tagExhibitionist & VoyeurButterfly Ch. 01

Butterfly Ch. 01

bySweet Sherry©

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the first chapter of a long semi-autobiographical tale about my search for sexual identity. Since some of the characters are real people, I've changed all the names to protect the innocent. And while you might be tempted to look for vacation rentals on Vecino Beach (see chapters 3 and 6), don't bother. I made it up as a convenient stand-in for several different places around Florida.

You may notice that the chapters are written from different points of view and/or in different tones. The chapters developed their own moods, so I let the story tell me how to write each one. I hope that you find this more helpful than distracting, and that you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Chapter I: The Dream

They had just made love, him laying on top still inside her, their bodies damp and warm, their bare skin flush together. It was the time when they felt closest; when all walls were breached, all windows opened, all lines between self and other blurred; two clouds nudged together by a summer breeze. This was the moment in which their deepest feelings and longings felt safe to come out in the shelter of their joined bodies. She cherished this feeling almost as much as the act of love itself.

Today was not unusual. She had arrived at her apartment from work to find him waiting right inside her front door. A trail of discarded clothing marked their path down the hallway to her bedroom where they fell together, a wild, desperate tangle of young, lusty flesh. They had made love like lovers separated for months instead of hours and now floated in the magical afterglow.

Sherry enjoyed Kyle's weight on her body, his smooth chest on her breasts, his slim, muscular stomach resting on her pelvic bone, his hips pushing her thighs apart, his once-hard shaft slowly shrinking inside her. They kissed slowly, and as they cooled together, he laid his head beside hers, his chin on her shoulder. Without even thinking, she started to whisper in his ear.

"Babe, I had the most interesting dream last night."

"What was it about?" he answered absently.

"You remember Trish, the new receptionist at work I mentioned?"

"The hot young thing who was hired because your boss is a 'horny old man'?" he asked, repeating her words from the previous week.

"That's the one. I dreamed that I was at work and looked down and she had crawled under my desk."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. I just saw her face with a big grin looking up at me from the dark down there. She put her hands over her lips so I would 'shhh' then started rubbing my calves. Pretty soon, her hands had worked their way up to the hem of my skirt."

"Yeah?" replied Kyle. She knew she had piqued his interest because she could feel his heart begin to pitter-patter again, his chest pressed against her.

"Yeah," she whispered. "She slowly lifted my skirt up to my knees, all the time smiling at me. I didn't react at all, just kept typing at the computer like nothing was happening."

Sherry felt Kyle's cock twitch inside her and the embers of her desire began to glow again as well. She had just wanted to share her dream but was obviously arousing them both. She went on, speaking a little louder now.

"She kissed my left knee, then my right knee, then pulled my skirt up farther up my thighs. And the weird thing is, I didn't try to stop her. I even lifted my butt off the chair so she could free my skirt from beneath me. I still kept quiet when she had it up to my waist. But I kept my knees together because I was a little embarrassed."


"Well, I must have dressed in a hurry that dream morning because I wasn't wearing anything underneath."


"Not a thing."

"You bad girl," said Kyle, his cock now stiffening noticeably inside of Sherry. He raised his head and kissed her nose. "Tell me more."

Sherry was excited but a bit shy and blushed as she went on. "But Trish didn't quit there. She wedged her hand between my knees, but I pushed back and kept my thighs tight together. Trish looked up and mimed licking the air, then pointed between my thighs with a pleading look on her face."

"That did it for me. I casually relaxed my legs to give her what she wanted while pretending to ignore her. I did it real slowly to tease her, but eventually I knew she could see everything. I even scooted forward in my chair so her face was right there."

Sherry now felt Kyle hot inside her. Her moistness returned and he began to slide smoothly in and out as she continued her story. "Then she leered at me like an absolute slut, stuck out her tongue, and licked me down there. The touch shocked me and felt unbelievable but I still kept typing like nothing was going on."

"Right there in your office?"


"Did you like it?" asked Kyle, his movements quickening. He pushed himself up, his hands by her sides on the mattress, his arms extended, his tone, hairless chest lifting away from her. The cool air washed suddenly over her sweat-dampened breasts and she felt them jiggle as he began to thrust harder into her. Her flowing juices washed the rest of her inhibitions away.

"Yeah, honestly, I loved it. But all of a sudden, Amy from down the hall walked in and asked me about some stupid project. I sat up straight and acted nonchalant while Trish kept eating me out. Amy came over to put a file on my desk and stood right there, turning me on even more. I must have been getting very wet because Trish started making squishy noises with her tongue and saying something like "hmmm". I tried to hurry Amy and get her to leave so she wouldn't notice but she just kept talking and talking. Amy didn't even seem to hear when Trish roughly pushed my thighs farther apart and banged my knees against the insides of the desk. I glanced down and saw Trish's face right in my crotch and felt her tongue dancing all inside me but I had to pretend like nothing was happening even though it felt sooo good."

Kyle was pumping into Sherry hard now and she curled her legs behind him, letting him plunge deeper.

"As soon as Amy left, Trish grabbed the end of my skirt with both hands and ripped it clean apart from top to bottom. It just fluttered down in tatters on both sides of my chair. It was one of my nice ones, too, but I didn't care. Then she reached up and tore open my blouse and my buttons just flew everywhere as I heard the silk ripping in a couple places. And by this time I was wasn't surprised when I noticed that I had forgotten to put on something else that morning."

"No bra!" cried Kyle.

"Yeah, babe, nothing underneath. I let what was left of my blouse slip off my arms and fall to the floor behind me while Trish dove her face back between my legs. I was just sitting there naked in my office with the door wide open letting the new office babe eat me out. My coworkers kept walking by - Kristin and Barb and Keith and the rest of them -- but in this dream world, nobody looked in. By then, I actually wanted them to. I even pushed my chair back a little and propped my feet up on the desk. I really wanted Amy or somebody else to walk in and see what we were doing."

Sherry was approaching orgasm and continued her story between gasps. "Trish reached up . . . and squeezed my breasts ... and I grabbed the back of that slut's head . . . mmm . . . with both hands and ... mmm ... pushed her face hard into my pussy . . . oooo . . . I don't know how she could breath ... mmm ... I felt her nose on my clit . . . mmm . . . and her mouth . . . yeah . . . and tongue deep inside me . . . oooo . . . I came so hard . . . "

Sherry heard Kyle moan, then felt him thrust forward as he filled her womb for the second time that afternoon. The sensation made her come as well. She dug her nails into his back and lost all sense of being for that brief, glorious moment. He collapsed back onto her body and they kissed passionately, their tongues dancing a slow dance, their bodies and souls reunited again.

After the world started spinning again, he lifted his head and smiled. "Did you really dream that?"

"Yeah, pretty much. I even dreamt about trying to get home without any clothes, but that's another story for another time." He grinned, then put his head on her shoulder and held on to another moment of oneness.

And before it passed, Sherry had something to say, something that even in this most precious of moments she had been unable to share. Until now.

"Kyle?" she whispered.

"What, babe?"

"I really want to make love to another woman."

...to be continued...

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