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But I Don't Like Swedish Fish


Have you ever looked back at something you did and said, "Where the hell did that come from? I don't do things like that anymore!" I'm a 42 year old woman, married for 21 years to the same man, with 4 kids and a house in the suburbs. So the story I'm about to tell you came as a surprise to me too.

Valentine's Day arrived like any other day - middle of the week, kids have school, parents have work, cards at the breakfast table, and a couple of hastily wrapped gifts. BORING!!

My husband Will tried to be the loving spouse on a budget, and bought me some candy. I loved the gesture.

"Aw Honey, I love the caramels. But I don't like Swedish fish candy. I never have, but for some odd reason you think I do."

"Dad, you are such a dope," our teenage daughter chimed in. I could see he was a little hurt, but I still laughed out loud with her.

"Here Honey, you eat the fish," I continued as I handed him the bag.

After the last of the kids had left for the school bus he turned to me and said, "Fine Dierdre, I'll eat the fish, but only if you make them taste like fish."

"Oh, are we fresh or what you lecher?" I could see where this was heading.

The bag of Swedish fish stayed on his night table for the next few weeks. More than one kid asked me if Dad was going to eat the candy. They were all volunteering to take the fish off his hands. I kept them at bay by saying, "he'll eat them when he's ready."

Will and I have a pretty hectic schedule that starts early and ends late every day. I work retail and don't have to be in until 10 in the morning. Which does get me home in time to prepare dinner. But Will works shift-work. He leaves at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and gets home after midnight. The morning school schedule has the first kids out the door at 6:45 and the last one leaving about 8-o'clock.

I tell you all of this so you can picture what happened. Every day I am up a full 2 hours before Mr. Bear rolls his sad carcass out of bed. So while I'm full of piss and vinegar, he sleepily arrives downstairs, scratching his balls and looking for coffee.

"Gotta go," I said. "I am not going to be late for work today!" No real reaction, just a mumble about coffee as I ran up the stairs 2 at a time.

I went into our bathroom and immediately stripped for my shower. I pranced in front of the mirror for a few seconds and looked at myself. I ran my hands over my tummy and then around my back across my ass. "Not bad for an old married broad, who popped out 4 kids," I thought. I have a medium build with a little extra in the hips and butt. My tits are not big, but I have great nipples that stick out like little penises. And I keep my pussy nice and trim. Will says he likes it that way because he can see past the dark hair to my white flesh and pink lips. He calls it "my pretty pussy."

I decided to sit down on the toilet and give my "pretty pussy" a little maintenance trim. As I started to clip my pubes, I got that old familiar feeling down there. "It's been a while since the old man and I did the deed," I thought. And that got me thinking. Taste like fish, huh?

I jumped up and looked for the bag of Swedish fish. They were still on the night table, right where he had left them. The bag held about twenty or so of the candies and the fish where all different colors. Each one was about 2 inches long. I opened up the bag and grabbed one. The fish felt rubbery but not slimy like a real fish might. I started to rub the fish in-between my pussy lips. "Oh, that feels good. I wonder if they smell like real fish now?" So I held it up to my nose and caught that wonderful smell of sex.

But it wasn't getting slippery like a fish. Then I thought, what would happen if I slipped it in. That should get it nice and juicy, I thought. I grabbed the bag and ran back into the bathroom. I closed the door in case he showed up, although I doubted it seeing he hadn't had any coffee yet. I propped my foot up on the toilet and attempted to insert a fish.

I slowly worked the fish in and out of my pussy. The fish and me were getting wetter by the second. But how could I feed Will all these fish if I have to flavor them one fish at a time? Then it hit me; I took my finger and pushed the fish all the way into my now opening gash. It quickly disappeared. I grabbed another fish and slid it in. Then another, then another. "Keep swimming boys, we'll be spawning soon," I laughed out loud.

As I continued to load my now bulging snatch with Swedish fish, I realized I had emptied more than 3/4 of the bag. It didn't feel like a cock, but it made me feel full. Somehow, as opposed to a nice hard dick that slides in and stretches my walls, this felt like a million little tongues all poking and prodding my insides. "This is delicious," I whispered.

I took my foot down and stood there while I adjusted to my new friends. Then I walked back and forth a few steps, and with each movement the swimming fish sent shivers through my belly. I grabbed one more fish, a nice red one, from the bag and headed for the stairs.

I plotted my course of action. Our stairs have a landing half way down, then turn before they continue to the first floor. I quietly moved myself to the first step just after the landing and sat down. I spread my legs wide open and leaned back, my elbows on the landing. I took the fish I was holding and began masturbating with it. My clit was already engorged from all the playing and fish stuffing upstairs. As I lay there frigging myself, I could feel my orgasm beginning to swell.

"Will, can you come help me? I'm having a problem with the shower." Not a word. But then I heard him put the paper down and push the kitchen chair back. He slowly and quite unenthusiastically shuffled towards the stairs. As he turned the corner he had his head down and didn't even notice me at the top of the landing.

"Hey Honey, wanna go fishin'?"

He jumped back. "Holy shit Dierdre, what the hell are you doing?"

"Just waiting for you. I thought if I came up with a creative way to remind you that I don't like Swedish fish in my MOUTH, maybe you'd remember next time."

Slowly the sleeping bear was getting the message and turning into a wolf. His boxer shorts were getting that familiar tilt and his tongue was hanging out.

"And what would you like me to do with the fish?" He blurted.

"Eat them silllllllyyyy. Here, this one was swimming by and I caught it for you. But you know the old saying, 'give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and eats for a life time.'"

All this time I was still gently rubbing my clit with the little red fish. I took the fish I was masturbating with and stuck it head first into my open vagina and left it hanging half in and half out. "Hungry baby? Want to learn a new way to fish?"

Will got the message. He slowly worked his way up the stairs as he stripped off his tee shirt and boxers. His cock was huge. You'd think he hadn't seen a pussy in years.

In the sluttiest voice I could muster up I said, "nice pole, I bet you'll catch a lot of fish with that rod."

"Especially if your snatch is the bait box," Will said. Little did he know.

I moved my hands away from my body so Will had an unobstructed view of my pussy with the fish sticking half way out. He took the fish in his teeth and slowly pulled it out. Then he began to move it up and down the length of my slit. He then sucked the fish into his mouth while he continued the same up and down motion, expect this time with his tongue. "Oh God, does that feel good," I said screamed.

I realized I had a pussy full of fish and needed a more comfortable place to continue our fishing trip. I jumped up and said, "did you like that honey? Well follow me, there is more where that came from."

I crept up the stairs step by step. As I knew he would, he started to grab at my ass by rubbing it and slapping at it. Old habits die hard. Little did he know what a sensational effect that was having on me because the fish inside my aching hole were jumping around like Mexican jumping beans.

"Stay there until I call you," I said. Then I climbed on top of the bed and stacked some pillows against the headboard. I sat upright and got comfortable with my back almost straight, my knees pulled up and my feet planted wide apart. What a view that must have been.

"Okay, come closer. But don't touch until I say so." One of the things I love is when Will sucks my breasts and bites my nipples. I get instantly wet whenever he does this. I was determined to make this an experience for both of us. I had him sit directly opposite me. I reached down to my pussy and hooked a finger into my already slick hole. I felt a fish and slowly pulled it out. Will sat there with his mouth wide open and his cock fully erect.

As I balanced the slimmy slippery fish across the nipple of my right tit I said, "Okay big boy, eat your fish."

Without a word Will moved forward and took the fish from my heaving breast with his teeth. He bit me ever so slightly and I tingled. "Uhmmmmm, did you like that? So did I," I said.

But before he could answer, I raised my finger to my lips to quiet him. Then I lowered my hand to my pussy, plunged in again, and fished out another fish. I placed this fish on my left nipple. Will is a fast learner and was immediately on my tit once I removed my hand. He again took the fish in his mouth, gave my nipple a nip, and ate the fish.

"I can tell you one thing, these fish are the fishiest fish I've ever eaten," he said with a filthy smile.

"So do you like Swedish fish any more now then you did two weeks ago?"

"Absolutely. And your homemade fish broth that they've been swimming in makes all the difference in the world."

"Well how about some more?" I said as I pushed him back.

"How many you got in there?" he said.

"I don't know. I didn't count, but I can safely say there are more still in there, than have come out so far."

"Holy shit"

I turned the slut-voice back on. "Now lover, YOU KNOW and I KNOW what we usually do around here with willing tits, right? So you don't have to be so dainty." I like it anywhere from a little rough to just short of permanent damage.

I reached into my pussy and hooked another fish. I placed it on my right nipple and Will moved in for the kill. He took the fish and my nipple into his mouth at the same time and began to chew. The fire was immediate. The more he bit the hotter I got. He literally chewed the fish and my tittie at the same time. But the combination of the sharp bites and soothing fluid from the dissolving fish was lighting a fire down below.

Before he finished, I reached down to my crotch and hooked another one. As he swallowed the fish he was working on, he gave one last chomp on my battered nipple and moved back. I quickly laid the next fish on my left tit, closed my eyes, leaned back, and waited for the assault. My man did not disappoint.

"Ahhh, grrrrr, fuckkkkkkking shittttttt," I moaned. When he heard this he slowed down. "Don't you fucking stop!," I yelled. Will picked up the pace and I screamed with delight.

He chewed for at least a minute before he came up for air. I was cross-eyed and panting. My face was hot with sweat. "Oh, my fucking word! Do you have any idea how close I was to coming? That was amazing."

Will sat back again, but I noticed a definite change in his eyes. They told me that all curiosity was gone and that lust was now the order of the day. I realized then that I was going to lose control.

I hooked another fish and laid it on my now extremely raw right nipple. My mind was screaming. "Do it Will. Take my fish, take my tit, take me.' When you've lived and loved the same person for over 21 years one thing is certain, unconditional trust. My man did not disappoint.

Will leaned forward and took my entire tit, nipple, and fish into his mouth. And there he stayed. He sucked, and sucked, and sucked. Then he took his tongue and began making the fish swim circles around my aureole. He never once let the suction he was creating break. It was so soothing and erotic at the same time.

Eventually I realized the fish had dissolved. As he removed his mouth there was a thick slim of saliva, melted fish, and goo hanging from my breast. As he pulled away I hurriedly reached for another fish and positioned it on my left tit. Bingo! He did it again.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Baby, my pussy is on fire. Don't stop. Pleeeeease don't stop. Just T.. T.. Touch me."

Will moved his right hand ever so slowly down my belly, across my thigh and onto my burning crotch. He hadn't even gotten to my sopping wet hole yet and I was humping the air like a possessed woman. 'What was he waiting for', I thought. Just as I was nearing the point where I might have to do it myself, he took two fingers directly to my cunny and shoved them in.

"Yes, Yes, Yeeeesssssss. Fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Make me cum!"

I had forgotten all about the last fish and my left tit until he removed his mouth. Again there was a slick, sticky goo that coated my entire breast. Under normal circumstances I might have been pissed that he left my tits in such a disgusting state of ooze, but those fingers were WORKING!

Then he stopped. "NO! What the fuck. Not now! Finish me," I screamed.

"I'm still hungry baby. I'm still hungry for fish." Once he said that I realized I had lost control.

He grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me down flat on my back. Then he reached behind me and took the pillows I had used for a backrest, and shoved them under my ass to prop me up. He let go of my feet and used his broad shoulders to force my thighs wide open. Will has never hurt me, but God does he thrill me sometimes.

"Okay Dierdre, now we'll see just how many fish you crammed up that pretty little pussy of yours." He proceeded to work his hands under my ass until he could fill both hands with cheek meat. Then he moved his thumbs up across my bung hole and forced each pussy lip back so he could look straight in. I was so open that if it weren't for the fish he probably could have seen clear up to my cervix.

"I think this brings a whole new meaning to the term, ol' fishin' hole doesn't Dierdre?"

"Stop with the reminiscing Baloo, and EAT ME!" I growled.

Will proceeded to lick up and down the entire length of my opening. He went from my asshole all the up to my clit and back down. I could feel every ounce of blood in my body collecting in my genitals. My clit was so engorged it started to ache.

"Come on Will, do my clit. I wanna cum!"

"Not yet baby. I want a couple more fish," he replied.

Will made his mouth into an oval and planted it directly on my open pussy. I felt his tongue move in and begin to probe the inside walls of my very hot sex. Then he began to suck. I could feel my insides tingle as a few fish moved down my chute and across my swollen lips. Will lifted his face so I could see him begin chewing the fish that were hanging from his teeth and the flowing love juices dripping from his chin.

"Dierdre, its so hot in there, the fish are starting to melt. Look at how much this one has shrunk."

"Fine. Just hurry up and eat me." I was getting testy. I hate when I get brought all the way to the edge of an orgasm and then lose it. And especially this one, 'cause I could feel how big it was.

"Okay lover, you're turn. No more fuckin' around," he said. "Get up and sit on my face. Let me eat you until you scream."

I swung my legs over and got up to my knees. Will took my place on the bed and lay flat on his back. I climbed on top, straddled his head, and planted my throbbing sex directly on his face. Will began to perform his magic. He wasted no time and went straight for my clit. He licked it, probed it with his tongue, even bit it a few times. The fire was intense. I could feel every muscle way inside my love canal contracting and moving.

But this is a man who knows his woman. While I was lost in ecstasy, Will reached up to hold me from falling off. And he knew just where to grab me, my tits. Those same sticky, gooey, slimmy tits that were left a few minutes ago. Well guess what? The mess created a friction that I have never felt before. Instead of a silky feel, every turn and twist Will applied pulled and dragged. My nipples were on fire as he screwed them harder into my mammary flesh.

His powerful grip sent new shock waves coursing through my body and landing squarely on my clit. My head started to spin and I lost control of my body.

"Ohhhhhhhhh. Yesssssss. Yesssssssssss. Nowwwwwwwwww. I'm.. I'm.. I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggggg! Oh God, oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes!

The waves wouldn't stop, and I felt myself gush. I knew this one was big because I must have ejaculated too. I could feel the walls of my vagina contract as I pushed to release my love fluids. Everything was moving south - orgasmic waves, cum, juices, and fish.

Will was down below me slurping and moaning for his life. I really didn't care, just as long as he kept licking and sucking. I was still cumming. "Ohhhh. Grrrrrr. Breathe. Uhmmmmm. Ohhhhh! Breathe. Fuck, you're the best!" I slumped in a heap with my belly across his eyes and forehead and my creamy mess still sitting over his nose and mouth.

Will finely had enough and needed to get me up. I wasn't moving until he forced me to move. He put his strong hands around my waist and lifted me up and away from his face, plopping me on his chest. My pussy made a delightful squishing sound.

"You okay" I asked. He shook his head yes but didn't speak. He was chewing fish. There were little pieces of fish in his teeth, on his chin, and there was even a piece of fish stuck in his nose. He started to laugh.

"Hey big boy, wanna fuck?" After that orgasm he could have anything he wanted. He got up and made me get on all fours. I had a feeling he would want doggy style. It's one of his favorites.

Will got behind me as I buried my face into a pillow and stuck my ass as high in the air as possible. He slapped my ass harder than I can remember, but just once. The tingles went across my butt and straight to my pussy. He came up behind me and found my swollen hole. Needless to say there was little resistance and Will took me with one mighty plunge. I immediately saw stars when he hit bottom. But I didn't care. After what he did for me, I was his for the taking.

Will and I got a good rhythm going. His cock is a good size, about seven inches, and has serviced me well all these years. Today was no exception. But I began to feel something different. The friction was better and he was catching my G-spot like never before. I realized it must have been the many little pieces of fish still swimming around in there. I was building to another orgasm as he continued to pound me.

"Baby, go slow," I said. "You're hitting my spot and I feel another orgasm coming on." Normally I'm not good for 2 orgasms, but his cock was certainly doing it this time. "Stay with me Will. I think we can come together."

"Are you fucking shitting me? I'm ready to explode now," he growled.

But he slowed his pace and changed his angle by getting higher up on my ass and driving his cock down across my G-spot. That did it!

"Yes baby, that did it! Now, fuck me hard. Drive me. Oh baby I'mmmm gettinngggg reeaaddyyy to bloowwwww."

"Grrrr. Fuckkkkkk. Grrrrrr. Cummmminggggg nowwwww too!" Will plowed me with every ounce of his 200 lbs. He continued to grunt but never said anything else intelligible.

"Yes Will, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Harderrrr. Ohhhhh. Deep, deep. Nowwwwww. I'm cummminngggg toooooo! Oh! Oh! Oh God, oh shit, oh fuck me, nowwwwwwwww!"

As I started to come down I realized he was still back there pumping away. "Will, you still cumming Baby?"

"There's at least a gallon of cum in your sweet little pussy, Dierdre. You are un-fucking-believable."

Will's cock finally shrank and plopped out. My snatch immediately started to flow from all the action. It was a combination of my juices, his cum, and our fish. We snuggled for a few minutes as the ooze continued to flow. The bed was history.

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