Busy Fingers Ch. 04


"Push them up me." My words sounded crude even as I uttered them, but I didn't care.

"Sshh!" She whispered, looking down and smiling. "Soon."

It was incredible how our nerves and inhibitions had melted away.

It was odd, watching her play with me, highly erotic but a little disturbing, as if everything was happening to someone else. Seeing what she was doing while feeling the sensations at the same time was a bit like watching a porn movie, but with better special effects.

Gradually, as we both watched, her squeezing movements turned into deliberate strokes along the length of my pussy, sliding her palm over my slit between slickly shining labia, with her fingers arched back to prevent penetration. I was trying to push back, thrusting upwards at every stroke as far as my trapped leg would allow, unable to prevent myself and unable to keep back the quiet sighs of pure bliss that I knew I was making.

"You'll make me cum if you carry on like that." I told her, feeling the beginnings stir deep in my pelvis.

"That's all right, I don't mind."

She was gently mocking me, but I wasn't bothered about that - I just didn't want to miss out on anything she wanted to do to me.

I couldn't take my eyes from the mirror, even when Hayley turned back to look down at me, watching my reactions to her hand on my pussy. It looked so good to see myself being played with by a woman's slender hand, rather than by the larger, clumsier digits belonging to my husband, Paul. The fire inside me began to burn brighter and my climax grew nearer.

"It's going to happen." I gasped, warning her that my orgasm was building.

Her reaction was to rub me harder and faster, still making no attempt to push her fingers inside me, even though I raised my pelvis each time to try and persuade her to enter me.

"Finger me!"

I was getting desperate, I was almost there and I still hadn't felt her inside my vagina.

"Soon." She reiterated, frustrating me even more.

My impending orgasm was now like a volcano waiting to erupt, hot pressure inside my pelvis flowing steadily out across my body, building and building as her hand pushed hard against on my cleft, rubbing rapidly at my clit.

"I'm cumming!" I told her, unable to hold it back anymore.

"Good." She whispered, and plunged two fingers deep into my passage just when my pelvis bucked mightily as the first intense wave of orgasmic pleasure burst through me.

She couldn't have timed it better. She thrust her fingers hard and deep inside me, forcing them in and wriggling them around as she did so, magnifying and intensifying every sensation. I cried out, loud and uninhibited, cursing her for taking me to the edge and thanking her for making it so good. My pelvis bucked, pushing my leg high between her thighs so that, even as I came, I was conscious that my thigh was pressed against Hayley's pussy, held there deliberately by her legs clamping together.

I looked into the mirror as I came, watching her two fingers pistoning in and out of my hole, each inward thrust triggering another wave of pleasure, each outward movement followed by my pelvis attempting to keep her inside me. Seeing it in the mirror intensified the whole thing, watching my own pussy being invaded by Hayley's wonderful fingers made everything more real, more erotic, than I could have dreamed. If ever there were doubts about being together with a woman, they disappeared at that moment; she knew just what I had wanted, even better than I knew myself.

As my orgasm slowly subsided I lay back, closed my eyes and just surrendered to the absolute ecstasy that her fingers generated. Even when it was over, it wasn't quite finished, for little aftershocks of pleasure ran through me every time her fingers so mush as twitched inside me.

"Don't come out." I begged her, not ready yet for it to end.

"I won't." She assured me. "But only if you take your claws out of my back."

Only then did I realise that I was still digging my nails into her flesh, the arm that I had earlier put affectionately around her having turned into a weapon seemingly intent on drawing blood.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to." I flattened my hand and stroked her back, running my fingers lazily up and down her spine while I lay and regained my breath.

Hayley still had her fingers deep inside my pussy, and after remaining still for a few minutes she began once more to thrust into me, but this time slowly and very gently. It felt wonderful, just what I wanted to keep me aroused and hovering on the brink of coming again. How she sensed my need I have no idea, but I'm glad she did because at last I could just relax and appreciate the sensation of Hayley's fingers moving inside me.

My thigh was still held firm between her legs and I became aware that she was very softly thrusting against it, rubbing her pussy gently on my leg as her fingers played with mine. I smiled to myself, happy that we were both getting pleasure from being together. Without opening my eyes I reached up with my other arm and drew her down into an embrace, pulling her half on top of me with both my arms around her and her cheek next to mine. I knew it would make it difficult for her to reach back between my legs, but I just wanted to hold her to me and make it possible for her to rub herself off on my thigh. I don't know why, I just wanted to feel her pussy getting wetter and spreading her juices on my skin. Just kinky I guess, but she was breathing deeply in my ear and I was sure she wanted it too.

She tried to keep her fingers inside me, but the reach was just too far and she settled for rubbing my clit. Equally stimulating, in fact probably even more so, but not quite as intimate as having her fingers inside me. Never mind, I knew that she would finger me again another day, probably lots of times, and I was content.

The feel of her pussy on my leg was lovely. My skin was becoming slippery with her wetness and I could feel her pussy lips slide up and down my legs as her arousal heightened and she began to rub herself against me more forcefully. I wasn't sure, but I believed I could even feel the tiny button of her clit pressed against me.

I was being rather passive, letting her play with my clit and masturbate herself against my leg without doing anything in return, and so I reached one hand between us and found her breast. Hayley has wonderfully perky little breasts topped with hard little nipples and it felt beautiful as I moulded it in my hand, her nipple rock hard against my palm. She moaned lightly into my ear and pushed her pussy harder against my leg.

"God, I think I might cum again." She whispered very softly, as if not really believing it herself. "Do you mind?"

Why would I mind? I had this beautiful woman lying on top of me with her hand between my legs and her pussy rubbing wetly against my leg. The idea of her reaching orgasm in my embrace was making my own pussy throb sexily.

"Of course I don't mind. I'd love you to bring yourself off."

I felt her smile against my cheek and her movements intensified. The only downside for me was that as she became more involved in her potential orgasm she lost track of what she was doing to me, stopping and starting her fingers on my clit as she tried to keep her mind on both things at once. In the end I reached down and lifted her hand away and put mine in its place between my legs to play with my own clit. She realised what I was doing and smiled gratefully on my cheek, her hand reaching for my breast as I had done hers.

I knew exactly what I liked done to my clit, of course, and with me rubbing it between two fingers and Hayley doing the same thing to my nipple, it wasn't long before I too felt the heat build once more inside my pelvis. Hayley's pussy sliding up and down my leg on her own slipperiness added to the sensation and I wondered if I just might cum for a third time that day.

"It might happen for me, as well." I whispered to Hayley.

"Oh, I hope so. Let's try and cum together." She breathed back.

A third climax was by no means a certainty, and with Hayley having a kind of head's start I doubted that I'd be able to come with her, but the idea of us reaching orgasm simultaneously while lying together was beautiful and I began to rub harder and faster at my clit.

For a few minutes we were silent except for our increasingly heavy breathing, but then Hayley whispered. "It's going to happen. Will it happen for you?"

"I think so." I gasped.

"Please let it happen." She begged. "I want to feel you cum."

"And I you."

My fingers were flickering over the tip of my clit, getting me higher and higher, but Hayley was now pushing hard onto my thigh, so hard that I had to work to stop it being pushed down and I could tell she was almost there. Her whole body was moving against mine as she mashed her pussy onto my leg faster and faster, while her fingers dug fiercely into the flesh of my breast.

"I'm cumming Sue, I'm cumming." Her voice rose in a wail again as her orgasm loomed. "I'm going to cum on your leg - I'm there."

She grunted once, twice, and then rammed her pussy hard onto my thigh, her back arching as she squashed herself onto me, the renewed grunts now turning into gasps that I felt on my ear as much as heard. Her hand now clenched itself into a fist over my breast squeezing me unmercifully and unknowingly, the pain only serving to bring me closer to my own climax.

"Oh God," She gasped in my ear, rubbing her pussy in long, heavy strokes up and down my leg.

"Oh God," She said again, pushing her pussy harder than ever against me in one last stroke before collapsing in a heap on top of me as her orgasm finally subsided.

"Did you cum" She asked, panting heavily against my face.

"Not yet." I told her through gritted teeth as my own climax got closer. "Nearly."

My fingers flew, rubbing frantically at my clit as Hayley lay with me whispering encouragement.

"That's it." She whispered. "Let it happen. Let yourself cum."

"I will." I told her, the fact of masturbating for her to enjoy with me was adding to my pleasure.

"That's it, darling, let go."

I was shocked but delighted at the endearment she whispered.

"Play with my tit." I asked her, suddenly wanting her to actively help me climax.

Her hand had been resting inertly on my breast, but now she squeezed and massaged it again.

"Like that." She asked me, breathing the words directly into my ear.

I nodded a reply, my face beginning to screw up as the orgasm came nearer.

"Good." She murmured softly, and then her lips began to cover my cheek with little kisses.

"Oh Hayley." I sighed, delighting in the unexpected contact.

We lay together on the bed, Hayley softly kissing my face, her body pressed close to me and her hand on my breast, moulding and caressing it. I had one arm around her, gripping her shoulder, at the same time as I masturbated. I knew I was going to cum, my orgasm was building stronger and stronger as my fingers strummed at my clit, and all the time I felt the most erotic intimacy from having Hayley with me.

"It's nearly there." I told her, the words forced from between clenched teeth.

"Good. Enjoy it, let it happen. Let yourself cum." Her speech was punctuated with her kisses, kisses that were becoming more insistent and more enjoyable as my orgasm loomed.

"I'm cumming." I told her, feeling the dam begin to break inside me under the onslaught of my fingertips.

"Now?" She asked me urgently.

I couldn't answer. My back tried to arch under her weight, my finger gripped hard onto her shoulder and I let out a series of groans as my orgasm finally exploded.

She must have been waiting for that moment, because as I came and my mouth fell open, her lips came down on mine in a full blooded kiss, her tongue finding its way in to explore my mouth. I hadn't expected it, but the kiss made my climax stronger, wave after wave of pure ecstasy surging outwards from my pelvis as our tongues danced and twined together, and I gasped with delight into her mouth.

It seemed as though my orgasm would never end, each time it seemed to subside I would feel Hayley's tongue wriggle into my mouth or her fingers clutch and mould my breast, even after my exhausted fingers had come to a stop at my pussy.

My mind was reeling from what had happened between us, knowing that we'd finally taken that last step. I didn't want her kisses to end, my arm released her shoulder and went to the back of her head, holding her mouth against mine, until sheer lack of breath made me let go and turn my head to one side, gasping for air.

I was still shuddering and trembling from my climax when I finally took enough of a breath to gasp out my thanks to her, happy that she at least had found the strength, the nerve, to take the last step towards making us lovers.

"I know where my limits are now." I panted.

"Where?" She smiled down at me.

"With you -- I have none."

She smiled again and her mouth found mine once more.

Later, much later it seemed, after we'd finally run out of kisses and were just lying in each others arms, I went back to her earlier question.

"But I want to keep this just for us, if you don't mind."

She nodded in disappointed understanding, and kissed me again.

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I'm so wet! Very sexy very horny, my pussy is aching wet from reading this. Very good masturbation material. My fingers have been kept busy with this story! Yum!

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