tagLoving WivesBusiness Vacation with the Wife

Business Vacation with the Wife


If I had to pinpoint when it started, it was probably during the company Christmas party. My wife and I had flown out to California for the big year end celebration that the company gave for all of their top executives.

I had finally worked my way up the corporate ladder and was now getting all the perks that came with it.

I was now 32 years old, and my wife Joanna was 31. She and I had met during our first year of college and had been together since. Even after all these years, she really knew how to turn heads.

I am your average mid-thirties white guy, not fat, not skinny, but definitely not the poster boy for a fitness magazine. I worked a lot and working out was not my thing.

Joanna was quite the opposite though. She's petite, about 5'4" and very much the looker. She has straight blonde hair to her shoulders and beautiful blue eyes. I was surprised how fast we got together and the fact that she still wanted me through college, even after all the offers she got from other men. We married right after college. After our son was born, she worked hard to lose the weight and she got back into shape fast. She still had her nice tight ass and firm stomach that she did before. Only now, she had much bigger, fuller breasts that I really liked. They didn't have a lot of sag and her nipples were much bigger and fuller now.

Although we enjoyed a happy, healthy sex life, we never really got too wild, except on fun trips away from the pressures of life.

It was on one of these trips a few years back that we both confessed some fantasies. At one point I told her I'd enjoy seeing her with another man. I never thought it would happen. At the time, she wasn't put off by the whole idea, but she didn't have too much to say about it either. Therefore, that's how we left it, and it wasn't mentioned again.

Back to the party:

We arrived at the hotel the day before and enjoyed some wonderful sex. Joanna really loosened up when we were away from home.

The next night we had a great dinner and followed it with a dance. Joanna loked great. She was wearing a green strapless dress that really pushed up her breasts. I knew a lot of the eyes were on her.

During the dance, an old colleague came over. Darrell worked in our Atlanta office. He was black, about 6'5, muscular and had a shaved head. At some point in his life, he was a college athlete and he still had the body to prove it.

I introduced Darrell to my wife and they hit it off. It wasn't long before Darrell had escorted her to the dance floor. Part of me was happy, since I'm not a good dancer. I know Joanna likes to dance so it was nice to see her having a good time. Darrell had the moves and he spun her around for a few songs. Soon, the music changed and Darrell pulled her close for a slow song. I made my way to the bar, but my eyes were on them the whole time. I could see how close they were, his hand was just above her ass. I didn't know what they were talking about but I could feel the tinge of jealousy in me.

The dance floor got more crowded so it made it a little harder to see. I made some idle chit chat with other co-workers and before I knew it, I couldn't find them. I waited a second and finally found them out there. Darrell had his hand further down on my wife's ass and they were pressed closely together. I wanted to run out there, but what could I do? Soon, the song ended and they made their way back to the table.

Darrell was very friendly with me and I decided to just brush off the whole thing. The dance ended soon after and Joanna and I made our way back to the room.

Along the way she said, "Can you believe that Darrell isn't married? He's such a good dancer and was so much fun to talk to."

I nodded along, not sure what to do with the feelings I had.

After January passed, I ended up winning a trip, paid for by the company. They gave away a prize for some of the executives and this year it was a few days down in the Caribbean in a beach cottage. Joanna was thrilled! She couldn't believe we got to go on another free vacation. She basically spent the next few weeks getting ready, buying a new bikini and spending some time getting a nice tan. The best part was that she left her thong on while she tanned. She had the most beautiful white tan line down below. I got a hard on every time I saw her naked.

We flew down and were delighted to find our cottage. We had a nice bedroom, huge living room with a kitchen and our own private pool! It was fantastic. We made love on the first night with the sea breezes blowing in.

The next day we went down to the beach. We were surprised to see that tops were optional. We saw a lot of beautiful people. Joanna laid out in her new red bikini. I loved how she looked nice and oiled up. She turned on her stomach and untied her top. We were both enjoying the tranquility when we heard

"Hey guys, I didn't know you were here!" We both looked up. It was Darrell.

Darrell had also won the trip down and decided to take it during the same time we did. I was wondering if he knew that somehow, but I chalked it up to coincidence. Joanna remained laying down, covering herself with the towel. I saw her glance up at him.

Darrell really was a great specimen of a man. His skin was dark, the lotion on his body made it shine. He had huge broad shoulders and muscular arms. His arms were huge and muscular, and his abs were cut ripped.

He said, "Mind if I join you guys?"

Joanna quickly answered, "Not at all, put down the towel."

Darrell walked around me and laid down by Joanna. I saw him look as she tied her top and turned over. Her large breasts were now right there in front of him. Although they were held tightly in her top, they were over half exposed and her nipples pressed up the fabric.

We chatted for most of the afternoon out there on the beach. At one point I left to go use the restroom. When I returned I saw Darrell and my wife frolicking on the beach together. She was having fun, running and playing in the water. I was glad to see her happy, but not sure where things were headed in Darrell's mind.

When I saw his dark hands wrap around her as he played with her in the water, I felt a big twinge of jealousy run through me. A few minutes later they ran up to me, the water running off their bodies.

We left soon after and decided to shower and change for dinner. I tried to put the moves on Joanna when I saw her come out of the shower, but she really wasn't up for it. It was at that point, I asked her what she wanted to do this evening.

She said "Oh, well Darrell told me there's a big pajama party this evening. It's at a club in the resort. Apparently everyone puts on next to nothing and dances the night away!"

Although I knew I might get to see some good looking women, in my head I was thinking "Great...more dancing."

All through dinner I didn't say a lot. I seriously was wondering what would happen tonight. I loved my wife but I didn't know how much I wanted her to do out here on vacation. Joanna smiled a lot through dinner and managed to put a few drinks down.

We headed back to the room to change. I put on some boxers and a t-shirt. I'd never been to a pajama party, so I wasn't sure what to wear. I waited for Joanna. When she came out, I got the first big shock of the night. She was wearing an incredible outfit that she picked out before we left. The bra was a light shade of blue, completely sheer. Anyone could clearly see her dark nipples pressing out the fabric. Her thong panties were also sheer. I looked between her legs. She had shaved all of her hair and I could see her bare lips through the fabric. It was even clearer by the white tan line underneath.

I looked up at her and said, "You're wearing this? I can see through it all"

She laughed. She grabbed a thin silk robe.

She said "I've got this too."

We strolled through the gardens to the club. Inside, the music was pounding. There were people dressed in all sorts of outfits. Some women wore teddies and nightgowns, others just wore bras and panties. Joanna and I hit the dance floor. I had to admit, I was having fun. All of the scantily dressed people made this a great dance.

After 2 or 3 songs, I got drinks for us. Joanna put hers down in no time flat. She then pulled me back out there to dance. About 1 hour and 3 drinks later, I excused myself to the restroom. When I came back, Joanna was nowhere to be found. I walked around, searching for her through the scantily clad dancing bodies. Then I found her.

There she was, out there on the dance floor. And, Darrell had both hands around her. Darrell was shirtless, just wearing white linen shorts. The one thing that got me was that Joanna had lost the robe. She was there in her sheer bra and panties. I knew Darrell could see it all. When the lights spun around the dance floor, I'm sure he got an eyeful.

I stood there. What else could I do? The songs flashed by, slow, fast, slow, fast. They kept dancing. I didn't know if Joanna saw me or not. They never really moved a lot. From time to time, I saw Darrell brush his hands across her ass. His large black hands clutched her small bottom. After the song ended, I saw Darrell head to the bar.

Joanna walked up. "Hey," she said.

I looked at her and said, "You ready to go?"

She said "Yes, but I invited Darrell over for a swim. We are both sweating out there and I thought it might be a nice way to cool off."

I looked at her...puzzled as to whether she was doing this to me on purpose or being nice.

I said, "Ok, we'll wait for him them"

She said "Oh, go ahead, I'll see you there."

Turning around and leaving that club without her was incredibly hard. My mind was racing the whole time. What was happening? Did I go to far all those years ago when I told her I thought her being with another man would be hot? Didn't she know I never wanted it to happen for real, that it was just a fantasy?

When I got to the cottage, I grabbed a drink. I sat on the porch, kind of in the dark. The lights in the pool cast a wavy light on the walls surrounding it.

It wasn't long before I heard some giggling. Joanna and Darrell came strolling in from the beach area, through the back gate by the pool. I could see from his wet clothes and her shining body that they had been in the water.

She laughed and said "I can't believe we did that"

Darrell laughed and said "Oh, it was just a quick dip in the ocean"

I'm not sure why, but I remained quiet. I wasn't hidden, I'm sure they could see me, but I remained silent in the darkness, the pool lights shining over me from time to time.

Joanna laughed and jumped into the pool. She looked back at Darrell and said. "Come on in"

Darrell jumped in after her. They did some splashing and playing. Then I saw Darrell go under and come up next to Joanna. The next moment was when I could feel my heart began to pound. Darrell grabbed Joanna by the arms and leaned in and kissed her. It was intense and it lasted a long time. Joanna threw her arms around him and they began going at it.

What shocked me the most was the fact that Joanna was acting with such complete abandon. She didn't even look for me when she got back. She was definitely not the Joanna I was used to. She was acting so free and I wasn't part of it this time.

After some kissing, I saw them move over to the side of the pool. Darrell pushed Joanna up on the side, with her legs hanging over. I saw him reach for her panties and in an instant he had them off of her. There before him was my wife's bare pussy. When I saw him lean in and lick her, Joanna moaned and I knew she was not going to be stopping now.

Darrell went down on her and she locked her legs behind his shoulders. She leaned back on the side of the pool as he licked her pussy. I knew she was enjoying it and her moaning got louder and louder. It was only minutes before she was screaming and moaning as Darrell made her orgasm. He had taken her over the edge and he knew she was his for the taking.

Darrell pulled himself out of the pool and took Joanna over to one of the big cushioned lounge chairs. He took off her bra and had her sit on the chair in front of him. I saw him slide his shorts off, right in front of Joanna's face. I tried not to move much, but I had to see what she did.

Darrell's cock was thick and long. He was almost fully hard and he hung down about 9 inches. I saw Joanna's hand go to it. She began to stroke him slowly before she leaned her head down and began to suck him. Her small hand slid down his shaft and her tiny mouth did the best it could to take him.

My heart was racing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was my sweet wife sucking another man's cock. I felt jealousy and anger and yet I still couldn't bring myself to stop it. My own cock was splitting my pants as I watched her. She slid her mouth down on his thick shaft, taking as much as she could in her mouth. Her lips slid back and forth on him for minutes on end.

Darrell moved from her and laid her back on the chair. I saw him spread her legs wide. As he moved himself to his position, I saw Joanna look up. She glanced briefly at me, knowing what was about to happen. Then she looked up at Darrell. In her eyes I saw fear and lust. She was afraid of what was to come, but her body was in control this time. Her body wanted him inside her.

Darrell's dark cock slowly slid inside her. I saw his shaft slowly began to disappear inside my wife. Joanna began moaning as she took more of him. She'd never had anyone like him before in her life. Darrell finally slid in all the way. He began to slide in and out of her pussy. He leaned down and began kissing her. They were incredibly passionate lovers, her hands gripped into his shoulders. I could see his large cock slide out of her and plunge back inside repeatedly.

Darrell sat up and had Joanna's legs up on his shoulders. He began to fuck her faster, his cock moving in quickly. Joanna moaned and screamed as he fucked her, her hands gripped into the chair.

Soon Darrell shouted "I'm going to cum!"

I saw him pull his hard cock out and stroke it, his cum began spurting out from hit, all over Joanna's stomach and tits. She looked up at him, her fingers brushed through his cum on her body.

I sat there, just stunned at what I'd witnessed. I couldn't move. I watched them kiss and lay there on the chair. Then, they both got up. Joanna looked at me briefly as she passed me by, headed into the cottage. I saw some shame on her face but I knew she was incredibly satisfied. Darrell never looked at me, he only followed her in. I opened my pants and stroked myself to an incredible orgasm on the porch, knowing that our marriage would never be the same again.

I finished another drink before heading inside. I knew what I might find. I thought I had heard the shower running earlier, but things were silent now. I quietly looked into the bedroom. Joanna was riding Darrell. She was facing him. He had his hands on her breasts as she slid up and down on his cock. They moved slowly, her ass moving up and down on him as she rode.

I turned away. I went for another drink. I couldn't believe it. She was so into him. In my head this fantasy never turned out like this. My heart pounded. After a few sips, I went back. They had changed positions. They were spooning on the bed, Darrell was sliding in from behind. Darrell had his arms on her shoulders, sliding into Joanna's pussy. I could see her entire body now, as she got fucked. Darrell began moving faster, pounding her even harder. I knew what was going to happen, I knew he wasn't pulling out this time. Joanna was on the pill, but it didn't make it any easier to witness. Another man was going to cum in my wife. Darrell slid in hard to my wife and began to cum. He moaned loudly as he emptied into her pussy. I turned away from the room and ended up passing out on the couch.

Morning came and I woke up confused. Had everything really happened? I walked to the bedroom. The tangled sheets told me that I had indeed seen everything. Where were they?

They weren't in the cottage or the pool. I checked the clock, it was actually afternoon. I had slept in and they left me. I grabbed some food to help steady my head. I had drunk too much and my heart had been racing excessively fast.

I decided to shower and then go out looking for them. I got dressed and went out. I searched the resort and didn't find them. So, I went to the beach. That's where I found them. Darrell was out in the water, and Joanna was laying on the sand. She was topless, enjoying the sun. I went to her.

She said "Sorry we didn't wake you."

I looked at her. It was incredibly awkward.

I said "What happened last night, what's going on here?"

She was silent for minutes. Darrell was talking to one of the hotel employees near the beach.

Finally, Joanna said "I guess I got carried away. I was so into him."

I told her, "Look, I'm not sure what we should do now"

Joanna responded by standing up and saying "Look, we should talk about this later. I can't do this now. I love you"

Joanna went down to Darrell by the beach. I wasn't sure what to do. I had no idea how I got to this point. I went back to the cottage.

I was sitting in the living room, when they came through the back gate. They were laughing. Darrell had his arm around her. They dropped their towels and went over to the small outdoor shower near the pool. They turned it on and it was only a minute before they were kissing.

Joanna wrapped her arms around him and started kissing him passionately. Darrell soon moved from her and slid her thong down. He knelt down before her and put a leg over his shoulder. Joanna had to hold onto the shower pole just to remain balanced. Darrell licked her bare clit and eagerly made her orgasm. She was moaning and screaming, trying to stand as she came.

Darrell slid off his trunks, his cock already at attention. He turned Joanna around and had her hold the pole. She bent over in front of him. The water fell down onto her back, rolling down over her ass and the pale white V that formed the tan line. Darrell's dark body moved up close and he entered her. He began to fuck her slowly but it wasn't long before he was pounding his cock into her.

She gripped the pole and began screaming his name "Oh, fuck me Darrell!"

His dark skin next to hers looked even more erotic out in the daylight. The sun was beating down on their lusting bodies. Last night, they were making love, now they were fucking. Darrell grabbed her hips, he was really giving it to her now. His ass clenched as he slid back and forth into her hot pussy.

Quickly, he slid out of her, and took one hand to force her down to her knees. He grabbed his cock and began stroking. She opened her mouth willingly. Then, she did something she never did for me. Darrell began to shoot his cum into her mouth and on her face. It was hot and amazing to see. Joanna had it all over her face and chin. Darrell smiled at her.

I got up and left the cottage. I didn't think I could face them right after. I came back after an hour and Darrell was gone. Joanna was sleeping. She continued to sleep for the rest of the day, right up until we went out to dinner. She did everything she could to avoid conversation that night.

I never even tried to touch her. I just thought I should wait. We were leaving the next morning and maybe we could talk then.

I packed up our stuff as she got ready. I went to the main resort house to return an internet cable I had borrowed. I thought Joanna would be ready by the time I got back.

When I entered, things were silent.

I shouted "You ready?"

I turned the corner and got one more shock. There was Joanna, her blouse was open, her panties lay at her feet, and her skirt was up at her waist. Standing next to her was Darrell, his pants open and his hard cock sticking straight out. Joanna looked at me, her face filled with shame and shock.

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