Lynn walked into the dark club where I was waiting, legs crossed, slipping my pumps on and off my heel as I do when I'm displeased. As happy as I was to see her, she was 15 minutes late, and I was annoyed. I watched her as she walked in looking from booth to booth as her eyes adjusted to the light, the worry plain on her face.

She wore a strapless dress that buttoned from bodice to hem, which ended a good 4" above her knees. The dark green fabric hugged her slight form, but the flowing skirt was full, and swished as she walked, and would stand out, if she was spun on the dance floor. With the breeze outside today, she must have had a hard time walking from her car to the door.

I quickly texted her "go directly to the dance floor, face the DJ, start dancing, and do not turn around!" I watched from the shadows as she did so. I let her dance alone for a while then slid up behind her and nibbled her ear as I slipped in behind her. Although it was early, we weren't the only couple on the dance floor. And even though it was starting to fill, we were the only couple where both were female. This drew no small amount of attention, as this club was more known as a 'hetero' dance club.

I wrapped my arms around her, matching her grinding to the bluesy jazz. I started running my hands over her body as we swayed to the music. I started at her waist, then moved up her sides, lingering on the sides of her small breasts, then back down, resting on her hips and pulling her back into me as we danced.

After some time, I whispered into her ear, "You were late, again, Lynn. I told you that there would be consequences if you wasted my time like that again, didn't I?"

She nodded, in that cute way she has, and I knew she had sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, and was holding it there. I even felt a little... shudder, as we danced.

I asked her if she knew how late she was, she said, "Fifteen minutes?"

I nodded, my mouth still next to her ear, "That's correct. You're getting better, but nowhere near 'good' yet."

I slid my hands up her slight form, over her pert little breasts, cupping each, feeling her nipples hardening against the fabric, I hoped that she had remembered to wear ONLY her dress tonight. I really didn't want to have to punish her for making this mistake again, too. I moved to her top button, and with a quick movement, unbuttoned it. I thought she'd shriek, but she continued dancing as if nothing was different; only a slight tremor told me that she noticed.

I turned her to me for a moment, still swaying, and did a quick count, kissed her and turned her back to face the 'front'. Her bright red hair flipped up into my face as she turned. I didn't mind, even a little bit.

"I just counted, and you have 15 more buttons. And you were 15 minutes late. As this evening progresses, you will not grab this dress. You will not use arms or hands to hold it or adjust it in any way. Is that clear?"

Lynn just gave a little nod, knowing that her freckled body would be on display eventually. This time the shudder was pronounced. She almost pulled away from me, then sagged back into me, knowing what was coming, just not exactly when.

I was sure she'd bite through that lip when I grabbed both sides of her top, pulling it apart. Three buttons hit the floor, skittering under the DJ booth, likely lost forever. This pulled the thin dress apart, her nipples nearly peeking out from the sides of the lengthening "V" in the front of her dress.

We just danced for a time, as the dance floor kept filling with more and more couples. I turned her to me, my hands slipping under the loose skirt and cupping the sweet little ass-cheeks beneath it. She was, as I suspected, totally naked under the dress. She had not even worn one of her tiny little thongs. I wondered if she knew this punishment was what I had in mind.

I moved My hands between us, and as she put her arms around my neck, we kissed again. I reached down between us and tore off three more buttons, this time from the bottom of her skirt, unsure if this would expose more than her upper thighs or not, smiling as I felt the hiss in the midst of our kissing.

She pressed herself to me as we kissed and danced, no doubt hoping to keep her predicament a secret to the couples that now had filled the dance floor. The motion only served to push her shaved sex against my waiting fingers. I extended one finger and slid it in. She jumped, but didn't break the kiss, she was very wet! I pulled it out, and after breaking our kiss, made a show of licking it off.

After turning her around, she reached back, putting her arms back around My neck, pulling her dress up just enough to show her slit to anyone that was looking. Lucky for her, there were enough people closing in on us, that nobody could really see.

I slipped a hand into her top, as we danced, palming her hard nipple as I cupped her breast, and kissed her cheek. As I did that, I popped another button from her dress, making it much easier to move my hand inside the top of her dress. Her other breast came partially into view, not unnoticed by a few of the dancers around us, some eyes going wide, others narrowing in disgust at the slutty display.

Lynn kept her hands clasped behind my neck, wisely not trying to cover herself. I winked at those that were watching, and popped yet another button off the dress, and one of the guys dancing, actually caught it. He tried to give it back to her, and she just shook her head, no. He beamed a wide smile, and slipped it into his pocket as a souvenir. He nudged his buddy who also turned to look, but his date was one that had the disgusted look, and turned him back, so he only got a quick glimpse.

Lynn is shorter than Me, even in her heels and Me in flats. She had dance on her toes, and really bend back to keep her hands clasped behind my neck. This served to accentuate her chest as it was thrust out. Thanks to this pose, and the growing number of missing buttons, she would be effectively topless in a couple more buttons. Popping off two more left her dress open to her navel. Only five more buttons kept her dress together at all, and they were the ones between the top of her pussy, and the bottom of her now easily visible breasts.

A bubble of space opened around us on the dance floor. There was no more hiding in the crowd for Lynn, her bare breasts and hard nipples. It became pretty evident that her pussy wasn't covered too. The gap in the bottom of her dress, while not as pronounced, had a similar effect on her modesty. Lynn's 'private parts' were not not very private any longer.

I whispered into her ear, "They're all looking at your body, hoping to see even more. Fear not, you will not disappoint them, dear, but they will have to wait a little bit."

With that, I led Lynn off the dance floor and up to the bar. Two bar stools magically vacated and we sat down but Lynn had no chance of sitting with the least bit of modestly. The buttons were gone below her waist, and the skirt simply fell to the sides of her legs as she sat, but at least the top of her dress seemed to close over her nipples a little.

I ordered two ginger ales, and told her, "No added courage for you tonight, my dear, I want girl to remember this very clearly."

I picked up my drink and sipped it. Lynn reached for the other, and I slapped her hand away saying "That's mine!", and I plucked yet another button from her dress, leaving her four.

She told me, "I'm getting very thirsty, but I didn't bring my wallet in."

I replied, "Either go back to the car and get some money, and with four buttons and that breeze, that would be a nice show. Or, I bet you can convince the bartender to give you a glass of ice water, somehow!"

She leaned over the bar, letting the bartender see her naked breasts, and asked for a glass of ice water. After several moments of his leering, he smiled and gave her a drink.

The next set of music was a little faster, we made our way back to the dance floor, both of her hands behind her, in my hands, I noticed a few grabs and gropes as we moved through the crowd, when we got to the dance floor, Lynn had only three buttons. Somebody had gotten that fourth button! I was, at the same time, amused and annoyed, but with no likely suspects, or perhaps no unlikely ones, we proceeded to dance. Lynn's skirt and hair trailed behind her as I spun her, she showed everyone that she had nothing on save what was left of her dress and her shoes.

While I knew Lynn was showing everyone her formerly 'private parts', she and I knew that her punishment wasn't complete just yet. I plucked another button, lessening her remaining total by one-third, leaving her but two.

A slower song came on, and I pulled her to, me, her face to mine, and kissed her. "In a very short time you are going to be naked in this club, everyone, will see that your pussy is shaved, that you are freckled from head to foot, and that you're VERY aroused."

She bit that bottom lip and nodded, blushing, so cutely. I love it when she blushes!

I plucked a button, leaving only one, the one just below her breasts and turned her around, leaning her back into me and we ground some more, everyone was looking, now, but not really staring, everyone having seen pretty much everything Lynn had to offer. To make sure, I peeled the sides of the dress apart, and rested my hands on her hips as I ground my own pubic bone into her ass, then I upped the ante.

"Lynn, tear the last button off your dress, and do it now.", I said levelly.

She actually stopped dancing, not believing, not wanting to believe that I wanted her to finish the job! I whispered into her ear quietly but forcefully, "Now!"

As she reached for the button, I stepped back. She tore the last button holding up the strapless dress, and I smiled, watching it fall to the floor. Lynn was nude, totally naked, and from the sudden silence, everyone knew it. I kicked her dress to the side, so we didn't trip on it, took her in my arms and continued to dance.

A faster set came on again; you'd think the DJ had been watching, and didn't even let Lynn hide partially against me. He was gonna get a good tip! We danced for three or four more songs and I decided it was time to sit. When I looked to pick up her dress it was gone. She froze in place, her mouth wide open, as she noticed that fact, as well. With nothing else to do, we went back to the bar. The same two stools opened up and she sat down naked, next to me.

Lynn tried to cross her legs again, but I kept one of my pumps in the way so that she couldn't cross them, or even turn her back to the crowd that was now surrounding us. Lynn was on display. The bartender fielded several offers to buy us drinks, but I politely refused all but the water and ginger ale, like we had before.

I was using Lynn to tease everyone in sight. And after about half an hour of ogling and some offers, many quite explicit, and frankly tempting, I nodded to the bartender who handed me her dress. I was keeping Lynn for myself tonight! I handed it to her and told her to wrap it around herself, once she had done that, I buttoned the top button. It held the dress on her, but didn't really hide anything. As she walked with me, out of the club, the dress billowed behind her, everyone watching her bare but as we left.

Much to the disappointment of everyone at the bar, we left. We both walked to her car, as I had taken a taxi to get to the club. I slipped into the passenger seat, and Lynn into the driver's seat. "Let's go home, I'm probably wetter than you are, if you can believe that!"

Lynn nodded, and started the car. As she backed out of the parking spot I reached over and tore off the last button. Her dress fell open, more like a towel on the seat than like a dress now. She looked at me, her mouth opening then closing with a snap. I turned forward and said, "I'm hungry, let's hit the drive-thru on the way home."

Lynn groaned, and blushed, but knew she had absolutely no alternative...

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