take the step we've so often fantasized about?"

"You know Art wants to fuck you." I answered.

"Looks like you're thinking about watching me getting fucked or are you thinking about fucking Grace?" Kim said.

She had been lazily stroking my cock and felt it begin to stiffen. We discussed how we would just let things develop while enjoying the hot tub. We both agreed that we were ready for this and had no issues with sharing each other since this was only about sex and enjoyment.

Kim's stroking had gotten more serious causing my cock to be at full attention for her. She got up and straddled me. Looking me in the eyes, she slowly lowered herself until I was buried in her depths. Kim leaned in and gave me a deep kiss.

"Thank you for being OK with what ever happens tomorrow. Now just lean back and let me use your cock."

I did just that as Kim began to slowly rock back and forth on my cock. Her breasts bobbed around while I held her tight ass in my hands. She closed her eyes and concentrated on fucking herself. The splashing sound made by the water made me think how wet her pussy surely was. She felt snug around my cock. Her breathing came quicker as she pushed both hands hard against my shoulders. After a few more minutes of watching her breasts dance, I pushed a finger into her tight rosebud. This always took her over the edge and this time was no exception. Kim stiffened and then dropped down on me. She quivered thru her climax and then gently kissed me.

We lay like that for a moment before Kim rose and climbed out of the tub.

"I'm ready for some dinner," she said as she headed for the kitchen. I climbed out in time to see her ass cheeks disappear thru the door.


The next day was Friday, the day our friends Grace and Art would join us to celebrate the end of the workweek. As Kim and got ready for work, she reminded me not to forget to take the earlier train.

"With the possibility of what we discussed last night on my mind all day, that won't be a problem."

She looked at me seductively and said, "Should be an interesting evening."

The day just couldn't move along fast enough for me. Thoughts of Kim with Art ran thru my mind, but Grace's lush body kept pushing them aside.

When I arrived home, Kim was waiting for me with a beer in hand. Unlike most workdays, she was not waiting in the hot tub since Art and Grace would be here soon and the hot tub was our usual ritual with them.

Kim was wearing shorts with a halter-top that showed her firm stomach and also confirmed she was braless. Her shameless nipples were poking against her top. She followed me upstairs with our drinks and watched while I changed into shorts and a T-shirt. When I was ready, she handed me my beer.

"Just follow my lead tonight and this hunk should be fucking Grace later. Just remember that anything that happens tonight is for pleasure only. Our love and commitment for each other remains unchanged"

She gave me a deep kiss and gave my cock a quick, playful squeeze. Before I could return her grope, she laughingly skipped out of reach. Kim walked downstairs and told me to follow her downstairs, as they would be here any minute.

Now that we had crossed the line from verbal fantasizing to accepting the inevitability of our actions, I was a bit nervous yet looking forward to watching Kim with another man. The fact that it was our best friend made this first time more acceptable. Also, I was looking forward to finally putting my fantasies of Grace into action.

Shortly thereafter Art and Grace arrived. As I mentioned, we have been each other's best friends for a few years now and we truly enjoyed each other's company. Tonight this friendship would be tested or, hopefully expanded.

Grace, as always, looked stunning. Her halter-top just managed to contain her large, fleshy tits. I have always loved the way their flesh quivered when she moved. Her shorts held her ass cheeks in place while showing off her beautiful legs and full thighs.

After saying our hellos, Art and I headed for the kitchen to put away the beer he had brought. Kim and Grace were heading upstairs. We could hear them whisper and giggle as they ascended the stairs. Art and I looked at each other questioningly and just shrugged. We grabbed a beer and headed outside to the hot tub. Art and I had our trunks on and just stepped in and sighed as we lowered ourselves. We made some small talk about our week as friends do until Art wondered out loud where the gals were.

"Waiting on us?" Kim asked.

We must have been a sight with our jaws hanging open and cocks coming to life. Kim and Grace were both dressed (?) in matching white micro-bikinis that left little to anyone's imagination. Kim's athletic build was displayed with her nipples at full attention and barely covered. Her pussy was trying to show itself. If she spread her legs, it would have slipped into sight. Grace's breasts swayed seductively with part of her areolas showing. Her pussy was a perfect camel toe.

Art and I uttered "Wow" some other un-intelligible sounds.

As they climbed in with us, Kim explained that she and Grace had talked during the week and decided that it was time to explore some of the fantasies that it appeared we all shared.

Kim sat close to Art while Grace joined me. Art gave me a questioning look and I responded, "Anything we're comfortable with goes. This is just about fun and enjoyment. Kim and I have often discussed this, it appears you and Grace have to."

I pulled Grace to me and we took a few moments exploring each other's lips and mouth. She had full lips that promised full pussy lips as well. Our tongues dueled for a bit. I took one of her breasts in my hand and squeezed it while my thumb found her nipple.

Pushing me back, she said "Wait, I want you to watch Kim and Art. But first take your shorts off."

After removing my shorts and freeing my cock, we reclined side by side to watch our mates. Grace had my cock in hand and was lightly stroking it as we began to enjoy the show.

Kim was leaning into Art with her top already off and her lips mashed against Art's. She had one hand under water very obviously stroking his cock. Art had one hand full of tit and the other full of ass. They were moaning into each other's mouth.

Kim asked, no she actually told Art to sit on the edge. When he complied, we could all see his cock at full attention for my wife. His cock was about the same length as mine but a bit thicker. Kim spread his legs and scooted between them until his cock head was brushing her lips. She looked up at him while sticking her tongue out and licking his cum hole. She took his shaft into both hands and took his head into her mouth. From Art's moans it was obvious that her tongue and lips were busy.

She stretched her mouth and slowly lowered her head until her nose rested against his pubes. With a hand on both his hips, Kim began a slow up and down bob. Art was beside himself with the pleasure my wife's mouth was giving him. He was moaning like a teenager getting his first blowjob.

When Kim sensed that Art was close, she took hold of his shaft with both hands and clamped her mouth around just his head again. After a minute or two of her suction and stroking, Art held her head and emptied his seed down her throat. From the constrictions of her throat muscles, it appeared he was giving her quite a load.

When Art's heart slowed down, Kim pulled him back into the water and wrapped him in a hug. "You taste good stud. Now sit down so I can feel that cock in my pussy."

At this point I was done watching. Grace had been lightly stroking my cock while we watched, but was now squeezing harder and breathing deeply. I pulled her closer and grabbed a handful of ass. She moaned into my mouth. I leaned down and captured one of her nipples, which had escaped her suit. As I sucked it into my mouth she grabbed my head and pulled me into her chest. Her nipple was thick and hardening as she moaned. One hand trailed down her belly to her pussy. Like Kim, she was shaven. My finger stroked up and down her opening until it had her inner lips parted. Even with the water, I could tell she was wet with her own juices. My finger slid into her tunnel easily. When I added a second finger, I curled them up and rubbed her spot. Grace came with my mouth still locked on her nipple.

"God, baby, I needed that after watching Kim suck off Art."

Grace took my head in her hands and kissed me hard. She told me she had wanted me for along time, but thought it would remain a fantasy.

"Ditto to that, Grace. The night is young and we both have more exploring to do."

The thrashing from across the tub now had our attention. Kim was straddling Art, facing us. She was moving up and down on his cock. Her breasts were dancing on her chest every time she slammed herself down. Unfortunately, due to being partly in the water, I couldn't see Art's fat cock spreading her pussy.

Kim tensed and told Art she was going to cum. With one final drop, she held herself in place while her climax washed over her. She leaned back and, turning her head, kissed Art deeply while his hands squeezed and rubbed her tits.

"Your cock feels great. Hope its' not done with me."

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time and you feel just as good as I had hoped. So no I'm not done with you by a long shot."

I suggested that we dry off and go inside to continue. We all had fun playing while helping each other dry off and then headed in doors. Art and I grabbed another beer while the wives had another wine.

We sat in the living area completely at ease in our nudity. We discussed how we all felt and assured each other that there were no issues. We all still loved only our mates and were just enjoying our long friendship at another level. There were no expectations of this being an on-going event, but if it came up again, so be it.

Grace spoke up. "Everyone's cum except Rich. I need to fix that."

She crawled between my legs and wrapped a hand around my cock. She pulled back my foreskin and lowered her head until the head was between her lips. With her other hand she cupped my balls and gently squeezed. Her tongue worked its' magic on my cock head. When she had my cock's full attention, she began to bob her head up and down until she had all 7" in her.

With all the stimulation I had already received, both physical and visual, it did not take me long to reach my goal. I looked into her eyes and said, "I've dreamed about this for a long time." Taking her head in my hands, I pulled her all the way down on my cock and released the first blast in her throat. After a few blasts, Grace pulled up and left just my cock head in her mouth and finished me off by stroking my shaft until I was depleted.

Applause came from Kim and Art, who this time had been watching us. Art asked if I enjoyed having my cock sucked by his wife. I replied that I had enjoyed that as much as he had enjoyed my wife.

Kim, ever the shy one, proclaimed that she needed cock now. Art had her bend over the end of the sofa, displaying her tight ass. As he followed his pointing cock to her wet pussy, I couldn't help noticing the contrast between his light-brown Hispanic coloring and Kim's white ass.

Art placed his cock at Kim's pussy entrance and simply leaned forward. Her pussy welcomed him easily. He took two handfuls of ass and began to slide in and out of her. After a few moments, he began to attack her squishy hole with a vengeance. Art pounded into her forcing her face into the sofa pillow. Her ass cheeks shook under his attack.

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