tagErotic CouplingsBUSTers-TEQUILA: Willing the Unwilling

BUSTers-TEQUILA: Willing the Unwilling


The three of them were a beautiful-looking group. There was a petite, hazel-eyed brunette perched on a bar stool, sipping carefully on her margarita. A blond with green eyes leaned over to whisper something to her and began laughing. The tall redhead bearing azure eyes looked at the two sternly, wanting to know the conversation stood beside the blond. Another friend of theirs, a raven-haired beauty with heliotrope eyes approached near.

The four friends were ogled at by men. Men who were far and near trying to hit on them. They caught attention because they were all wearing skimpy outfits, showing miles of leg and lots of cleavage.

That's another thing. They shared a common trait among themselves: they had (natural) jugs so big women would envy.

They worked as prostitutes for Discretia, a sex club slash whorehouse disguised as a bar. It was meant for clients who had money to spend or those who were willing to. Their clients usually wanted a no fuss, no controversy relationship with the trained sluts. If they wanted their sex satisfying and low-key, Discretia was the place to be.

Wang Liszt, owner and manger of Discretia was proud of her four favorite whores. Not only that they were willing and able but also damned attractive.

She tapped a perfectly manicured finger on Tequila's shoulder.

Tequila gracefully turned. Seeing her boss, Wang, she smiled. "Hey, boss. You look hot."

Wang looked so pleased. "Quit the ass kissing."

"I was telling the truth." Tequila bit her lip innocently, hiding a smile.

Sky offered Wang a Rhum Coke. "Got any good cocks for us tonight?"

Wang took the drink from her and gulped it all. "I've got one, all right?"

"Great! Spill!" Fyre enthusiastically said, snapping the garter of her t-backs. "Can I do him if he's gorgeous?"

"Calm your hormones down, Fyre. The man is hot and so is his temper." Wang shook her head in disgust. She told them the story.

Trip Valderrama's father believed in relaxing and having a great fuck with beautiful women. Especially women from Discretia. He has been a generous client for over ten years. Wang couldn't say no when he asked her to loosen up his son.

Trip looked like a younger version of his father. He was half-Puerto Rican. Patrician nose, dark curly hair and a tall, athletic frame. The whores in Discretia threw themselves at him, but none of them pleased his taste.

Some of Wang's whores got really pissed and told her to throw the guy out.

"Let me guess, he's very specific about looks?" Sky asked, twirling a strand of hair around her index finger."

"Down to the cup size."

"Lemme at him!" Fyre and Gaea yelled, sitting up straight, showing off their D cup breasts.

Tequila ignored her horny friends. Not that she didn't have the ache in her pussy but because the last thing she needed right now was a male who played hard-to-get. She wanted them hot, hard and fast. She finished up her vodka.

"He specifically asked for a green-eyed blond. 36C. Huge titties." Wang finished, royally pissed.

All the girls looked at Tequila.

"Fussy, fussy, fussy. He's all yours, Tequila." Gaea complained, adjusting the strip of cloth hiding her nipples.


"Go girl." Wang cheered lamely. "I'll be giving you a raise for tolerance of a customer."

It was an effort for Tequila to smile. She owed Wang and she didn't want to piss her off further. "My boobs aren't that big." She admonished. "What room is the brat in?"

"Three five eight."

"Great!" Sky jumped out of her chair. "I'm on that floor too. My customer's probably waiting. Let's go."

The two women went to the elevator. Sky pressed three while Tequila rummaged through her purse for breath mints.

"Nervous?" Sky asked timidly. She held her right hand as Tequila gave her candy. With her free hand, she played with her pussy so that she would be wet for her customer. The faster, the better.

"No. I'm really pissed, you know? Rich spoiled brats concealed as males for customers piss me off." Tequila rolled her eyes.

Her friend chuckled. "Hey, your spoiled brat is, at least, a sight to behold. You're going to enjoy his cock for sure. At least you can look at him while you're blowing him. My customer's looks . . . nevermind."

"Imagine the smell of money, honey." Tequila murmured, trying to be helpful.

The 'ding' of the elevator startled the two of them. Sky turned to go to the right end of the hall while Tequila on the left.

Tequila's stilettos clacked against the marble floor of the building. She finally located room three five eight. "Here goes nothing." She proceeded to knock but then discovered that the door was unlocked. She shrugged and entered anyway. She entered a VIP client's suite. Must be his father's, Tequila thought. She saw lots of wall-to-wall, a living room full of antiques and art, a kitchen so well-equipped you could turn it into a restaurant and a bathroom so large it could resemble a football field. She saw two bedrooms; one done for a male, another for a female. She ignored the peach, cream and pink motif and got inside the man's bedroom. There she saw a half-naked Olympic God sleeping soundly on his four poster bed.

It was no wonder all her coworkers threw themselves at him.

She trembled at the sight of chiseled face; eyelashes so curly and long, a mouth so full and inviting and a square jaw. She felt her knees buckle as she viewed his well-toned arms, bulging pectorals and flat tummy. He was covered in hair.

Tequila couldn't help but move closer and closer still to his bed until she was undoing his pants. She gasped as she revealed his Bart Simpson boxers. Her curses were so unlimited as she saw his package. Her cunt got wetter and her stomach spasmed as she got a closer look of his dick.

"How the hell is this going to fit me?" She said out loud. She watched his whole body for five minutes and masturbated beside him. Tequila couldn't wait for him to wake up so she climbed in bed with him. She 69ed with him. Her thighs were positioned around his neck, her now wet pussy near his chin.

Tequila stuck her tongue out to have a taste of cock. She continued licking until she couldn't stop herself vibrating with pleasure. She encircled his head with her tongue a few more times and then she sucked painfully slow on him.

Trip woke up hearing small whimpers of pleasure and something incredibly wet on his face. He felt a weight of breast between his legs. "Fuck, that feels so damned good!" Someone was blowing his head off. She was good. "That feels so damned good." A woman!

"Get off." He said calmly. "Who are you?"

She pretended not to hear him and persisted on grinding her hips on his face. She was too aroused to stop. Her hands massaged his balls. Her thrusting became harder.

"Stop it!" He yelled. He felt her mouth undoing him. He got off the bed.

Tequila stared at him in admiration. The man had an enormous amount of self-restraint. She became insecure because of his male beauty. She didn't want to force an unwilling customer to fuck her.

Whores were never given the chance to choose who they fuck. They were never given the choice when to feel horny or attracted. They just have to be.

Tequila wasn't that kind of whore. She was given this lousy customer. And she was attracted to his body. She wanted him now. He wasn't even affected by her. She was going to try. Tequila always got what she wanted. She stood up from the bed never avoiding his eyes. The strap of her short, low-cut dress fell, exposing her evenly tanned 36C breasts. Trip could only stare. His father was right. Discretia had the best whores. He was taken aback for he never imagined the slut giving him head was the exact slut ha head in mind. Wang certainly outdid herself this time.

"Trip, right?" The sult moved towards him. "Tequila's my name." She let her dress slip off her body. She stood proudly in front of him. Her hand automatically went under her panties as she touched herself. Her other hand squeezed her dime sized nipples.

"Don't you want me?" She purred and then moaned. She fell into the bed with moans of longing and pleasure.

He fell next to her. He ripped her bikini bottoms off. He removed her hand, replacing it with three of his fingers. He licked her fingers one by one.

Tequila was lost.

He kissed her so hard and passionately she came on his fingers. He bit her neck lightly and then she squeezed his ass cheeks. He flicked his tongue over her nipples and she groaned. She felt his back and then she pulled his curly hair, shoving his mouth closer to her breasts. He sipped on her awesome titties like a baby eager for milk.

"Ugh!" She grunted. "Umph."

He went down to explore her, pleased to see a clean pussy with a triangle of hair sparkling wet. He nuzzled his nose against it. Trip inserted his tongue. He began with soft torturing strokes and ended with hard satisfying tongue lashes.

"Oh my God!" Tequila shouted, gripping on the bedsheets. She raised her hips higher, she squeezed her thighs tighter. "Cock . . . yours . . . now."

He scrambled on top of her. She struggled under his weight. Trip posed to enter her, she guided him by pushing him inside her cunt. She opened her legs wider. They rocked against each other.

Her head thrashed on the pillow. Her long nails dug deep in his steel shoulders. Her whimpers became groans. Tequila began riding him beyond. Her hips snapped.

Trip came first, kissing Tequila's mouth and then playing with her breasts. She soon followed.

The evening has just begun.

* * * * *

Read more about the Discretia whores. Skyler is through and Tequila is finishing it off. Gaea and Fyre are on their way.

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