tagNonHumanBuster's Story Ch. 07

Buster's Story Ch. 07


I apologize for the long wait. Life got in the way and then the next thing I knew, I had seven chapters piled up. A lot has gone on in the story, and rather than submit a huge document, I've cut it in half. Thank you to everyone who's commented on my work. Mazuri and Mokkelke, I appreciate the chatter and ideas. Thank you to my dear partner Wolf, for his nudges, pokes and prods when he hasn't heard the latest part of the story. I hope you enjoy this romp. This part was fun to write. Please vote! Please comment. I can't improve unless there is communication.


It had been long day at the infirmary that Natalie had created in the little house that had belonged to Grandma Davy. David was amazed at what she managed to do without any formal training. He had volunteered to help soon after Celia's death and quickly found that there was plenty of work. He admired Natalie for all that she did, and now understood why everything centered around the Davy household. It amazed him that everyone just pitched in. Marie and Jenny worked as assistants to Natalie while Alice and others watched children, taught in the little primary school or cooked the numerous meals needed to keep this extended family fed. David had been glad to see the last patient that day. Dinner was just a fuzzy interlude before he headed home for bed. He was asleep almost before he hit the pillow. Exhausted from more work than he'd had in a week of battles in Italy, all he wanted to do was sleep.

David woke with a start as something scratched at the cabin door. He sighed and hauled himself out of bed. He pulled on his trousers and walked to the door. "Hope this isn't another emergency," he said out loud. He opened the door to find a wolf. It stood there for a second and then walked in past him. David closed the door wondering who had walked in. "Well, I don't speak wolf, so you'd better shift," he said to the wolf. He sat down in a chair and waited. The wolf shook once or twice and then shifted.

"Marie! What the hell?" said David startled to see the naked woman standing there. He grabbed a blanket off a nearby bench and wrapped it around her.

"I'm here for you," she said and walked towards his bedroom.

David followed trying to figure out what in the hell just happened. "Marie, you're married! I... I don't need any entanglements. I..." he stopped as Marie dropped the blanket and crawled into his bed and patted the pillow next to her.

"Come to bed David. You know you hungry. Know you want have sex," she said.

"I do not need sex. I need you to get out of my bed and go home," he said walking closer to the bed with the idea of getting her out of it.

"You do. Don' know what you are, but you still have a cock. You do yourself at night. I know," Marie said tapping her nose. She sat up as David stopped by the side of the bed.

"Marie, get out of my bed," David said wondering just how she knew. Then he realized that she had tapped her nose. She could smell his hormones. He reached to grab her hand and remove her from his bed.

"Non. I want you, you want sex, we make each other happy," she said as she grabbed his hand and pulled.

"Your husband! Your son!" David said louder than he meant to as he tried to pull back from Marie's pull. She was stronger than he expected.

"Husband is dead. My son, he sleep with his cousins. Puppy pile," said Marie.

David stopped cold at this information. "Your... your husband is dead? When did this happen?" he asked.

"Year ago. They jus find me with letter. Natalie know, she tell Papa. I thought he dead twice. This time it is true. I never ver' good at bein' good wife. I like sex. So, I come to you. You have no mate. I don' want a mate right now. Jus' sex. You got problem with this?" she asked and pulled hard on his arm. He toppled onto the bed.

"Marie! Please, stop and thin..." was as far as he got before she stopped his protests with a kiss.

It had been a long time since he'd had a woman and Marie was beautiful in all the right ways. As he tried to push her away, his hands landed on her breasts. If that wasn't distracting enough, her hand brushed his crotch through his trousers and found his cock. He moaned against her lips as she stroked him.

"Marie, no. We shouldn't," he gasped as he broke off the kiss.

"Why? You some kinda monk?" she asked sitting astride him, rubbing herself against his cock which was now throbbing beneath the material of his trousers.

"Nno, but... I. Dammit woman! Hold still, I can't think with you doing that," he gasped.

"Men never think when hungry for sex. Get stupid. I hold still, you tell me why we no fuck," said Marie. She didn't get off of his lap.

"I don't want to cause problems. I won't be staying, so I won't marry you. I don't do marriages because I don't age like others. And what would your father say?" he said trying to figure out what else to say to this woman.

"I don' care. Papa, he don' have no say. I no his wife. I'm widow and can do what I want. I want to have sex with you. Don' care if you elf or some kind weird thing. I see you at night, stroke that cock, see your need. Know my need. My ache. Fuck me, then tell me you don' want it no more," said Marie.

"That is not how this happens," said David trying to get Marie off of his lap. She was trying to undo his trousers and he couldn't get his hands around her to stop it. "Marie, please."

"Big man, big cock, you want this too," she said triumphant that she'd gotten his cock out of his trousers. "You don' want me, why you so hard?"

David sighed. "Fine! Yes, I want to screw your brains out. I just don't want your father to disembowel me or leave me for wolf chow because I screwed his daughter," he said giving up.

"He no do that. Tease you, pick on you, but that it. He know I am a bitch in heat," said Marie. She took her fingers and ran them across her pussy lips and then held them under David's nose and lips. The scent of her arousal blossomed in his brain. Taking her fingers in his mouth, he sucked on them.

Marie smiled and climbed off of his lap to finish taking off his trousers. Then she wrapped her arms around his torso as the trousers fell to the floor. Her breasts pressed against him as she kissed his lips wet with her juices. David moaned into her mouth and then lowered the two of them to the bed.

He ran his fingers down her side and then down between her legs. She was wet and arched onto his fingers as his hand ran lower.

"Ah, aye," she said in a hoarse moan. Her own hand traced down to his cock and wrapped around him. She rubbed her thumb over the head and felt the drop of pre-cum. "Come inside."

David gasped at the sensations he'd denied himself for so long. Two brief affairs over the course of the war didn't make for satisfaction. He moved his fingers from her pussy and slid his cock inside. He worried for a moment and then realized that she fit him like a glove as he slid all the way in.

"Oh... my," he moaned. His hips began to rock back and forth as he built up speed. It felt so good. She was hot, wet and so willing.

Marie loved the feeling of being filled and was an eager partner. She grabbed his hips as her legs wrapped around his back. Pulling his face closer, they kissed, nipped and bit at each other's mouths. As his pace increased, she felt that deep heat build. So long without sex. Too damn long. Her hands shifted ever so slightly and her nails dug into his ass as she began to come.

David felt something poke into the flesh of his ass just as he swore her muscles clamped around his cock like a hand. It felt so good, that his control slipped and his orgasm boiled up his spine. He pounded hard and fast until he froze in an explosion of pleasure. Beneath him, Marie writhed and came, growling slightly between moans of pleasure. They collapsed in a heap on the bed.

Twenty minutes later, he blinked. He'd fallen asleep. Damn! He startled and realized that Marie was the reason he'd woken up. She was licking his cock ever so softly. It was responding by swelling erect. She stopped for a moment and smiled at him.

"Marie," he said slightly exasperated.

"You like it, I know. Your cock it is happy," she said and went back to sucking and licking his cock.

"Woman!" he said as she made him rock hard with her attentions.

"Strange man," she countered. "Or is that elf?"

"Nnnot like you think," he gasped wondering how she did what she was doing. It felt like she was humming and licking and squeezing his cock all at the same time while it was deep in her mouth..

Marie pulled back. "Oh? You no fairy. Them damn small and mean," she said. "So, you some kinda elf? Or shaman?"

David tried to think, but she was literally sucking the thoughts out of his brain. He couldn't take it any more and reached down to grab her arms. "Come here," he said.

Marie smiled and climbed up onto David, letting his cock slide deep into her pussy. She rocked back and forth, using her muscles to grasp and caress his cock. David's hands came up and captured her breasts as they swung just above his nose. She delighted in the way he rolled and pinched her nipples. It was her turn to increase the pace. She rode him hard, bouncing up and down on his cock. His balls tightened at the feel of her juices running between his thighs. David grabbed her hips and moved with her as fast as he could until once more his orgasm ran riot through his brain.


David stood at the basin washing and hoped that he got all the spots where his or Marie's juices had splashed. He also hoped that the lavender soap would cover some of the scent. His cabin didn't have a shower, just a small tub, and he didn't have time to run a deep bath.

Marie walked in smiling as he washed. "You gon' scrub off your skin? Won't work. Papa, he smell us and know. Why you worry?" she asked.

"Why do you think? I just made love to you and there is no marriage, no ring, nothing. It may not matter to you or me, but it might to Brian," said David.

"Silly man, you worry too much," said Marie as she hugged his damp body. Her hand traced over his cock which twitched in response.

"Stop that! We have to get breakfast and I have to get over to the infirmary some time today," said David. He wasn't mad, just nervous about Brian.

"It be okay," said Marie. She opened the cabin door, shifted and loped across the grass towards her own cabin. David watched her go and then went back to scrubbing.


Twenty minutes later, David headed over to Brian and Natalie's house for breakfast. He was only five minutes later than normal. He walked in, and was mobbed by a small pack of toddlers. After a minute, he got a cup of coffee, and sat down at the table. Alice was the only one in the kitchen which was a relief. He thanked her when she gave him a plate of eggs, biscuits and venison strips. He'd eaten half of it when a hand came down on his shoulder.

"Morning David," said Brian.

"Morning Brian,"

"How you sleep?" asked Brian.

"O...okay," said David trying to swallow.

"I wonder. Natalie and I, we come home from run up to the meadow. Hear moans come from your house. Wonder if you hurt," said Brian looking rather fierce as he sipped his coffee. Natalie came up behind him and put his breakfast on the table. Brian picked up his fork and pointed it at David. "Instead, I smell wolf. My daughter Marie at your house."

"Um... I can explain," David started.

Brian brandished his fork at David. "What you think you do? Having sex with my Marie. I smell it on you now. Don' you wash?" he growled, his voice full of sub-vocals.

"Brian, I'm sorry. Your daughter came to my house. She climbed into my bed and..." David started to explain.

"You better have good reason. Besides. I don' even know what you are, 'cept damn old. What happen you make my Marie pregnant eh?" growled Brian.

"Brian! Give David a chance to explain himself," said Natalie.

"Brian, please, let me explain," said David.

"Mebbe youh tell meh what youh are, I don' be so mad," growled Brian.

David took a deep breath. This was not going like he thought the morning would. He looked around to see if Marie had shown up, but she wasn't here. He looked at Brian and realized that his jaw was shifting, his eyebrows were furry and that his whole body was getting bigger by the second.

"Okay! I'll tell you what I am. My family comes from a race of people the Greeks called Hyperboreans. Others have called us elves, although we aren't elves. We live for a very long time and I'm over 150 years old, but pass for late 30's or early 40's. I tried to keep your daughter out of my bed, but she wouldn't listen, and in spite of my age, I... my body is smarter than my brain," said David wondering if he'd be leaving or dead in the next five minutes.

Natalie was standing there with her arms crossed and an odd look on her face. Brian looked at David, took a bite of his bacon and smiled. "Sokay. She is the bitch. You good man," said Brian as his features settled back to normal.

"What? You son of a bitch! You were playing with me? You knew and didn't mind?" asked David, not sure if he should be angry or relieved.

Brian laughed. "We are all 'son the bitch' around here. I been wanting to know what you are since that hospital in Italy, but you so tight mouth, you never say. I figgur you be upset enough that mebbe you tell me. It work. I happy. Jus' wonder what took you so long. Marie she a fine woman. Just make each other happy," he said and continued eating. Behind him, Natalie was smiling.

"You... Oh god! You are a devious bastard. When my heart stops pounding I'll..." David trailed off because Marie came up behind him and kissed him on the neck and his brain melted.

"See, I tell you Papa, Maman, they don' mind," Marie said sitting next to David.

"I... I should know better by now. You all play tricks and gags on each other and I never thought that..." he trailed off.

"You don' think we like you enough, let you be family? Let you have sex? Play tricks on you?" asked Brian. "Silly old man! You family day you don' tell that military. Course you good enough my Marie. Good enough to tease. Really good to tease."

That made everyone laugh.


May, 1946

The babies had decided to show up in the middle of the night. Jelka gripped Alexander's hand in a vice like grip. She was panting in pain. "Aleksandr, my water. It break," she said hoarsely.

"Jelka, I must get Natalie or Dr. Abrams," he said softly trying to untangle himself from his wife.

"Goooh," she half growled. She knew shifting wasn't possible, but her vocal cords shifted with the pain.

Alexander kissed her head and grabbing his trousers and shoes, he ran for Brian and Natalie's cabin. He pounded on the door until a groggy Brian answered.


"Jelka. The babies," panted Alexander.

Brian blinked and hollered for Natalie. "Go back to Jelka. I fetch Dr. Abrams," said Brian.

Alexander nodded and ran home. He could hear Jelka's cries as he reached the cabin door. He sprinted up the stairs and cradled her. "Natalie come, and Brian get Abrams. It will be okay," he said.

Natalie arrived first and with Alexander's help got Jelka settled in to give birth. Dr. Abrams arrived a little later with Brian. Brian took Alexander into the kitchen where they boiled water and put coffee on to brew. Brian knew the best thing he could do is keep Alexander occupied while Natalie and David helped the babies into the world.

Although it was nearly May, Alexander went out to the wood pile and began to chop wood. Mornings were cool and he didn't want the babies or Jelka to be cold. Brian joined him in stacking the split logs. They filled the wood box.

Dawn came and went. Jenny and Marie brought food for the men and checked to see what they could do for Natalie. At one point, David Abrams came outside with a cup of coffee and a roll. He sat heavily on the porch.

"Is she okay?" asked Alexander.

"Tired. Those babies won't make up their minds. Can't decide which one will be born first," said David.

Brian nodded. Twins either came quickly or took forever. He hoped that these two hurried up. He had lost count of how many babies had been born in the last year. Jenny had started the explosion with Martin late in 1945. Since then he'd married off the last of his own children, and now had so many nieces, nephews, and grandbabies that he'd lost count. He'd also run so much as a wolf lately that the grandbabies were calling him Buster. That had started the night he'd come home and woke up the war babies by jumping in the wrong window. When the children asked who the 'big doggie' was, Quintus had laughed and said Buster. His wartime nickname had stuck.

Natalie called down the stairs for Dr. Abrams. Both men went running upstairs. The first thing Alexander noticed was the sound of a baby crying. Jelka was still in labor. He moved to her side and held her hand as Marie cleaned up the baby. Natalie and David were busy bringing the other baby into the world.

"Push Jelka," said Natalie. Natalie had finally had enough, and had reached in to move the babies as they had jammed up trying to be born. After pushing the one baby back, the other literally popped out. She'd handed the baby off to Marie and hollered for the men. "You'll need to stitch her up a bit," Natalie said quietly to David. She was holding a pad of cloth to a tear. David saw, nodded and turned to get his suture kit.

Jelka pushed and groaned. She squeezed Alexander's hand as she brought the second baby into the world. Natalie cradled the baby while David cut the cord. He began to stitch up the tear while waiting for the afterbirth. The cries of two lusty babies filled the room. Their cries were followed by the howls of joy from the adults present.

Natalie tried to shoo Alexander out of the room so that they could finish cleaning up Jelka and the babies up, but he refused. She put him to work instead. Once the afterbirths had been delivered, and David was done stitching Jelka up, she had Alexander cradle Jelka while she and Marie stripped the bed. Twenty minutes later, Natalie closed the door on the new family. Jelka and Alexander were curled up on the bed with their twins, Ross and Rose nestled between them. Marie had cleaned up the kitchen and set the sheets to soak. Both women would check on the family later in the day.


David and Marie walked back to the cabin they shared. "When are all these births going to stop?" he wondered out loud.

"When people are too tired from all the babies," giggled Marie. Her son Jack lived with her sister's children most of the time and she'd been relieved when there were no babies after she started sleeping with David. "We a horny lot, and too many men gone too long. We wear out our fingers," she laughed.

David smiled. He understood just how lusty the women were around here. When Marie had barged into his cabin a year ago, he'd tried three times to kick her out. In the end, he'd given in. When they reached the cabin, he headed straight for the bedroom. It was barely afternoon, but he was tired. He dropped his clothes on a chair and crawled under the quilt.

"You tired?" she asked as she crawled into bed.

"A little. Aren't you?" he asked as she cuddled up to him.

"Non. Jus wanting to make love," she said.

"You are the horniest woman I have ever met," he said. "And I have met a lot."

Marie giggled and wrapped her fingers around his cock. The first time they'd made love, she had been nervous. She hadn't been sure if he was too old to have sex even though he didn't look old. She had been very pleased to find out that he was very good in bed. His cock swelled as she stroked him. Bending down a little, Marie took him in her mouth and licked and sucked until he moaned.

"Mmmarie," he gasped. She had shifted her tongue just a bit and the sensation of her mouth and tongue combined nearly undid him. He tried to touch her, but she'd moved just out of reach.

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