tagErotic CouplingsBuying a Mattress

Buying a Mattress

byNigel Debonnaire©

Jake made it to the furniture store just about fifteen minutes before closing. He was still wearing his coat and tie from work, and he approached the bedding section just as the staff were starting to close down their stations. A strapping young lad in his mid 20's, he wore a ring on his wedding finger, and his left ear sported a small diamond.

He looked for Barbara, the salesperson he'd visited the weekend before when I was looking at mattress/box springs combinations. She was a blond of average height and weight, in her mid- 30s, professional in a lacy pink blouse and dark brown skirt, her stockinged feet were in brown loafers. When he approached, she smiled a greeting that was a little less than complete: "Hi Jake, good to see you again. We're about to close down tonight, so unless you know what you want and would like to place an order, I think we'll have to wait for another time."

"Barbara, I've got a favor to ask you." He looked around anxiously after he spoke.

Her eyebrows furred while her smile lost a click. "Yes?"

"Well, Brenda and I have tried a lot of different bedding options, and I think one of yours is going to meet our needs perfectly. But there's one thing I wasn't able to try out and I wondered if you could help me."


Jake ran his hand through his hair and looked away nervously, watching the other staff go thought shut down mode. "I think there's three mattresses here we could sleep on, but only one we could Sleep on, if you know what I mean, and I'm not sure which one without trying it out."

"I don't understand you, Jake."

His hand trembled a little and he put it in his pocket. "Well, it's about what we married people do on a bed. . .besides sleep."

It took a moment before her brown eyes widened in realization. "Oh. . .that!" Her hand went to her chest as she felt a rush; her face turned a little red and her breathing got faster. She looked around to see if anybody was close by, and satisfied at their distance, leaned over and whispered: "If your wife could come down, tonight, tomorrow night, I could let you in here to. . .to. . .to try out a couple of options. We'd need a towel to protect the samples, but. . ."

He gasped in relief, and put a hand on her shoulder. "That's a great idea, Barbara, but, Brenda's in Europe for some meetings and I wanted to surprise her when she got back."

The salesperson stood there for a moment, smiling. "Yes? I don't see. . ."

"I was wondering if you would help me. You were so nice last weekend when I stopped by, so spent so much time with me, much more than anybody else, I'm sure, and you know so much about these different mattresses, that I thought. . ."

"I don't know. Nobody's ever asked me to do this before." She took out her calendar, and scanned it for a moment. "My husband's at a dinner meeting, and the kids are with their grandmother. I was going out with the girls for a while tonight."

"I'll make it worth your while, I promise. I'll place and order and give you a huge tip."

"I'm not allowed to take tips, Jake. Let me think about this."

A co-worker came up and pointed at her watch. "We're about to close up. Are you about done, Barb?"

"Just a minute, Trudy. This customer has a special issue to cope with that can't wait and I think I can take care of it."

"We have to lock the doors in five minutes. He can come back tomorrow."

Jake shook his head. "I've got to be out of town the next three days and I need to get this mattress bought tonight. If Barbara could just stay late with me a little bit. . ."

"It's OK, Trudy," Barbara suddenly cut in. "I'll take care of business, I'll lock up. I can do the write up and put it into the system first thing in the morning."

Trudy looked doubtful, but gave in. "OK, Barb. Guess I don't care, and you're trying to make a sale. I'll tell everybody else you're last one here, and you'll have to make sure everything's locked up." Turning on her heel, she walked away, giving a suspicious look over her shoulder.

After a moment, Barbara turned to Jake: "All right, I'll help you try out the mattresses, but I've got to get a towel from homewares. It goes on your ticket, right?"

"Ah, right. After all, what's another ten dollars?"

She smiled at him and turned to perform her task. He took out his iPhone and tapped out a text, humming and tapping his foot excitedly. The show room for the beds was in a back area,out of sight of the store windows. The lights started going out, and he moved toward it, his hips swaying in a joyful little dance as he went.

Barbara was shaking a little as she fetched the towel from the shelf. It had been a long time for her, and he was cute. Deep inside her, a voice was screaming about how strange this was, and she was selling her body to make a sale, but she didn't listen to it.

Returning to her customer, she pulled the tag off the towel, and said: "Which beds were you thinking about?"

He looked surprised for a moment, then started pointing: "This one, this one next to it, and that one over there."

"All right, let's look at this one first. Would you like to be on top, or would you like me on top?"

"Ah, I'll be on top, that's how we usually do it."

"Very good. Right this way."

They settled onto the bed together, and he started stroking her body. She looked at him and said: "This model is very efficient at holding its shape over the years. The inner spring construction is guaranteed to keep its form, giving comfort and support for at least ten years without developing that tell tale dip from laying on it. It's made in the good old USA."

He felt her breast through the material, and said to her: "Don't you think your clothes might get a bit too wrinkled from. . .what we're going to do? Maybe you'd like to take some of them off."

"Oh, I thought we were going to dry hump. But that wouldn't be quite the same, either. Let me make sure the doors are locked." She got up and left quickly, leaving him to lie there and wonder. After a minute, he got up and took off all his clothes except his boxers, and spread the towel out for her to lie on. She came back and was a bit startled at his undress, then she started removing her clothing. She took off her blouse and skirt, then unrolled her panties, leaving everything draped neatly over a nearby chair. "It's safe, everyone's gone. Is this good for now?"

"For a moment. Lie down here and let's give this bed a workout."

She laid down next to him and he started kissing her neck. As he stroked and kissed her body, she told him about the features of the mattress they were laying on. A touch below and he was satisfied her juices were starting to flow, and teased her lower lips through the fabric. She spread her legs to accept it, and he moved the cloth aside to stick a finger inside her. Her voice warbled a little bit, but she persisted.

He felt ready, so he got on his knees. "Barbara, could you do something to get me ready a little bit?"

"Yes? What?"

"Maybe stroke or kiss my cock some so I can get it hard enough?"

"I'll play with it a little. I need to keep my mouth free in case I can think of anything else I can tell you about the Sure Sleeper 2000."

He dropped his drawers, and she reached out tentatively to stroke him. Responding to his touch, his cock started erecting, and after he complained it was too dry, she licked it a couple of times to lubricate it. Very quickly it was at full staff, and he pulled her panties down to penetrate her. "How's that?" he asked when he was fully inserted.

"Good, you're a little bigger than my husband, but I can take it. How do you like the mattress so far?"

"The mattress is wonderful so far, and so are you. Let's get started."


He started pumping her slowly, increasing his tempo gradually, and she ground her hips in rhythm to his thrusting. Stray pieces of information about the mattress escaped her lips as he fucked her, but she seemed to lose her train of thought from time to time through most of it. Just as she was getting close to her climax, he pulled out and said: "Let's try the next one."

A little disappointed, she got up, relocated the towel, and laid down on the second set of bedding. "This model is a little more expensive, made in China, and is guaranteed for fifteen years." Jake entered her again and she gasped as he filled her quickly. "We can send this out tomorrow since we've got a lot of these in stock, and as you can see, there isn't as much bounce in this model as there was in the last one."

"Yes, I can see that. Do you mind taking your bra off?"

A big smile creased her face, and she moved to unclasp it. Her breasts were pert and perfect, with small nipples that erected immediately when they emerged. He touched them and said: "Are you enjoying this?"

"Oh yes, Jake, absolutely. Is this model out of your price range?"

"No, is isn't, but I need to see if I like how it handles. Can I try this one out for a while?"

She closed her eyes. "Take your time." Jake pounded Barbara for a few more moments until she started to turn red, then got off so quickly she didn't realize her vagina was empty right away. After returning to her sense, she asked: "Would you like to try the other model now?"


Repositioning herself on the last mattress, she spread her legs and eagerly guided him inside her again. "This model is the product of German engineering. You can tell by the comfort as well as the smooth ride. Ah, this one is my personal favorite. I'd buy this one. Is this in your price range, Jake?"

"Oh yes, Barbara, this is in my range. Ready to put it through its paces?"

"You bet, honey. Give it to me." They started bucking against each other hard very quickly, and she gave out several little yelps and sighs of delight as he rode her. Just before she was ready to climax, he stopped again and got off. She sat up, her hair disheveled, and looked at him puzzled. "Is anything wrong?"

"No, nothing. It's just decisions are tough for me. I need to try them out again. All of them."

Her eyes danced and she fingered herself a little. "Oh, we can do that, abosolutely. We can do this until you absolutely know what you want. May I tell you about our financing plans and free delivery?"

"Sure." They repeated their sequence of mattresses, fucking hard on each one for several strokes before moving on, until Jake decided it was time. On the German mattress, he had her legs over his shoulders, his hands on her breasts, pumping her hard, and her sales pitch was interrupted by several long wails of desire. It happened they both came hard at the same time, soaking the towel underneath her and making her leave long trails of fingernail grooves on his back. Jake kept at it, holding himself inside Barbara until he was fully empty and she came down from her height. When their breathing came down to normal, she gave him a quizzical look. "Would you like this one?" she asked him at last.

"I think I do. I'll take this one."

After recovering her senses, she wrote up an order for him, almost stark naked, swiped his card and arranged an appointment to deliver the set on the next Tuesday.

Jake got his stuff together, dressed, signed the paperwork, and gave Barbara a kiss before leaving the store. As he drove off, Barbara hugged herself and sat at her desk several moments enjoying her afterglow before she reluctantly dressed and got ready to go home.

He went straight to his favorite bar to meet his buddy Tony. Tony was sitting at an outside table, away from anyone else, and gave his friend a high five when he got there. Sniffing the air, Tony asked: "What's that smell?"

"Mattress saleslady pussy juice," Jake replied with an evil grin on his face.

"So you got to nail the saleslady. I saw from your texts, must have given it to her hard if I can tell from the way you look. Hope you weren't sending the blow by blow description of your style to anybody else. Was it good for her?"

He nodded, with a huge smile on his face. "I think so. Poor lady hasn't gotten laid for years. Nice and tight, but she didn't blow me like I hoped she would. Might even have fucked me again if I gave her the chance."

Tony took a sip of his drink and looked as his friend with disbelief. "Does she know what you're going to do?"

"Not yet. I'll call Friday when she's off to cancel the order." They laughed hard and a waitress came up to take Jake's drink order. She sniffed the air suspiciously for a moment after they put in their requests, but left without saying anything. Jake thought for a moment and took the ring off his left hand. "It's sweet. She doesn't know I'm not really married. Or I never intended to buy anything."

"She doesn't know you like to fuck mattress salesladies in the store under the pretense of buying one as a surprise gift for your wife."

Jake high fived his friend, and tossed back his shot of Jaegermeister before starting on his frosty St. Pauli Girl. He had a great evening drinking, and eagerly relived the experience of screwing Barbara in detail, which made their waitress even more disgusted with him. He managed to screw two other mattress salesladies over the next year and a half with the same story until Barbara hit him with a paternity suit because he gave her his real name and address when he made the order.

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