tagGay MaleBustin' a Nut in the Boondocks

Bustin' a Nut in the Boondocks


Rick's big, hard cock kept getting in the way as he dressed to go to work. If he wasn't already running late he would have whacked one out.

It had only been three weeks since he started working on the mine and already he was starting to go out of his mind with horniness. All the women on the mine were spoken for and if he so much as started talking to one of them in the club the husband would move in and wrap a possessive arm around his wife.

He needed to do something, and soon; but what the hell was he to do. It was three hours back to the city and he hadn't been paid yet and didn't have enough money for gas. The nearest town was an hour away and it was a dead loss; there were less people living there than on the mine. The money had tempted him out of the city and into the boondocks, but he was beginning to regret that decision.

When he had come up from underground at the end of his shift and had his shower as usual that day he had found himself checking out some of the smooth, pale man butts on display. He quickly dried himself off and fled the shower room. There was no place for any misunderstanding in a macho man working environment such as the one he was in. Although he was crazy about pussy Rick was no stranger to the vice like grip and intense warmth and pleasure of a man's ass, but he figured none of these yokels need know his secret.

Rick had been asked to go up to the admin offices to fill in some form or other. When he got there he took one look at the guy he had to deal with and the secret side of him kicked into life. His radar was on full alert. The mine they worked for might be a macho man environment, but Rick knew that the very pleasant guy who handed him the form and told him where to sign was of a world apart. Rick could see the hunger in his eyes as he mentally undressed him. Rick knew that he was considered handsome with his straight nose, shapely lips and deep blue eyes and blonde hair. He knew too that the faded jeans he wore were a little snug, outlining his rock hard ass.

When he was younger Rick and his then girlfriend had hung out in gay clubs because they liked the music and atmosphere. What she didn't know was that once or twice a week Rick would sneak back on his own and let the guys in the backroom blow him or impale themselves on his fleshy cock. He'd had a voracious sexual appetite back then which fortunately had calmed down somewhat. It had been about a year and a half since he had last had sex with a guy, but right now he was looking at a pretty, dark eyed dude of about twenty two who could be just what he needed.

'I haven't seen you at the club before.' Rick said.

'I'm not really keen on going to the club.' the sexy guy replied.

'What's your name?' Rick asked.

'Brandon.' He replied. He looked a little started, as if amazed that anyone could take any sort of interest in him.

'You know what, Brandon?' Rick said 'I've got a nice bottle of wine that my boss gave me when I left my old job. Why don't you come round to my house tonight and help me drink it.'

'Are you serious?' Brandon asked. He could not believe that this seriously sexy guy was inviting him round for a drink. None of the other guys would have the balls to be alone in his company.

'Absolutely; I might even fix you a meal.' Rick said before flashing him a smile that displayed his dazzling white teeth.

Rick could tell that Brandon was putty in his hands. A look of sheer lust oozed out of the younger dude's dark, sexy eyes. Brandon's pretty red lips were just meant for giving blowjobs, Rick decided, and he was determined to get one off him. He hurried home and started fixing a meal but could hardly concentrate because he was so horny. At twenty six his dick still would sometimes rise of its own accord and it kept stretching across his left thigh as he thought about sexy Brandon and his cute little bubble butt all trussed up in his tight working pants. He could almost feel the heat of Brandon's ass, just thinking about it. A little spit would let his finger glide up into the fiery depths.

Rick could feel the ooze of excitement escape out of his slit. He reached down and smeared his precum around his fat, flared mushroom cap. Damn, did it feel good! If he didn't have Brandon coming round soon he would have whipped it out and pumped out a massive load of thick cream. He forced himself to get the meal ready. Then he went and had a shave and a shower. After he had dried himself off, on impulse he reached for his wanking lube and eased a dollop up his tight bung hole. He had never been penetrated before but he was so damn horny he didn't know what might happen.

His lubed up ass felt really good as he walked to the door to let Brandon in. Rick was wearing a pair of old shorts that nicely showed off his shapely legs that were covered in thick blondish brown fur. He noticed Brandon's eyes widen as they took in his bare feet, hairy legs and big balled bulge in the fraying shorts. Brandon was dressed in a pair of loosed fitting trousers that hid his beautiful bubble butt; he had done his hair differently and was wearing a scent that Rick found attractive and he almost threw a wide-on right there on the door step.

'Come in, come in.' he told his guest.

Brandon seemed a little ill at ease and Rick figured it couldn't be easy being a gay guy working in a place like this. He wanted to put him at ease and gave him a little pat on the ass. Brandon could not believe that. Thing were just getting better and better. After accepting Rick's invitation he had started fretting: Rick was new, he was just being friendly, Brandon told himself. When he found out that Brandon was gay he would be as horrible as the rest of the guys. But that was before Rick had patted him on the ass. He didn't know any straight guys around here that did that.

They sat and chatted for a while, trying to suss each other out. Then Rick said it was time to eat. He got the food and the wine and Brandon was impressed.

'Wow, I don't know many straight guys that can cook like this.' he fished.

'That's because I'm only ninety five percent straight.' Rick replied.

Brandon's face flushed beet red. He wasn't embarrassed, just overcome with desire. This hunky, husky blonde stud was laying his cards on the table and Rick wanted what he was offering. But it had been a long time since he had had anything this good so he didn't want to rush it.

The two young studs went back to talking about ordinary, every day things but both of them were distracted. They wanted each other so badly that lust made their mouths dry and caused their hearts to thump in their chests. The wine bottle was empty now.

'Do you want some more wine?' Rick asked.

'Maybe later.' Brandon croaked.

Rick came over to Brandon and knelt on the floor between his legs.

'Look buddy, I have to be honest with you,' he said. 'I can't offer you more than a fuck but right now I'm so desperately horny I just need you so bad.'

In response Brandon cupped his hands around Rick's face and pulled him into a kiss. As their lips met their cocks lurched in their underpants and soon both were raging hard. Their hands tore at each other's clothing, desperate to reach the throbbing tool at the centre of their desire. Brandon's hands slid up the side of Rick's shorts and under his underpants. They slid over his big, furry balls and grabbed hold of his fat circumcized cock. He broke off the kiss and gasped. This was the fattest dick he had ever held in his hands.

Rick got to his feet and started tugging at Brandon's fly. He got it unzipped and yanked his pants and underpants off. He found himself looking down at a very hard, very thin cock that was quite the prettiest he had ever seen. He reached down and squeezed that bean pole of a cock between thumb and forefinger and watched a sticky drop of precum ooze out of the slit. Brandon had a very silky foreskin that retracted all the way on the down stroke and fully covered his spear like pink head on the up stroke. Rick had always told himself that if ever he found the right cock he might try seeing what guys got out of being speared. It looked to him like maybe, just maybe, this was the right cock.

Brandon quickly stripped off his shirt and Rick did the same. They were now skin to skin as they rubbed their bodies against each other. The feel of that thick, hard cock sliding over his own cock and balls was driving Brandon crazy. Brandon's hands slid up and down Rick's broad, smooth back and onto his firm ass. He couldn't wait to have this hunky stud with his big flared cock deep inside him.

'Fuck me, please.' he whispered in Rick's ear.

Rick threw Brandon's legs up in the air and found himself looking at a very pretty little pink rosebud with a few wisps of dark hair swirling around the edges. He wanted that hole so bad that he did something he had never done before. He buried his face in Brandon's crack and started eating him out, driving the young stud crazy with desire. Rick's desire grew ever more intense as his tongue teased Brandon's ring and he inhaled the scent of his marble sized balls. He licked up onto his little balls and back down to his asshole before licking his finger and sinking it into the furnace of his ass.

'There's some lube in my pocket.' Brandon told him.

Rick quickly fished the lube out of Brandon's pants and started working it into his tight ass. His finger felt as sensitive as a cock as it repeatedly plunged into the moist warmth of Brandon's ass. Rick's cock strained up against his belly, desperate for action. He reached down now and smeared some lube around the big mushroom cap and then took aim. Brandon held his legs apart as Rick's wrist thick cock started the slow slide into his guts. It felt really uncomfortable and first and he begged Rick to take it out. But as soon as Rick obeyed Brandon felt the loss and begged him to slip it back in again. Over and over Rick pushed it in and pulled it back out until Brandon's ass relaxed completely and allowed Rick to slide his monster cock all the way home.

Rick was already half way to paradise by this stage; all that sliding in and out of Brandon's slick ring was as good as any deep fucking. Brandon could tell that this was not going to be an all-nighter. He grabbed hold of Rick's firm ass as the older stud began to thrust into him. Something deep in him had come alive and was sending pleasure waves to every single part of his body. He no longer knew where his asshole ended and the rest of him began. It felt as if Rick's big thick cock was fucking all of him, rubbing his nerves raw.

Brandon could hear Rick's breathing change. He knew that the hot stud was as sex starved as he was and pleased that his ass had managed to get him to lose control so quickly. Brandon's own cock was fully hard now and was crushed between the two of them as Rick fucked. Brandon was real close and each thrust that Rick took into his ass seemed to travel through his ass and into his balls and cock. His belly was wet with his own excitement juice. And now Rick started groaning; that horny sound filled the room and turned Brandon on even more than he had been before.

Rick started thrusting like crazy now, pulling his fat hog all the way out before slamming it back in again. Brandon's moans matched those of Rick as the sweaty pair entered the home stretch. Suddenly Brandon's cock twitched and blasted off a surprisingly massive load of cream. He saw stars as his little balls sprayed sticky juice up between their bellies. As soon as Rick felt this warmth and heard Brandon's orgasmic cry his own balls exploded, pumping out a huge load of scalding jizz deep into Brandon's happy ass.

They slowly came down from their fuck high and then opened a second bottle of wine and got to know each other a little better.


Copyright 2006 Daniel Blue

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