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Business with Pleasure


This is a real story , some facts and locations have been changed:


It was a 5 day business trip to Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia with back to back meetings. Morning after breakfast i would head out and would end up in the hotel by 6 in the evening before going out again for boring dinner's (where i hardly talked to anyone unless they started talking).

By the 4th day my legs were hurting for constantly walking / standing most of the day and i was dreaming of a good massage on the 5th day on which i had no meetings.

5th day morning i woke up and went for breakfast in the hotel's cafe. While having my breakfast i had 3 girls talking in little excited voices in French about something (I know very very little French, so i know when someone is talking in French). All 3 were beautiful and seemed to be in their 30's like me.

After breakfast i went to the lobby to check if there was a Spa nearby , both the front desk guys were busy , so while waiting i suddenly saw one of the French girl standing besides me. I said Bonjour , are you from France? and suddenly she looked at me and smiled and said Yes , how do you know. I said i heard you talking during the breakfast in the cafe. She asked me if i knew french and i said no, i knew very little french. Then we started talking about why we were in Malaysia. She too was here on a business visit and the other 2 french girls were not with her, she just happened to bump into them in the hotel and since they were all from Paris they were having breakfast together and talking about Paris and their experiences in Malaysia.

It turned out she was flying back same day late evening, she came to check out if she could check out late. I told her my plan and she said she was jealous as she had to go for some meeting and that she too was very tired. I checked the nearest spa and she too good late checkout option, we said bye to each other and exchanged our room numbers , so that we can maybe meet other later.

I took a 2 hour package at the spa which included Swedish massage , body scrub and sauna. I was so hungry after the massage that i went to food court in the mall next to hotel to have early lunch around 12:30. After lunch i went back to my room and dozed off. Around 2:00 i heard some ringing sound in my head , i opened my eyes and suddenly it became clear it was my room phone ringing. I picked up and it was the French girl , she had just come early from her meeting and she was just checking if i was around. She invited me to her room as she was free till 7 in the evening.

I went to her room and she was dressed in her business suit with hair tied up , looking much older than how she was looking in the morning.

We both sat down and she asked if i wanted to have tea or coffee. We both had tea and spoke up what we do for living and mostly about the places we have traveled due to work. Then she asked me about the massage and i told her how good it was and i relaxed i was feeling. I then joked why are you still in your suit and if you want i can give you a good massage. She laughed and then said nothing but went to the bathroom. She came out changed into shorts and a t-shirt. She went near the bed and said "Only Legs and back" and i was like OK , no problem.

I just massaging her legs and back. She had super smooth skin and perfect shaped bum. If she was enjoying the pressure i was putting on her legs, i too was enjoying touching her silky smooth legs. When i moved to her bum and massaged her she didn't say anything. When doing her back the t-shirt was creating lot of friction and i could not do my work properly so i suggested her to remove her top. She looked up once , smiled and removed her t-shirt while lying down. I pretended to look the other side. While sneaking a look i saw she was wearing no bra. Now doing her back got me excited as i could see sides of her boobs which were decently sized. While doing her back she suddenly turned her head sideways and said you seem to be quite excited doing this job. I was like what? She said you little friend seems to be quite excited. Now i didn't realize that while doing her back my now erect dick had been resting on her bum and she was feeling my hardness. Not knowing what to say i just blurted out that if there is someone as beautiful as you in so little clothes alone with me, my little man can no way stay calm.

She started laughing and then said what do you mean. I said you know what i mean, i want you. She turned her head straight and asked me to continue doing what i was doing. I was confused about what was in her head. After doing her back for some time i said turn around let me do your front part. She again gave that sweet smile and turned around. Her boobs were amazing. Firm , perfect sized (neither too big nor too small) , pin pointed nipples and no sag. This was like too much. I bent down and kissed her lips. She didn't resist. I kissed her again and then placed my hands of her boobs. She didn't resist. I started kissed her lips with passion now and then went to her ear lobes , her neck and then to her boobs. She got excited, her breath got quicker. I started licking the perfect nipples in the world. While doing that my dick my pressing down between her legs. She was pushing herself up to press her pussy on my hard dick.

I removed my t-shirt and then pulled down her shorts and panties and then my shorts. Her pussy was totally clean and smooth like her legs. I started licking her nipples again and in between gave her a big french kiss. All this while my dick was playing teasing game with her pussy. I put my hand between her legs and she was wet. I went down and licked her pussy once. She sighed , i licked her for some time and then came up again licking her boobs. I then pushed my dick slowly inside her wet pussy. It was surprisingly quite tight. Once completely inside her i started slow, but once lubricated i started going up and down rapidly while playing with her boobs. We kept on going for 4-5 minutes and then i could sense her pussy getting tight and then suddenly she froze. She had an huge orgasm, she started shaking a little bit and i stopped deep inside her. After 15-20 seconds she opened her eyes gave a strange relaxed kind of smile and asked if i was also done. I said no, she raised her legs again and said go, now it's your turn. She was tight once again and i had to start slow to lubricate her. Once again i started going up and down and playing with her boobs. After 2-3 minutes i could feel i was coming. I asked her where and she said to come inside (she had pills with her). I came inside her, flooding her entire pussy hole.

I laid besides her and we both kind of rested for a while and then started talking about some random things. Half an hour later i was excited again and she laughed looking at my erect dick. She came down to inspect it and then started to lick it. I was in 7th heaven. She was an expert in licking dicks. She was doing it with such a passion that i could not believe that someone could ever get this kind of blow job. It just took her 3-4 minutes and i was about to come. She said not in her mouth, so i told her i am about to come, she stopped sucking and started playing with her hands. I exploded.

She then opened her legs and smiled. I understood. It was my turn now. I started licking her smooth as silk pussy and put one finger inside her. She became wet in no time and in no time i had my 2nd finger inside her. She started moaning and babbling in french. 5 minutes and she was again shaking like an earth quake.

We slept in each other's arm for almost an hour before we both woke up and had shower together.

We are in touch with each other even now , but we don't know when will our paths cross again.

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