tagIncest/TabooBusted, Almost

Busted, Almost


"Oh, my God! What are you doing?"

I was suddenly in that place between dreaming and being awake.

"Mark, get your hand off her butt! Both of you get up right now!"

"Kids? What have you been up to? Whose beer is this?"

Now I was awake and my brother was stretching.

"Do you hear me? Stop that and get up right this moment!"

Mom and Dad had gotten back from their evening and, apparently, they didn't like what they saw.

"Did y'all have a party here?"

"Um, no, Dad.'

We were both in Dad's recliner with it all the way laid back. We were kinda facing each other but I was more on top of him and our faces were so close we could lick each other if we wanted. Both my top and bottom arms were wrapped around him and his top hand was cupping my butt through my panties.

"Well, how do you explain this?" He was holding up two beer cans.

"We, us, er, well, we were watching TV and got the idea we wanted to try some beer and see what the fuss is all about."

"So you just decided you could get drunk with my beer?"

"No, Dad. It's not like that. Actually, we don't even like it." Mark was pointing at one can. "See, we couldn't even drink both of them."
"Yeah, Dad. How do you drink that stuff? It's awful." I was pretty much awake now and saw that it was about 1:30.

"That doesn't change anything. I want you two to quit feeling each other up and get out of that chair."

"Mom, we're not doing anything."

"Well, how do you explain his hand on your butt and your top looking like that?"

I was wearing a tee top I'd cut off just below my nips. The bottom of it kept rolling up and it would expose my whole breast if I wasn't careful. Apparently that's what had happened and my bare boobs were pressed against Marks bare chest. He was wearing loose running splits and I had on a pair of skimpy panties.

"Did you just think you could make out and ... who knows what while we were gone and you wouldn't get caught???"

"Mom, it's not like that." Except that I felt his boner poking on my thigh and I didn't want to get up right now and have them see it.
"Really. We were just watching TV and fell asleep." It really was except part of what we were watching was porn!

"Why don't you just tell us what really happened here tonight?"
"Well, we were swimming and then Janine came over. We wanted to have a pa..., uh, a celebration since we're all over 18. After a while we got hungry so she called her brother and he came over with some pizza and drinks."


"No, Dad, nothing bad, just some root beer."

"Yeah, go check the trash if you want."

"It's OK, I believe you."

"And I know you don't want us having people over but you know how Janine is over all the time to see Brenda I figured it would be OK. So we all swam a while and then dried off to eat."

"That's right. We didn't even drip water on the floor."

"So that's when your party started?"

"No! We didn't have a party."

"They just stayed and watched TV for a while. I guess we fell asleep and they went home. We haven't really been out of this chair."

"So how do you explain the beers and the way you're dressed?"

"Or, not dressed?"

"We had to get out of our wet swimsuits." I pointed at them drying on the clothesline in the yard.

"So you just decided to wear your underwear around your friends???"

"Mom! We've all seen each other before."

"They were in their underwear, too?"

"Well, um, no."

"No, their underwear were wet from swimming so they put their clothes back on."

"How do you explain you and your brother making out in the chair and groping each other?"

"We weren't groping each other exactly!"

"Really, we were just cuddling is all." I tried to wipe some drool off his shoulder with my tee and adjust it again to keep it from rolling up and showing my nips.

"And not in *that* way. We were just watching some Friends he saved and then Monk and then a Bond movie was on. I guess we just fell asleep.'

"What about his hand?"

"What about it? Besides, it felt nice." I could tell Mark wanted to ask about that.

"Why were you in the chair together?"

"He was there and something funny happened on TV and I crawled up on him and started tickling him and then we just ended up staying there."

"OK, I guess."

"Y'all just go on up to bed and your father and I will talk about it. And get rid of those panties, you can see clear through them!"

We cleared away the trash, Mark held the pizza box in front of him and went on up to bed.

He was brushing his teeth when I went in to pee. Our bedrooms share a bathroom and I didn't know he was in there. Neither of us really ever locked the door to the other's bedroom. Well, Mark did sometimes if he had a date staying over and it was more to make her feel OK than for his privacy.

Me and him had never done anything really sexual together but we'd seen each other naked a lot and didn't mind sharing the bathroom. We could even change clothes next to each other without freaking out. And we've slept together a bunch of times. Not for sex or any special reason but more just because we didn't feel like being alone. I always liked being cuddled. It made me feel warm and loved.

"It's a good thing they didn't look in the DVD player."

"Yeah, no kidding. I'm going down in a bit to get the DVD out before they find it."

"You don't need to, brother! I got it out and stuck it in my panties while you were getting up and picking up the trash."

"Wow, thank God!" Mark hugged me, relieved we didn't get caught with that.

"Where did you get it anyway?" I peeled down my panties and sat on the toilet.

"I'm not supposed to tell anyone, I promised. Brad gave it to me."

"He's kinda weird."

"Yeah, but he's got great porn!"

"I had no idea stuff like that even was out there!"

"Damn! That was the hottest stuff I'd ever seen!"

"Tee hee, I could kinda tell."


"Um, your dick. It was poking me so hard I thought I'd have a hole in my hip."

"Well, I, er, I couldn't do anything about it. And with you there pressing on me that kinda made it worse."

"So, are you going to, um, you know?"

"Yeah, I need to real bad!"


The movie was about some girls that had a baby sitter club and to join they had to have video of them doing something wild. It was real amateur porn, you could tell because it was taped with home video cameras and everybody helped with the production. One girl hit on the dad when he took her home. Another flashed a whole bunch of people and did some group stuff at a party.

There was an hour of a sleepover this girl had and they were all making out and fooling around when the girl's brother knocks on the door. Soon they were doing stuff on him at the same time.


"Well, yeah! Janine says I'm lucky."

"Because I get to be with you all the time." I wiped and flushed then stepped out of my panties and put them in the hamper. "She thinks you're hot and she didn't believe that we see each other all the time."

"So, is that why you said we should strip to our underwear and you got in the chair with me?"

"Well, yeah, kinda. That and because I like being with you."

"Thanks, Bren! I like spending time with you, too. But, me and Janine, we dated for a while."

"Yeah, I know. That's why she thinks I'm lucky. Did you see her eyes when I got in the chair with you?"

"No, I wasn't exactly looking at her."

"Really? I thought she was going to lose it when my bare boobs were touching your chest."

"I thought I was going to lose it then, too!" Mark laughed. "I mean like I am now!" He was staring at my bare mound.

"That's sweet, Mark! Besides, Mom said to get rid of my panties!" I giggled and gave him a big hug. "It was kinda neat with you holding me like that tonight."

"Can you imagine if Mom and Dad had come home with that porn on???"

"Oh, my God! We'd be dead!"

"I thought they were going to get pissed about the beer."

"I kinda think Dad's glad we did it here and not when we were out somewhere." Mark reached around me from behind while I was brushing and adjusted my tee which had rolled up again. "Hey, thanks, babe!"

"Yeah, I don't think we'll get in trouble about that."


"What, Bren?"

"Do you, um, wanna sleep together tonight?"

"I dunno. What if they come up and check on us?"

"Do you really think they will? I mean, after coming home late like this and all. I think they're probably either doing it now or they're sound asleep already."

"You're probably right. I guess so. And, we could talk more about the movie and all."

"Let's go sleep in my bed, OK?"

"Why, so you can tell Janine about it?"

I couldn't help giggling again. "Yeah, especially when I tell her this part!" I pulled off my tee top.

"Are you sure you wanna do that?" He turned and held his towel in front to hide the sudden growth in his shorts.

"Um, sure. I mean we're just gonna sleep? Right?"

"Well, yeah. We're not like those people in the porn! Do I need to, I mean, should I take off my shorts?"
"Janine will never believe me if I tell her that."

We went in my room and got in bed. Mark left his shorts in the hamper in the bathroom.

"You know how Mom and Dad thought we were making out?"

"Wanna try it?

"Well, I guess we could, just for fun. Are you gonna tell Janine about it?"

"I might." I leaned into him and when my breasts touched his arm it felt like a shock all the way through my body. Our lips touched and I started trembling all over. "I know this is just for fun but you sure are a good kisser!"

"Yeah? Thanks! I haven't even put any moves on you yet."

"You want to? You can do anything you want!'

"You know how you had your hand on my butt but it was outside my panties?"

"Um, yeah."
"I'd like you to touch it for real. We can pretend we're making a porn!"

Mark's and my hands were suddenly all over each other and our tongues were exploring each other's mouths. I shifted my position a bit and felt his stiffy slip between my legs and press against my slit which was already soppy.

"It's OK if you wanna put that thing inside me."

"Oh, God, Bren! I never wanted to fuck anyone this much before!"

"Mark? I'm kinda glad they saw us earlier." We were kinda humping against each other but not inside me. Except for saying stuff our mouths were kissing the whole time.

"Why is that, Bren?"

"This way they can keep seeing more and more. I'd like to do stuff in front of them without their getting all freaked out."

"So, what if they catch us in bed together?"

"They know we sleep together sometimes, like on trips and stuff. We'll just tell them we felt like it."

"But what if they see us nude???"

"Well, earlier they saw my boobs touching you. This isn't much different. Can you imagine how hot it would be if Janine came in and saw me and you making out and cuddling in front of Mom and Dad?"

"They'd never go for it. Mom would send us away to some reform camp."

I moved so quick Mark had no idea what happened. All of a sudden I was straddling him and his dick was buried in my warm, wet pussy as far as it would go.

"Oh, fuck, Brenda! This is so awesome! You better go slow cuz I'm about to empty a load in you right now!!!"

This made me start moving faster and grinding against him harder. I wanted to feel my brother spraying his sperm deep into my cunt.

"Fuck, Mark! I can't believe your penis is sliding inside my pussy like this! I could fuck you forever!!!"

"Shhh, Bren, they'll hear us."

"Oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkk, I can't help it!" My body started shaking violently with an Orgasm that started down in my toes. "Just keep fucking me babe! I'm cummingggggggg!"

That had my desired effect on him. I felt my brother pause for just a second and then he urgently started humping up into me shooting thick strands of cum each time.

"Oh, God, Brenda, I couldn't help it! That was so fucking amazing!"

"Yeah? It was awesome. I LOVE fucking!!!"

"Brenda?", his hands were caressing my back and he leaned up to kiss my mouth. "That was my best fuck ever! I can't believe my sister is my best fuck!"

I just collapsed down on my brother and we kinda rolled to the side with his dick still inside me and pulled the sheet up to our waists. "Well, you're a better fuck than they told me you are! I tell you what; you can do me anytime you want! Anywhere! I don't care what's going on."

"Oh, yeah! I was going to tell you that, too!"

"You just tell me you want to fuck and I'll stop whatever I'm doing!" I was still breathing pretty hard. "I hope I can get in to see Dr. Bender tomorrow, I'm definitely going back on the pill."

We both pretty much drifted off to sleep quickly. I think during the night my pussy would twitch against his cock whenever it moved in me. The next morning I woke up to the sound of Mom coming upstairs.

"Brenda! Mark! It's time to get up. Remember, we're going shopping today!"

She was suddenly standing in my doorway, framed with the light coming in through the game room across the hallway. I wondered if she could see the stains on the sheet.

"Shhh, he's still asleep." I lifted my top arm and pointed at Mark. Our faces were close enough to lick each other without moving. She could easily see I wasn't wearing a top.

Mom had a stern look and walked off saying, "We'll talk about this at breakfast."

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