tagIncest/TabooButtonnose Ch. 04

Buttonnose Ch. 04


This is the fourth chapter in the series. I loved writing every paragraph of it. On the occasion of mother's day, I wanted to send this out to every loving mother who wants to enjoy reading it. Thanks for all the emails again. I have enjoyed receiving them just as much as I have enjoyed writing this story. As always, keep them coming. I love hearing from all of you.


Chapter 4 – Birthday present: The massage

Once we had got back to our home, you had rushed to the toilet. I kept laughing. It was so funny to see you so desperate. “Its not funny” you said when you came into the kitchen while I put the basket away.

Then I asked you to wait in the living room. I quickly got to my room, got your dress and laid it on your bed. Then I came into the living room.

“Now go into your bedroom and see the present” I smiled at you.

While you were in your bedroom, I cleared up the kitchen table, laid some candles and petals on it, laid the table for dinner and then heated up the meal.

I saw you come out of the bedroom with the dress on.

“Is this what you had in mind?” you asked me standing in front of me, with a loving smile in your eyes. You looked drop dead gorgeous, and I could not stop eating you. You weren’t wearing anything underneath and the dress was just right in accentuating your curves. You posed for me and turned around so I could eat you all over.

“I must look nice in this, I can see in your eyes!” you said smiling at me.

“You look lovely mom” I could not get my eyes off you.

“Thank you my love, it is really beautiful.” You kissed me on my lips with a quick gentleness. You looked deep in my eyes. “It is a lovely present.”

“You make the dress look so much more beautiful,” I said to you looking deep in the eyes.

At this you could not help but come close and give me a big hug. I could feel your whole body melt in my arms, as you pressed yourself on me. I ran my hands all over you, touching you all over through the dress. The feel of it over your skin with nothing underneath was tantalising my fingers. I was hugging you very close to me. I ran my hands on your waist and touched your bum. You ran your fingers through my hair, and then planted a few kisses on my cheek. You were melting in my arms.

“Now if I may go and get ready my self, just give me a few minutes and I will be right there mom.” I rushed and got changed.

When I joined you in the living room, I turned on the stereo and put on the CD you like very much. Taking your hand in mine, I asked you for a dance. You looked deep in my eyes and with a smile joined me to dance. We danced for a while. All the time I would look at your eyes, then your body from head to toe, and eat with every inch of your beauty. You probably knew exactly what was going on in my mind. Every step and move you made was suggesting that you were enjoying every moment of it. Even now it makes me think, that may be you were glad to know that I had the same cravings for you as you had for me. It probably had amazed you a little at start and you were taking time to create the next move on me. But I think you were glad that I desired you just as much as you desired me.

After a while you wanted to sit down for a while. So we took a break. After I opened the bottle of Champagne, you were surprised for the special treatment. I filled our glasses and we had a toast.

“Many happy returns of the day mom”

“Cheers honey.”

We enjoyed a few glasses. Then as we got ready to have our meals, we sat down close to each other at the table. I was sitting on your right at the table, instead of opposite. You wanted me close to you today. All the while I looked at you and your eyes. The dress had think straps and left your shoulders to become victim to my gaze as I ate them with my eyes. As you leaned on the table, your cleavage would give me an extra feast at times. The candlelight had cast a special glow on your face. The Champagne had drenched your eyes in emotions and I could see them glitter in the shimmering light. As we ate our dinner, the CD kept playing our songs one after the other. You seemed to be enjoying the food, so I was pleased.

All the while you kept giggling and making innuendos. You were getting to be drunk by the minute. After two bottles of Champagne, we had opened some more bottles of cocktails. You were enjoying drinking and getting drunk. The more you enjoyed the more you were flirting with me.

After a while you stopped. “I am stuffed. I cannot eat anymore.”

“Ok mom. Take a break for a while. Then if you feel like it you can have some more. Anyway the dessert is yet to follow. So have some room for it.”

“I need to digest some of the meal then. I can’t possibly eat any more.”

“Well then, can I have a dance with you?”

You smiled and offered your hand. When you got up, you started giggling. You were very tipsy. “I think I’m drunk a little bit. That wine has gone straight to my head, love.”

“Oh don’t worry mom, you will be all right.”

“You will have to be careful honey. You will have to take care of me if I slip.”

“Always my pleasure mom.”

As we started dancing slowly, you wrapped your hands around my neck and clung to me close to my chest. I could feel that you were leaning on me. I could feel your weight slightly more now, than before. I slowly placed my hands around your waist and danced with you slowly. As we danced, the music seemed more and more emotional and romantic.

“I love this song.” You whispered. As you danced, you ran your hands on my back, and kissed my neck a few times, ran your fingers through my hair. I started to rub your back and caress you a little. With every gesture you made, I reciprocated with one of mine, and then you responded to it and on it went. Soon I was running my hands closer to your bum.

At one time, jokingly, I caressed them by holding them in my hands gently.

“If you were my girlfriend I would have loved to do that mom,” I joked.

“I would love that too. Do I have to pretend?” you smiled looking at me with naughty eyes. “In fact I love your bum too.” You said.

You were running your hands all over my bum. By now I had my hands around your neck and you had yours on my bum. As we danced you kept caressing my bum.

“I am sure if you were my boyfriend, I wouldn’t stop doing this.”

“I am not asking you to either.” I smiled at you.

“You don’t mind huh?” you looked at me with giggly eyes.

“Nope, I don’t. In fact I like it.”

“Uuuuuu!” you cooed like a teenager. Then suddenly you laughed out loud. “How about if I did more?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. We are awfully close you know. And I think I am completely drunk right now. I wouldn’t know if I did anything wrong.”

You were surely drunk. You were so merry and having a good time. You had not stopped smiling and flirting all evening. But I had not gotten you drunk on purpose. It had just happened. I think you wanted to get drunk that night. I think just like me you had planned it to be the night where we could change our relationship forever. Having sensed my planning you had let yourself go and decided to go along with the plan.

“Well you wouldn’t do anything wrong. And I wouldn’t mind anyway. Between us anything goes.”

“Really?” you looked at me with a naughty smile.

“Yes. Feel free tonight. Be yourself.” I smiled at you.

“I am thinking you have got me drunk on purpose.” You smiled at me.

“Now why would I do that?” I smiled at you.

All the while we were slowly dancing to the rhythm. Our bodies were bumping gently as we moved.

“So you won’t tell me off if I do something out of the ordinary?”

“Why should I mom? I love everything you do.”

“You surely don’t know your mom then.”

“Well I would love to get to know you then.”

All the time you were dancing slowly, our faces were close to each other. You kept looking deep in my eyes.

“Just be yourself mom. Don’t worry about anything. You don’t have to hold back with me.” I encouraged you to be yourself.

We started to sway gently again on the music. After a while, the music seemed to have become 10 times more romantic. As we danced slowly, our hands started to explore each other’s bodies more hungrily. I could feel you holding and caressing my bum, while you pressed your hips hard on my crotch. By now, even I was feeling raunchy.

As we were dancing we changed our dance moves a couple of times. When you were dancing with your back toward me, you slowly succumbed and closed in into my arms. I hugged you firmly in my arms and we danced like that for a while. I had held you very close in my arms. You loved it and were melting in my hug. I kissed the back of your neck a few times and it sent chills up your spine. You were pulling on my arms and wrapping yourself in my hug. I was running my hands ‘accidentally’ on your breasts as I moved them around. We had locked our fingers together and you had wrapped my hands around you. I could feel my erection being pressed on your bum. I didn’t make any attempts to be discreet because your moves were encouraging me all the time. Your moves were becoming a lot more erotic and seductive. You were trying to seduce me into a more erotic dance form.

After a while you had flung your hands behind around my neck and had leaned on me. We were touching our cheeks close, and you were running your fingers through my hair. I was hugging you close, top to bottom, over and over again, caressing and holding on your waist and running my hands over your breasts and pulling you closer to me. You kept grinding your bum on my erection which was like a rock by now.

As you turned around, you had lust filled in your eyes. Then slowly you started to kiss me gently on my neck and cheek. As you kissed me, you hugged me and continued planting kisses. All the time we kept swaying to the music. And then as you kept kissing me, you slowly moved the kisses from the cheeks to my lips.

With a small kiss planted on my lips in a brief moment, you halted and stared at me for a while. I just looked at you. I caressed your back and I seemed to have put you at ease. My heart had stopped beating and I was breathing very heavy. Your lips had touched me for a brief moment. But I could not forget the feeling. I hugged you close and I started kissing you on your cheek. I caressed your bum and hugged you. You pulled me closer to you and pressed your hips against mine.

As I slowly kissed you on the cheek, I moved my lips and planted a gentle kiss on your lips. This time I was a little longer. As I continued the kiss, I could feel your hand running through my hair on the back of my head, and I hugged you on the back, wrapping my arms around you. Squeezing you in my arms, I slowly tilted you and continued kissing your lips. By now, you had melted in my arms. Your breathing had raced out of bounds and my masculine hug had brought out the sensual femininity inside you. You were no longer just my mom anymore.

As we slowly parted lips, I slide my tongue in your mouth. You seemed to have caught in a surprise cause you jumped a little in my arms. Easing the pace I let you take it gently. And then settling in my arms again, you took my tongue and started sucking on it. By now, I was hugging you so hard, that I could feel your breasts pressing on my chest. I was running my hands all over you. You kept on reciprocating by kissing me back just as passionately.

After we stopped the kiss, you hugged me close and running your hand through my hair, you whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I hugged you harder to assure you.

For a while we had become silent.

When we came out of the hug, we just looked at each other.

“That was a lovely dance,” you smiled and blushed.

“It was my pleasure.” I held you in my hands at the waist.

“I feel very tipsy.” You were not able to hold your balance.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to sleep early tonight mom.”

“I could sit with you and sleep in your lap if you wish to watch a movie.”

“I think I have something better than that for tonight. If you don’t mind I was thinking of giving you a full body massage.”

You looked at me deeply into my eyes. For a moment you didn’t say much. “I never knew you knew how to give massage,” you looked with sparkling eyes.

“Well I am no expert. But I would like to treat you for one on your birthday.”

Smiling softly, you agree.

“I am probably going to be a little shy with it. So just bear with me.”

“Don’t worry mom. I will take it very easy.”

“Where would you like to have the massage?” I asked.

“You tell me. I am going to be in your hands.” You giggled.

“In your bed if you wish. That way you can fall asleep.”

You agreed.

“I will shut all the lights here and clear the table. Till then you can get changed and wait for me. I will be there soon.”

“Ok honey.” You slowly walked to your bedroom, glancing back before you stepped into it. You were surely a bit tipsy.

As I got into you bedroom, you were sitting in your bed with your bathrobe on.

I looked at you. I had a bottle of body lotion, my favourite White musk.

You looked at me, “How does it work? What am I supposed to do?”

“Just take your robe off and lie on your tummy on the bed.”

“Do I lie down naked?” you looked at me with a bit of thrill and amazement in your voice.

“Yeah. But if you are going to feel shy you can take a little cover of a towel.”

“I guess I will try that for now.”

I passed you your towel and you draped it on your back covering your bum as you took off your robe.

As you lay on your tummy, I asked you to put your hands at either side, straight, and to relax.

I shed some of my clothes and got into my shorts.

I climbed into the bed on one side of your feet. I asked you to part your legs a little.

I poured some cream on my palm and I rubbed it a little and placed my palms on your legs and rubbed it over your calves and thighs.

You quivered and shouted, “Oh, it is cold! The cream it is very cold. It is freezing.”

I smiled and said, “Well, I know. Just for a minute though. Then it will be ok.”

I started at your ankles, massaging your feet at the base, and you started to squirm,

“Don’t tickle me, please,” you begged me.

I smiled, “I am not tickling you, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be rough a little so that it does not tickle. Ok?”

I massaged your ankles and your calves. Then I massaged your thighs slowly and firmly. As I moved my hands over them, you seemed to get excited. I could see goose bumps all over your body. The sight of you lying on the bed with nothing but a towel draped over your naked bum was a dream.

I slowly massaged your thigh, moving my fingers deeper in between them slowly. I touched you gently, savouring every moment of it. Your flesh felt like butter on my fingers. The mere touch probably was melting it. The thought of touching your thighs was getting me excited so much that I had began to get aroused. I was trying to keep my thoughts at bay. But looking at you all in my hands was too much for my erection to take in.

As I slowly massaged your thighs and the inner thighs, you started getting more excited. My touch got you breathing heavy. I responded by slowly moving my hands deeper between your thighs. As you felt my touch closing in deeper in between your thighs, you sighed softly with delight. “Oh this feels really nice. You surely know how to do it.”

“I’m glad you are enjoying.”

With every stroke I was savouring the feeling of your flesh on my fingertips. I was trying to be as soft and gentle as possible. As I got deeper between your legs you parted your legs slowly and gently. You didn’t say a word. My heart skipped a beat. And I decided to carry on without any notice. This time I moved in and sat in between your legs. That gave me a better reach between your thighs. I continued massaging gently closer in between your legs. With every touch closer to the valley in between those warm thighs, I could feel your breathing get heavy. I knew you were enjoying it and I wanted to carry on like that.

Every time I moved my hands in circles and got closer in between your thighs, you sighed with a heavy breath. With every stroke I was trying to get closer to the warm valley between the legs. You seemed to be feeling my desires, cause you were sighing in anticipation with every stroke. Hearing your breathing and feeling your responses I decided to move in deeper. As I massaged in circles, at times I seemed to be close enough to feel the warmth in between your thighs as my fingers touched your tender labia softly for a moment or two. You seemed to be enjoying it so much that you reciprocated my massage by moving your hips a little bit in rhythm. The warmth in there was getting me the shivers of my life. The tenderness felt magical on my fingers.

I kept doing it for a while. Then you gently pulled the towel higher up the back, and exposed a little of your bum. It gave me a beautiful sight between the thighs. I could clearly see in between your thighs, and the tender cheeks of your bum. Then you moved your legs apart more, and then lay still in anticipation. I realised the hint and taking it as a sign of encouragement, I poured some cream on my hand and started massaging the inner thighs very close to your cunt.

With every stroke I made contact with the outer lips of your cunt. It was warm in there. My heart was heavy now. I could hear your breathing heavy and you were enjoying it all through. With every stroke I kept brushing closer to the labia. With every stroke, I made a slower pass on them with my fingers brushing on them gently. I kept doing this for a while, slowly and gently. After a little more massaging you gently slid down the bed toward me a little to feel more of my fingers in between the thighs. My heart was beating outside my chest now. I was feeling excited and horny at the same time.

I continued rubbing my fingers close to your cunt while I kept massaging your thighs. Now you were moving your hips a little more and moaning deeply. With every movement of your hips my fingers were touching your labia deeper and you wanted me to carry on like that. I wanted to please you in every way that you wanted me to that night and so I moved in deeper and started rubbing my fingers harder and deeper in between your cunt lips. I could feel the wet warm tenderness of the labia on my fingers. Every time my fingers dug in between those soft tender lips, it felt like kisses on my fingers. Wet and warm kisses. They were sensual enough to burn my fingertips with desire and erotic enough to arouse me beyond my dreams.

Now I poured some cream on my middle finger and slowly rubbed it in between your labia, pressing it gently deep in between the cunt lips. I could feel the warm wetness that had developed. You let out long erotic sighs and I could feel your pleasure in your moans. I slowly rubbed some more cream on your vagina a little and stimulated your clitoris by gently rubbing my finger on it. You moaned as you moved your bum in rhythm to enjoy the feeling. You parted your legs further to encourage me and then sliding down a little bit on the bed, you moved your hips to press your cunt harder on my fingers. You wanted me to dig in deeper. You had your face on one side, and your cheek half pressed into the pillow with ecstasy, and your eyes shut, enjoying the feeling; you were very excited. You moved your hips slowly up and around to feel me touch you tenderly.

I loved to see you get excited like this. There had been no other pleasure for me than to see you happy. And the fact that I was pleasing you so much tonight was making me go over the moon. I caressed your vagina with my fingers for long, making you squirm your hips; you were enjoying it and asking for more. I slowly touched your vagina with my middle finger, and slowly let it stimulate you inside. I let it slide in gently and I heard you moan with delight as you raised your bum slightly and pushed on it gently and slowly to take it all the way in. “mmmmmm!” you moaned as you sank on my finger taking it all inside your wet cunt. It felt like your lips were sucking on it. Expect I couldn’t feel the teeth.! It felt so erotic, that by now I was dripping pre-cum. I fingered you a little with my middle finger inside your vagina and stimulated your clitoris with my thumb. You kept moving your hips up and around taking all the finger in and letting it slide all the way out. All the time, I made sure I kept on touching your clitoris.

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