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...But Your Enemies Closer


AN: So this was easily the most requested story from you guys through comments and email feedback, which makes me incredibly happy because this is my favorite story for so many reasons. I tend to disagree with a lot of people when it comes to favorite characters and such in fandoms but I've found that I never seem to agree with any of my readers on their favorite couple/story/etc that I've done, so it's refreshing to see that we can all agree – for the most part – on something. Oh, and don't worry, the others aren't far behind.

Now...Happy Reading!


Chapter One

Gives You Hell

Life was not going how Rebecca Knox expected it would at all.

If someone were to ask her where she would be seven years after high school, she would have had a very different opinion than the reality that had unfolded around her. For one, she would have some semblance of an actual plan instead of floundering around just to survive – which was the very situation she unfortunately found herself in at the age of twenty-five. The brunette huffed and pulled her jacket around her tighter to battle the cold of the late autumn wind as she made her way to yet another interview that she wasn't completely sure of.

Rebecca knew that the popularity and admiration that had kept her afloat during her teenage years wouldn't exactly transfer over to her adult life, but she would be lying if she didn't think it would have some effect on how things would turn out. She had spent so much time cultivating her reputation back then, only to find out that it didn't mean much to anyone after graduation. Unless of course you count the five-year reunion of her graduating class where she felt like she was riding on top again – even if that had only been for a few hours.

There was a flash of self-pity that she felt for not paying attention more during her classes – or even caring about them past the necessary GPA she had to keep in order to stay on the cheerleading squad. If only she had retained some of that knowledge or had the slightest drive to keep up with her education past high school, she might not be in this mess. As it was though, Rebecca had no trade skills to speak of and no ambition to go to college then or now.

She may have been inclined to continue school if only to follow her love of cheerleading, perhaps she could have even turned that passion into something more prestigious like gymnastics or dance, but a bad break in her left leg kept that dream from reaching any fruition whatsoever. Rebecca cursed the reckless nature of her youth and another bout of self-pity hit thinking about her eighteenth summer and the itchy cast she had to wear for months after the break. Not like it did much good in the end. Even after physical therapy, she still felt a phantom twinge right below her left knee more often then she would like to admit. So cheerleading went right out the window with all of her dreams.

Rebecca breathed out another huff of air against the cold wind. This time it was more depressed than indignant, as she accepted that life had happened in way that couldn't be changed. The only option was to keep moving forward and do the best she possibly could against the insurmountable odds that seemed to keep getting higher.

The tall brunette stopped in front of the doors to the Zendex Media building and steeled herself before heading inside. There was a chance that this interview wouldn't work out any better than the last few that she had, but she was running out of options for jobs that didn't require a college degree and weren't rooted in the fast food industry. With a flip of her long, dark hair over one shoulder, Rebecca walked through those glass double doors with purpose. There had been nothing off limits to Becca Knox, cheerleading captain, prom queen and absolute overlord of Branson High – all Rebecca needed to do was channel that energy into a more positive manner without letting her inner bitch out to play and this job was as good as hers.

Admittedly, Rebecca did feel a little better about this interview than the last ones she had. It was for a personal assistant position to one of the higher up executives here at Zendex Media – an up and coming advertising company. The job was nothing more than a glorified secretary in Rebecca's opinion, but she knew the skill set wasn't extensive and everything they asked for she had in spades. The brunette had passed her phone interview with flying colors, assuring the company's representative that she had everything that they were looking for.

Excellent time management and organizational skills – from years of putting together infallible pranks and evil schemes. Natural drive and leadership – from bossing around her squad during hours of backbreaking practice. An aptitude for taking direction – mostly from the societal pressures she had faced from a young age. Even the ability to type over a hundred words a minute – because slinging hurtful comments around online had to be done in a quick and timely manner to fit into her tight schedule. Of course, her interviewer didn't need to know the root of her particular skill set, just that she had what the potential employer was looking for. In the end, it was enough to snag an in-person interview with said employer.

This little detail was a bit odd to Rebecca if she was being honest. Generally, the hiring manager dealt with prospective employees once they had passed the phone interview stage. Although, with the position in question it did make sense. It was a personal assistant job after all, and a hiring manager wouldn't be able to dissect the chemistry needed for said job. Rebecca frowned, realizing how much thought she had already put into this and wished that she wouldn't get her hopes set too high.

After checking in with the front desk, Rebecca made her way up to the fourth floor where her interview would take place. She thought again how peculiar this was in comparison to some of her past job experiences, but brushed it off just as quick. If anything, different was good. The same old same had brought her nothing but repeated disappointment. This could be a chance to start with a clean slate.

The room she was told to wait in was particularly bland. Consisting of a few chairs positioned around a white walled room, with the dullest landscape paintings Rebecca had ever seen. On the back wall was a desk with a younger woman sitting behind it, looking just as bored as the room was boring. It felt more like a hospital waiting room then the common room of a business.

After looking around, Rebecca saw that multiple doors and hallways branched off from this room and for a few moments, she wondered if they led to offices or cubicles or something. She had no experience with this kind of place so her guess was as good as anyone else's. Rebecca reminded herself that it wasn't important and focused back in on the prize instead of the random wondering her nervous brain wanted to consider.

After what felt like an eternity, a voice finally buzzed through to the desk across from where Rebecca was seated.

Send in my ten thirty please, Amanda.

The girl at the desk, Amanda, gave the disembodied voice a quick reply in the affirmative before setting Rebecca with a wide (fake) smile. "Ms. Frazier will see you now," she told Rebecca with a put on voice that sounded too polite.

A 'customer' voice, Rebecca's friend Evie had always called it. The one that said the customer and consumer were always right. Also known as the 'I don't want to get fired so I'll pretend to be nice even if I'm fantasizing about stabbing you in the eye with a pen' voice.

Rebecca nodded back with the same forced kindness and thanked the girl before heading back to the door that Amanda pointed out as Ms. Frazier's. Just like when she had first showed up to the building, Rebecca gave herself a moment to breathe and build up her confidence before knocking quickly on the door. It didn't take long for a muted "Come in," to ring out from the other side. With one last deep breath, she turned the knob and entered the office.

Nothing could have prepared Rebecca for who she saw sitting behind that desk however.

It had been years since the last time she saw her. She instantly noticed that the face had definitely matured more in that time. The frown lines at the corner of her mouth were a bit more defined but not so much to detract from her pretty face – and Rebecca had to grudgingly admit that her face was pretty. Her blonde hair had been cut shorter than Rebecca remembered also; it rested just at her jaw line and was playfully tousled to look a little wild against her cool exterior. In addition, the thick glasses were long gone, probably replaced by contacts now. The years had been mostly kind to the woman in the smart business suit who was still perusing through some papers on her desk and a twinge of jealousy ran through Rebecca just looking at her.

This had to be a dream. Or a very cruel joke. There was no way that Rebecca was actually about to be interviewed by her high school punching bag. There was no way that she was looking at –

"Emily fucking Frazier," Rebecca mumbled under her breath.


Emily was proud of how far she had come in her life.

It didn't mean that she was particularly overjoyed of her life, but she didn't hate it by any means. She knew that she worked a little more than she should and maybe she took things a bit too seriously and sure, it had been awhile since she had made a social call or even a date – but she was content. Emily knew that nothing ventured meant nothing gained and the only venture she truly cared about in this part of her life was establishing her presence in this cutthroat business so she could remain a permanent fixture at Zendex Media.

So far, she had to admit that she was doing pretty well for herself. In the few short years since Emily had received her college diploma she had been able to rise steadily through the ranks at Zendex. It was a pretty cushy job, all things considered and with the hard work and dedication she had put into the company, they had rewarded her quite nicely in return. A corner office, good hours, and even a personal assistant in the form of Amanda.

However, Emily was in a place where she had to find someone new since Amanda was leaving the company in the next few weeks. There was no joy in the thought of searching for her replacement – and it definitely wasn't going to be easy. Amanda wasn't the best assistant by any means, but she was quick and attentive and those traits were good enough to look past any other flaws she might have had.

The petite blonde always got the coffee that Emily liked and never waited to tell her anything until last minute. They had a good working connection and as such it would be a shame to watch her go. Of course, Emily would also miss literally watching her go since Amanda had made for some nice scenery in the office space. With the luck that Emily had, Amanda's replacement would be fifty-year-old man with failed hearing and a pronounced bald spot.

It wasn't a very nice thing to think, but Emily wasn't necessarily a nice person.

Therefore, the last forty-eight hours had been spent making sure that she wasn't stuck with that terrifying prospect. She had some good candidates if her underling that had conducted the phone interviews were to be trusted at all, but she wouldn't know for sure without talking to any of them herself. Emily hadn't actually found anything out about these prospective employees; she simply booked them each a time slot and decided she would see where it went from there. This was a bit unorthodox but Emily had never considered herself conventional by any means – her success was proof of that.

This lack of prior screening put her in the awkward position she was in now, however, and it had Emily second-guessing her tactics right away.

She heard the door open and close and knew that there was someone standing just a few feet from her desk, just waiting for something to happen. It was typical for Emily to let people squirm for a bit, just to see how they would handle pressure, but in this instance she was actually trying to finish reading through the document in front of her face before proceeding with the interview – no ulterior motives at all. If she had just a few more moments, Emily would have had the opportunity to do just that, but it was then that she heard the mumbled words from the figure in front of her.

"Emily fucking Frazier."

Emily's gaze traveled up from the desk so slowly at the sound of that voice that her short blonde locks hung in her eyes and obscured her vision until her neck straightened out to look at this person head on. It was as if she had gone back in time suddenly, and all of her insecurities came crashing down around her like a tidal wave. The dark wavy mane paired with equally dark, cold brown eyes looking down on her as if she were seventeen again. It was impossible to believe but she was staring right into the gaze of her high school nemesis.

"Becca Knox," Emily mused with a humorless tone to her voice.

Rebecca shuffled awkwardly. "Actually, I go by Rebecca now."

"Do you?" Emily asked without much concern about her personal preference before looking back to the papers on her desk.

The blonde had an urge to tell the tall brunette to turn around and get the fuck out of her office, but she stopped herself. This was a golden opportunity just waiting to be had. Here was the biggest threat in Branson High, applying to be her personal secretary – essentially Emily's personal bitch. She could finally dish out a little bit of the hell that Rebecca had subjected her to so many times. If the brunette could feel even an iota of the pain Emily had felt in high school it would be a win.

"Sit down Becca," Emily said, taking on a much more professional feel, while somehow retaining the same hard bite.

Rebecca furrowed her brows at Emily's blatant disregard for her preferred name but wrote it off and sat down as she had been instructed. She understood instantly how much joy Emily was taking from this situation and as much as she wanted to, she couldn't bring herself to be mad about it. It was the truest form of karmic justice and Rebecca admitted that perhaps she even deserved it.

"So tell me, why do you think you're the most suitable candidate for the position here at Zendex?"

Every scripted answer that Rebecca had was lost as she scanned Emily's face. She was having a hard time thinking of anything besides just fucking off this interview and trying somewhere else. Perhaps flipping burgers wouldn't even be so bad in comparison.

Of course, that was not the Becca Knox way – she would pull through this one way or another. Getting the job wasn't as imperative as saving face in this moment. Rebecca couldn't let Emily see how much she was struggling right now. Deserved karmic justice or not, her image was still the most important thing to maintain.

"Well, I believe I'm more than qualified in all the areas that you require in a personal assistant. I'm attentive, organized and driven. I'm quick to learn and excellent at multitasking." Rebecca fired off the skills that seemed to please her original interviewer in hopes of impressing Emily but the stoic face staring back at her never changed a bit from its stony expression.

In fact, Emily was considering how each skill came to be just as Rebecca had earlier.

She knew Rebecca was great at multitasking – for example by throwing each of Emily's books in the school fountain while simultaneously rattling off a list of unpleasant nicknames to the laughter of her brain dead friends. Of course, Rebecca was quick to learn – quick to learn every little thing that would get under Emily's skin until she cried and ran away from her tormenter. Oh yes, Rebecca was driven – driven enough to make Emily's life a living hell every day of the four years they had spent together in that prison called Branson High.

"Yes, I'm very aware of your particular set of skills," Emily said coldly.

A prickle of fear ran up Rebecca's back before settling into her brain and making her wonder when this woman had become the terrifying presence she was now. It occurred to Rebecca that maybe it was even her that created this monster seated across from her. Was it possible that the constant bullying she had subjected Emily to had made such a person?

"Is that, um, a good thing? I was under the impression that these were the attributes you were after for this position." Rebecca stuttered over her words, feeling for the first time like she was the one under the relentless scrutiny she had delivered to so many others in the past.

Emily pursed her lips at the question. It was indeed what she was looking for in an applicant for her assistant. However, it wasn't the manner of skills Rebecca spoke of, but the way she had acquired them that bothered Emily. Still, there was a level of professionalism that Emily was required to have despite her personal opinions. She had to be fair – even if it was very, very hard to do right now.

"Yes, of course these are good traits to have. I never said anything to make you think otherwise did I?" Emily retorted.

Rebecca quirked a brow and stared Emily down in confusion. She hadn't said anything, no, but the tone she had taken sure had suggested something didn't it? Rebecca was not enjoying this game of cat and mouse she had found herself in today one bit. She was not used to playing the mouse and she was not used to losing.

"No ma'am, you did not," Rebecca muttered, and averted her gaze from Emily. Those green eyes staring back at her were starting to burn in their piercing scrutiny at this point.

"Ma'am now, huh? I thought I was Emily fucking Frazier, or did I hear wrong when you came in?" Emily couldn't help the sarcasm as it rolled of her lips. This game was just beginning to heat up and oh, how fun it was becoming.

Rebecca cleared her throat and met Emily's face once more, feeling nauseous from the smirk so full of mirth that her old victim wore. "In my most humble opinion, that's not the way that one should address their prospective employer."

Emily leaned across the desk, her smile growing even wider which only added to the discomfort that Rebecca felt. "That doesn't answer the question, now does it?"

"No. It doesn't." Rebecca sighed.

"So then answer my question Becca."

"Yes, I did call you Emily," she swallowed thickly, "fucking Frazier. However, if I may apologize and take it back, I would like to do so now. Perhaps we can start with a clean slate for the remainder of this interview. That is, if you would be so kind...Ms. Frazier."

Emily looked like the cat that just ate the canary. She knew she had Rebecca right where she wanted her and with any luck, she would have her there for quite some time. At least until she had her begging for mercy or resigning from ever working with Zendex Media ever again. Still, no point in quitting the game just because you were ahead. Might as well drive the point home while you have the lead – Rebecca was into sports, so she should know that rule very well.

"Becca, you and I will never have a clean slate," Emily said with a shake of her head. "I will grant you the opportunity to change my mind about you though. I'm sure there is at least some semblance of a decent human being lurking underneath the shell of that cruel, manipulative bitch I've always known you to be. Please, prove it to me."

Rebecca was so caught off guard by the blatant attack on her character that she struggled to find words for a few moments. She was correct in assuming that this wasn't like any other interview she'd ever had, and hopefully, she would never have another interview like it in her life. The same old same had never looked so appealing in her life as it did right now.

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