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Passing a stopped school bus with its signals flashing!

My insurance premiums would skyrocket with that fender-bender I had caused last winter. My husband Rob would hit the roof.

"Please officer, can't you just give me a warning?" I pleaded in my most seductive voice.

I knew I was stretching it even with my nipples almost visible with the neck of my blouse open. I had unfastened three buttons as he walked up to my car.

With the top down on my Beamer he had an excellent view down on my body.

"Six demerit points and a five hundred dollar fine and you want a warning?" he looked at me in amazement.

"I didn't see it." I whimpered in my helpless little girl voice.

"What is it worth to you?" he looked at me shrewdly.

"A big fight with my husband and I would probably will be walking" I thought.

"I could be nice if you're nice?"

The cop had written the information from my license onto his ticket pad.

"I'm not going to give this to you now because I want you to think about it." He said sternly handing me back my papers.

"Thank you so much officer." I smiled up sweetly at him.

Carefully I left the curb, looking back over my shoulder and signaling.

"Whew! That was close." I thought as the police car grew smaller in my rearview mirror.

A couple of days went by and I had forgotten all about my close call with the police officer. I was very busy working my husband's campaign for the upcoming election.

Rob was running for his second term on city council and having his trophy wife active in his campaigning was a definite asset. Rob was a well known attorney and enjoyed the power being on council afforded him. It was incumbent on me to remain squeaky-clean until the election was over.

I was just on my way out the door when the phone rang. Thinking it may be Rob I answered it.

"Hi, this is Alec Dickson." The voice at the other end said.

"Alec Dickson, who is Alec Dickson?" my mind searched.

"I'm the cop who stopped you the other day." He volunteered.

It all came rushing back, "What can I do for you?"

"I would like to meet you." Dickson asked.

"I am very busy." I tried to put him off.

"I still have that ticket in my pocket." He reminded me.

Shit! "I don't have much time." I warned him.

"The Red Rose Motel on Highway Six in an hour." He said and hung up.

My heart was beating like a trip-hammer, now I knew his price.

It was early afternoon and the parking lot at the motel was almost empty as my scarlet Beamer pulled in off the highway.

I saw Dickson standing beside a silver Ford Taurus as I drove to the rear of the lot as far from the highway as possible. He walked over to where I shut off the engine.

"I got us a room." He said showing me a key tag as he opened my door.

I had dressed conservatively planning to go on to Rob's campaign center after my liaison with Dickson.

Dickson ogled my long stocking leg as I got out of the low-slung sport car. As I rose to my feet I felt him place his hand firmly on my ass. He gently squeezed my buttock through my gray flannel skirt.

Dickson appeared to be ten to fifteen years older than me. He had the paunch that too many doughnuts produces and was already balding. To him a twenty-eight-year-old blonde would look like Miss Universe.

"Wait till we get inside." I reprimanded him.

The Red Rose had a reputation for being the "No Tell Motel". Located just outside the city it was a favorite spot for guys to bring a whore. No doubt Sam Muska the owner cut a deal with the local constabulary or let them use the room for free to screw their sluts.

Dickson fumbled with the key opening the door on unit six. The doors opened right onto the parking lot so I hurried in as soon as he opened the door.

I couldn't believe I was in a motel room with another man ready to take off my clothes. For fourteen years I had been a faithful wife, not even so much as kissing another man. Now I was about to sell my body for the sake of a traffic infraction. I thought it strange how willing I was to prostitute myself. Surely Rob would have rather to have paid for a taxi to haul me around rather than I give myself to this rogue cop. Maybe I wanted this to happen?

Dickson looked at me and I returned his glare determined not to be intimidated by him. We stood a mere four feet apart waiting for the other to move.

"Take your clothes off." Dickson ordered.

I showed no emotion as I slipped off my jacket.

Placing my jacket neatly o the back of a chair I slowly and deliberately began unfastening the row of buttons down the front of my blouse.

One of my fetishes is lingerie and I spend a fortune on nice underwear. I had chosen to wear a conservative bra so as not to appear sluttish. As my blouse opened Dickson could see my well filled full cup white silk bra revealed. The bra did not display too much cleavage but the "D" cups promised much to come.

I slipped the sheer blouse off my shoulders and pulling my arms out I tossed it casually on top of my jacket. I stood defiantly in my bra as my hands dropped to the button on my skirt above my left hip.

Dickson was captivated as the zipper whirred down and the skirt dropped into a pile around my black patent pumps.

Carelessly I stepped out of the heap of flannel and kicked it hastily aside.

I now stood before the perverted cop in my white silk panties and bra with thigh-high stockings supported by a white garter-belt. With my five inch heels I stood proudly statuesque before the awestruck cop.

Although I was about to be taken by this man I felt superior, he was not worthy of my body.

Dickson was fumbling with the zipper on his trousers and quickly he produced his erection. He had an impressive size cock, about the same size as my husband's.

"Suck it!" he ordered.

I was shocked as I hadn't contemplated him making any perverse demands of me.

Damn it, he had me back of the defensive.

"On your knees bitch!" he snarled.

Dickson was no longer patronizing now he had me in a compromising position. I no longer had a choice.

I had not sucked a cock in over ten years. I had rebuked my husband every time he pleaded with me to commit the disgusting act.

Dickson grabbed a handful of my hair and knotting it around his fist he forced my head down to his cock. I crumpled to my knees with little resistance. His thumb forced its way into my mouth and hooked onto my lower jaw prying it open. His other hand pushed my mouth onto his cock filling my mouth with his meat.

I gagged as the bulbous mushroom head entered my throat. I struggled to breathe.

Mercifully his cock receded enough for me to gasp a deep breathe of air to sooth my burning lungs.

Dickson cradled his erection on my tongue like a yacht out of water as my lips sealed around it. Gripping my head firmly by my hair he started sliding in and out between my lips.

Saliva was accumulating in my mouth and starting to drool out of the corner of my lips. I swallowed forming a vacuum around Dickson's cockhead.

"Oh yes bitch suck it!" he moaned.

I was shattered, on my knees being skull-fucked by this pig.

Without consideration Dickson's sperm began pumping into my mouth. It came without warning in large spurts of the thick cream permeating every nook and cranny of my mouth. His slime coated my teeth and tongue while the salty brine assaulted my taste buds.

I gagged and spat his slimy spunk out of my mouth with his ejaculating cock.

"That wasn't nice!" he scolded as he forced himself back into my mouth.

His cock was still shooting cum as he forced it into my throat. I felt his repulsive cream sliding down my throat.

As the last of his cum squirted into my mouth Dickson released me withdrawing his spent cock from my head.

I spat out as much of his crud that I could and rushed to the bathroom to get a drink.

Hastily I peeled the cellophane wrapper of the tumbler on the sink and filled it with water. I swallowed half the glass in one gulp in an attempt to wash Dickson's vile taste from my mouth.

I stayed in the bathroom a while composing myself. I washed my face and studied myself in the mirror.

"So that is what a cocksucker looks like?" I spoke angrily to my image in the glass.

When I reentered the room Dickson was jerking his cock in an effort to bring it back to life. He had removed his clothes during my absence and was completely naked. He was even less appealing with his hairy body uncovered. Dickson had not only a hairy chest but a hairy back as well like some kind of a primate. The dark hair on his shoulder blades was almost as thick as it was on his head.

"Take off the rest of your clothes." He scowled.

I was resolved the time had come for me to be his harlot and I reached behind my back and unfastened my Wonder bra.

The bra popped as the tension was released and fell loosely down the slopes of my breasts. Pulling the straps off my shoulders I allowed it to fall completely off.

Dickson stared at my bare breasts, milky white with delicate pink nipples adorning each of them. The cool air of the air-conditioner caused them both stiffen quickly giving Dickson the impression I was aroused.

The truth be known I was somewhat aroused, the tide had changed once again and now he was a slave to the beauty of my nudity again.

I sat on the edge of the bed and unfastened the garters from my stockings. Slowly and deliberately I peeled the silk stockings carefully down my legs. Tossing the stockings aside I stood again and peeled the garter-belt and panties down over my hips.

My bush was natural, just slightly trimmed to keep it hidden by my panties. Dickson's eyes were locked on my pussy as I revealed it to him.

He needn't stroke his cock any longer, he was rock hard!

"Eat me!" I demanded as I sat back down my panties around my ankles.

I lay back and opened my legs, now it was my turn to take charge.

Richardson needed no encouragement to put his mouth between my legs. In one swift movement he buried his face in my hairy crotch.

A chill went up my spine as Richardson's tongue entered my vagina. He went right to my clitoris and began mauling it with the tip of his tongue.

A moan escaped my mouth.

Our power struggle had flipped back to Dickson again as his tongue now controlled my body. My hips involuntarily flailed as he triggered my sensitive button.

Another louder moan as I felt the beginnings of an orgasm.

What kind of a wife would I be if I let this pervert make me come? As degenerate as it may be I couldn't help grinding my pussy on his face.

Dickson knew he had me under control again, his hands held my hips drawing my crotch tighter into his hungry mouth.

"Oh yes!" I groaned as my pussy squirmed on his tongue.

It was too late to stop, the beast had escaped its cage and his tongue was doing all the right things to launch my climax.

A frightening scream let him know he had conquered me.

I knew I had lost and resolved myself to be Dickson's slut for the remainder of our encounter.

"How do you want me?" I gave up.

"Doggie." was his single word answer.

Kicking my panties off my ankles I rolled over on the bed and raised myself up onto my hands and knees. My waiting cunt was facing Dickson's cock.

I felt him nuzzle the head of his cock between my pussy lips and my hips rocked back starting him into my already wet tunnel.

Having just experienced an orgasm my cunt was ready for a cock, any cock.

Dickson slid into me like her belonged, as if we had been lovers for years. His cock had just the right curvature to follow its head to my cervix. Oh God he did feel good as my pelvic muscles contracted, gripping him tightly in place.

I found myself rocking back and forth on his cock as it slid in and out of my ever widening hole. I was fucking him!

Dickson's hand reached up from under me and scooped my pendulous breasts as it swung wildly from my body's motion. He pinched my teat between his thumb and finger causing a sharp pain to flash through my chest.

"Ooooow!" I cried as his cock slammed into me with a vengeance.

My nipple stung from Dickson's pinch but still I needed his cock in me.

"Whack!" his hand slapped across my naked buttock.

A sadistic side of a perverted cop was beginning to come to life. I could endure some pain but did not want his to put any unexplainable marks on my unblemished body.

"Fuck me!" I begged him.

My wanton need for his cock diverted his mind from degrading me and he took my ass cheeks firmly in his hands and devoted his attention to ramming his ready to blow cock deep into me.

"Yes! Yes! Make me come!" I screamed as my orgasm exploded.

"This man had given me two orgasms within half-an-hour." I thought as I dressed.

"What about tomorrow?" I asked Dickson as I looked out the window checking to see if it was safe to make a dash to my car.

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