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I don't usually remember any of my dreams but sometimes just as I am waking there is a short dream that bothers me enough to remember it. Then I mull it over and over until something starts to jell and the story starts to flesh itself out. Then I may start to write it out and it usually takes a life of its own and may actually look a lot different than when I started.

Now for the good stuff. Yes, it resembles another story but don't they all in some way. Yes, I need an editor. Sorry I am not going to look for one. I edit it myself and find lots of errors. Yes, it's too long and describes too much. Yes, it doesn't have the end everyone wants. Write your own story then.

This one actually has three possible endings and I have put them in. Each one is progressively nastier. Be advised the third one actually details male on male rape. If that offends you then skip it.


June 1

I guess I start this journal with my name. I am Blake Wilkins, age 26 and my therapist has requested that I write this journal in order to chronicle my married life to the former Lacie Mains. Of course, as a journal it may be disjointed as I am supposed to just write down my random thoughts.

So for the beginning I will just say that I believe my childhood was pretty much normal. I am a WASP, that is white anglo-saxon protestant, born into a typical middle class family. I am the middle child and my parents seem to love each other. There is little divorce, crime, or substance abuse in my family, that is until now, as I might be tempted to just get drunk or use drugs to try and keep me from remembering what went wrong.

I graduated high school at age eighteen. I wasn't the star quarterback but I played tight end and caught my share of passes. I also played basketball but wasn't a starter. I was usually counted on for a few points. I hated track but played right field in baseball. Yes, I know, the position everyone hates but in high school it was just as important to backstop the first baseman as to cover the third of the outfield.

In college I played intramural sports to keep in some kind of shape. It was fun. My major was business administration and I graduated in the middle of my class. All in all, I consider it an average upbringing. I dated Sally Mayfield throughout high school and we gave each other love, respect, trust and our virginities. We parted when going to college as she was staying close to home and I was headed about 400 miles away to a larger school.

In college I played the field for a while until settling down with Ginny Thorne. We were exclusive my senior year but parted at graduation as she was headed back home to teach and I had accepted a job further away in an office for a major company. Both girls had my love and I felt comfortable with their love but we all had different goals in life.

I moved to my new city where I knew absolutely no one and settled in. My job is a good one, I am still there, at least for now. It isn't a hard job and I have garnered good evaluations and some pay raises. All in all, just an average life so far.

Then I met Lacie Mains at a mixer to get to know people. I had been in town for about three months and was getting comfortable in my job and was now ready to get out and meet someone that I didn't work with. For me it was almost like getting a breath of fresh air after a winter of being stuck inside or that first warm spring day after a hard cold winter.

Lacie is not a model beautiful woman. No, she is much more the girl next door type. She has light brown hair that turns blonder in summer when she is outside a lot. She is about five foot five inches tall and around one hundred twenty pounds. She likes to jog and walk for exercise. Her breasts are a 34B and she has nice sized nipples that she loves to have suckled a lot during foreplay and during sex. Her waist tapers in just enough to tell you she is all woman along with her hips and shapely butt.

I don't know if she was as smitten with me at our first meeting. I suppose, looking back, that she wasn't. She actually seemed bored when introduced to me. It wasn't until a chance meeting a few weeks later that she actually seemed to look at me with some interest.

We started to date and, as far as I was concerned, were exclusive with each other. I met her parents, Margaret and George Mains. We seemed to get along okay.

I met Lacie's roommate, Brenda Givens. She never seemed to warm up to me for some reason. She is attractive in her own way but I wasn't interested in having some kind of kinky relationship with her so I never understood why she was so cool to me. Initially I wondered if she harbored some kind of romantic interest in me and was deliberately cool to cover for that. Come on, I am a man. I would love for every woman to want me.

In spite of Brenda's attitude towards me, Lacie and I continued to date. Sometimes we included Brenda since she didn't seem to have a boyfriend of her own. I never quite understood since she is attractive in her own way, and when not showing a cold shoulder to me, has a good if not great personality. When we went out guys asked her to dance all the time and she would dance with them but never accepted any other advance. When I finally asked Lacie about Brenda she just answered that Brenda hadn't found the man she wanted yet and I didn't press her for more information.

Lacie and I got to know each other. We started to kiss and make out on our third date but we never really progressed until later. Lacie informed me that she was not in any hurry to get into a sexual relationship until she was sure about our overall intentions toward each other. I was forced to agree.

It was hard to sit with her watching a movie on TV where we could have roaming hands and lips and not become too turned on. I was falling in love with her more each day and I definitely wanted to take our physical relationship to the next level. I went home with a hard cock almost every night even when Brenda was present and watching the movie with us. The only times I didn't get excited was when we watched some romantic comedy and I would sit in another chair while the girls sat together on the couch and made comments about the actors and the plot.

After six months of dating I asked her to marry me and she said yes. That night was a great night as we had gone out to a very nice restaurant located in a four star hotel. After we ate I showed her the ring I had purchased. After the screaming and tears were through she managed to say yes to me then suggested we get a room at the hotel.

That night was magical. I will treasure it forever in spite of what happened later. I quickly arranged for a room and we had a bottle of her favorite wine delivered by room service. After a toast to each other we kissed and held each other closely before she allowed me to remove her clothes. I did so slowly as I was exploring new territory. Instead of a girl I had a passing fancy for or, in the case of Sally or Ginny, an infatuation, I was in love with Lacie and intending to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted this to be perfect, maybe even more perfect than our first session of married lovemaking later.

I kissed and made love to each and every square inch of skin that I exposed as I took off her dress, her shoes, her stockings and then her bra and panties. I believe she actually had a small orgasm as I licked and sucked her nipples for the first time ever. I do know that her nipples were hard and very sensitive to every touch.

While still dressed I laid her back on the bed and then I made love to her legs, her toes and then her fragrant and utterly delightful pussy. Lord, I could feast there daily forever. And she was fully responsive as when I made love to her nipples. I do not know how many orgasms she had but my face was drenched with her fluids when I finally could not go on. My jaw and tongue were pleasantly sore and she was almost too exhausted to continue. I quickly divested myself of my own clothes while she recovered.

She had recovered enough to extend her arms and accept me into her core. My six inch cock was soon imbedded in her lovely pussy. She moaned and told me she loved me as I stroked in an out. I was super excited and so I didn't last very long. I quickly pulled my cock out of her warm and incredibly inviting core and shot semen onto her stomach. She giggled and pulled me down onto her in a great bear hug and we smeared my seed all over our bellies.

We kissed long and hard and soon I was up to the task again and we were rutting again. We made all the naughty noises together to seal our commitment together.

Brenda didn't seem all that enthused about Lacie and I getting married but I just attributed her attitude to the fact that I was the interloper in their relationship and their relationship was changing. Everyone else seemed very happy for us.

We went through the myriad of bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, invitation lists, cards, venue changes and more changes, church selection, pre-marital counseling with the pastor, honeymoon planning, money worries, table dressings for the reception, flower arrangements, photographer difficulties, and every other little thing that constitutes a modern wedding. I don't know how many times I wished we had just jumped on a plane and went to Vegas. I hear Elvis does a great wedding with little fuss.

Finally the big day arrived and actually went off without a hitch. I was uncomfortable in the tuxedo and I am sure that Lacie was not much more comfortable in her gown. We had to smile forever it seemed. Finally we made our goodbyes and were able to leave for a night in the honeymoon suite of the local Hilton Hotel. Lacie and Brenda gave each other tearful hugs before we climbed into the limo and headed for the hotel. When I asked about the tears Lacie assured me that they were tears of happiness.

We made gentle love that night before falling into an exhausted sleep. The next day we were off to Hawaii and two weeks of fun and frolic. Lacie made my cock hard every time she put on her bikini. I love her "C" cup breasts with the large nipples. One of her bikinis is just thin cloth that is almost transparent when wet and she loved to be wet. Her nipples would poke out and she would rub them against my chest every time she could get away with it. I would give her a heartfelt kiss and crush her against me while grabbing her cute round butt.

We never got a sunburn because we would play around a little then have to go back to the hotel room and get naked, well almost naked sometimes, and my six inch cock would be quivering to slide into her warm, moist pussy. When we first started making love she would kind of moan and squeak when she had an orgasm. Now she would scream my name and dig her nails into my shoulders as she came with my cock in her pussy or my tongue on her clit.

She didn't much like giving head but would clean her fluids off my cock and give a little suck and fondle to get me up again. Being a normal adult male with a horny female in bed with me I usually rose to the call and we would joyously bang each other again.

Her nipples were very responsive and I loved to suck them until she was screaming. Lacie would shout out things like, "Oh, God, when we have babies I will be cumming every time they nurse! I will love having my babies suck my tits!" I would stop at times and grin at her. She would grin back and then shove my head to her succulent pussy. I would lick up and down her slit searching for every nuance of her special flavor.

As she become more turned on she would lock her legs around my head and grab my hair with one hand while pinching her nipples with the other. She would stretch out her nipple until her breast was a cone and her nipple was extremely elongated before letting go and then grabbing the other one. Of course I seldom saw this as she would be shoving my face into her pussy. I would have to fight for a breath now and then before continuing my lingual assault on her clit and pussy.

Her cries would become more and more pointed and shrill as she reached her peak. Her legs would shake and shiver thus making me work her clit from many different angles and in a staccato motion. I was at her mercy through each oral orgasm. I loved it and I guess she did too.

We had more oral orgasms than cock in pussy orgasms but who cared. She could go on and on for hours while I was limited to a couple of orgasms a day. When I did come it was as though I was shoving my sperm deep, almost deeper than her womb. Many times the top of my head would feel like it was coming off as I shook and shimmered myself in the throes of the "little death."

Two nights before we were to board the plane home Lacie brought out a tube of lubrication and pulled her bikini bottom off and twerked at me. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Baby, I have one orifice that you haven't claimed yet. I decided tonight would be the best time so I have a chance to heal before we get on the plane. If your big cock works me too hard I can lay in bed all day tomorrow healing up."

"Lacie, you know you don't have to do this, don't you? I would never cause you any pain if I could help it."

She patted my cheek and gave me a kiss. "I know, Baby, but I want you to claim me fully. I am yours. I don't think I will give you my ass very often unless I suddenly decide I love it but I want you to take me tonight. Love my butt, Baby."

Since I had never before attempted anal sex I was a little hesitant for many reasons. We started by kissing and hugging. I stimulated her nipples until she was squirming on the big bed then I started fingering her wet quim. She was already beginning her climb to orgasm. Since she was turned on I lubed a finger and teased her tight little rectum.

I was surprised to find that her tight opening easily opened for my probing finger. It almost sucked my finger in to the second knuckle. I sawed in and out and Lacie moaned her approval. Within a minute she was asking for a second finger and I obliged. The sight of my loving wife on her knees with her delectable ass up in the air while she laid her head on the bed was enough to keep my cock hard without any extra stimulation.

I was so intent on watching two fingers slowly slide in and out that I almost missed her breathy comment to go to three. I stayed on my knees and used one hand to stimulate her pussy and clit as I slowly, very slowly stretched her bottom for a third finger. Slowly it sank in.

I held my fingers deep within her as she hyperventilated for a few moments. When I asked if it hurt too much she shook her head in denial. "It's just so intense, Dear. I have to get used to it so when your cock is buried deep in me you can fuck the hell out of my poor pooper."

I had to chuckle but also had to ask. "I don't want to kill the mood but I don't think this is the first time you've had a foreign invader in your delectable little ass."

"I'm sorry, Baby, but you are right. I have been violated this way before but I want you to claim me and all my holes for you alone now."

"I understand and I love you Lacie. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Blake, I am. Let me turn over." She slowly moved to her back while keeping my fingers buried in her rectum. Quickly she pushed a pillow under her hips as she got comfortable. I then withdrew my fingers and then lubed my throbbing cock. I sincerely hoped I wouldn't shoot before getting full penetration. In spite of her comments about how she didn't know if she would like being butt fucked I suspected she loved anal sex. Coming too fast would not be wise.

I took a couple of deep breaths before centering my cock on her already reclosed rosette. With a constant but as gentle as possible pressure on her anal opening she dilated again and I was able to get the head of my cock firmly planted in her opening before pausing. I had read that an incremental insertion was the best way to open that orifice that was designed to be an "exit only" sphincter.

Lacie smiled up at me and slowly stroked her own clit to keep the sexual stimulation going while I concentrated on holding steady pressure in spite of the almost overwhelming desire to just slam home into her bowels. It was tight and so hot on my cock and felt so good.

She also pulled her legs back so that her pelvis was raised and tilted for a better straight shot. My cock thanked her but I couldn't reach her beautiful lips to give her a kiss. I had to settle on kissing her foot and ankle.

Slowly she relaxed and my cock was sliding in more and more. I pulled out and relubricated my cock and then went through the whole process again. Finally I was rubbing my pubic hairs against her wet and hot pussy lips. Lacie grabbed my shoulders and held me there for a long minute before asking for a slow stroke in and out.

Oh, Lord, the thoughts about anything not in any way erotic that I had to concentrate on. I was balls deep in the hottest and tightest place I had ever penetrated and my balls were churning to pump out a massive load of semen into my loving and lovable wife.

I slowly moved in and out. Lacie stroked her engorged clit at the same speed. Her grunts as I thrust back in were heavenly. There must have been no pain at all for her. Her toes were curled with her pleasure. Her whole lower region moved up and down and back and forth to extract the maximum stimulation and pleasure she could wrest from our joining.

"Oh, Baby, this feels so good. I don't think it will be long before we do this again. Your cock feels like it was made for my ass. Now fuck me a little harder, I can take it and I want it."

The words I wanted to hear. My thrusts became a little faster and a little harder. Suddenly I wasn't close to firing. I was in some kind of fuck zone where I could pound away without any thought of coming. My grunts must have been loud as Lacie smiled up at me and made kissing motions.

Her own noises were getting louder as well. She was rapidly climbing that mountain called ecstasy again. Her pelvis was shaking so hard that I had to hope I wouldn't pull too far back and have to start over again. I didn't want to break the mood.

Suddenly Lacie was there and falling off the cliff. She shrieked and shook. She bounced her ass up and down. Tears leaked from her clenched tightly shut eyelids. She let go of her feet and grabbed me around the neck. Her pussy shot out liquid and then her already tight rectal opening spasmed shut and locked my cock tight in her sheath.

I was locked tight for long moments, how many I do not know, but it seemed to be forever before she started to relax and my cock was free to move. I didn't need to move as my cock spewed its load with the release of the pressure on my cock. If I thought I had cum hard before this was the granddaddy of them all. I bounced, I yelled, I twitched and shook as my cock fired volley after volley of semen deep into Lacie's bowels. I think my gyrations even gave her another small orgasm. At least it seemed so as she was grinning up at me when I became aware of my surroundings again.

She let her legs come around from over my shoulder to around my waist. I could now give her a kiss if I did it very cautiously. My six inch cock didn't allow a lot of gyrations and I certainly didn't want to escape the hot tight opening it was in.

We embraced as well as we could in that position and gave each other passionate kisses as we came down from our ecstasy high. All too soon my flaccid prick slipped out of her nether opening and I moved away so she could dash to the bathroom. When she came back she slid, still naked, under the covers. "I didn't realize that you would give me a sperm enema, Lover. I almost didn't make it to the toilet."

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