tagIncest/TabooButtonnose Ch. 01

Buttonnose Ch. 01


I have found new pleasures with my lover and we enjoy a lot of each other. We both get turned on by the thought of incest and sometimes we enjoy thinking of each other in a mom-son relationship. My lover has encouraged and inspired me to write this story. I wish it were the case between me and my lover, Buttonnose. I wouldn't ask for anything more!

This story is in 5 parts and this is the first one. I will be posting the parts, provided I get a lot of feedback. I am greatly interested in hearing from women who are interested in this story and similar situations of mom-son incest, and who have fantasized or experienced it.


Chapter 1 – Now and ever

It was late night when I got home. But I could see that you were still up. As I came into the house, I could see the TV on. You had stayed up till I got home. Ever since we had developed our relationship, you always waited for me; sometimes in the kitchen, at the dining table, in the living room or the bedroom. Sometimes you have waited for me in your sleep, in the bed with the lights on, waiting for me to come and wake you up. You wanted to see me when I got home. I cannot really know which part of you really felt possessive, the mother or the lover. But I must say, it felt very good to come back to a waiting pair of eyes. At times there was a lot more that was waiting! In fact every time I had been out late, we usually ended up having a lustful time in bed. I guess you just wanted to prove that I was still yours. I guess no matter how many times I say it, or how I prove it, you will always need that bit of extra assurance. As you say, you need to show your love, your way!

That night, as I came into the house, I saw the TV on. There was something going on it. You were sleeping on the couch. You must have fallen asleep. I gently got in, and shut the door behind me, locking it as usual. I slowly came into the living room. But as you are a light sleeper, the noises must have woken you up. You stirred and looked at me.

"What time is it?" you asked

"Its nearly midnight, mom" I said.

"You have been out late today," you said looking at me. "You usually come back before midnight"

"Its not that late. Come on, I'll take you to the bed". You got up slowly and sat up. You were still sleepy.

"You look tired. You need some sleep." I said looking at you.

"I know" you looked at me and smiled in your lips. Getting up you wrapped your hand on my shoulder and we slowly walked to the bedroom. As I laid you in the bed, your robe parted, exposing your legs and your cleavage. At your age, you had a lovely pair of both.

I always enjoyed a glance or two on either of them once in a while, when you would step out of the shower, or were cooking in the kitchen, moving stuff in the bedroom, or just relaxing on the couch with me. Knowing that I loved to steal a glance at them, you were never particular about your clothes either. In fact you let yourself get exposed at times, just so that you would see my eyes stuck on them at times. Especially at times when you wore that baby doll and you would make no effort to hurry up while you were bending down for some reason. Those times, I would eat my heart out over your sweet and tender bum and thighs. Without looking at me, you would carry on with your work once you stood up.

The thrill would come when there were times that I would realise that you weren't wearing any panties. In fact ever since we got together that night, you seldom wore them. There were times when we were out about and you used to say to me, "I think I should have worn my panties, what if I slip and fall right now?" You wore them only when I was not going to be around you or with you, or when you were getting ready to go to work.

As I laid you in the bed, I picked your legs and placed them under the sheet. "Don't take too long," you said in a soft voice, barely opening your eyes.

As I stood up I looked at your body, wrapped in the thin silky robe, your sensuality hardly contained by the silken cloth.

"I will be there soon mom," I say to you.

I changed in the bathroom. After shutting all the lights I got back to the bedroom. I now seemed to use my room only as a clothes store. I seemed to go there only to get changed or, at times, get some of my stuff. Ever since that night on your birthday, I don't recall sleeping in my bed. But then I was never good to sleep there anyway, not on my own. Especially when I knew you were just a few feet down the room on your own. Well those were the days and I sigh when I think of them. It took us long time to get to know each other truly. But it has been time well invested. Now we seem to be so much into each other, figuratively and literally.

When I was sleeping on my own, I could feel my erection at times during the night. I used to slowly caress it, knowing well that a gentle squeeze would only enlarge it more. A lot of times I had the urge of stimulating myself and masturbating to the thought of you slowly sucking me off. These were the times I missed you next to me under the sheets, naked, your soft skin caressing me gently. It aroused me beyond all imaginations. Your sweet perfume excited me, got me harder. I couldn't help but imagine you next to me. It felt so good just thinking about it. At times I used to get goose bumps thinking about loving my mom, fearing that you may not approve of it, even hate me for it! But at times I would hope that you would be far more loving and understanding, may be even craving for me just the same!

But now it was all just a past. I was lying in bed next to you. As I got under the sheet, I cuddled close to you, and wrapped my arm around you. You were sleeping with your back to me. I had started sleeping nude ever since we started sharing the bed. I felt so much better. Moreover I wanted to make up for all the days when I had imagined your nakedness close to me. It felt so arousing and sensual every time. I enjoyed it with every touch and caress of your skin.

You had slipped out of your robe. It didn't need much to undo itself anyway. That was why you liked it so much. Just a tug on the belt and the whole robe would fall apart. But when the belt was tied around tightly it used to stick so close to your skin that I could see your nipples stick out. One way or another, you never missed a chance to give me a hard pecker. I guess it was your way of priding your self.

As I moved in the bed and got closer to you, I slowly hugged you closer. As I moved I pressed my prick on your bum. You were sleeping with your back to me. As I hugged you with my arm around you, I drew you close. You shifted and got closer to me, pressing against my chest. I ran my hand under your arm on your waist and slowly cup your breast. It filled my hand gently, like soft jelly. As I squeezed it you felt excited, your breathing got heavy and you squirmed and pressed closer to me, pressing gently on my hand and encouraging me to go further.

As you pressed on me I could feel my erection pressing on your bum softly. I moved my hips to touch and poke your bum, and I slid my prick between the cheeks. With every movement, it seemed to grow larger. Your breathing got heavier as you responded by moving your legs and letting my prick slide closer to your cunt. You arched your back, sticking your bum onto my prick. I ran my hands on your bum as I slowly moved your hips in rhythm and I felt my prick getting closer to your warm cunt. As you pulled on one of your thighs closer to your stomach, you parted your legs, so I could reach between them. I let my fingers slide in between the thighs, deep, barely touching you there. I could feel your cunt lips quivering as I glided my fingers over them. With every touch you sighed heavily and I could tell you were getting very aroused. You were still sleepy or at least pretending to be, so you didn't make any movements. You just lay there and let me play with you.

Then I moved down a little and reached out for your cunt, sliding my finger on it, and with every stroke I rubbed harder and deeper between the lips. As I separated them with my finger digging in, you pressed your bum back on my finger urging me to go on. I played with your cunt for a while, rubbing your clit and sliding my finger inside just a little so as to excite you. With every stroke of my finger, you were moving your hips so as to take my finger deeper inside you. You held my hand on your breasts and pressed it hard to encourage me. You pressed hard on my pelvis and moaned deep while I fingered you inside. Your heavy breathing aroused me so I dug my finger deeper and you let out a deep sigh. As I fingered you, I caressed and gently squeezed your tits. I started licking on your ear lobe, tickling it as I sucked it.

Since you were very drowsy, you couldn't help but ride the waves of erotic pleasures, as you got flooded with the arousing. I was getting more excited by playing with you. So I pulled on your leg and brought it closer to your stomach, bending it at the knee so I could part your thighs and get more access to your cunt. Now on your stomach, you stuck your bum out to me and encouraged me more. I let my fingers run on your cunt, and I felt it all over and inside with my finger sliding in deep. I started to massage your clit with my thumb as I fingered you with my middle finger. Your hips kept moving to meet the rhythm, your breathing now very heavy. As you raised your hips out to me, I lay on my back and dived under your hips, taking your cunt on my lips. I started to lick your cunt, my hands caressing your bum and stroking your thighs as I licked it slowly and deeply. You went through spasms of orgasms, one after the other but I kept licking you. It drove you so wild.

"Oh yes oh yes, don't stop. Oh baby lick my cunt, oh fucking hell, yes"

I gently slid my finger inside your cunt and touched your spot. All the time I was sucking on your swollen clit. You had your legs eagle spread for me so I could have you as much as I wanted. You were enjoying every minute of it. Then you slowly slid down and let me suck on your tit. All the time you were moving your hips and pressing your cunt on my prick, rubbing them together, my balls rubbing your cunt lips. Then taking my prick in your hand you guided it to your cunt and took it all the way in as you settled down. I could feel the warmth in your cunt as I went deep inside. It felt so good to be inside you. I heard you whisper in my ear, "Take your time fucking me. I want to go on for a long time like this. You just lie back and enjoy and let me do the work for you. I love to feel you fucking me."

I held your bum in my hands and gently rocked you on my prick. You enjoyed the rhythm as you kissed me gently on my neck and cheek. I could feel the length of my cock sliding all the way in and out of your hot wet cunt. Oh it felt heavenly. I wanted to go a little faster and you stopped me. "Shh. Just take it easy. Enjoy the ride. Calm down. I want you to enjoy me for a long time now. Just keep fucking me like this for a while. I love to milk your prick."

You slowly sat up and bent your knees. Then you positioned yourself so that you were ready to take charge. Then you slowly started to fuck me by moving your hips back and forth. With every push, you squeezed my prick inside your cunt, and I could feel you milk my prick. You did this slowly and gently. Every time you were moving you sighed and moaned. I was holding your breasts in each hand, cupping them as you fucked my prick. You could feel it hard inside you, you were enjoying it just as much. At times I could feel your juices flowing down my thighs. I started to rub your clitoris with my thumb gently. I wanted to arouse you more so you could fuck me harder. As I rubbed it more, you got more excited and started ramming my prick harder. I kept up the speed and kept rubbing your clit. It was swollen like my prick. You slowly calmed down after you could take it no more. As you lay on my chest, we stayed like that for a while. Then I slowly rolled you on your back. Then I got on top I started sliding my prick inside your cunt.

I teased you for a while going slow and deep. I loved the feel of your wet warm cunt milking me. You kissed me on my chest at times. I lay on you and kissed you passionately all the time I was digging deep in you. I loved pressing you down and fucking you deep. You encouraged me with your hand on my bum and moving in rhythm. All the time you kept on moaning and sighing heavily.

I love the feel of the hot cunt squeezing my slippery prick. I fucked you for a long time slowly. You lay there just enjoying my prick inside you. Being inside you is one pleasure I love to enjoy no matter how so many times I have it.

I fucked you for a while and then I couldn't hold back any longer. You sensed it and encouraged me to cum. You have a very feminine way of doing that. With your touch and kisses, it becomes even more difficult to hold back. I exploded inside you. As I collapsed, I buried my head in your neck and you stroked my head and ran fingers through my hair. As you waited to let me calm down, all the time you hugged me close and caressed me. You kept kissing me on my cheek. I was breathing heavy.

"I love you," you whispered in my ear.

I slowly rolled over and you cuddled up close to me.

As we drifted to sleep I cuddled up next to you and kissed you a few times. You gently stroked my prick; it had gone limp by then. I felt so aroused even then when I touched your thighs with my prick. But because you had sucked life out of it, it couldn't spring back up again for a while.

I love to cuddle into your arms when we are in bed. Your warmth is so loving. Your touch is feminine and it pours out emotions of love. At times I can feel your lips kissing mine gently. I love your kisses. They are equally sensual. Especially when you kiss tenderly. It's like being kissed by a rose.

You had kissed me before and you had touched me countless times. But I had never felt the magic or the sensuality then that I feel now. It wasn't that our lips had changed or that you had made any less effort then. It's just that the love inside you had changed its nature. Now there was more of it, and it had now developed a different flavour.

Even today I remember the night of your birthday. Ever since that night, I never felt you the same as before. What happened that night is something I will treasure until I die. It is the night that changed everything for me, it made my life a dream. It culminated into a beautiful song and made my efforts worthwhile. It brought me to my oasis from where I would begin a new journey into the meadow. It made us come closer, become very different inside and feel the love for each other very few would ever comprehend. But more so, it gave me the love I had always wanted; the love of my mom in a very special way!

To be continued...

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