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Buying a Slave


Buying a Slave

Seeing an add in a sex magazine I am curious and contact the guy who put it in the magazine.

For sale one BITCH.
Well TRAINED and house BROKEN
Always ON HEAT
Suit a guy who know how to treat a BITCH

I called him up and was invited over to have a look.

When I get there he greets me at the door. "Hey, come in." I follow him into the main room to find you standing there naked. I stare at you for a moment as he explains.

"This is my bitch she has been good but I have to move and can't take her with me." He gestures towards you. "As you can see she's well trained." Turning to you. "Hold up your tits." He orders. You comply, lifting your big breasts and holding them together.

"See." He smirks. "Go ahead examine her."

I walk towards and around you. My eyes wandering over your body. Standing behind you, I run my hand down your back and over your round ass.

"What experiences has she had." I say my hand still on your ass.

"Well I have trained her to enjoy all sexual activity. She has entertained my self and friends when we went camping." He speaks with some pride. "'I have had her blow a frat house too."

Impressive. I start to caress you as I move about you. My hands touching you. Your side, your hip, a breast, a nipple. Your stomach, your pussy. You stand there silently and still. "She seems docile enough. Almost too docile."

"Don't be deceived. She can be an animal when commanded to do so." He tells me. "Lay down and play with your pussy." I watch as you quickly obey. Laying on your back, your legs bend and spread wide. A hand slips down. A finger spreads you soft sensitive lips. We watch as you start to rub your clit.

"Take a seat man and enjoy. I will get us some beers." He leaves as I sit on the couch. I watch you as you play with your self. Fingers rubbing and probing. Moisture glistening on your lips. I notice your nipples hardening.

I feel myself hardening too.

"Enjoying the show I see." He returns with two opened bottles. "Has that effect on most guys." He hands me one of the beers. "She is an excellent cock sucker. At least the frat boys thought so." He laughs. I do too.

"Try her. Tell her what to do." I look down at you. I see you have been listening while you continued to get your pussy hot and wet. You head is raised looking at us expectantly.

"OK. Get over here on you knees." I order. You roll over and crawl across the floor like a dog. I am impressed with your quick response.

"I want you to suck my cock. Now."

You open my pants and kiss my cock as you get it out. I am hard. Your hands hold me still as you swallow my swollen head. Like a porn star you switch between fucking me with your mouth and jerking my cock while you suck just the head.

You master watching you closely. Appoving your performance.

"What do you say." He asks me. I nod. The feelings from your sucking and rubbing amazing. "She knows how to suck." I reply. "What about her pussy and ass?"

"She likes both." He tells me. "Likes to have them well used."

"Anything you haven't trained her to accept?"

"Likes a little pain but responds better to a firm and gentle hand. Doesn't respond well to some of the extreme kinks."

I nod still engrossed in the treatment of my cock. I am close.

He gets up and moves behind you, with his foot he rubs between your legs.

"You want to fuck her with me to seal the deal. Once we both cum she's yours. Of course there will be the matter of payment but we can sort that out. Do we have a deal?"

I look at him and down at you. "Yeah. Yes we have a deal." He starts to get undressed as I pull my shirt off. I pull you up off my cock and your soon to be former owner turns you around kissing you almost lovingly on the lips. He pulls you down on top of him and you move to straddle his waist.

Naked now. I am watching as you reach between your legs and guide him into your always wet pussy. I watch as your lips spead around him. As his veined hard cock moves deeper into your pussy for the last time. Your large breasts squashed beneath you against his chest. Your cries as you rock on his cock.

I kneel behind you rubbing you round ass as you fuck him. I run a finger tip down from your tail bone to your pussy and back to your ass. Testing it. I remove my finger and rest my cock in the cease of your ass. Letting it rub against you as you fuck him one last time. It occurs to me that I don't know your feeling on being sold, or fucked or even your name.

One push though and it wouldn't matter. One thrust and you are mine.

My head forcing your tight ass open. I am in you my cock slowly moving deeper and deeper as you now fuck both of your flesh vibrating with little ripples as you cry out at the invasion.

I stay still as does your former master as we enjoy you. Enjoy you rocking your body. Enjoy you rollong your hips. Enjoying the sounds you are making. He, enjoying the feel of your breasts, me the feel and site of your ass.

You cum. Once, screaming loudly. Again, this time more subdued buy just as powerfully.

The sight, sound and smell of sex fill the room. I start to cum. Slashing cum inside you. Some is forced out past my cock as I drive deep one last time before pulling out leaving your ass to close, cum flowing on to the cock in your pussy. Lubricating it further.

I hear your cries as I sit back and watch you fuck him. His control amazing. For another twenty minutes you fuck him. His hands going from breast to ass.

I write the cheque as he grunts that he is cumming. You scream out. "THANK YOU!" As he fills you with his cum, mixing with your own flowing juices and my own cum that had seeped from your ass.

Finished you roll off and lay there as he gets up. Smiles down at you. Walks over to me and takes the cheque. putting it in his wallet. He leaves the room to shower.

I look at you laying there. Used, cum running from you. Your big breasts heaving as you catch your breath.

I think I am lucky I saw that add. Lucky I got curious. I now own my very own slut.

I start to imagine the possibilities as I use some tissues to clean up before getting dressed.

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