tagLoving WivesBut I Won't Do That Ch. 08

But I Won't Do That Ch. 08


I went through my closet for the fifth or sixth time, trying to find something to wear. Parker and I'd been invited to a house party that night. Since I'd never been to a house party, I had no clue what to wear to one, and none of my outfits met my approval.

Parker came into the bedroom wearing nothing but his boxers. "Jemma, are you going to get dressed sometime tonight?" he asked.

"That's the plan." I looked at the clock. "We don't have to be there till eight, right? It's only six. I have plenty of time."

"What happens if you look so hot I decide to fuck you before we leave?" Parker said. "Are we going to have enough time for that?"

"We'll make time. I'd rather fuck you than go to that party."

"Why'd you say we'd go, then?"

"Because you looked like you wanted to go. After you fucked Katrine, your tongue was practically hanging out of your mouth at the thought of going to a party where everyone's fucking." I pulled a black miniskirt out of the closet. "How does this look?"

"Anything you wear will look hot," Parker said. "And I don't care if we go to the party or not. If you want to stay home, that's fine."

His puppy dog eyes made a liar out of him. "No, it wouldn't be fine, and no, we're not staying home," I said. "Are you going to hook up with Katrine again?"

"I don't know. I have to admit, I had fun with her the other night. But I'm not as into the idea of fucking someone else as I am about watching you. If Katrine's interested, I might spend some time with her again. But I'm really going so I can watch you. I missed out the other night."

"You got to have sex with a woman who's a lot better looking than I am, and you call that missing out?"

"No one's better looking than you." Parker kissed me. His tongue slipped between my lips and his hand came up to cover my breast. "And you're the only one I really want to fuck. Maybe we could just go to the party for a little while and then come home."

"I like that idea," I said. "I'm not too into the idea of fucking anyone else either."

"Greg said there are a lot of men there," Parker said.

"And I'm sure there are a lot of women there too," I said. "That doesn't mean anything. I'm certainly not going to fuck anyone I don't know."

"You know Greg. Gordon said he might go, too."

"I told you, I'm not fucking Gordon anymore." After feeling like I was just a sex toy for him, I didn't even want to see Gordon again.

"Yeah, but you haven't told me why."

"And I'm not going to." To take his mind off his question, I started kissing his neck. "Maybe we need a nice warm-up before we go."

Parker pulled my tank top off. Under it, I wore nothing. He nibbled my nipples. "Is this warm enough for you?"

"Uh huh." I groped the front of his boxers. "How about for you?"

"It's getting very warm in here." He pushed his shorts down to the floor. "There, that's better."

"Yes, it is."

I knelt and licked the tip of his cock, then put my mouth over it. Parker moaned. "That's so nice, Jemma! I love how you look with my cock in your mouth."

I took him deeper into my mouth. His breathing got heavier, especially when I started playing with his balls. I licked up and down his cock until he said, "God, Jemma, I'm going to cum!"

I got my mouth back over his cockhead just in time for him to shoot down my throat. I swallowed all of it, then smiled up at him. "Good warm up?"

"For me, but not for you." Parker pulled me to my feet. "Get on that bed so I can eat your sweet pussy."

I lay down, my legs spread, and let Parker go to work. He was the best at oral, in my limited experience. For years, that had been the only way he could make me cum, and he'd never minded doing it, even when he'd cum inside me. He licked my slit, plunging his tongue occasionally inside me, alternating with sucking my clit, until I came hard. "Holy fuck!" I cried out.

"No, that wasn't a fuck," Parker said. He knelt in front of me and put my legs up on his shoulders. With one thrust, he buried his cock inside me and started pumping hard. "This is a fuck."

"God, yes, it is!"

He pounded my pussy hard; it was the hardest fuck he'd ever given me and I loved every second of it, even though I had a pretty good idea that he was only fucking me like this because he was horny as hell about the idea of going to that house party. It didn't matter why. All that mattered was how hard he was fucking me and how good it felt. Within minutes, I came, shouting Parker's name.

It wasn't much longer before he filled my pussy with his cum. "Damn, that was fucking incredible," he said.

"Hell, yes, it was," I said. "I think maybe we should shower before we get dressed for the party."

"Good thinking." Parker stretched. "But maybe we should shower separately. Otherwise we'll just start over again, and we'll never get out of here."


An hour later, we were both showered and dressed. Parker wore black jeans and a light blue button-down shirt. He looked hot; any woman at the party would want him, I was sure. I wore the miniskirt I'd chosen and a silver tank top that Parker had surprised me with a few months earlier. It was the first time I'd had a chance to wear it. Parker couldn't take his eyes off me. "All the men at that party are going to want you," he said.

"And the women will be all over you." Though I wasn't sure I liked that idea. Parker had been okay with me fucking Greg and Gordon, but I'd been jealous when he fucked Greg's wife Katrine. I hadn't admitted it, of course. If I could fuck other people, there was no reason Parker couldn't. But I hated that either of us was. After this party, I'd have to put a stop to it.

We were among the first to arrive at the party. I felt a little at a loss until I spotted Greg and Katrine in the kitchen, where our hosts had set out a buffet. They saw us and came over to exchange hugs and cheek pecks. "We weren't sure you were going to be here," Katrine said. "Greg said yesterday Parker told him you might stay home."

"We decided to give it a try," I said. "It was better than sitting home on a Saturday night."

"That's why we're here," Greg said. "Plus Katrine's boyfriend is supposed to show up, and she hasn't fucked him for a while."

"Boyfriend?" I repeated.

"I have to have a regular fuck partner for when Greg's away and there aren't any parties," Katrine said. "Sometimes I do extracurriculars like the other night with Parker, but really, it's nice to have someone I know well."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I said. That was one of the problems with Gordon, I'd decided; I hadn't known him well. I'd fucked him the night I'd met him, for crying out loud, even if that hadn't been my intention.

"But sometimes we do play with other people," Greg said. "Katrine, why don't you take Parker on a tour of the place, and I'll show Jemma around?"

"Sounds good to me," Katrine said.

"I'd rather stay with Jemma," Parker said.

"All right, then we'll show you around together." Greg sounded disappointed; I had the feeling he'd wanted to get me alone so he could show me one of the private rooms up close and personal.

We walked around the house with Katrine and Greg. There were a couple of curtained partitions in the basement, which Katrine explained were semi-private rooms "for people who don't want to be seen, but don't want to wait for one of the private rooms." Also in the basement was a large, open room with a king-sized mattress on the floor and some items scattered around that I couldn't even begin to figure out. The open room, where people went to be watched by others or to join in with others. On the first floor were three rooms that Greg identified as the private rooms. "Really, the hosts have done a great job setting this up so people will be as comfortable as possible," he said.

"They want people to enjoy themselves," Katrine agreed. She looked toward the kitchen. "Ooh, and speaking of enjoying, he's here. I'll catch up with you all later." She scurried off to throw her arms around a short man who looked like his face had seen the wrong end of a bulldozer.

"So what would you like to do first, Jemma?" Greg asked. "There's food, obviously. Dancing's in the living room, and of course there are the sex rooms."

"Is that an invitation?" I teased.

"Only if you want it to be." Greg turned to Parker. "I kind of thought Katrine was planning to hook up with you; that was what she told me last night. But I guess her attention's been taken by someone else. Sorry, Parker."

"That's okay, I'm not here to fuck anyone except maybe Jemma," Parker replied. "Not that I'd have minded another encounter with your wife, but I'd much rather see Jemma enjoy herself."

"Then we'll have to make sure Jemma does just that at some point tonight. How about it Jemma?"

"We just got here," I pointed out. "Maybe a little later." The truth was, I was a little intimidated by being around people who made sex with others a normal part of their lives. After fucking only one man for most of my adult life, I wasn't all that experienced, despite my recent encounters with Greg and Gordon. And I wasn't sure I wanted to fuck someone who'd probably fucked half the other people in the place.

Greg read my mind. "Just because the people here are swingers doesn't mean they're indiscriminate," he said. "Well, some are. I know a few people here who'll fuck just about anyone, and probably have. But mostly, it's a matter of being selective. That's why Katrine has a regular boyfriend and I've had girlfriends in the past. We like to have fun with other people, but we don't play with just anyone."

"Good to know."

"Well, I'm going to go mingle. Just introduce yourself around. People here are pretty friendly, but sometimes you have to make the first move. Whether it's a sexual move or not." He winked at me. "Let me know if you decide to try out one of the private rooms. Or even a semi-private one."

He walked away. "Parker, I'm not sure about this," I said.

"I can tell that. Look, you're in charge, remember? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, or anyone you don't want to do. Let's just hang around a little while and maybe get to know some people. The food looks good, at least, and there's dancing. We haven't been dancing in a long time. So let's think of this as a date, okay?"

I smiled. "Okay. We haven't had a date in a while."

"My point exactly."

We got some food from the kitchen and walked around with plates in our hands. We drew a few glances, but not too many people spoke to us, and we didn't speak to many people either. A few hellos and introductions was about it, until we went into the living room. One of my favorite songs was playing, and I just had to dance. Before I knew it, three guys were dancing with me, and none was Parker.

I had to admit I liked the attention, even though I felt like I couldn't move without bumping into one of them. Then again, they didn't seem to mind being bumped. One of them put his hands on my waist to steady me. "I'm Terry," he said.

"Jemma," I replied.

"Nice outfit, Jemma. You're a hot dancer, too."

"Quit hogging her, Terry," one of the other guys said. "What do you think, you get all the sexy ones?"

"Of course I do," Terry replied.

"It's okay," I said. "I can dance with more than one man."

"Ah, but what about horizontal dancing?" Terry said. "Are you a one-man woman with that, or are you into dancing with more than one?"

I blushed. I couldn't help it. I'd just met this guy; I couldn't believe he was talking about sex already. Then again, it was that kind of party. "I prefer that kind of dancing with just one man," I said.

"That's no fun," the third guy said. "Have you ever tried it with more than one?"

"Once." Why was I telling them this? It wasn't any of their business. I looked at Parker for some help, but he just stood at the edge of the dance floor grinning. He was probably getting turned on watching me dance with these guys. Fine, if that was what he wanted. "I might do it again," I said. "But it would have to be the right guys, and I'd have to know them pretty well."

"So get to know us," Terry said. "One at a time or all together, whichever works for you."

"Let's just dance," I said.

"That's what I'm talking about. Dancing."

I laughed. "I meant the kind we're doing now."

"Ah, okay."

After a couple of songs, the other two guys got bored and wandered off to find other women to play with. But Terry stayed with me. Obviously he was interested, and I might have been too if I hadn't just met him. But I wasn't sure I wanted to get into anything more with him.

"I'll be right back," he said finally. "I've had a little more to drink than my bladder can handle."

"Too much information," I said.

"Agreed. See you in a few."

I left the dance floor; my feet were starting to hurt. Parker hadn't moved from the spot where he'd been watching Terry and me. "Aren't you bored?" I asked him.

"Not a bit. You're having a good time, and I like seeing that. And a few women have talked to me, but I put them off. I want to watch you with someone, not be with someone myself."

"So you keep saying." I kissed his cheek. "I'm glad you talked me into staying, but we can leave any time you want to."

"It looks like your new friend might be a little disappointed if we left now."

"He might be, but that isn't my problem. I told you, I'm not sure I want to do anything with anyone, let alone someone I don't know."

"It's up to you," Parker said. "That's our agreement, right? You're in control. But I won't have a problem with it if you want to hook up with him."

"We'll see."

Terry came back carrying two bottles of beer, one of which he handed to me. "Sorry," he said to Parker. "Didn't know there was someone else involved here. I'm Terry."

"I'm Jemma's husband Parker," Parker replied.

"You don't mind me dancing with your lady, do you?" Terry asked.

"Not a bit. I've been enjoying watching it."

"Well, feel free to continue watching it, as long as it's okay if I continue dancing with her."

"Go for it."

Terry and I must have spent an hour on the dance floor, moving our bodies around and against each other. Our hands stayed in appropriate places, but it was one of the most erotic experiences I'd ever had, and it made me completely horny. I thought I was going to start dripping through my thong, I was so wet. And not only was Terry a good dancer, he was smart and funny, and despite myself I became attracted to him. Even so, I surprised myself when I asked, "Do you want to see if one of the private rooms is available?"

He grinned. "I knew I'd get you sooner or later."

"Get me?"

"I didn't mean that the way it sounded. Get your interest might be a better way to put it. I wanted you the minute I saw you out here, Jemma. That's why I've spent so much time with you. I'm sure it will be worth it."

"So am I."

Terry looked at Parker. "Will he be joining us?"

"To watch, if you're okay with that. He isn't into threesomes."

"Fine with me."

Hand in hand, we went over to Parker and told him the plan. I was excited by the idea; this time it was my choice to fuck someone, my choice to have Parker watch. I still wasn't quite sure about being with someone I didn't know, but after dancing and talking with Terry as long as I had been, I felt like I knew him.

Parker, of course, was happy. "We might have to wait for one of the rooms, but that's okay," he said. "It's still early."

"I don't mind waiting a little longer." Terry caressed my ass. "As long as it's only a little. Your wife is very sexy, Parker."

"Don't I know it," Parker said.

It ended up being a short wait for one of the private rooms to open up. One of the rules of the party was that after you fucked, you changed the bedsheets, so we found ourselves in a room with nice, fresh-smelling sheets, though the smell of sex was still in the air. Terry checked a basket beside the bed. "Good, plenty of condoms," he said. "I was here once when they'd run out of condoms. My partner wasn't pleased when I refused to fuck her without one."

"Safety first," I said. "I don't fuck anyone but Parker without a condom."

"Good for you. So how many men have you fucked other than Parker?"

I shouldn't have brought it up. "Two," I admitted.

"So you're pretty new to this. Either that or pretty selective."


Parker stationed himself beside the door, just like he'd done in our bedroom at home when I'd fucked Gordon or Greg. I knew once Terry and I got into it, Parker would have his cock out; he couldn't seem to help playing with himself when he watched me get fucked.

Terry pulled me close to him and kissed me hard. He was a good kisser; if I hadn't already been wet, his kiss would have been enough to get me there. He cupped my ass with his hands as we kissed, then startled me by pushing me down on the bed. He lay on top of me and started kissing my neck. "You're so fucking hot," he whispered. "I hope you'll come to more of these parties. I'd love to fuck you again."

"You haven't fucked me yet," I pointed out.

"True. So let's take care of that."

He pushed my skirt up around my waist and stuck his fingers in my pussy. It wasn't exactly pleasant; he was rough and it hurt. But I kept my mouth shut. I'd decided to do this, after all.

After jabbing me with his fingers for a couple minutes, Terry slid down between my legs and started eating me. This was better; at least he couldn't be too rough with his lips and tongue. At least that was what I thought until he bit my clit. Not just lightly nibbled it, the way Parker sometimes did. Terry out and out bit it. "Ouch!" I said.

"Oh, sorry." Terry backed off. "Didn't mean to hurt you. Some ladies like it that way."

"Not me," I said.

"Then I'll take it a little easier."

He did, and managed to make me cum with his mouth, though it took a while. He wasn't very good, and I started to regret doing this with him. But since we were there, I didn't feel right about telling him to forget it.

He unzipped his pants and waved his cock in my face. My first instinct was to bat it away, but I decided not to be quite that cruel. Instead I tentatively licked the head. It tasted like he hadn't bothered washing before he came to the party. "Um, maybe we should just do this," I said.

"Can't wait to feel me in you, huh?" Terry said. He took a condom out of the basket and put it on. "Okay, lie down and get ready. I know you're nice and wet."

He wasn't any gentler about shoving his cock into me than he had been with his fingers. I lay there and let him pump away. I was getting pretty bored by the time he finally grunted and said, "There, I came."

"Good for you," I said.

He got off me and zipped his pants back up. "Thanks, honey," he said. "That was good. Hope to see you at another party."

"Maybe," I said. But I had no intention of ever going to another house party, not if this was what they were like.

Terry kissed me on the cheek and left the room. I got off the bed and straightened my thong and skirt. "That was the worst sex I've had in my life," I told Parker.

"You definitely didn't look like you were enjoying it," Parker said. "So I take it you won't be inviting Terry to our place for any fun."

"Not a chance in hell. Not to mention, the way he bailed out of here, I don't think he'd be interested." I opened the door. "You know what? Let's just go home. This stopped being fun."

"I hear you." Parker put his arm around me and we walked out of the party without bothering to say goodbye to anyone.

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