Bustyland Ch. 02


"This way," Julia said, grabbing his arm and tugging him towards the coaster's entrance. He followed her up the metal stairs that led into the building, holding the knife tightly as he worriedly looked around, and soon he was inside.

He slammed shut the door, locking it tight behind him, and slumped against it. "What the fuck was that?" he said, breathless. "What the fuck happened? Oh my God, Paul is dead. Paul is dead."

He felt tender hands on his shoulders, and he opened his eyes. Julia was looking at him soothingly, her green eyes wide. She looked scared. "It's alright, Mark. We'll find a way out. I don't know where my friends are, either." She looked down at the knife in his hands. "You don't look comfortable holding that, Mark. Let me take it for a while."

Mark nodded, releasing his grip on the weapon. Julia took it from him.

Then it was pressed tightly against his throat.


"Help!" shrieked a woman's voice, and Kevin looked up in horror. His car hurtled towards Jack's, and the two of them turned their heads to see Sally streaking into the dodgems tent, Jessica right behind. "Help us!"

With a crunch their cars connected, and Kevin was thrown forwards. Amber was in another car, though she had stopped, concern and fear written on her face. He jumped from the seat, running to Sally and grabbing her shoulders. She was shaking, and her eyes were red with tears. "What's the matter? What's happened?" Beside him, Jack appeared.

"It's Paul... he's... he's dead..."

"What?" Kevin said, going cold. "What do you mean he's dead?"

Jessica stepped closer. "We found his body. That woman... Mary. She killed him. He looked drained, somehow. Then they all attacked. They chased us."

"Where's Mark? Julia?" Kevin glanced behind them. There was nothing but pitch darkness outside the tent.

Jessica spun around, wild-eyed. "I... I don't know. We've lost them. They must have got them too!" She looked horrified, and Kevin was worried she would run off after them.

He stood there stunned. Paul dead? Mark missing? This place seemed like such fun, if a little eerie... but now. Fuck, now he just wanted to go home.

"We've got to call the cops," he said, reaching for his cellphone. Jack pulled out his too, and flipped it open.

"I've got no signal," the medicine student said quietly. Kevin squinted at his own phone. No signal.

"How can we have no signal? We're only on the edge of town!"

"Because this place is completely fucked up," Jessica snapped. "We've got to get out of here."

Kevin was moving towards the exit of the tent, when Jack's voice stopped him. "Look, we've got to find our friends," Jack said. "We need to go and look. We can't leave Mark and Drew to suffer the same fate."

Sally nodded. "We do. I owe it to Mark. And to..." she sniffed, holding back tears. "And to Paul!"

"Then let's look," Kevin agreed.

Jessica shook her head. "There's no way I'm going back out there, not unarmed. They're fucking batshit crazy. They had knives. Knives! We need to leave."

"Why don't we split up," Jack said quietly. "Sally and I can see if we can find them. Two people are harder to spot than five. You three can see if you can find an exit. Go and get help, or at least get the cars."

"I can't hotwire Mark's car!"

Jack glared at him. "Of course you fucking can! You think he'll mind if he's in serious trouble? 'You saved my life, but I'm pissed because you jacked my car?' You fucking idiot!"

"Fine, fine. We'll look for a way out. But you should come with us. I've seen enough horror movies to know that splitting up is a bad idea."

Jack shook his head. "I can't leave them out there. Not even Drew." Then he grinned. "Besides, they might need medical help, and I'm practically a doctor now."

He moved towards the tent flap, taking a deep, shaky breath, before disappearing into the night. Sally followed him.

Kevin looked at Jessica, then at Amber. "I suppose we should find a fucking exit."


Drew awoke with a scream. The pain that had been searing through him only a moment before was gone, the knife that was plunged into his chest nowhere to be seen. He reached up, running his hand along his chest, trying to find a tear in the red jumpsuit.

Wait, a jumpsuit?

He sat bolt upright, fear running through him. He held up his hand. Ghostly white. Oh shit, oh shit!

A cackle sounded to his left, and he spun around. "Do you like your new self, Drewy-kins?" The clown sat there, a manic grin on his face. "It's a whole new you. A better you. Don't you agree, Laurie-dear?"

"Very much so," the brunette said from behind him, and Drew spun to face her. She grinned at him.

"What's happened to me?" Drew stammered.

"I improved you," the clown answered, spreading his hands and gesturing to himself. "Made you like me! Everyone wants to be like me. If I want you to bring me the girls, I need to make you want to, no? Need to give you a stake in their capture. So now, you want what I want. You get the same... perks."

Drew's mouth went cold. "Perks?"

The clown cackled wildly. "Now I share this park with you. I don't mind. Gets lonely with no male company. Brand new Drew; now one of two. Gets to share the women too!"

"So you're saying I can... control these women?"

"Not control... suggest, order, manipulate. They'll do as you say but they are not puppets. Puppets are no fun to fuck!" He clapped his hands together. "Try it now. Now. I'll watch. Make sure you're doing it right."

Drew wet his lips and eyed Laurie up and down. She placed her hand on her hip, grinning. "Come here, Laurie," he said.

She sashayed towards him, her eyes glinting, and then placed her hands on Drew's shoulders. "What can I do for you?"

Drew took a deep breath, running one finger down her cheek. He reached up, grasping her tits, squeezing the hooters through her sweater. She did not complain. He squeezed harder, rougher, enjoying the feel of her airbags beneath his palms. She merely grinned.

"Take off your sweater," he mumbled, and she winked at him, reaching down to grasp the garment.

"And my shirt too?" she asked sweetly. He nodded feebly, and she giggled, pulling the clothes over her head. Her massive tits in their white bra were revealed. He grasped them again.

"Oh fuck," he sighed, feeling them beneath his hands. "Take off your bra."

She did as she was told, reaching behind her to undo the clasp. It opened, the bra falling loose, and Drew eagerly tugged it from her body.

"You're keen," she said mischievously, wrapped her arms around his neck. Her magnificent pillows called for his hands, and he pressed his fingers into the soft flesh. He could not believe this was happening.

He looked up, staring into Laurie's eyes, and then kissed her. She kissed him back, one of her hands moving to hold his head tightly as she drove her tongue into his mouth. True passion. He never let go of her tits, holding the globes tightly, feeling them under his palms.

After a moment he pulled away, staring down at the bulge that had formed beneath his red jumpsuit. The corners of Laurie's lips twisted into a wicked grin.

He didn't say a word as she dropped to her knees, reaching for the flap on his groin. She pulled it open deftly, and he groaned as she grasped his now-albino cock, guiding it free of the material. Her lips parted, her eyes glowing lasciviously, and she took him into her mouth.

It was like heaven. Drew had never had a blowjob before, only seen them on the internet. He had never imagined it could feel this good. Her tongue swirled around his length, licking and kissing all the right parts, and he reached down to rest his hands on her head. Her tits looked amazing as she knelt in front of him.

She pulled off, using her hands to caress him whilst she kissed his balls. Her delicate tongue swept over his sack, and her lips left a trail of slight wetness. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth, toying with it ever-so-gently, and then let it go to repeat the motion with the other.

After a moment, she returned to his shaft, licking her way up the underside. He stared down at her, and couldn't take anymore.

He gestured for her to stand, and she did so with a giggle, reaching down to stroke his dick some more as she reinitiated their kiss. Drew found the button of her jeans, undoing it and beginning to push the pants down. She stepped away then, moving to sit on the dusty ground, lifting her long, luscious legs to let him slide the jeans from her. Soon she was sitting in only her delicate white panties.

Drew knelt down, grasping the top of the panties, tugging them from her. She lifted her hips and he slid them from her body, revealing her glistening pussy. He moaned.

Behind him the clown cackled again. "Brand new Drew, she's all for you; now she's begging for a screw!"

Then Laurie turned over, pushing herself onto all-fours. He moved behind her, his erection rock-hard, and she turned her head and smiled wickedly as he lined his cock up with her entrance.

He pushed inwards, groaning at the sensation of the busty beauty's pussy swallowing up his manhood. She felt so good. He rested there a moment, ignoring the red jumpsuit and the pallor of his skin, focusing only on how tight and magnificent her cunt felt.

Then he started to pump his hips. Almost immediately he was moving fast, unable to contain himself when presented with such a wonderful creature as Laurie. Her smile was wide as his cock hammered into her.

Her body shook with the power of his rampant thrusts, her massive tits shaking beneath her, swinging like gigantic fleshy pendulums. Drew couldn't help but reach around to grasp those hooters, enjoying the feel of them filling his palms. He could feel himself wrapped around Laurie's lovely body; feel her hot cunt welcoming in his dick.

He groaned, knowing he was close. He'd not had any experience with women, and he was amazed he'd lasted this long. His hips were slapping noisily against her ass as he ploughed her eager snatch.

"Brand new Drew, you're right on cue; fill that girl up with your goo!" The clown launched into raucous laughter, but Drew did not care.

"Urgh, fuck!" he grunted, his clown's cock spasming, his jizz spraying into Laurie's wonderful cunt. She grinned at him, moaning as he pumped her full of his cum.

When he was done, he pulled out of Laurie, grinning at the sight of her beautiful naked body. Hauling himself to his feet, he tucked his dick back into his jumpsuit.

The crown giggled, dancing to his feet. "Now you have incentive!" he laughed. "Go and get me those girls!"

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