tagIncest/TabooBusted By My Brother

Busted By My Brother


Ever since my family bought our first computer and got on the internet, I have looked up porn on it. It started with trying to find Jenny McCarthy naked, but then it expanded into all the nasty stuff out there like bestiality, BSDM, and eventually incest. I got bored of all that stuff. I then got my first look at a little bit of gay porn, and I loved it. A big cock was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I loved fantasizing about taking a big 8' cock and just sucking it dry. One thing that I used to do to get myself really horny is, when nobody is home, take off all my clothes, leave them all upstairs and go down and look up some porn, usually gay porn, completely naked. I thought it was so hot knowing that at any point my parents or my brother could come home and I would be in so much trouble. I didn't want that to happen, but one day, it did.

I was downstairs looking at this series of pics where 2 guys were going at each other. One was really big and he was really fucking this much smaller twink. Really cute series. I then heard a noise upstairs. I could tell it was my older brother, Jordan, coming home from his friend's house. He wasn't supposed to be home for another hour or so. He must have been come home early. I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I was stranded downstairs, with no clothes, and the biggest hardon you have ever seen.

What could I do? I did the only thing that made sense, continue what I was doing. Now I was pretty sure that Jordan did porn also, so it's not like this will be new to him. I stayed quiet, hoping he would leave so I could escape. But all I heard was silence. About ten minutes later, I heard him coming down the stairs. "Well, here's the moment of truth." I thought to myself, just trying to imagine what his reaction would be. I was about to find out. Much to my surprise (and pleasure) he walks into the office buck naked, just like I was. He thought I was still at work to. He was going to come down and do a little afternoon porn just like I was.

Now as you can pick up, this was very awkward. Neither of us wanted to break the silence. He stood and I sat there totally naked, just staring at each other. Both of us had these raging hardons, I was doing porn, he was looking forward to doing porn. Well, someone had to break the silence, and me, being the younger brother decided I would do it.

"Nice cock." I said, hoping he would take it as a joke.

He didn't laugh. "Thanks" he remarked, not knowing what else to say.

"So where do we go from here?" I asked him as I got up from my chair and walked towards him.

"I don't know," he replied, still not knowing what to say.

"Here's my opportunity." I thought to myself as I moved toward him. "Well I know where I want to go," as I got up into his face. Our 2 cocks accidentally brushed up against each other momentarily. I was so turned on. I then went for it. This was my chance to fulfill my fantasy of both homosexuality and incest. I kissed Jordan passionately trying to get my tongue in his mouth. Sadly, I failed. I think he was a little shocked. I was about to turn around, rejected, when Jordan surprised me. He reached out his hand and grabbed my rock hard cock. Things are looking up!

After grabbing my cock he then kissed me better then any girl has ever kissed me. He got his tongue so far down my throat I almost gagged. After exchanging a couple of hot kisses, he took me by the cock up to his room. We kissed some more and felt each other all over. He then started moving down to my neck, then to my chest, stomach, and eventually to my cock.

I had never had oral sex before, man or woman. It felt so good. I about came right then, but I was able to hold it. I pulled his mouth away and I moved down to his cock. It was amazing. He tried to pull my face away, but I wouldn't let him. I sucked him until he came all over me.

It tasted so good. It was warm and salty and just absolutely delicious. Just then, we heard the garage door open up. It must be my mom home from work. "To be continued." I uttered as I ran to the shower so I could wash his cum of my face. I took a shower and exited like nothing had happened. But ever since then, he's been trying to get me to come through on that continuation...

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