tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuying Love Ch. 04

Buying Love Ch. 04


Buying Love Part four.

::In public::

Joan had almost veered into oncoming traffic three times on the way to the depot.

"Fuck Olivia, you are going to get us killed. Pull your robe closed or something."

Scorned Joan ineffectively trying to suppress a manic grin.

Olivia squirmed in the front seat of Joan's delivery van. She pulled on the robe and crossed her legs. Her pert breasts bulging defiantly from the v neck of the robe and her sparkly bronze tones legs a mass of sexy muscle.

Olivia's toes could not stop pointing now that her tendons were shortened.

Joan took a quick sideways glance at Olivia's toes wiggling at the end of her sexy legs and pulled the van to the side of the road.

Joan looked angrily at Olivia.

Olivia looked helpless back at Joan. "Oh for fuck sake. I am never going to get anything done with you looking like that. Come over here and sit on my lap."

Joan put the seat belt around both of them and continued into work.

As Joan pulled onto the drive way at UPS she unstrapped Olivia's seat belt.

"Just try to... I mean... I'm late and... Oh just stay out of sight OK?" Joan feeling less and less like working and more like driving to the beach or a lake or any excuse to see Olivia with even less clothes.

Olivia gave another helpless look. Her inflated pouty lips and dental facades thwarting previous attempts at communication, now she was getting a little rush out of playing dumb and Joan taking control.

Joan was so powerful and confident, Olivia was just smitten.

"Ah -haha, looks like that will get in trouble girl." Joan ushering Olivia back into the passenger's seat.

"Just stay out of site while I load today's run and the first stop will be your car." Joan assuring Olivia.

Olivia crouched on the van seat in an attempt to relieve the ache of her newly permanently pointy feet.

Joan looked over at the perched bronze goddess, the incredible erotic bulge of Olivia's Muscular thigh out of her pink fluffy robe... "Oh God!" she thought to herself and almost came on the spot.

Joan got out in a fluid motion and stepped to the back of the van opening both doors and slipped out the hand truck.

Olivia swiveled around the Van seat to peer through the mesh divider screen at Jones swiftly packing the Van.

Joan, in a rush just scooped up as many packages as possible and loaded them into the back of the van.

She justified to herself she would sort them on the road. Once Olivia was safely delivered to her car at the cosmetic surgery clinic she would be able to focus on her job a little better.

A quick "toot-toot" of a forklift horn did not sound out of place and Olivia continued looking out the back of the van.

Another slightly longer "Toot. Toot." caused Olivia to look around in curiosity.

Standing on the dock were a group of eight delivery drivers all looking at Olivia through the large front window of the van.

Olivia had not noticed that while she was backwards on the Van chair her bronzed ass cheeks in lace panties had been pressing against the windscreen. Slowly a crowd of delivery drivers had gathered to watch the show.

The forklift driver had felt a little left out as he was working while the others gawked.

Olivia at first didn't see the group of men standing on the dock and waved a nervous wave at the forklift driver.

The eight men smiled and waved back. Some of them laughing out loud.

Olivia, shocked spun around and sat crouched on the seat facing he men. She pulled her robe down and gave the men an unintended flash of lingerie cupped cleavage.

The men all cheered as Olivia gave them a sheepish look. The supervisor came in and the men scattered.

"Ol', Olivia?" Joan called though the back of the van while she worked. "Try not to cause a riot will you? I have to work with these people."

Olivia spun around to face Joan only to get another loud cheer from the reassembled flash mob.

Olivia sat back in the seat and waved again, although she didn't know why. The men obligingly all waved back with big smiles.

Joan walked around to the dock and dispersed the throng with a few stern words through a smirking grin.

Once the packages were loaded Joan jumped back in the van but not to drive.

"Ol' sweetie, can you come with me for a second?" Joan abandoning trying to choke back the ecstatic grin on her face.

Joan led Olivia in her pink fluffy robe and high heels out of the van and into the Lunchroom where all eight men, the forklift driver two clients and the supervisor were waiting.

The crowd of men stood in a semi-circle all transfixed on Olivia.

"Everyone, this is my friend Olivia." Joan made a hand action.

"Good morning Olivia." The men said in almost perfect Unison.

Olivia waved a nervous wave. Even if she had the ability to speak properly she had not the slightest idea what to say to this.

"Olivia, these are the idiots I work with. Everyone happy?" Joan concluded the introductions and pulled Olivia back toward her van.

"Yes Joan. Thank you Joan." Some of the men said back in mock school boy voices to chuckles from the others.

Olivia's blushing was just barely visible under her tattoo tanned skin.

Joan's embarrassment was so deep her cheeks glowed red as if she had suffered some kind of breakfast raspberry jam toast accident.

Olivia climbed onto Joan's lap before they left the depot. Joan pulled away with another hearty cheer from her co – workers.

"Ok, straight to your car now sweetie. Sorry about that, they aren't such a bad bunch really."

Olivia gave Joan a little peck on the cheek, she wanted to tell her that she didn't mind, and in fact she was very turned on by it all. But the kiss would have to do as she was too shy to speak.

Ten minutes across town, Olivia pulled into the lot behind the cosmetic clinic where she had pick Olivia up from less than 24hours ago.

Olivia started to slip off her lap and Joan took her arm in a firm grasp.

Joan took Olivia and pushed her down under the steering wheel.

The morning ride a torture of sexual anticipation, Joan's desire for Olivia now all consuming.

Olivia didn't need any words to understand Joan's need and stripped away her yoga pants and panties.

Olivia delved deeply into Joan's juicy pussy. The sweet smelling juices covering Olivia's faces as she mercilessly devoured Joan's clit.

Joan pulled Olivia up onto the seat. The steering wheel jamming Olivia into a position out of reach of Joan's lap.

Joan fingered Olivia around her lace panties and Olivia followed suit.

The two lovers writhed and moaned in the front seat of Joan's van.

Seconds later Olivia was on the very edge when Joan came.

"Ow Fuck." Joan exclaiming seeing the wet patch they had made on the cloth insert seat.

Joan pulled a hand full of tissues out and stuffed it between her legs.

Olivia was bundled out the door with quick kiss from Joan before she sped off to start her day's run.

Olivia tottered through the car park toward her car.

Her steps impeded by the stripper heels she had grabbed last minute, her new pointy feet and the orgasm that was bubbling away just under the surface, pulling and yearning with each tiny step.

The parking ranger noticed Olivia immediately after she got out of Joan's van.

Olivia tottered toward the young man standing in front of her car in the safety vest with smaller and smaller steps trying desperately not to drop to the graveled road in a screaming orgasm.

The hopeless mess of erotic tension that Olivia had become was all too obvious.

Olivia looked at the little yellow envelope that no doubt contained a parking fine on her window and looked over the young uniformed officer struggling to suppress her state.

"Oh God." Olivia thought. "Uniform."

"What do I do?" Olivia said out loud to the young man.

"Ma'am, I'm afraid you have incurred a parking infringement." Said the young ranger in a firm tone.

"Oh God." Olivia hearing the deep authoritative voice and losing a little to the battle with her car park orgasm.

"Ma'am, I'm afraid.." The ranger wanting to explain that once the fine has been issued it is not possible to take back.

Olivia fell to her knees in front of the young man.

"Ma'am, you must..." The young uniformed officer interrupted but Olivia unzipping his uniform pants.

Olivia deftly removed the Officer's erection from his underwear and took it fully in her mouth.

The heat and rapid salty firming of the young man's cock ushering a: "Mmmmmh."

From Olivia while desperately sucking on the rangers cock.

"Oh-M Miss!"

The ranger having heard tales like this but until this moment discounting them as flights of fancy.

The young ranger tore up the infringement notice he was writing than then the one on the window too.

He figured it would be bad manners not to. He couldn't cancel it and so resolved himself to paying it for her.

Olivia started to cum loudly. The young ranger followed suit.

Panicked, the young man withdrew at the exact moment... ...and sprayed cum over Olivia's face.

"Oh, Ma'am I'm, Oh!"

The Ranger mortified ran away with his dripping hard on bouncing from side to side through his unzipped cargo pants.

Olivia, with pearly white splashes of cum all over her face, unlocked her car and toweled herself off with a cardigan she had left in the back seat.

Olivia sat in the warm car for a while staring out into the bright morning light of the Newtown car park.

She repositioned the mirror to look at her face.

"Oh!" Olivia said out load.

She had expected to see her old freckly plain unmade up face and was shocked to see her flawless bronze completion, pert cherry red lips and tattoo made up face.

Olivia drank in the afterglow for a while before dreamily starting her car up.

Olivia made pouty lips faces in the mirror for a few more minutes before she could look away long enough to set off.

She pulled out of the car park onto King street. She changed lanes and looked in the out of position mirror .

A strange tone angry sounding tone shot through the car.

A police car had been in the lane Olivia just turned into and was blasting her with the siren horn.

Olivia calmly pulled to the side of the road and the police cruiser pulled in stopping very close behind her.

Olivia's heart fluttered, a mix of worry about why she was being pulled over and the thrill of anticipation at meeting a police officer while still high on the buzz of blowing a parking ranger in the public car park.

"We'll start with your license I think honey." The gruff if a little higher than expected voice barked over the traffic noise.

Olivia was in a spin. So excited at the encounter, just overwhelmed by all the stimulation.

"While we're young darling." The voice of the officer getting a little impatient.

Olivia reached for her purse and realised it and her phone were still in Joan's van.

She looked up at the officer and saw it was a woman.

"Ah?" Olivia saw speechless.

"Listen hun, I need to see your license, don't panic." The officer getting a closer look at the fear building on Olivia's face.

"Um, Ah?" Olivia lost in a haze of confusion and stimulation.

"Have you been drinking this morning honey?" The police woman asked in a more friendly tone. And then: "Wait here."

The police woman returned with a hand held breath test.

"Blow into this tube until I saw stop." Commanded the officer.

Olivia felt weak; she blew sheepishly, imagining for an instant she was kissing the officer.


The breath test concluded after an eternity of policewoman mini fantasies.

The read out indicated Olivia had no alcohol in her system, but was clearly zoned out for some reason.

"Are you OK ma'am? Have you taken something this morning?" The police woman growing suspicious at Olivia's continued silence and spacy demeanor.

Olivia wanted to tell the police woman she had trouble talking since her lip injections and dental work yesterday but all that came out was:

"Um, no?"

"Step out of the car please ma'am." The police woman said in an authoritative tone.

Olivia fumbled with her seat-belt. In her unfocused state she had clipped the tie of her robe in the seat-belt buckle slot.

She tugged away at it but the buckle was stuck firm.

Olivia could tell the police woman was getting agitated so she ducked under the belt, spun out of the robe and stepped out on to the street in her black lace lingerie and heels.

The police woman a little shocked at first reverted back to her training:

"You are being arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of a drug. Spread your legs and place your hands on the car."

A tidal wave of honking horns from the passing traffic drowned out what the police woman said next.

The image of the police woman bending Olivia over her car in high heels and lace underwear too much for the stream of mid-morning traffic to ignore.

The Police woman briefly patted Olivia down. Each quick practiced movement designed to detect concealed objects but pushing Olivia over the brink.

Olivia's mind completely frazzled by an onslaught of erotic fantasy come to life.

The sound of the Police woman removing her handcuffs from the holster made Olivia moan in a breathy pang of ecstasy.

The Police woman felt Olivia writhe and got a little turned on as she handcuffed Olivia's hands behind her back.

Olivia felt the warm metal along with the gritty dust as she brushed against the car fender and the firmness of the police woman's controlling hands. She let out a fluttering gasp and shuttered all over.

The police woman instinctively knew this was a sign of sexual submission but continued on with a sense of power and authority.

Olivia's stripper heels clip-clopped as she was walked along in front of the female police officer and escorted her into the back of her cruiser.

The traffic honking on busy King Street Newtown escalated, now mostly due to the traffic jam this spectacle was generating. And perhaps the hot lingerie chick being handcuffed my an attractive police woman.

Olivia felt the police woman's hand on her head as she was bent over and inserted into the back of the police cruiser.

The police officer got back into the front of the car and shared a look and a wink with her partner.

As they drove off Olivia had to sit forward on the seat in the middle because her hands were cuffed behind her.

As they came to a red light Olivia slid forward pressing her breasts up against the mesh of the back seat security divider.

The police woman looked at Olivia's breasts pressed against the mesh and took the hand of her partner as a signal to take a look.

The officer's partner looked around and whispered something into the driver's ear.

Another few blocks went by and the police woman said: "OK. But just this once OK?"

The driver turned on the sirens and made a u turn. They sped back up the road they had just come down.

A fast stop pressed Olivia's tear drop breasts again, spilling little diamonds of bronzed flesh through the holes as the mesh screen took her weight.

Olivia had not been watching where they were going. She was fixated only on the two female officers holding hands as they drove along.

"God Jenny I don't know?" Said officer Cathy to her stocky short haired partner.

"Look Cat', it's up to you. I mean she's obviously out of it... haha... and in to you. I mean why did you even tell me this fantasy of you didn't want to try it?"

Jenny knowing exactly how to push her partner's buttons.

The two female police officers shared a look. A little smirk from Officer Jenny promoting a big smile from Officer Cathy.

"I did the last one. It's your turn now." Officer Jenny goaded.

"I'm going for it." Officer Cathy quickly opening the driver's door, slipping out the door and opening up the back.

Officer Jenny took out her phone and started taking pictures.

Olivia didn't mind the butch female officer taking her picture and tried to make a sexy pose in her hand cuffed curled up on the back seat kind of way.

Officer Cathy took out her tong – fa police baton before she got into the back seat with Olivia. "Pucker up darling." Said the police woman in a gruff voice.

Olivia made a kiss face and leaned into Cathy.

Their lips almost touching when Officer Cathy pulled back and slapped Olivia hard across the face.

"I don't think so slut." The police woman's voice obviously filled with enjoyment at her power game.

Olivia's face stung and her ears rang. She had never been struck like that, and never been such a powerless position. The shame and humiliation burned as much as her slapped face.

"Careful not to break her Cat. We wouldn't want to miss the rest of the performance." Officer Jenny mocked.

Officer Cathy grabbed Olivia by the face and squeezed her mouth open by pushing her fingers into Olivia's cheeks.

"Take it slut. Take it all." Officer Cathy's voice full of dominance and menace.

Olivia tasted the familiar scent of latex as the police woman slid the point of the t shaped baton handle into her mouth.

The police woman in the front seat had switched to video and was grinning and rubbing herself with her free hand.

Olivia could tell she wanted to say something but kept silent for some reason.

Once the handle was good and coated with saliva Officer Cathy slid the long end of the tong – fa into the gap between the seat and back rest leaving only the T shaped handle poking out making a V with the short end of the baton.

"OK darling, it's show time." Officer Cathy maneuvered Olivia around to face front and pressed her down onto the handle.

The condom covered baton handle slid into Olivia's wet pussy smoothly and all three woman felt a rush, although for different reasons.

Officer Cathy said: "Wow slut, you didn't even try to resist. Just a little further and we can start the show.

Taking a second pair of cuffs the police woman pulled Olivia down the full length of the baton handle and cuffed her hands to the seat belt clip.

Olivia was skewered on the baton and the handcuffs made it impossible for her to slide off it.

The predicament causing pussy juice to drip from Olivia's stretched lips.

"I'll take that kiss now darling." Officer Cathy barked.

Olivia puckered for a kiss with closed eyes.

Officer Cathy waited for Olivia to open one eye before slapping her hard across the face from the other direction.

"Stupid slut!" Scolded the police woman before joining her chuckling partner in the front seat. As Officer Cathy started off the momentum of the car drove the baton deeper into Olivia and she let out a guttural moan as the handle bruised her tight pussy a little.

The two police women roared with laughter as Officer Cathy used left foot breaking to speed up and slow down the car forcing Olivia into a rocking action.

Olivia's face a fury of expressions as she slid along the baton.

Each cycle contorting Olivia's face into increasingly more painful expressions as the baton pressed hard.

Officer Jenny was filming and rubbing herself and suddenly said: "Stop!"

The car stopped short and Olivia squealed with the sensation and yelled when the rebound forced the baton in again as she bounced around squat on the car seat.

"I just thought of something. Give two seconds; you're going to love this." Jenny said to her partner.

Officer Jenny moved to the back of the car and took out her utility knife.

"Hold still Peaches." Jenny tracing the blunt edge of the knife up her torso from Olivia's impaled pussy to up under her bra.

"So, you get one minute to set them free and I will go in the back. But..." Jenny cutting the center section of Olivia's bra.

"If you take more than a minute to get those boobs free of slut muffin's lacy bra you go in the back with her and I can drive." The sadistic police woman concluded.

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