tagErotic CouplingsButterscotch and Blankets

Butterscotch and Blankets


I had carefully set the scene for the seduction I had planned. The picnic basket was full of our favorite goodies: strawberries, whipped crème, and chocolate sauce. I even remembered a special treat, butterscotch sauce – it was one of those strange food things that we had in common. The blanket was spread under the huge oak tree in the far corner of the park, right next to the creek. I made sure I left a trail of clues for him to find me. I even dressed for the occasion, wearing a lightweight sundress with nothing underneath.

I wondered what his reaction would be when he saw me there. While it had been months since we first met, the times that we had actually been together were rare and treasured. Our schedules were complicated and arranging dates had been almost impossible. The few moments that we had stolen together were intensely erotic and amazing. He could read my body and my mind better than any other lover I had ever known. Just hearing his husky laugh when I teased him on the phone was enough to make me get damp with desire.

I knew he came by this park frequently on his patrols. We had often talked while he was hanging out there, killing time and watching games. I left my car parked in an obvious place, knowing he would see it and go looking for me. He had that kind of memory. Not only did he have my phone number and address memorized, he also had the license plates on my car memorized. I wanted to be in two places at once – just to be able to see the look on his face when he saw my car and also to watch him as he followed my trail of 'breadcrumbs' to where I was waiting.

It only took about thirty minutes before I heard soft footsteps crunching through the underbrush. I continued to sit quietly, sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying the warm day. I knew he would find me at any moment and I didn't want to give myself up too soon. I saw him step into the clearing and the look on his face was priceless. The smile on his face made all the planning worthwhile. He was in full uniform, holding the 'breadcrumbs' that I had left along the way. My shoes were in his hand and my thigh high stockings, thong, and bra were draped across his arm.

"Ma'am, you seem to have left some of your belongings in the park," he stated with a low laugh.

"Hmmm, I'm sure those belong to me Officer. I do seem to be missing a few things," I teased.

"Do you mind if I take a look to verify that these are your belongings?" he asked as he stepped closer to me.

I couldn't help it, I busted out laughing. I was so lame at playing these games. He pounced on me and started tickling me, making me laugh even more. I knew he was surprised and thrilled that I had gone to so much trouble just for him. I could feel how pleased he was when he rolled me onto my back and placed himself between my legs. He stayed on top of me, reached over and pulled the picnic basket towards us. When he saw the contents, he laughed again and nuzzled his mouth against my neck, murmuring his appreciation. He ran his hands over my body and smiled down at me as he realized exactly why there was a trail of clothes leading to the blanket.

His kisses were playful and hungry at the same time. He was exploring my mouth with his tongue, nipping at my lips with his teeth and using his hands to tease my body. It had been over a week since our last date, so I was already hot and wet for him. I was arching my body against him, wanting him to take me hard and fast. I didn't want teasing and playful. I needed him NOW. He managed to work my dress up to my hips so I moved his hand between my legs and let him feel how wet I was. He slipped his fingers inside me and slowly started sliding them in and out, using his thumb to massage my clit. I slipped my dress off my shoulders so he could get his mouth on my nipples. His hand was working between my legs and he was sucking and nibbling on my nipples as I rocked my hips against him.

I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted his cock inside me. I pulled at his shirt, frustrated by all the layers of clothing and equipment that he had on. He leaned back and helped pull off his shirt and vest. I immediately started loosening his gun belt, kissing his chest and flicking my tongue across his nipples, giving him the same sweet torture he had given me. He groaned and ran his hands through my hair as I started kissing lower and lower down his abdomen. I managed to get the gun belt off him and helped him slip out of his pants. I had full access to his body now and couldn't keep my hands or mouth off his skin.

Although I really wanted to play with the goodies in the picnic basket, I couldn't wait any longer. I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top his cock. I slowly lowered myself down onto his hard, thick shaft until I had him completely inside me. Then I started rocking back and forth, grinding my hips against him. I leaned forward and put my arms on either side of him, putting my breasts in the perfect spot for him to kiss and suck. I was sliding up and down on his cock and pumping my hips against him, completely overwhelmed with the sensations of having him inside me, hot, thick and hard. His mouth and tongue were teasing my nipples and his hands were on my hips and gliding all over my skin.

I could feel his body getting tighter and he was breathing hard, watching his cock slide in and out of me. He was thrusting against me now, harder and faster, his hands on my hips holding me to his rhythm. The look of desire on his face was enough to push me over the edge. I felt him go still beneath me as wave after wave of orgasm crashed through my body and clenched around his cock. I was slowly rocking against him as my body recovered and then I felt him lose control. His hips bucked against me a few times and he groaned as he shot his cum inside me. I gave him a lazy smile and told him that he had managed to take the edge off my hunger, but I still needed a little more to 'eat.'

I slid off him and kissed my way down his neck and chest while I was reaching into the picnic basket. I opened the chocolate sauce and dipped one of the strawberries into it. I twirled the strawberry in the sauce and then brought it to my lips so the chocolate would drip into my mouth. I held the berry right above my mouth and ran my tongue around it, showing him exactly what I planned to do with his cock once I got it in my mouth. I lowered the strawberry to my lips and licked and sucked on it until the chocolate sauce was gone, then I grazed my teeth against it before nibbling it into tiny bites. He was watching my tongue and mouth as I played with the berry and it was enough to get him aroused again.

I dipped my finger in the chocolate sauce and then ran it down his abdomen to his cock. I drizzled some more chocolate on his cock and then topped it off with some whipped crème. He started laughing while I was playing, but his laughter turned into another low groan when I started to give his cock the same treatment I had given the strawberry. I loved the sweet taste of the chocolate and crème combined with the salty taste of his cum and sweat. I was licking and sucking on his shaft, humming with appreciation and making sure that I didn't miss a bit of the sweetness. His hands were toying with my hair as I slid my mouth up and down, sucking him clean. I ran my tongue down his shaft and gently licked his sack, then I took him back into my mouth and continued working him in and out. He was growling low in his throat and his eyes were intent on watching me take pleasure in fucking him with my mouth.

I couldn't believe how much it turned me on to finally have his hard, thick cock in my mouth. I had one hand wrapped around his cock and was using it along with my mouth to make him cum and my other hand was between my legs, my fingers sliding in and out of my slit. When he noticed where my hand had strayed, he groaned my name and exploded down my throat. I kept swallowing and working my mouth on him as his body trembled beneath me. My hand was still between my legs and it only took a few moments before I climaxed again.

We were both exhausted and spent a few minutes relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze and the shade of the oak tree. He surprised me when he got up and pulled me down to the creek with him. He waded in and I followed, not sure what to expect. He lifted my dress and helped me to pull it off my head, tossing it to the dry bank behind us. He reached down into the water, cupped his hand and splashed the water up my legs, rinsing off the cum from our earlier tryst. I spread my legs for him and he continued to wash me, taking time to slip his fingers inside me.

The water was cool and his hands were warm. I was leaning into him and running my hands down his arms and back, kissing him every chance I got. Once I was rinsed off to his satisfaction, he pulled me out of the creek and back up to the blanket. I lay down on my back and he knelt between my legs, running his hands across my skin and caressing my nipples into peaks. He leaned down and kissed me, ravishing my mouth with his tongue and then slid his kisses down my neck. His tongue found my nipples and he teased me by going from side to side and flicking his tongue against me. He continued kissing his way down my belly and nestled his face between my legs.

I was already lifting my hips in anticipation of having his mouth against me. He slid his fingers inside me and started licking and sucking on my pussy until I was shaking beneath him. His fingers were sliding in and out of me and his tongue was busy on my clit. I could feel his eyes on me as I rocked my hips against his face and shattered with another orgasm. He quickly moved, wrapped my legs around his hips and thrust his cock deep inside me. My body was still reeling with aftershocks, but he was grinding his hips against me and pumping that thick shaft inside me and I started to climax again. He could feel my body tightening around him and he started fucking me harder, his hands wrapped around my waist, holding me tight to his body. I cried out as I came and he thrust into me again, filling me with another load of cum.

He collapsed on top of me, nuzzling against my neck and marking me as his while we recovered. He started laughing out loud and said that if he had realized I was waiting for him with a picnic lunch, he would have brought some pineapple to add to the feast. I told him he could plan the menu for the next surprise picnic, just as long as we could try the butterscotch instead of the chocolate sauce. He laughed again and told me to stay alert, because you never know when your friendly neighbor cop is planning to surprise you!

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