Busy Fingers Ch. 02


She looked directly into my face, watching me watching her, and then using one finger between the two that held her open, she began to play once more with her clit, stroking the little button as it peeped from its hood. She knew just what she was doing, exhibitionistic arousal was painted all across her face as she deliberately displayed herself to me. I watched in fascination, seeing her fingertip rubbing so lightly over her clit that it hardly seemed to touch, though touch it did, for her eyes revealed the pleasure it generated.

As I watched, her other hand reached for her breast, once again squeezing and massaging it, rolling the nipple between her fingers, while all the time she looked straight into my eyes. She was, it seemed, intent on taking herself to orgasm once more, and my own hand found its way back between my legs when I realised that I was still turned on enough to cum again.

"This is lovely, isn't it?" Once again Hayley asked for my input.

"Beautiful -- and so are you. You look absolutely fantastic." I told her, meaning every word of it, but in the purely physical sense.

"Thank you, so do you." She smiled and turned her gaze to where my fingers were sliding up and down the length of my slit. "You're wet through. I can see your nectar running out of you."

I'd never heard my wetness described as nectar before, and I think I actually blushed slightly at the unexpected pronouncement. I looked at where her own entrance was just as slick and shiny as mine.

"Yours too." I told her.

"Mmmm! I bet it looks nice."

"I've already told you that." I reminded her.

She was still gently playing with her clit and I was watching intently, happily aware that just as I was watching her, so she was watching my fingers rubbing my own.

"Do you like doing it with somebody else there?"

"Yes." I couldn't deny the enjoyment of having her present. "It turns me on -- a lot!"

"Me too."

She wriggled a little to get herself more comfortable, and in doing so she slid along the sofa a little, so that her pussy was now only about a foot or so away from mine. Her legs were alongside me with her feet nearly level with my breasts, so that I was almost enclosed between her thighs. If I hadn't been wet before, I was then; it seemed so very sexily wicked that we were so close. I laid my free hand on her knee and gently massaged it as I played with my clit. Hayley smiled in approval.

I had been tracing the length of my slit with my first two fingers, spreading my wetness from top to bottom, but now I concentrated on my clit, just as Hayley was doing. We sprawled there facing each other, each staring openly at the other's pussy while our fingers rubbed and caressed our clits. It wasn't long before I started to feel that wonderful warm feeling again and my breathing began to deepen. I'd cum once and I knew from past experience that my second one would be slower than my first, so I just lounged back and played gently with myself, luxuriating in the wonderful sensations and the proximity of my best friend, watching her through lazily hooded eyes.

At first she was still holding herself open and playing with one finger, but as she became more aroused she started to us two fingers on her clit, trapping it between them and rubbing not so gently up and down and side to side. Her breathing became quicker and her entrance ran with her juices -- her nectar.

"Now you're really flowing too." I told her in a voice tight with arousal.

"Am I?" She gasped. "Good, I like it when I'm really wet."

She released her nipple and reached down over the top of her other hand to explore her own vagina just like before.

"Mmm. I am aren't I?"

I watched as first one and then two of her fingers slid inside her, pushed deep into tunnel and then pulled out accompanied by a gorgeous sucking sound. I felt my climax loom closer as she breathed deeply through her nose and closed her eyes in enjoyment of her own sensations.

Twice more she plunged her fingers into herself, quietly gasping each time. But then she took her hand away and disappointment welled up in me. I had been so enjoying her display and it was bringing my reluctant orgasm closer and closer.

Stopping was not her intention, though, and she now twisted slightly to the side, raising one buttock and reaching under to finger herself from below. God, if someone had told me that I would see such an erotic sight so close before my eyes, I would have told them not to be so ridiculous, but there it was. I could see her clit being pushed from side to side, swollen and red, and her slit shining wet from her juices. Then, as I looked I realised I could actually see right up inside her sodden tunnel, the lovely glistening tube of her vagina, displayed because her thrusting fingers were entering partly from the side and were pulling her wide open.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum." She announced in a tiny voice, her bottom beginning to bounce on the sofa from little involuntary thrusts of her hips.

This time, when she came she stared directly into my eyes, her mouth open and emitting a high keening sound as if the orgasm was too intense for her to cope with. Every muscle tightened in her body and then she cried out, the sound turning to a series of incoherent words spoken explosively each time her fingers were rammed deep into her pussy. It was a fierce orgasm, as strong as I ever believed possible, and when it was over Hayley simply sat there for a while panting for breath, her eyes still locked on mine. Then she blinked, smiled, and returned to the real world from the planet of ecstasy that she had been transported to.

"Fucking hell, Sue." She exclaimed. "I've never had one that good before."

My own orgasm was approaching now, its arrival imminent and unavoidable, and I just nodded and smiled my understanding as my fingers rubbed my clit. Hayley looked at me for a minute or so, her eyes travelling all the way from my face to my pussy and back, and then she relaxed back, as if to await my climax. Slumping back in her seat she took her hands from over her pussy and studied them, looking, as I was, at the wetness still clinging to her fingers. Then, making sure that I was watching, she slowly raised two wet fingers to her lips and licked her own juices from them, running her tongue lasciviously along them before putting them right into her mouth and sucking on them.

I was shocked at this behaviour, but it gave me an unexpected and very strong buzz to see her do it. I suppose my surprise must have shown on my face.

"I love doing that, don't you do it?"

I shook my head, unable to answer for my approaching orgasm. She repeated her action, reaching between her legs to gather more of her juices and then placing her fingers directly into her mouth. I couldn't repress the groan as I thrilled to what she was doing. She reached down once more, and then held her fingers up as if to inspect their wetness.

"Try it." She suggested.

"I will." I gasped out, little darts of pleasure shooting through me as I got closer to cumming.

I had meant it, when I said I would try it. I mean, I'd tasted myself on Paul's cock before now and I hadn't found my taste unpleasant, I'd just never thought of doing it when I masturbated. Now, suddenly, the idea appealed and I fully intended to lick my own fingers after my impending orgasm had run its course. But that wasn't what Hayley had in mind.

"I'm going to cum soon." I told her by way of clarification, my voice sounding breathless from my fingers flying faster and faster over my clit.

"Try it." Hayley suggested again, but this time she made her meaning clear by presenting me with her two wetted fingers, holding them a couple of inches from my mouth.

Normally I would have been offended and horrified at such a thing, but this time, as if hypnotised, I opened my mouth and leaned forward slightly to take her proffered digits. My lips closed around them and my tongue ran over their tips, tasting her very intimate essence and I shivered from the beautiful thrill of it.

She tasted like me, but not like me. It was like two bottles of good wine, they both taste good, but in different ways, and I loved the taste of her pussy juice. Perhaps because it wasn't mine, perhaps because it tasted slightly different, and probably because I shouldn't have been tasting it in the first place, it tasted wonderful, and I almost wanted more. I felt genuinely deprived when eventually she gently withdrew her fingers and smiled at me.

"Did you like that?" She asked.

A thrill went through me and I shuddered, nodding silently and instinctively licking my lips. I couldn't speak, my orgasm was there, triggered by Hayley's behaviour and the taste of her nectar, I just looked at her wide eyes as the first surge of pleasure flooded through me.

I don't think I cried out this time. The sensations were so strong that my eyes and mouth shut tight, my muscles fighting each other to contract, preventing the wail of pure enjoyment that my mind wanted to release. Maybe I moaned a little, deep in my throat, and maybe not, but if I didn't then my silence did not indicate a weak climax. I came like the proverbial express train, my hips and pelvis lunging at my hand wanting to make it squeeze my clit harder, wanting to be entered, and wanting really to be fucked. It did eventually subside and I did eventually open my eyes and stop rubbing at my clit, letting my hand drape limply over my pussy.

I rested for a minute or so, gulping air into my heaving chest and listening to my heart pounding against my ribcage, but then I felt something touch the back of my hand and I looked down. What I could feel against the back of my hand was the back of hers. Our orgasms had made us jerk and jolt until we had moved to within a couple of inches of each other, our pussies very nearly touching. My God, what would have happened if one of us had jerked just that couple of inches further?

"If we're going to do that again." Hayley told me, smiling gleefully. "Perhaps I'd better buy a double ended dildo?"

For a moment a jolt of alarm shot through me again, but then that mischievous twinkle was back in her eyes. Even so, the situation was so silly that I couldn't help but burst into laugher, giggling uncontrollably at Hayley until she had to giggle too. It must have been quite a sight. Two naked women, half sitting half lying on a sofa with their legs entwined, and giggling like madwomen.

I hadn't agreed to her dildo proposal, but then, I hadn't said no either.

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