tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBut What Would Happen the Next Year

But What Would Happen the Next Year


I was heading back to the conference. A year after an unexpected most erotic conference. See, last year I was at a three-day teacher's professional development conference in Little Rock on teamwork and I was paired with three other female teachers. There aren't that many male teachers in my grade level. And some very exciting things happened on that three day conference.

If you haven't read "They Said "SURE", "Cindy Called Back" and "It Was Embarrassing At First", you might want to go back and read those so this story will make better sense. And now we had another conference in Little Rock and I had just gotten to my room in the hotel.

Yes, I had thought about last year's conference all year, It had made for a lot of masturbation sessions as I relived that unreal experience. No, I did not tell my wife what happened, but she did experience some very hot fucking after I got home.

Last year, after a very strange conversation at dinner, I had invited two of the women that were in my work group back to my room and I stripped and masturbated for them. Yes, totally naked, and yes I came for them. But you've already read the other three stories so you know all that happened. No, we never screwed, but...well, it was exciting.

So I was putting up my clothes, getting settled into my room when there was a knock on my door. Probably housekeeping or something. So I opened the door and there stood Samantha...with a big smile on her face.

"Hi!" she said. "I see you came back. Actually I saw you check in and I managed to get your room number."

Well, what do I say? What am I thinking? You know what I am thinking. And I figure she's thinking the same thing. "Well, girl, it's good to see you. What are you up to?"

"Well, I decided to stay at the hotel this year," she said with a wicked smile. "No sense driving back and forth. I mean, it's a 45 minute drive...and I think my family can do without me." She winked at me.

"Well, come on in." I watched as she strode into the room. She looked wonderful. Then a thought hit me. Is she wearing the same things she wore last year?

"I don't have anything to drink in here, otherwise I would offer you something."

She turned and look me in the eye. "I didn't come up here for a drink," she said with a dazzling smile. Her hand went to her blouse and she began unbuttoning it. "I came for a repeat performance...if you're up to it."

I really wasn't expecting this. I mean, I have dreamed about Samantha's incredible body for a year, and yes, I was hoping for a repeat performance with her, but I really didn't expect it. I figured we'd all be embarrassed and would have come to our senses. But who was I to complain?

"I've thought of nothing but a repeat performance all the way down here," I said as I started unbuttoning my shirt. "I just never expected that it would happen...and I never expected that you would show up at my door like this."

"My pussy has been so wet all week. But I was afraid you might not be interested in me anymore, so I figured I would need to seduce you," she said as she removed her blouse. Yes, same blue bra. Her hand went to her skirt. She unzipped and her skirt dropped. Same light blue panties. And I saw a wet spot. Wow!

"Do you like?" She pirouetted for me. She still had a great ass.

I quickly shed my shirt and unzipped my pants and pulled them off. "You tell me" as I displayed my bulge to her.

She licked her lips. "Yeah, I think you like," she smiled. Then she came to me and got on her knees and took my ass in her hands and pulled me to her. She laid her cheek on my cock and rubbed her check on it. I felt her hands slide under my underwear as she grabbed my naked ass.

"I've thought a lot about this cock this past year. I have never experienced anything like that and you gave me the most intense orgasm I've ever had. I have never squirted before or since."

I ran my hands through her hair and down her back. I deftly unhooked her bra. "We were interrupted last year. I was starting to lick your boobs. You have magnificent tits and I want to spend some time on them."

I laid her back. I still had my underwear on and she still had her panties on. I moved to her side and started slowly circling her nipple with my tongue. She reached down and started to rub my cock through my underwear. She just laid back with her eyes closed and moaned, lifting her boob into my mouth. "I LOVE having my boobs licked. And you're only the second man to lick them."

My hand wandered down her soft belly, over her panties, slowly rubbing her pussy lips. We weren't totally naked yet but we were both feeling very good.

I switched boobs and she rubbed my balls. Her other hand clamped on the back of my head, holding me tight to her boob.

The original rules were no touching but we violated that rule last year when we engaged in an intense 69 session, with both of us wanting to make the other cum first. I won, by just a couple of seconds. We both squirted. She had never squirted before and she had taken my entire load in her mouth.

Now I wondered how far we would go this year. I had never fucked another woman besides my wife and she told me that I was only the second man to see her naked so I figured she had never fucked another man. Was that going to change tonight?

This time we were not in a hurry so I took my time on her boobs and she slowly rubbed my cock as I rubbed her panty-covered pussy. But we were both getting very hot.

She took the next step by slipping her hand under my underwear and grasping my cock. I answered quickly by sliding my hand down her panties and running my fingers down her slit.

She was panting and moaning and pushing her hips up to meet my fingers. I was biting her hard nipple and pulling it out with my lips. We were losing control. I decided we needed to slow down.

I lifted my head from her boob and looked at her. Her eyes fluttered open. "You stopped!"

"Samantha, we're moving very quickly. Are we heading somewhere we shouldn't be heading?"

She looked at me sheepishly. "Probably."

"This was supposed to be mutual masturbation," I laughed. "I think we've passed that part."

"Yes we have, and as much as I would love to fuck you right now, I know I shouldn't. I DO love my husband and even though I've already gone much further than I should, I know that I can't go that far. I'm sorry. I've acted like a slut!" She looked like she was ready to start crying.

"I would never call you a slut. You are such a beautiful and sexy woman. It's almost a shame that it's been saved for just one man. And I feel privileged to be here with you. But I also don't want to go too far. And I'm just as embarrassed."

We sat there a looked at each her nervously. Boy she had great boobs! Her body looked flawless for now 43 years old. I sure didn't want her to put her clothes back on.

So now what? Samantha broke the tension. "Would it be bad if I were to watch you cum? That's what I came here for last year, but we never got there," she laughed.

"Would it be bad for me to watch YOU cum?"

"I would like to cum for you."

So we both slid off our remaining clothing and made ourselves comfortable on each end of the bed. This time she was not at all modest about showing me her pussy. She spread her legs for me and started masturbating for me. And I did the same.

While her boobs were magnificent and her ass was perfect, her pussy was a delight to watch as she got closer and closer to orgasm. I worked hard at not cumming because I wanted to watch her cum a few times and she didn't disappoint me. Three times she raised her ass and threw her head back and screamed out an orgasm before I told her to watch me as I came.

We just sat there for a bit, stroking our sensitive parts, letting our breathing get back to normal. She was probably the most beautiful woman I have ever been naked with. I know what she was thinking because I was thinking the same thing. I SO want to fuck this woman. But I knew I couldn't. I was going to enjoy what we had.

"Would you like to take a shower with me?" she asked.

And we did just that. I got to soap and rub her body and she did the same to me. We hugged and kissed in the shower until we knew we needed to get out.

We toweled each other off and she worked on her hair, stark naked in front of the mirror. I just sat on the toilet and watched her. What a sight!

We went down to the conference and registered. Jennifer and Cindy were not in attendance this year. We were not assigned to the same team this time but through the entire conference we would catch each other's eye and share a sly smile.

I took her to dinner that night, off site, and we had a great time. As we went back to our hotel she broached the subject. "I want to spend the night with you."


"But no fucking."


She went to her room and got her luggage. I can't say that we didn't get naked when she got to my room. We did. I can't say that I didn't eat her out and she didn't suck my cock. We did. Many times.

The most uncomfortable time for both of us was then we called our spouses. We were both naked when she talked to her husband with me running my hands all over her body. And she was slowly sucking my cock as I was talking to my wife. But we never did fuck. But having her naked body wrapped around my body all night was wonderful. And to wake up with her licking my cock was just the way to start the day. Yes, we each had one more orgasm.

So...next year?

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