tagErotic CouplingsBuy Me My Vehicle Please....!

Buy Me My Vehicle Please....!


"I need to put a down payment on a vehicle sir, but am short on funds," Bina said matter of factly to her boss, "the bank will finance the rest of the purchase, and I will be in your debt if you could loan me one hundred thousand rupees for a little while."

"That is quite a bit of money, you only make about twenty thousand each month, and with your expenses at home, I doubt if you could ever pay it off," her boss, Mr. Agha responded.

"Well, I am spending nearly 7,500 each month on transportation, and if that is saved, I can return at least 5,000 every month to you," she was insistent.

"That means you will pay me back in nearly two years, young lady. That is a very long time, are you sure you can afford the vehicle?" Mr. Agha argued.

"But Sir, my sister is also spending on coming to work and she will be adding to the pot. Also, my promotion is due next month, which will increase my salary by more than 10%," Bina was just not letting the matter drop.

"Okay, I tell you what," Mr. Agha said, worn down by her persistence, "I will loan you the one hundred thousand rupees now, and you will pay me back 8,500 monthly till you are finished in one year."

"Sir, you are great," Bina exclaimed.

"Just a minute miss, there is the matter of interest on the principal to be paid," Mr. Agha added.

"Interest, what interest," she stammered, wondering if the deal was headed into an uncharted direction.

"There is no interest if you pay me back within 12 months," he smiled.

Mr. Agha pulled out his check book, wrote down an amount of rupees 102,000, and handed it over to her. She was puzzled by the figure, when he said, "I am a straight forward person and rupees 8,500 each month for 12 months is rupees 102,000. I am not going to charge you if I am saying I will not."

"However, we will be writing out a contract, that binds you to pay back the amount within the year, or we may be talking about penalty interest on the deal, is that okay with you?" he added.

"Of course, it will be paid back, and before the year is over," she confidently replied, gleefully signing a piece of paper outlining the terms without giving it much of a glance, putting the check into her hand bag and running off to the bank to cash it.

Mr. Agha smiled, he had never seen Bina so happy since she had joined some six months back. He hoped she would be financially astute and handle her debts in time.

Bina had arrived one evening along with a friend, one of Mr. Agha's subordinates, looking for a job. She was in her early twenties, was working on her degree, came from a lower middle class family with cash flow problems, and was cute as a button. Where many in the office viewed Bina as a potential catch, Mr. Agha appeared to see a needy person whose life he could make a positive change in. Though she was a tad short on some of the requirements, he nevertheless hired her, took her under his wing, gave her the best orientation to work, and encouraged her to continue her studies. Within no time she really began to show her potential work wise, socially and yes, in the good looks department. By the time she came by and asked Mr. Agha for the loan, most of the guys in the office had a serious hard on for her. Mr. Agha, on the other hand, still continued to treat her as the baby on the team. However, to say he had not noted the positive change in Bina would be wrong, rather he was keen to hone this even more. He enjoyed having her at his side at events and at the occasional lunch or dinner. However, the relationship was purely platonic as far as could be ascertained.

The car was delivered, a blue sub-compact Suzuki Mehran, and Bina was in seventh heaven. No longer was she dependent on taxis or shared mini-buses to get her to work and back. More importantly, while still the junior most staffer on the team she had succeeded in acquiring both mobility and credibility. Hardly a day went by without her zipping all over Islamabad in her new toy. To her sister and family, the vehicle was a god send as they no longer worried about the safety and reliability of her temporary transportation. To her co-workers it was a sign of her determination and single-mindedness towards getting ahead in life.

But not everything was turning out as planned or intended.

At the end of the first month, she approached Mr. Agha, complaining that the fuel expenses had taken their toll and so, would he please let her pay more the next month. He agreed, but warned her to be careful.

The same transpired a month later, because she had unexpected maintenance costs.

By the third month, she was already down rupees 15,000 against her dues.

By the sixth month, she was over 35,000 in the hole, barely reducing the amount by 15,000 rupees.

She was not too concerned, however, as she was free and happy. The new lifestyle had encouraged her to spend on better clothing, designer shoes and beauty parlour treatments. While she was never an ugly duckling, one year into her job she had transformed herself into a veritable runway model. Mr. Agha never bothered her about the funds, casually deferring the dues every time she asked, and did not appear to notice her much. Yet he did take account of her change, with much of the same appreciation as the rest of the males in the office.

Nine months on, she had paid only rupees 25,000.

The year rolled by and on the due date Bina found her account behind by a whopping 68,000 rupees, fully two-thirds short of the amount owed.

Mr. Agha called her into the office later that day. She was dressed to kill and by now being used to flaunting her obvious charms to get things done, figured the talk would be about extending the loan.

"So Bina, I imagine you have the remaining money for me today," Mr. Agha asked.

"Are you joking sir," Bina said, "I owe nearly 70,000, and really do not have that sort of money around."

"Well, young lady, if you remember, I had said you would be unable to pay on time," he continued.

"Yes, but I did not expect the additional expenses," she retorted, still thinking a game of sorts was on.

"Well, in that case, I have to enforce the terms of our contract," he said, "your vehicle now belongs to me, so do let me have the keys please."

Bina was stunned. She did not recall any such terms and blurted out, "what?"

Mr. Agha handed her the contract, indicating the passage that the car would be turned over if the debt was not paid on time. Her signature was there right below this text.

Bina went pasty white, but Mr. Agha was now potentially in possession of her most prized asset, and in a most legal manner.

Tears welled up in her eyes, her breathing became laborious, and her colour went to a healthy red as the enormity of the situation grabbed her.

For the first time since she had joined, Mr. Agha saw in front of him, not a little schoolgirl, but a real flesh and blood woman, with luscious breasts, a body to die for, a model's face, and all the heat of youth meshed with the confusion of inexperience. While he had enjoyed her physical and emotional growth, his had not been a sexual sort of realization, till this point.

"Stop crying this minute," he ordered and she assented immediately. Now only an odd sniffle escaped her mouth and the tears remained in the eyes rather than descending down her face.

"I cannot let you have the vehicle sir, I have invested a lot in it with payments to the bank, and I could never go back to relying on taxis and buses, please give me some more time," she pleaded.

"Go home right now, take the car," he said. "Tomorrow is Saturday, meet me for lunch at the Marriott and we will decide what to do. Make sure you are there or I will come by and take the vehicle on Sunday."

Mr. Agha was sitting in the steakhouse when Bina arrived at the Marriott. She was dressed as nice as ever, but the load of the debt was clearly weighing her down. It had certainly been a rough night trying to ascertain her options.

"The steak is lovely here, I am sure you will like it," he said offering her the menu.

"Thank you, but I am keen to discuss the car," she replied.

"All in good time, my dear, enjoy the meal and we will certainly consider options as we eat," he responded.

Orders were placed and small talk continued till the food arrived.

As they ate, Mr. Agha said, "did you give any thought to how to repay me for the loan?"

"Agha Sahib, I need my vehicle very badly, and am not sure what I can do to repay you, I am unable to get the funds today," she confessed.

"Finish up and I will tell you about a pay it off program that I have come up with," he replied.

As the check appeared, Mr. Agha pulled out a key card, put it in under her hand and said, "go to Room 811 and wait for me, we can finalize things there."

Bina's heart took a jump and she flushed red. However, in her predicament she was not sure she could turn him down. Still wondering about what would transpire, she left the restaurant, went up the elevator and entered Room 811.

Bina looked around the place. She had not been in many quality hotels before and this was one of the best in town. Fruits, sweets and beverages were arranged on the side table. The room overlooked the mountains and the view was breathtaking. She sat down and helped herself to a Pepsi.

After about twenty minutes, she heard a knock and opened the door. Mr. Agha entered, smiled and said, "I was wondering if I would still find you here, clearly you want to solve the issue at hand."

Quickly he pulled her to himself, raised her chin a bit, bent his mouth to hers and placed a kiss on her lips.

Bina was mortified, this was what she had thought might happen, but reality was much more vivid than imagination. "Please don't," she appealed.

Mr. Agha seated himself on the sofa, while still holding on to her arms. He propelled her over so that she ended up on his lap. His manhood was throbbing and she felt a strange intrusion, she had not experienced before, under her clothing.

"How would you like to pay the car off in kind instead of cash?" he asked

"What do you mean?" she blurted.

"Well, my dear, here is a price list," handing a sheet to her, "based on what you are willing to do, we can work the dues down."

She looked at the sheet, with the first line saying, "kiss rupees 50 each," and she followed her eyes down to the last line which was, "vaginal sex – virgin, rupees 15,000." A further eight or so lines identified and priced other activity including blow jobs, anal sex and vaginal non-virgin. She flushed red, but kept reading the list.

"As you can see, you have already reduced the debt by 50 rupees," said Mr. Agha referring to the kiss.

As her mind digested this information, Mr. Agha unzipped her kameez at the back, put his hand inside and around to the front. He began to fondle the right and then her left breast. Bina protested, but found the intrusion not so unwelcome. She read on from the list, while Mr. Agha continued to tweak her breasts, lick the sides of her neck and caress the upper part of her exposed back.

"What is a blow job?" she asked, seeing something worth rupees 2,000 on the list. While way short of the needed funds, it seemed not as intrusive as the very obvious vaginal sex. For a Pakistani girl that would have been the ultimate price to pay.

"Sit on your knees in front of me," Mr. Agha said, moving her into place. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. "Put it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop, till I tell you to stop," he directed.

Feeling confused about events, but happy that her virginity was not at immediate risk, she grabbed his member and pushed it into her mouth.

"Eh, you need to move it in and out of your mouth and roll your tongue all around on it please," Mr. Agha explained.

Bina complied and soon got the hang of things. From the look on Mr. Agha's face, he was enjoying the treatment. As she sucked, his cock seemed to generate even more heat. At one point, Mr. Agha tensed, let out a deep sigh and then relaxed. Suddenly her mouth was flooded with salty cream. Gagging she let go and most of the load landed on the front of her clothing. Mr. Agha grabbed for her, getting a hand behind her head. He pulled her face to him and sent his tongue down into the deep recess of her mouth tasting his own self mixed with her saliva. After what seemed an eternity he backed off and let her catch her breath.

"Superb dear, between the blow job and kisses, you have lowered the balance by over two thousand rupees, that's a good start, but still a long way to go," he stated.

Bina looked down at her dress and was mortified by the stains caused by the cum. "What am I going to do now?" she whimpered, "I can't go home like this."

"Take off your shirt, I will send it right away for an express wash, it will be back in about 2 hours," he told her. With no choice but to comply, Bina removed her shirt, handing it over to him, and was left standing in her shalwar and a lacy bra.

Mr. Agha called the laundry, and a bellboy came up in minutes to collect, advising the clothes would be ready in just over 2 hours. Mr. Agha intelligently added a few of his own dirty clothes to the pile to not make the situation too obvious.

Bina, came out of the toilet, where she had secreted herself while the bellboy was over to collect the laundry. She had wrapped a towel around herself.

Mr. Agha moved up behind her, caressed her in his arms for a few minutes, then slowly let the towel drop to the ground. Still uncertain about what was next, she asked if she could go. "How can you leave without your shirt, you certainly cannot explain that back home," he calmly responded.

"Let's try to get some more money down on the balance," he suggested, sitting her on the edge of the bed and softly pushing her down on to it. He let her legs hang out over the edge and while on his knees pulled her midsection towards him. Reaching up he brought his mouth over hers again, while gently pressing her body down with his.

The sexual tension in her had been building up for some time now and she let out a little moan. Mr. Agha kissed her deeper and deeper. As she seemed to melt in his grip, he quickly hooked his fingers in her shalwar, pulling down the rubberized waistband. Jerked into reality, she tried to fight him off, but his weight was too much. The shalwar was off momentarily and she was now in only a bra and panties. "Don't worry," he said, turning her over onto her stomach. In an instant he had unhooked and removed her bra. Now just a panty covered her modesty. Mr. Agha, tossed her clothes on to the sofa and began to disrobe himself. His member was back to full attention and planning to invade her remaining orifices.

"What's the matter, dear, why are you so fidgety?" he inquired.

"Please don't soil my virginity, sir, I will be degraded," she cried.

"OK, here's a deal, I will not deflower you, but you must cooperate with me otherwise. Go and sit up on the bed," he ordered.

He went over to his bag and withdrew a camera. "I am going to shoot some nice pictures of you. First, these are going to be worth rupees 5,000 to you. Second, these will be with me so you never let any one know of our arrangement," he said.

Finding no choice but to comply, Bina let him take picture after picture, in every part of the room, in every form of partial or complete undress, and on every piece of furniture. While she was scared and confused, her body seemed to be warming to the heightened sexuality and a line of gooey liquid oozed from her vagina onto her leg.

"Good thing you took your panty off, we would have needed another three hours to get it washed," he joked while she turned even redder.

The photo session done, Mr. Agha turned the bed covers down, lay down on a pillow and brought Bina to him, resplendent in her nudity. He embraced her tightly and pulled the covers over both of them. Slowly he stroked her hair, kissed her mouth and rubbed his hands over her nubile body. He put her hands over his chest and legs and she began to caress him back. He noted that with every passing minute she was becoming more and more eager in participating.

After a while he turned her over onto her stomach, took a bottle of liquid off the side table, poured some into his hand, and then rubbed a bit around her anal opening. He picked up a pillow and stuck it up under her midsection, elevating her back side. While she tensed in fear, he greased his pole, positioned it at the entry of her rear passage and pushed it in. Stars exploded around her head as her ass was ravaged and she let out a shrill scream. Mr. Agha was a man possessed and he did not seem to hear her pleas to stop but pounded away. Her screams made him even more aggressive in his penetration of her. But slowly, it seemed her ass was becoming more accommodating and that his dick was sliding in and out with relative ease. And it was certainly pleasurable as the heat in her loins exploded and she had the first ever sexually stimulated orgasm in her life. As her body thrashed, Mr. Agha let go the second torrent of semen into her body, this was retained with ease within her rectum.

The evening was winding down and just over two hours later the laundry was delivered with Bina's shirt impeccably washed. Mr. Agha noted the problem right away. "Your shirt is too clean now, you should have been wearing it all the time and it should be rumpled but not dirty. I have an idea," he added.

He had her put the shirt on, then took her back to bed, where they kissed for nearly half an hour. He then pulled her legs to the side of the bed, laid her back and sitting on his knees slowly kissed her vagina. Electric waves shot through her, but he continued to lick and slowly insert his tongue as far as the virgin orifice would let him. Bina leapt up and came mightily. As she lay back dazed, Mr. Agha wiped her off.

A quick shower together washed off the day's efforts and soon they were dressed as if nothing had happened. Mr. Agha, deep kissed her saying, "it appears you have paid back about 15,000 rupees, you can take the vehicle today, but there is still a lot of money to be worked off."

During the next few weeks, Mr. Agha and Bina had a few trysts, but the pay off rate did not reach the levels expected. With a further two months now gone, Bina still owed over 25,000 rupees. Her virginity still intact, she was again submerged with her expenses and looked like she would have to possibly borrow more from Mr. Agha.

Sitting at home one evening feeling forlorn and wondering what to do, she was jolted out of her reverie by her sister, Bushra. "What is eating you?" she asked. Bina tried to put her off for quite a while, but her sister was persistent. Finally she broke down and spilled out the entire story. Bushra asked her to wait a few days and they would come up with a solution.

Mr. Agha was surprised to receive a call from Bushra, requesting a meeting. He had, of course, met her before when she had applied for an opening at the same location. She did not have quite the looks of the younger sister but was a babe in her own rights. Bushra certainly oozed sexuality and appeared to be worldly wise.

They met at a nice restaurant for lunch. Bushra was direct to the point, "Mr. Agha, I would like to pay off the debt my sister has with you."

"How do you propose doing that?" he replied.

"Meet me Friday night at the Best Western and bring your list. I will work off the dues on her behalf," she said.

"Why would you do that?" he asked.

"The vehicle she drives has been a dream for her, and also it has made our lives much easier. It would be wrong for me not to pitch in and pay off the dues," she responded.

An SMS on his mobile told him to come to Room 632 at the appointed hotel. He knocked and found the door slightly wedged open. A voice beckoned him inside. He shut the door and turned to find Bushra lying naked under the bed covers.

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