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Butlins Redcoat


Butlins is a holiday camp we have here in Great Britain. It's kind of kitsch, they have entertainers called Redcoats who cater for the children and the families.

Its unusual for someone like me to be at a Butlins holiday camp. I was there with a group of male friends and having an awful time. It was all beer drinking, and football talk. I tended to walk off on my own. I went to a bar on the site where they were playing bingo. There was a girl Redcoat there running the game and calling out the numbers.

She was a typical holiday entertainer, bubbly and slightly irritating. She was a tiny bit overweight, about 5ft 4 and had died blonde curly hair with the roots showing. She wore the Butlins uniform, redcoat and red trousers and a white t-shirt stretched over her big fat tits. She was in many ways unremarkable except for the fact she was wearing terrific, black patent leather high-heeled shoes. They looked fantastic and dirty but with a completely impractical three and a half inch heel. She wobbled uneasily when she walked in them.

During in a break she came over and explained the rules of the game and how to play. She seemed to think it was funny that I was the only guy in a room of old ladies. I made her laugh with a few jokes. She had big brown eyes, and a pretty little mouth with badly applied crimson lipstick.

I played the last session of bingo and sat there whilst everyone left. The bar staff were still cleaning up so she came and sat with me. I couldn't take my eyes of those slutty shoes but when I did I found myself looking at her boobs. You could tell through the white t-shirt that she was wearing a bra too small for her big tits. I'm guessing she was an E cup size?

I was pleased to find I could still make her laugh, and she played with her hair letting me know that something could happen if I wanted it to. The bar staff left and we were alone. I leant in for a kiss; she parted her small mouth and my tongue found hers. We kissed quite slowly for while, she was nervous and I knew that I would be taking the initiative with this girl. She locked up the bar, so we were guaranteed privacy. This made my cock hard and stiff in my jeans. I realised whatever was going to happen, was going to happen right here in the bar. We kissed, standing up, her breasts up against me. I kissed her neck and ear. She was all artificial smell; her breath smelt of peppermint, her hair of shampoo, her neck of cheap perfume. She was a small town girl with little sophistication about her. I was going to get her to do my bidding, and I knew that soon, those high heels would be making me come.

I walked her to the bar and pushed her against it. We tongue kissed again and then I turned her round.

"Stick your arse out," I said.

She did so. I got close to her ear. "I'm not going to fuck you."

"You're not?" she replied. She was confused; she didn't know what was going on.

My hands went round to her front and I pulled down her trousers over her arse and down to her knees. She really did have a nice fat arse, lovely smooth skin, and a cheap tacky black thong running up her crack.

The thong made my cock throb. I usually like big sexy expensive knickers on woman. I find thongs a little obvious, but the sight of that thin flimsy nylon running between her gorgeous cheeks, made my balls ache.

I got down on my knees and played with her arse, pulled the cheeks aside wide and got in close so I could smell her. I breathed in deep and pulled away her thong so I could see her tight little arsehole.

I told her to pull her cheeks wide apart for me. She struggled; her legs were still constrained by her trousers around her knees. I got in close and touched her bum-hole with the tip of my tongue.

She gasped. She was shocked, so was I. We had barely kissed, I hadn't seen her pussy or her tits and here I was with my tongue teasing her anus.

"You've got a tight arsehole," I said, "Has anything been up it before?"

"Only my fingers," she said.

"More than one?"

"Yes, I've managed to get two fingers up there once, as far as the second knuckle."

I ran my tongue around her rim. My hands kneaded her soft white arse cheeks. Her hole started to twitch; I pushed my tongue inside, enjoying the smell of her. I took one hand away and got my cock out and started giving it some tugs as I tried to see how far I could get my tongue inside her. She was making little gasps. She was turned on but at the same time a little nervous and unsure. She needed to steady herself against the bar again with her hands because of her silly high heels. As I kept licking her arse, I thought about having those sexy shoes up over my shoulders whilst I pounded her on the floor. I knew I was going to keep my word though. I wasn't going to fuck this girl tonight. I'd do everything else instead

I put my hand underneath her crutch and into her panties I found a thick hairy sopping wet bush. This surprised me. I thought she might shave. I liked it though, my fingers found there way through to her clit, I pinched it lightly and then rubbed it a little.

More gasps from her mouth. My hand moved down to her slit. She was wet enough for two fingers.

I pulled my face away and said, "Your cunt isn't as tight as your arse hole, but it feels nice. You've had a cock or two up there right?"

"Uh huh!" I was finger fucking her; her gasps were turning into little moans. I pulled her cheap panties down over her arse until they were stretched wide apart between her knees. I ran my hand from her dripping cunt round to her arse, lubricating her second hole with her pussy juice. I get my tongue back into her bumhole, working it round, lapping up the juices. I did some long strokes. She was straining to stick her arse out further. I ran my tongue from down by the edge of her cunt lips, right the way up her crack to the top of her arse. All the time I gently finger fucked her and rubbed her clit and bush.

"Turn around, kneel down."

She did so. She saw my giant cock. It is a massive cock, I'm sorry to bore you and I know you've heard it before, but I have a massive thick long cock. It was hanging there, bobbing up and down in front of her deep brown eyes.

"Goodness!" she said.

I was looking down at this small town slag in slutty shoes with her trousers and knickers were round her ankles. She was on all fours with her huge tits hanging in front of her, and she had her mouth open for my cock

She looked beautiful.

I let her have it. She opened wide and I slipped my helmet in between the crimson lips. She had such a tiny pretty mouth she couldn't get it all in but she tried so hard. She wanted as much as she could take. I fucked her mouth gently. She balanced on one hand using the other to play with her cunt. As she went back and forth along my shaft she left lipstick stains on my cock.

She made soft satisfied noises as she tried not to gag. Her eyes were open. She looked straight up at me the whole time, as I filled her mouth up with cock.

"I'm not going to fuck you," I reminded her.

She made a noise and a head movement. A no? A yes? She wasn't going to take my knob out of her gorgeous little whore mouth to tell me that's for sure. I took my hands to the back of her head, and tried to get my cock further into her throat. I didn't want to hurt her. I just wanted to make sure that this sweet girls, got as much of me as she wanted. Especially as her cunny was going to go to bed that night aching for the cock it couldn't get.

She gurgled and moaned and helped me in my quest to see how much of my fat penis we could cram between her lips. Her hand was working her pussy fast now, and her arse cheeks were jiggling around all over the shop. She was starting to tense and I figured she might be near to orgasm.

"Do you want to come sweetheart? Is that it? Do you want to come babby? Why don't you let yourself go, why don't you come with the biggest cock you've ever seen stuffed in your gob. Go on baby, baby go on."

She tensed up, frigged herself furiously, then let my cock spring out of her mouth, as gave a big grunt and put her head to the floor. She had come but she didn't stop she carried on. Her fat arse was jiggling high in the air, as she bought herself to climax a second time.

She knelt up straight. Her face looked dazed. She was sitting there fully clothed, her knickers round her ankles. She smelt of pussy. A cock had smeared her lipstick around her face.

"My turn now, honey," I said, "Where do you want it? Face or tits?"

She stood up and got her trouser and knickers fully off. She had the good sense to leave her patent leather hooker shoes on though.

"I want it on my tits. I want you to empty your sack over my tits," she was breathless, and perhaps a little aggressive. She was frustrated at not getting her cunt fucked hard.

She slipped her jacket off and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She really did have tremendous tits and I was right, her black skimpy bra didn't hold them properly at all. Her boobs were spilling out everywhere. She unhooked her bra and let her magnificent F cups fall forward. My little holiday whore was naked except for a single silver chain and her black high-heeled shoes. There she was; died hair, big eyes, gigantic white tits with small dark brown nipples sticking out hard. She had a surprisingly trim stomach, but wide hips and large hips and backside. I wanted to spray this beauty with my come.

"You want me to fuck your titties? Come all over them!"

She got down on her knees and got ready. She was playing with her cunt again.

"Yes," she said. "I want you to fuck my tits. I'm going to push them together tight, so they feel like a pussy for you. I want your cream all over my tits, I want you to rub the come in with the tip of your cock."

I rubbed my helmet against her massive right boob. "I might miss, I might shoot hard and get come in your face and hair."

"I wouldn't mind at all. I was planning to scoop some off of my tits anyway and eat it."

She took her hand from her slit, and pushed her tits together around my cock like she promised. She pushed them in tight, as I thrusted up and down. I loved how roughly she played with her tits.

"Does it feel like a cunt yet?" she said. Once again, her big brown eyes were wide open and staring up at me.

"They just feel like two fantastic tits, being squeezed together tight for my cock." My balls were really heavy with spunk now. I fucked her titties hard, the helmet catching her chin on the upthrust. She had her arse sticking out, she had her legs out wide behind her and I was going to come hard with a perfect view of those high heels. I took my cock away and started jerking myself off towards the finish line.

"I'm going to come."

She had her hand back down at her snatch and was fucking herself. She was going to come again too. She played with her left tit with the other hand.

This slut was just aching for my warm come and I was so close to the edge. The tits, the eyes, the hand up the cunt, all were willing me to let rip and shoot. But oh those shoes! Those sexy, filthy, black shoes on this cheap beautiful slag were what did it.

I cried out and exploded. My first squirt missed, I got jizz on her collarbone, over her necklace and some in her hair.

"Come on my tits!" she cried. I was shooting come hard. My second shoot went over her face across her nose, lips and chin.

"Come on my tits!"

The last three squirts were the bulk of my load and I got my aim right. I gave three long bursts of spunk, spraying across both her tits. There was come, dripping of her right nipple, there was come running down the valley between her breasts and running down onto her stomach. She had some come on the left tit too, but not on the nipple. She had some come higher up around her neck. She had come running of her nose and across her lips. She had come on her chin that was dripping off onto her tits and mixing with the come already there. She even had a little come in her hair.

I moved the come around with my cock. She massaged it in with her hand she was still fucking herself with the other one. She took lumps of goo onto her hand and licked the come off. She closed her eyes. Her come soaked tits jiggled around as she fucked herself harder. Her massive jizz covered boobs swinging around, she was eating my spunk and bringing herself off.

I pulled away. I pulled my jeans up and walked away.

She kept her eyes closed.

I left her there on the floor, covered in come, fucking herself. Wearing nothing but high heels.

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