Randy turned his lounge chair a little to the right to face the sun and sat down. He plugged in his mp3 player ear pieces and turned on a mellow mix of old hits from Jimmy Buffet, The Eagles and others. He kept the back of the chair up about halfway so he could reach and drink his margarita without problem. "Another day in paradise," he laughed to himself. Of course compared to blustery Chicago, this Arizona desert resort really was paradise in winter and he had a whole 'nother week before he had to return from vacation.

After five minutes though he was thinking he should have brought a book or magazine down to the pool with him, he wasn't used to just sitting and doing nothing. Then his mounting boredom was abruptly pushed aside. Across the corner of the pool a swimsuit model stopped at a sunchair directly in front of him. Of course he didn't know if she was really a model, but the way she wore the tiny bikini showed she had all the qualifications. When she bent over to arrange her towel on the chair her tight little ass was pointing right back at him and his jaw dropped. Being an older man he caught his gaffe and snapped his jaw shut. Twenty years before he probably would have been drooling on his chest.

The girl turned back toward him and Randy gave thanks that he had on such large, dark sunglasses so she couldn't see his staring eyes. He figured she was 20 at the most, tall and slender with small, firm breasts and long, toned legs. She gracefully eased herself down onto her deckchair, laying flat on her back. Randy took a sip from his margarita, giving silent toasts to the vacation Gods who'd laid this vision in front of him.

He nearly coughed the cold drink up when the vision got even better. Another beauty stopped alongside the first and they started talking -- Randy couldn't hear, but could see their enticing lips moving. The second girl had shoulder-length brown hair while the first one had a short blonde 'do and he immediately labeled them Brownie and Blondie.

Brownie was shorter and rounder -- not fat, but softer and more curved than Blondie. The small white bikini top left much of her dark skinned melons exposed.

Randy took a long pull on his drink, turning the glass to get some of the salt from the rim. He imagined that's what the girls' breasts would taste like as he licked them after a day in the desert sun. He groaned in his head, took a gulp of icy slush and held it in his mouth to cool down his thoughts.

The gods proved just how much they favored the middle-aged Chicago businessman when Brownie sat on the edge of the chair next to Blondie. The blonde picked up a bottle of tanning oil from a table on her other side, handed it to Brownie and rolled over onto her stomach. The brunette leaned forward to untie Blondie's top while her own small bikini strained to keep her big tits from falling out.

Brownie squirted oil into her hand and smeared it over Blondie's back, spreading it evenly from shoulder to hips. More oil went into her palm and was spread up and down Blondie's long legs until the tall beauty was fully greased for the sun. Then the curvy brunette shifted back to her left and squirted more oil directly onto the blonde's back. This time instead of just spreading it around she started massaging it into her friend's strong back and out onto her arms. When Brownie's hands moved down the sides of Blondie's chest Randy could have sworn the dark haired girl actually pushed underneath Blondie's body, massaging her tits. No, he thought, it was just his overactive imagination making the situation even sexier than it was.

Brownie gave Blondie a short, but thorough massage on her upper body then slid to the end of the lounge chair so she could go to work on those beautiful legs. Randy thought how much they looked like his wife's, long and athletic. Brownie started at the feet and Randy could practically feel the relaxation and pleasure flowing through Blondie from the kneading fingers. Back and forth from Blondie's right leg to her left, Brownie worked up the calves to the tall girl's long thighs.

When Randy thought he'd seen the shorter girl rubbing the other's breasts he'd dismissed it as his imagination, but there was no doubt now that Brownie's fingers really were reaching under Blondie's bikini bottom and rubbing that hot ass. He mentally cheered her on, hoping they wouldn't notice their audience, or even better, that they didn't care.

Yes! The gods were most definitely looking out for him today. He thanked Apollo or Zeus or whomever was the horniest of the old Greek gods as he breathlessly watched Brownie slide her fingers under the stretchy material to the blonde's cunny. He grabbed his margarita with shaking fingers and drank slowly, double-checking his vision. Yes, Brownie was definitely finger-fucking Blondie; how fucking hot was this show?

What Randy forgot was that the old Olympians were fickle and would quickly turn on one who thought he was their favorite, setting the hero up high so his eventual fall from grace would be that much further.

"See something you like, stud?" Randy's wife Ann was standing by his shoulder.

"Shit!" he exclaimed as he jumped and spilled cold tequila on his bare chest, where it ran down in a quick line to his crotch.

"That's probably a good idea, poor some ice on that old dog before he comes running out and trying to play. It's a good thing I came over before you decided to go introduce yourself to those young sluts."

Randy mopped himself off with his towel and then left it covering his crotch, he really had been starting to swell in his bathing trunks from watching the girls. "Baby," he stammered, "you startled me. What are you talking about? I was just sitting here; I wasn't doing anything. Really." Even to his ears it sounded lame.

"The hell you weren't," she snapped back. "I've been watching you the last five minutes and I saw that bulge in your trunks. I swear to God, I think you were getting ready to flash them; a little 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'."

"Ann, come on, you know I wouldn't do that. Alright, you caught me gawking, but I was just sitting here minding my own business when they started their little show. I just got caught up in it - like watching a video."

"And if I hadn't been with you on this trip, what then? Would you have been such an innocent bystander then? I doubt it. You'd have sat here on this chair with a raging hard-on until they invited you over or someone else called the manager about a dirty old man at the pool." She turned and stamped back toward the hotel.

Randy jumped up, wrapped the towel around his waist and hurried after her. "Baby, wait." Her elevator's doors closed in his face and he had to wait for another car.

He let himself into their room, calling out, "Ann, where are you, baby? C'mon, talk to me. I'm sorry, baby, really I was just looking; it never even entered my mind to talk to them or anything. Really!"

Ann stepped out of the bedroom. "I'm supposed to believe that if I hadn't been there you would have been able to resist trying to flirt -- or more -- with those girls?"

"Of course, I would. Really, they caught me completely by surprise; it was just like watching one of our sex videos. Sure, it was hot and I got excited, but it wasn't like it was real -- it was just a show. Please, Ann, you know how much I love you and that I'd never cheat on you."

"But this wasn't a movie, those girls were only 10 yards away from you and I think they were trying to catch your attention. I think that if they'd invited you over for a chat and a drink you wouldn't have been able to resist."

"I swear, I could have been sitting naked in the sauna with them and I wouldn't have done a damn thing even if they offered it. I don't need another woman, I have you and that's enough for me, I mean, you're the only one I need."

"You're saying that if those girls were standing here now instead of me and asking you to join them in the bedroom you would say, no?"

"Absolutely," Randy declared. "Unless of course you told me I could go," he laughed, trying to lighten the tension. Of course it was a stupid thing to say and backfired.

With the tightness back in her voice Ann answered, "Wouldn't you just love that? I'm enough for you, huh? Unless you can get two teeny-boppers between the sheets."

"No, no, it was just a joke. Please..."

"That's enough, don't say anymore."


"Randy, you know me; if you keep talking you'll just make me angrier."

He did know her, so he held his tongue, wishing he had done that 5 seconds before.

"I'm going to get changed and then I'm going down for dinner. You can wait here until I'm done, then you can go. I don't want to talk to you for a while."

"Okay, baby. I'm sorry." He sat in a living room chair until Ann had dressed and left the suite, then he had a shower and dressed himself. 'Jeez,' he thought, 'I hope this blows over quick. I know she busted me looking, but I really wasn't trying to do anything more than that. Crap!'

Randy opened a beer and turned on the television. A couple of shows later he was starting to wonder where Ann was. Of course it had actually been too early for dinner when she left; maybe she went shopping in the hotel's galleria first. That gave him a thought, maybe he should find something nice in the jewelry store as a make up gift.

When Ann did come back she went straight to the bedroom and closed the door without saying a thing, so Randy went down to the hotel restaurant and ate a lonely dinner.

When he came back up the bedroom door was still closed and there was a blanket and pillow on the sofa. He could take a hint and sacked out on the couch.

The next morning he got up early and ordered room service breakfast, hoping a good night's sleep would have let Ann realize he really wasn't going to step out on her. He knocked on the bedroom door. "Baby, are you awake? I ordered some breakfast; I was hoping we could talk now."

She opened the door wearing a hotel robe. "No, I'm not ready yet. Why don't you take your new camera out to the desert like you planned and spend the day taking photos."

"But I wanted to do that with you," he replied.

"Well, I think it's better if you go alone and give me more time. Take your time hiking around and I'll see you this afternoon. Give me a call when you're ready to come back and I'll let you know where I am."

Randy nodded and got his camera gear together. The waiter knocked on the door with their breakfast, but Randy knew he was grabbing chow alone down in the diner and walked out as the waiter set up the breakfast table.

Randy took their rental car out into the desert and tried out all the bells and whistles on his new digital SLR camera. At one Indian village he picked up a turquoise necklace for Ann, hoping she'd be in a mood to accept it. He couldn't remember the last time she'd been mad at him for this long. He sure hoped he wouldn't spend the rest of their vacation in the dog house.

Although all he really wanted was to return to the hotel and talk with Ann he forced himself to keep exploring and shooting until 4:00 before heading back. A few laps in the pool would be good after a long day of hiking and exploring. He called Ann's cell from his own. "Hi, baby, how are you feeling?" he asked.

"Better than I was earlier," she answered in a soft voice. "Are you coming back soon?"

"Yeah, I should be there in about 30 or 40 minutes."

"Why don't you stop on the way and pick up a couple of bottles of wine?"

"Sounds great," he said with happy surprise. "I'm really sorry about before baby, am I forgiven?"

"You're getting closer...we'll see."

"Okay, I'll take that for now," he laughed. "See you soon."

He stopped at a liquor store near the hotel and got two cold bottles of Asti Spumanti, one of Ann's favorites. He also got a bag of ice and a plastic bucket to keep the bottles cold.

'She sounded much friendlier,' he thought as he approached their hotel room door. If she wanted wine then maybe a little making-up making-out was in store. He unlocked the door, juggling the keys, wine, and camera bag which was slipping off his shoulder and elbowed his way through the door. He laid the camera gear on the floor and walked into the living room on his way to the kitchenette. What he saw when he entered the main room nearly made him drop the Asti.

Ann was standing in front of the sofa, naked. Also naked were Blondie and Brownie. Brownie was standing, sucking one of Ann's tits and squeezing the other. Blondie kneeled on the floor in front of his wife, her face buried in Ann's crotch. Ann had a hand behind each girl's head; eyes closed and head tilted back, obviously enjoying the attention.

When her eyes opened again she saw Randy staring at them open mouthed and a big smile lit up her face. "Hi, baby," she purred. The two girls stopped what they were doing and turned to look at the awe struck Randy, smiles on their faces too.

"Let me introduce you to my new friends. This is Abby," the brunette nodded at him then went back to sucking his wife's breast. "And this is Shauna." Blondie pursed her lips as if blowing him a kiss, then turned those lips back to Ann's flower. "I ran into them yesterday after I left you here and we ended up hanging out and having dinner together. Then today we got to know each other better, 'Didn't we, ladies?'" In answer Brownie pinched the free nipple between her fingers, pulled it out away from Ann's breast and let it snap back. Blondie reached around behind and gave the older woman a good swat on the rear. Ann gasped, laughed and moaned.

"Did you bring the wine?" Ann asked. Randy nodded dumbly.

"Good, why don't you pour us all a glass?"

Randy stumbled to the kitchenette, unwilling to tear his sight away from the women. As quickly as he could he found wine glasses, opened a bottle and brought everything back into the living room. He set the ice bucket and extra bottle on the floor; then poured four glasses.

"Asti," Ann cooed, "you sweetheart." "Mmm," she moaned after taking a sip, "that's good. Well, you look all hot and sweaty; did you have a good photo safari?"

"What? Uh, oh yeah, it was a good day." Under his breath he added, "And getting better."

Ann laughed. "Well why don't you go have a shower, Mr. Desert Explorer, then come back and enjoy this good wine and some good company." She shrieked a little as Brownie playfully bit her swollen nipple.

Randy hurried off to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. "My God," he said to himself as he quickly, but thoroughly soaped and scrubbed himself. "Is this really happening? I was in trouble for just looking and now I have three hot naked women waiting for me out there? I love fucking Arizona." He stopped at the sink and gave himself a quick shave; never know where his cheeks might be rubbing soon.

He thought about walking out buck naked or maybe with just a towel around his hips, but something told him he'd better not act too eager, otherwise Ann might get the wrong idea again, so he put on the floor length hotel robe and scurried back out to the living room.

If the scene was hot before it had gotten hotter since he left. The three were seated next to each other on the sofa, Ann in the middle. Each woman had a glass of Asti in one hand and her other hand in a pussy. Ann's legs were spread wide and Blondie and Brownie each had a finger inside her pink gash. Ann was finger fucking Brownie, who had a thick curly bush. Only Blondie's flower was unattended, but while Randy stood staring Ann pulled her fingers out of Abby, stuck them into her own mouth, sucked them clean, then switched her wine glass into that hand so she could reach down and diddle Shauna with the other.

"Baby, can't you see my glass is almost empty?" Ann laughed at him.

Randy snatched up the bottle and refilled all three glasses, stepping between the three sets of hot legs and wondering what he should do next. Ann let him know.

"Take your glass and have a seat over there." She nodded to an armchair behind him, on the other side of the coffee table.

"Gee, I could probably fit okay on the couch," he offered.

"Are you saying you lied to me yesterday and that you can't really resist a naked babe in front of you?"


"Didn't you say you could be naked in a room with these two and not do anything -- unless of course I said you could?"

"Uh, yeah, I did." Abby and Shauna grinned.

"Well, now you get to prove it. So you can either go sit down over there or you can get dressed and leave. Which will it be?"

Randy reluctantly backed up to the armchair and took a seat.

"Just like watching a show, right?" Ann and the girls laughed.

Randy's mind was going a mile a minute. Ann in a lesbian ménage-a-trois with him on the sideline ready to dive in -- he mentally pinched himself to be sure he wasn't dreaming all this up. It sure looked real enough so he settled back and took a sip of wine, just waiting for the green light to join the fun.

Blondie slid down to the floor between Ann's legs and started sucking again on her glistening pussy. Brownie leaned over and returned to the housewife's tits.

Randy undid the tie on his robe, pushing it open and reaching down for his cock.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Ann.

"Uh, just getting comfortable?" he answered tentatively.

"You're proving your ability to resist temptation, remember? I'll tell you if and when you can do anything except watch. Got it?"

"Got it," he said in a small voice. He started to close his robe again.

"No, that's okay; he can stay out and watch too." Abby laughed around a mouthful of tit flesh.

Ann laughed too then told the brunette, "Let me taste some of that honey of yours, baby." The short girl stood up on the couch straddling Ann's body and grinding her crotch against Randy's wife's face.

Randy knew his wife always had good orgasms when they 69'ed, she loved having a cock in her mouth while having her pussy eaten. Now it looked like having a pussy in her face had the same effect because he saw her body start to tighten up as Blondie's busy mouth pushed Ann over the edge. As the older woman's hips started grinding harder against Shauna's mouth, her own lips and tongue attacked Abby's dripping flower with even more energy.

Ann grunted and groaned into the girl's love nest until her orgasm finished shaking through her. Blondie stayed in place, gently licking up his wife's juices while Ann got serious with Brownie's clit. Soon the college student was leaning forward, tits smashed up against the wall, barely able to keep her balance as she drenched the face between her legs with slippery love juice.

Watching the two hotties orgasm one right after the other really tested Randy's will to keep his seat, let alone keep his hand off his swelling cock. He took a deep drink of his Asti and groaned.

Now it was Shauna's turn for some special attention. Ann took Randy's blanket from his night on the sofa, folded it in fourths and laid it on the bare coffee table. The blonde got on her hands and knees on the table, in profile to Randy in his watcher's chair. Abby kneeled on the floor behind and started licking Blondie's sweet pussy. Ann took a mouthful of Asti, then rested her cheek on the blonde's bottom and let the sweet wine dribble from her mouth down the crack of Shauna's ass to Abby's waiting tongue, where the brunette eagerly licked it up along with the other girl's juices.

Then Ann was running her tongue along the same line the Asti had followed, over the girl's asshole to her cunny, where she shared a kiss with Abby. Then they both went back the other direction, then back down again, setting up a rhythm of one tongue following the other over both of the blonde's holes. After several trips up and down Ann stood up and smiled at her captive husband, an incredible glow of lust in her eyes and her face shiny from the two pussies she'd been eating.

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