tagToys & MasturbationBusy Fingers Ch. 04

Busy Fingers Ch. 04


It seemed an awful long time before Monday came around again. I was so looking forward to another randy time with Hayley that I'd been walking around all weekend with damp underwear.

I must explain that Hayley and I were not actually lesbian lovers; we just met each Monday to masturbate together. I know that sounds a bit crass, but the thrill of bringing yourself off with another person there just has to be experienced to be believed. It's so much more fun than a solo session, and it doesn't half expand your horizons. To give you an example, I'd never used a vibrator until Hayley introduced me to one, and now I love the feel of that plastic torpedo inside me. So you can understand that I was in a high state of readiness when I knocked on her door.

She answered the door with a more serious face than last time and when she led the way through to the lounge this time I saw that she'd opened a bottle of wine, which was a little unexpected. She was also more formally dressed than usual in a lemon coloured blouse and a white skirt. I wondered if anything was the matter, but I took the offered glass and sat down on our usual sofa.

"There are a couple of things I need to ask you." She began rather ominously.

"Go on." I said, wondering what she had in mind.

"Well, first of all, how far do you want us to go together?"

I recognised that the word 'together' was the important one there. She was obviously a little anxious that we shouldn't overstep the mark and do something one or the other of us might regret later.

"Until one of us says stop." I told her.

"And how far are you from saying stop?"

"Further than I ever thought I'd be." I answered. "Look, if you're asking am I sorry about anything we've done together so far, the answer is absolutely no, and if you're asking if I've reached my limit, the answer is a big fat no to that as well. To be honest I don't know where my limit is anymore, but I expect I'll find it if we ever get there."

She took a deep swallow of wine and then asked the question she was building up to.

"How would you feel if we did things to each other? You know, I mean making each other come instead of just ourselves?"

We'd been getting far less inhibited each time we met and I'd seen us getting closer and closer to that happening, in fact, after sharing a double ended dildo I'd accepted that in point of fact we'd already reached that stage. I still didn't fancy women, but I did fancy some more new experiences.

"I think I'd like it." I told her. "I'm not turning into a lesbian though!"

"I know that." She agreed with a smile. Then her face went solemn again.

"I need to ask you something else as well."

This sounded a bit more serious.

"Go on."

"How would you feel about some other girls joining in?"

That was a bombshell I hadn't expected, and I was shocked. "Hold on Hayley, I don't think I'm up for that. How on earth did all this come about?" "I don't mean today, but maybe another time." She added hastily, going on to explain. "Let me tell you what happened. I was talking to three friends at the tennis club and one of them happened to mention about feeling horny after sport, but not being able to do anything about it. Anyway, that led to me telling them about us - but don't worry, I didn't say who you were or anything like that; I just said me and a friend. But then one thing led to another and it ended with them asking if they could join us, and I said I'd ask you."

I sat staring at my wineglass for what seemed like ages before I could even begin get my head around it.

"And you'd like them to?"

"Yes, actually, I would. They're nice girls, all in their twenties, all good looking, and all up for a laugh. What do you say?"

I wasn't too happy about the idea. Yes, it sounded fine and very erotic to have a load of naked women all playing in front of each other, but I'd got used to it being Hayley and me, and I suppose I didn't really want to share.

"I'll have to think about that one, can I tell you later?"

"Of course. We'll talk again after we've had our fun, yes?"

"Yes, and that's a hint to get started, is it?" I smiled, relieved to push the subject of others joining in to the back of my mind.

"A little one." She giggled before continuing. "But let's be on the bed together this time, you don't mind, do you?"

Why would I mind? I'd never actually seen Hayley's bedroom, but as soon as I got there I knew why she'd moved us. Across the wall at the end of the bed was a long fitted wardrobe, with mirrored doors. Anything that happened on that bed could be seen in the mirrors. I couldn't prevent a smile of anticipation.

The last time we'd met we'd undressed each other, and I could see by the way that she was waiting for me that Hayley wanted to do the same this time, and I wasn't going to argue with that.

"You first this time." I told her.

She nodded and came forward with her hands loose by her sides, kicking her shoes off as she came. The buttons on her blouse were tiny and I felt all fingers and thumbs as I undid them, although I think that was partly down to horny anticipation. The obvious suggestion of soft breasts unencumbered by a bra beneath the silk of her blouse did quite a bit too. I couldn't wait to get her undressed and I was in so much of a hurry that I almost forgot the buttons at her cuffs. She was smiling at my eagerness.

"You're not usually this reluctant." She teased me.

"And you're not usually dressed this sexily." I replied.

The blouse did give way in the end and I pushed it gently from her shoulders to let it slide down her arms and end in a bundle on the floor. We made no attempt to pick it up; in fact I don't think either of us took our eyes of each other's face until I dropped to one knee to remove her skirt.

The little catch and zip at the side of her skirt were soon undone and the skirt joined her blouse, revealing her lovely slim legs and tiny white panties. God, but she looked beautiful. Hayley is one of those petite women who, as they reach their thirties, lose their girlishness but not the cheekiness that goes with it, so that they go through their adult life looking almost like gorgeous little pixies, with a very trim and toned body topped by finely moulded features and a naturally naughty smile. The secretary glasses she often wears and her cloud of blonde hair somehow add to her ethereal quality too.

I reached out again to guide the panties down her legs, and this time I will openly admit that I consciously let my fingers trail along in contact with her skin as I pulled them down, and I'm sure she knew it.

She rested one hand on my shoulder as she lifted each foot in turn, and then her panties were on the same pile as her blouse and skirt and she was naked.

Still kneeling before her I took a hold of her hips and simply gazed at her, my face about level with her navel and my eyes looking her up and down, but just like before, mostly at the top of her shaven cleft. I don't know what thoughts were going through Hayley's mind, but she made no attempt to stop me from staring and in fact she moved her feet a little way apart as if in invitation. I was tempted, I cannot deny it, but I managed to resist and I finally stood up to gaze once more into her smiling blue eyes.

My blouse gave her no trouble in comparison and she soon had it gliding down my arms on its way to the clothing pile gathering beside us, but then I was wearing a bra on my rather fuller breasts. My slacks rapidly followed and I was left in just my underwear.

As soon as my slacks were lying with the rest of our clothing she stood up, leaving my panties for the moment, and put her hands on my shoulders to turn me around to face away from her. This, I assumed, was so that she could undo my bra, and so it was, but this is where things went off at a tangent. Hayley has the happy knack of always seeming to be one step ahead of me, so that she always catches me on the wrong foot and I always end up thinking 'why didn't I think of that?' I'm getting used to just letting her have her way, because I always seem to enjoy the results.

She unhooked my bra and pushed it away from my shoulders, letting me hang my arms forward so that it could fall to the floor, but then, before I react she had moved in closer to me and slipped her arms around me from behind, cupping my breasts in her palms.

This was the first time I'd been touched by a woman in such a deliberately sexual way, and although I was kind of expecting it, it was still a shock - but one hell of a thrill. To feel her lift the weight of my breasts and feel her begin to massage the soft flesh made me gasp out loud, purely from the adrenalin it generated. Yes, I know she touched my pussy with the side of her hand when she was using that double dildo on us both, but that was incidental rather than either accidental or purposeful, and although it was nice, it held no intrinsic thrill. This touch did, especially as I could feel the hard little nubs of her nipples against my back.

"You have lovely boobs." She told me, whispering quietly in my ear.

"And you have lovely hands." I whispered back, reaching backwards to hold her hips and pull her closer.

She gave my boobs a quick squeeze in acknowledgement, and then holding them firmly she steered me around with them, turning me through some ninety degrees until we were both facing the mirrored doors, Hayley peeking over my shoulder to see us both in the mirror.

The advantage of the mirror was immediately obvious, I could see myself being played with and watch her face as she massaged and kneaded my breasts. She could also see me, and see from my expression how I was enjoying her attentions. It added so much to my enjoyment of the moment to see her smile with pleasure as she touched my breasts.

She played with me like that for a minute or two, while I leaned back towards her in blissful submission, each of us watching the other. But then she pulled herself closer, wrapping her left arm around me to clutch my right breast and hold me against her, leaving her right hand free to roam over the front of my body.

My hands were still holding her hips and I could feel her front pressed close against my back, her nipples digging into my skin, hard and hot, while I looked at her hand wandering gently over my abdomen, stroking and caressing, sometimes hardly touching but always working its way gradually lower. I knew where she was headed, the thought was beautiful and I could feel my pussy responding, lubricating as her touch aroused me. I watched her in the mirror, seeing her hand circling, dipping lower but not quite going where it wanted to. I could hear her breathing in my ear, quick and shallow, reflecting her nervousness. She wanted to feel inside my panties, to touch me all over, but she didn't quite so far have the courage, even though we had agreed and she must have known how I wanted her. I sighed deliberately, trying to let her know of my agreement, of my readiness.

I felt a tug at the elastic of my panties, her fingertips had briefly dipped under it as she circled past. I sighed again, tightening my grip on her hips, trying all the time to give unspoken permission. Her hand came round again and I watched in the mirror as it reached my waistband, stopped, moved on a little and then came back, this time to fumble and find away its way in. I saw her fingers disappear under the pale blue cotton and watched as her hand worked its way down, past the inconvenience of the elastic. Then I felt her fingers delve into the wiry curls of my pubes and I groaned a genuine groan of pure surrender.

"Oh, Sue."

She didn't need to say anymore, the subtle quaver in her breathless voice said it all, telling me how aroused she was, how much she had wanted this moment. I 'mmm'ed softly in understanding and moved my feet a little way apart, an explicit invitation to her exploring fingers. She pushed further down, trying to reach me but held back by the tightness of my underwear, and able only to find the very top of my slit with the tip of one finger. She pushed again, but her movement was restricted by the cotton covering and she still couldn't make her way in.

"Take them off." I told her urgently, understanding somehow that she was scared to take her hand away in case it broke the spell.

She dropped to her knees and pulled at my panties, almost ripping them in her haste to get them removed, and right then I wouldn't have minded if she had simply torn the damn things from my body, the feel of her hand exploring me had made me too horny to care.

She turned me around by the hips, still kneeling before me, and gazed directly at my pubes just as I'd gazed at her minutes before. For a moment nothing happened, she just stared at me, but then she leaned forward and planted a quick little kiss just above my bikini line, so close that I felt her chin brush against my pubes, making me gasp with eager shock and instinctive alarm.

"I just wanted to do that." She explained shortly as she climbed to her feet.

We stood facing each other, sideways to the mirrors now, but I started to turn around, anxious to return to where we'd been. Hayley immediately put out her arms to stop me and draw me into a close embrace, pushing her naked body hard against mine, squashing our breasts between us.

This embrace was different to any before. The last time we'd embraced nude it had been almost platonic, but this time there was a definitely sexual undertone to it, the feel of body on body was arousing, and a foretaste of what was to come. I could feel Hayley moving slightly, just perceptibly rubbing up against me, and her breathing was quick and excited on my shoulder. I pulled her closer, pushing myself onto her, feeling her movements more clearly, my excitement growing.

"I want to touch you." Her voice was tiny, as if even now she didn't have the confidence to take that vital step.

"Then touch me." I told her, breathless with anticipation.

Her hand came from around my back, sliding across my side towards my front, and I eased away from her just a little, just enough for her hand to get between us. I turned my head, looking once more at our images in the mirror doors, watching her hand travel in small apprehensive movements over my abdomen, her fingers pointing down towards their target, the sight as equally erotic as the feel. A pause, then another little movement and her fingers rested among my pubic hair, but this time without the restraint of my underwear. I sucked in a deep thankful breath and spread my knees, taking up an awkward legs bent position to encourage her exploration.

"Oh Sue." She said again, and then her hand slipped down to cup my mons, her longest fingers reaching into the top of my cleft.

For me the sensation of being touched like that was electric, I stared at the mirror where I could see her hand between us, see myself clutching Hayley tight against me, my own fingers digging hard into her back from my need. Hayley turned her head to look in the mirror with me, her cheek alongside mine, two excited faces staring at her hand as it inched its way a little further between my legs.

"Is that nice?" She asked in an awed whisper.

"It's wonderful." I assured her, feeling her longest finger resting unknowingly on my clit. "I want more."

I saw her smile in the mirror and felt her face crinkle against my cheek, and her hand delved a little deeper, a finger sliding between my labia into my wetness.

"Play with me."

She smiled again at my short instruction, but her finger was joined by another to move up and down inside my slit. I clung to her, moaning quietly, watching the actions of her wrist as she played with my pussy. I could hear her breathing heavily next to me, her arousal at playing with another woman transmitted to me by the excited quivering of her whole body.

I tried to spread my legs a little further, wanting her to have full access, but I couldn't maintain the position and so I finally placed one foot on the bed beside us, standing on the other with my legs now wide apart to persuade her to touch me anywhere she wanted. I didn't care what she did to me anymore; I just wanted this highly erotic situation to go as far as possible. I closed my eyes to absorb the wonderful sensation, feeling her holding me tightly to her with one hand while the other explored between my legs.

Her hand moved back, cupping my pubes again with two long fingers probing my slit, searching for my clit. I called out without making sense, inarticulate noises trying to portray my delight when they found it and the first electric jolt shot through me. I pushed against her hand automatically, wanting more, wanting her to rub me, play with my clit, anything.

She trapped my clit between her fingers, pulling at it even as she rubbed up and down, making me gasp out loud and cling to her that little bit tighter. She rubbed me, teased me, tugged at me, all the time her fingers moving rapidly up and down or side to side, taking me closer to the point where she could bring me off. Already I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building. I looked again into the mirror, seeing the joy and the concentration on her face and knowing from it that she really was trying to make me cum.

I didn't mind, I wanted to cum, my first time at the hands of a woman. I moaned my enjoyment, feeling my orgasm building rapidly with every thrust and stroke of her fingers, my clit swollen and abused, but loving every second. I was soon on the very edge of cumming.

"You're going to make me cum." I warned her.

"Good, that's I want to do." She answered, confirming my thoughts.

My orgasm was short and explosively intense. Hayley stopped playing and simply rubbed her fingertips as fast as she could back and forth over my clit, and that did it for me. Pleasure rolled out through me like the shock wave from a blast, filling me with the intense sensations of nerves overloaded with pleasure and leaving me clinging to Hayley for support, my strength totally destroyed and my body shaking and trembling ecstatically. It was so sudden and so strong that I could only grit my teeth and hang on, vocalising my pleasure in a long drawn out inarticulate groan.

"My God!" I gasped as it subsided, unable to say anything more meaningful.

My foot slid from the bed almost of its own accord and I tottered, literally tottered, to sit down, my chest heaving madly and my legs like rubber. I looked up at Hayley in mute gratitude, just nodding my thanks. She stood over me as I recovered my breath, gazing down with a silly grin all over her face, and then she put out her hand for me to take.

"Come on, let's lie down together. You look as though you need to, and so do I."

At the time I couldn't imagine why Hayley needed to lie down, she hadn't just had her muscles liquefied by an almighty orgasm, but I allowed myself to be pulled to my unwilling feet and steered to where we could lie side by side on the bed properly. I reclined back against the headboard and instinctively put out my arm to hold her as she settled down beside me, pulling her into me to snuggle up alongside, her head on my shoulder.

"My God, Hayley." I whispered after a while. "You've just given me the best climax I've had for years."

She cocked her head to one side a little to look up at me.

"Good. I wanted to." She grinned. "Now you don't mind if I have mine do you."

Just for second my sexually addled brain wondered what she meant, but then she spread her legs out and put her hand between them, searching for her clitoris.

"I want to do that." I protested. "It's only fair if I do it for you. Just give me a minute."

"You get your breath back, we've got hours yet. Right now I want you to watch me in the mirror."

I'd forgotten about the mirrored doors for a moment, but when I looked I saw the gorgeous sight of Hayley, legs open and knees bent, with two fingers holding her pussy open for the middle one to play with her clit. She glanced at me in the mirror to make sure I was watching and then concentrated on giving herself pleasure.

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