tagInterracial LoveBut Mom, He's Black! Pt. 01

But Mom, He's Black! Pt. 01


Part 1: White Moms, Black Cock, and Maddie's Smile

Chapter 1

Maddie Goldberg bounced her thick white ass on Reshawn Titus's black cock like she was tethered to it by an elastic cable. She moaned and ran her fingers through her wavy dark hair and slammed her body down and down and down onto the black man's rod. Reshawn guided her with his meaty hands on her hips, digging his fingers into her smooth pale sides and letting her round white ass recoil as it collided with his sturdy thighs.

"Ride my dick, you little whore-piece, ride!"

Throughout their youth, Maddie and Reshawn had just been drawn to each other. When Reshawn had first seen her newly-legal ass roaming the halls of their school, he wanted nothing more than to curl his fingers through the loops of her tiny pink shorts, yank them off and gape at the fleshy expanse of young white ass. There was no debating that her behind was spectacular. Every pair of pants she owned strained to contain what may have been the greatest ass in the world. On the days when she wore shirts that showed off her tight white midriff, you could behold in all its glory the curves that wound down her body and peaked at the soft jiggling roundness contained behind strained denim.

Reshawn knew immediately he was going to plow her for hours.

Maddie too had been drooling at her older ripped classmate. While it was known that the school let Reshawn stay around way past his age because he was such a star on the football team, Maddie had begun to wonder if it wasn't because he seemed to make every woman's thighs sticky and wet when they saw him working out at practice. When the sun was shining just right, and the sweat was glistening all the way from his big black shoulders down his hard ripped abs, Maddie found it hard to resist sticking more than a few fingers down the belt of her shorts and creating a big sticky mess in her pants.

Plus, of course, Maddie had noticed the bulge.

The school talked about it the same way they talked about anyone's hairstyle. Because, just like Maddie's pants all seemed inadequate at containing her own pulsing sexual figure, so did Reshawn's. When he wore shorts, the thick solid cylinder seemed to curl almost to risk falling out. Amongst the boys at the school, there was always a bitter kind of talk when it came to the subject. Reshawn took three gym classes each semester, and he spent much of it towelless walking around the locker room. The sway of his big black monster as he stepped was audible; even soft it looked threatening. Even worse was how, at times, seemingly unconsciously, he grabbed it in its midpoint, letting the thick fleshy penis slack in places, even. If you weren't careful in the locker room, you were likely to brush by him a little too close, and you'd be met with a warm bulbous fwack as the gerthy appendage grazed your leg.

Amongst the girls, Reshawn had sown his seed well enough that they feared not the warm pulsing scrape against an unsuspecting leg, but instead discussed the hard rapidfire pleasure that his fully erect cock could bring. There were of course the uninitiated, the girls who squabbled over which cute white boy had been looking down her shirt during Biology, but these girls seemed silly and childish when compared with those who had experienced Reshawn first hand. It seemed that once you had felt his thick fingers roaming deep around your flesh, felt him pawing your breasts and sliding down your curves until he shoved his massiveness so deep into you that you found a new spring of pleasure that you alone nor any white boy had ever even come close too--it changed you. And so when you heard of some girl wondering if Ryan or Logan thought she was cute, you smiled and knew that was a realm outside anything you would ever go back to again.

Maddie Goldberg transferred to the area during Reshawn's second senior year. From the moment her long white legs stepped onto the school grounds, every man and every boy eagerly waited to peer down the corner and watch that beautiful behind sway as she stepped into some distance.

Maddie wasn't messing around. When the wealthy urban teen moved with her family from the big city, she brought with her not only her mesmerizing shape, but also knowledge of fashion, culture, and sophistication that made her an idol for all the prettiest and most popular girls in the place. In a matter of weeks, under her influence, the social scene of her school transformed from one in which these pretty girls slutted up, got too wasted, then blacked out and fucked whoever was the closest male, to one where the girls dressed in sexy dresses, drank wine slowly, and now seduced a wider range of men, even from outside the school. Of course, Reshawn was still able to have any girl he wanted at his beck and call, but the other boys mourned the loss of their too cheap whores.

At the start of the school year, Maddie and Reshawn were fucking every day. She'd wrap her bare legs around his waist as he slogged into her in the men's handicap stall, her moans drowning out the second period bell. He splayed her legs in the backseat of his car while the school stood in a mass during a fire drill. He also drained his balls all over her face and chin in one of the secluded corners of the library.

Reshawn and Maddie were both too horny to ever consider entering a relationship. Reshawn spent Fall Break slamming into the pussies of two of the girls who worked at the grocery store. Maddie went through a fling where she was living between the sheets of an African Studies professor from the community college. However, no matter how much pussy Reshawn destroyed, and no matter how much cock erupted all over Maddie's ass, the two always seemed to come back to each other for mind melting passionate fucking.

And so, the entire school, and eventually they themselves, began to call them boyfriend and girlfriend.

Chapter 2

On a Sunday afternoon, Chaz Hartman and Roger Izaguirre sat in Chaz's room and worked on homework.

"This history paper is so dumb," Roger said, "Why are we going over the Civil War again? We did that last year; I know all this stuff already."

"Tell me about it," Chaz responded, "At least it doesn't take long to write."


"Hey, check this out," Chaz said, scrolling down his Facebook, "Maddie Goldberg posted some new photos."

He turned his laptop to his friend. True enough, Maddie's profile now displayed some new images from the night before. Titled "Pool Party", the photos showed Maddie in a tiny silver bikini, the tube shaped top pushing up her smooth modest tits, and the thin string holding together the bottom straining under the pressure of her bountiful glistening derriere. The photos showed Maddie swimming in a crowded pool under some strobe lights, dancing in her bikini up against some burly black men, and even a few of her leaping into the pool, her ass stuck out behind her in a mid-air, gravity defying freeze frame.

Roger rushed over to Chaz's computer to see the photos. They both spent a ridiculous amount of time admiring Maddie's behind, more so than any other pair of guys in the school. They had a folder on their computers of photos they'd saved from her Facebook, and they frequently opened it when they each needed some personal relief. In fact, as they scrolled through the pool party photos, each of them was already imagining taking out their cocks and wanking furiously to the round teen behind.

Chaz and Roger were both some serious virgins. Chaz was overweight, pudgy, with longish black hair. He was Jewish, and he attended the same temple as Maddie Goldberg. On holidays, when he'd see her there, it would take all he could muster not to bust a nut right there in the pews. But Maddie didn't even know he existed. Roger was thin as a nail, with a hunched over back and some bad acne. He was Mexican and was homeschooled by a tutor his whole life until high school. This meant he was extremely adept at math, though he wasn't as good at writing essays as Chaz was. His house was actually on the same block as Maddie's, and sometimes he would see her jogging in the mornings from his window. On those days, you could be sure he would have to churn one out before he left his room.

The closest the two dorks had ever come to pussy was on the screens of their well used laptops.

In fact, the two had no real females in their lives. Chaz, eager for pussy, tended to be too forwards and rude when he talked to girls, and so they all designated him a grade A creep. Roger was too shy and scared, and so no girl ever noticed he existed.

The only two women who ever seemed to speak to the two boys was their respective mothers, which may not seem like much. However, there was something very special about those mothers: they were both single and they were both smoking hot.

For as long as Chaz had known Roger, he had wanted to bang Roger's hot mom Lauren. Lauren Izaguirre was a brown latina hottie. She had had her son at an impossibly young age, and so even now that he was a senior in high school, Lauren did not look a day older than even a sex minx like Maddie Goldberg. She had wavy dark blonde hair, and a dark tan complexion. What Chaz loved about Roger's mom was her big brown boobies. Her melons were massive, and seemed to always be displayed by the series of low cut t-shirts that Lauren liked to wear. On any given day, it was likely Chaz could walk into Roger's house and find that stupendous rack bursting out of the skimpy shirt like it was a sculpture meant for display. Not to mention that Lauren, a busy working single mom, seemed to be in a perpetually state of cleaning the house, which meant a lot of bending over to pick up laundry, socks, and whatnot, all the while giving Chaz a clear view of her dangling giant brown tits.

Lauren also had a tendency to wear tight white pants. Chaz swore she must have a whole closet full. Fortunately for the horny young virgin, Lauren Izaguirre did not seem to realize that her tiny black thongs were so easily visible in her tight white pants. This meant it was simple to get a sense of how shapely and firm her maternal ass was.

The young mother had been born in Mexico, and worked as a housekeeper for a wealthy American in Tijuana. In her youth, Lauren loved to drink and party in the hot Mexican nights, and it was from one of these wild nights that she conceived her son. She never knew the father. When her employers moved to America, they paid to take her with them, and so she and Roger settled down in America. Now, Lauren worked for a modest boutique, helping women find clothes and shoes that they liked.

Roger had been equally interested in Chaz's hot young mom. Sondra Hartman was a wealthy, prissy Jewish American Princess. Chaz's house was like a mansion, and his sexy mother Sondra did little but lounge around it all day, drinking wine and laying by the pool. She had been born rich, and lived her whole life in wealth and luxury. When she was a teenager, she looked remarkably like Maddie Goldberg. When Roger first saw Maddie, he thought he was seeing a slightly different, younger Sondra. There were some key differences however, the main being Roger's favorite: Sondra had a superb set of big round titties. Chaz's young hip mom was constantly going out to fancy dinners and parties, and often Roger would get to see the young mother walk down the stairs in a long black dress with her white cleavage delicately held by the thin straps of her dress.

On more casual occasions, Sondra was taken to wearing tiny white shirts that seemed not only two sizes too tight for her bust, but also cut off with her pale bare midriff entirely exposed. The white shirts were so thin and tight that not only could he see Chaz's mom's nipples most of the time, but if it was hot out, or if she dripped a bit of liquid from a glass of water she was drinking, even the smallest drop could render an area of the shirt nearly transparent, and Roger could marvel at the shape, firmness, and size of Chaz's mom's breasts.

Like Maddie Goldberg, Sondra Hartman had had a few wild years in her youth. She quickly married, however, to an old rich Jewish banker, and he was able to get her pregnant just barely before he passed away. What he left was a sexy young wife, a pasty little son, and more money than either of them could ever spend.

As the two boys scrolled to a photo of Maddie lying on her stomach with her silver-bikini ass glared by the camera's flash, there was a knock on Chaz's door. He quickly closed the laptop, and in walked his buxom mother.

"Boys," Sondra said, "I need some help bringing out the garbage."

"Mom, we're busy!" Chaz barked back rudely. He was concealing a boner beneath the desk from the photos of Maddie he had just been looking at.

"I can help," Roger said eagerly. The mom smiled. "What a gentlemen," she said, and Roger walked with her to the kitchen. When he talked to Sondra, he tried his hardest not to look at her body, but it was difficult. Her tits were of course amazing, but there was something about that bare midriff that was particularly attractive. Maybe it was because she was such a curvy woman, and the stomach of the mother was still so youthful and spry. Roger constantly imagined grabbing her by the hips and feeling the warmth and resilience of her supple stomach.

Roger came back from the errand and sat next to Chaz again. Neither suspected the admiration that each of them had for the other's sexy mom.

"Did Maddie post anymore pictures?" Roger asked, a sultry kiss between Maddie and Chaz's mom playing in his head.

"No, just a status complaining about how hard her history essay is."

"Ha," chorted Roger, "That wasn't a hard essay at all."

"I know, but girls like Maddie Goldberg are so so sexy but so so dumb."

"Maybe we could help her."

"Yeah, I'd like to help her out of that bikini and into my pants."

"I wouldn't mind that. Imagine her coming over here and giving us both a good time."

"I'd write her whole history essay for her if she'd let me lick her asshole," blurted Chaz.

"Man, these new photos of her are really something! I think they might be even better than the ones from her trip to Jamaica."

"Which ones do you mean?" Chaz aksed.

Roger brought his computer over to where Chaz was sitting.

"This was has always been my favorite" he said, showing a photo of Maddie laying out in the sand on her stomach with just a tiny piece of cloth covering her gorgeous ass.

"Damn, I haven't seen these before, I don't think," Chaz realized, scrolling through on Roger's computer.

Through the open door of Chaz's room, Roger could see Sondra out in the living room, watching television on the couch. There was something so majestic about her breasts that day, Roger grew transfixed on the buxom figure.

"I'm going to grab a soda," Roger meekly said, hoping to get a new glance at the mother as he passed her by.

When Roger left, Chaz refreshed Maddie's profile on Roger's laptop. Still no new pictures; just the status complaining about the history.

Suddenly, Chaz thought of something. On his friend's computer, he carefully typed out the following comment.

"If you're having trouble, let us help."

And then he posted Roger's phone number.

When Roger came back and saw Chaz had used his account to confront Maddie, he flipped.

"Fuck you! Now she's going to think I'm as big of a creep as you!"

"Relax, she'll probably just never respond."

Chapter 3

Maddie was standing in Reshawn's kitchen frying eggs in a big pan. She was still in her silver bikini bottom from the night before, but she had shed her top and leaving her white well-formed chest bare as she made breakfast. She had woken up an hour ago, when the sun shone into Reshawn's bedroom. His big black hunk of a body was still passed on in the bed nude, his soft slab of manmeat sticking to the side of his leg by the residue of their nightly fucking. Maddie pulled out her laptop careful not to disturb her lover, she checked her facebook, her agenda, posted some photos of statuses, then headed topless to the kitchen to make something delicious for her hungry man.

By the time Maddie returned to the bedroom, Reshawn had begun to stir. Maddie set the tray of eggs, bacon, toast, and juice down by the table next to Reshawn and crawled back under the sheets. As Reshawn reached over to grab the food, Maddie ducked her head beneath the covers and wrapped her lips around Reshawn's stiffening black cock.

It was an unsaid agreement that any time Maddie spent the night, she had to make him breakfast and suck him off while he ate it.

Reshawn munched on toast and watched the sheets rise and fall as that pretty Jewish head bobbed up and down on his cock. "Mmm, baby, this is a delicious breakfast."

Maddie let the hard black cock slip from her lips, dripping saliva everywhere. "You're my delicious breakfast," she said sultrily before heading back and devouring his cock once more.

While Maddie worked her lips and tongue around the monster between Reshawn's legs, the black giant grabbed Maddie's computer to check the web too.

"Looks like you got a notification babe," he said, but Maddie didn't stop fellating him. He clicked the red signal and found the comment left on her status under the name Roger.

"Some white boy says he can help you with your history paper," he chuckled to her.

Maddie let the cock slip from her lips again, but replaced it with her two swift hands stroking the saliva-lubricated cock.

"It's probably just some creep trying to get in my pants."

"Maybe so," said her black boyfriend, "But he's saying he can help with that paper you've been complaining about."

"So what? I can write the damn paper myself, it's just a chore." Her hands stroked up and down the slippery hard monster.

"Look at it this way," Reshawn began, using his left hand to guide his cock back between Maddie's lips, "You invite him to your house. You give him the topic and tell him to help you by writing you some kind of rough draft. Meanwhile, you sit on the couch and watch tv, or go for a run, or fucking touch yourself until you stain your sheets, do whatever. Then you come back and he's got a paper done and ready that if you hand in, you get a good grade and you don't do a lift a finger."

Maddie's eyes looked up at Reshawn promisingly, but her lips were too busy swallowing cock for her to respond.

It wasn't until after Reshawn's hips had buckled, his shaft had pushed deeper into the girl's straining throat, and he had fed every drop of cum from his big black bells down that eager youth's gullet that Maddie could respond. Semen dripping down the sides of her mouth and onto her hands, Maddie paused a moment and said, "Without lifting a finger?"

"Damn right. Whenever I have a paper, I can usually muscle one of the smarter guys on the team to do the same for me. It's just instead of my big black muscle, you've got your fat white ass." And he leaned forwards and lent a might SMACK onto the slut's god-given gift.

"Oooh!" Maddie cooed, flinching, then sat up in the bed next to her lover. Topless and sticky, the girl grabbed her laptop and typed out a response.

"Looks like I don't have anything to do today after all," Maddie whispered smiling.

Reshawn sent his big black paw down her body and slipped it between her legs. When his fingers began to penetrate her, Maddie's eyes rolled back into her head, her chest strut out, and a big goofy grin took over her face. Maddie was in heaven.

Chapter 4

The boys were flabbergasted when they saw she had responded. Roger begged Chaz for forgiveness, and the two danced around Chaz's room at the prospect of going over to Maddie's home that evening.

They responded, saying it would be the two of them, and a few hours later, Maddie let them know that would be alright. From Maddie's view, it wasn't as if the two boys were strangers: she recognized both of them as awkward white boys from her classes who may have seemed a little gawky at times, but must have been generally innocent. She knew Chaz went to her temple, and Roger seemed to volunteer a lot for the Blood Drive, so they couldn't be that bad.

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