I awoke and could not move. Not that I my arms and legs could not move but that I had neither arms nor legs. All my being, my flesh was immobile, hard and unforgiving despite my efforts. I could see, but things were black. I lay still, trying to hear my own heart, and the air of my lungs but not a sound; no sign of life with in me was evident. Yet even without life I had thought, I could sense, I was conscious.

There was movement as if my room was being pulled, and light shone above me. The world was so much bigger, everything in gigantic proportions. A hand crested over the dark edge, and I came to the startling revelation, that the world was not larger, I was now much smaller, and hidden away in a drawer. The fingers wrapped around me, and I could not escape. Lifting me up, out of my confinement and into the light of the room. In my ascent I passed a mirror, evidently my captive drawer was part of a vanity and for the first time I could see, if sight is truly what it was. My new form, my new being was a blue plastic shaft, with black cap on the bottom. "Oh god," my mind screamed! "I've become a vibrator!"

A sex toy! Fitting fate I would suppose, for a guy like me. Sex on the brain, one-track mind and my reincarnation is as a sex toy, feeling no pleasure myself but giving to those I took from in my former life. Karma can be such a bitch.

I looked at the woman, seeing her in the mirror a moment before she took me away. The size difference made her figure disproportionate, feminine in curve yet intimidating in stature. She carried me away from the bed, and I began to get dizzy from her swinging hand that carried me. I soon saw carpet switch to tile and guessed to be in the bathroom. The sound of rushing water confirmed where we were and I craned to see her drop the robe she wore. Even with my vision skewed and distorted there is a pleasure at seeing a naked woman. As if nature designed her curves to make a man smile and hunger. There was the click from faucet to shower and we entered the warm waterfall.

At first she laid me on the soap tray. I could watch her lather and cleanse herself. Even from this new vantage point, I was amazed at the way a woman moves when she washes. Arms moving, breasts jiggling, tummy flexing and arching. I could remember back to the showers, so many showers with so many women, the way I loved touching them, feeling them warm and wet, the way water ran over their bodies. It was such an esoteric aesthetic and so vivid in my head. If only I had treasured it as much then as I do now.

She washed her hair, and the cascade as she rinsed made me wish my cock, which would be so hard right now. Hell I am all cock, I just want to feel that urge and throb in my loin. Come on, stop teasing me and use me already! Like some blend of the temple of Diana and the Colossus of Rhodes, she towered over me, basking in the warmth of the hot water. Her hands caressed her breasts and the moan escaped. That moan, how I loved that moan. Knowing I had touched a woman; not just in her body but in her soul, arousing her, kindling that flame from spark to flicker, soon to be a raging fire. That moan, please moan again.

One hand went lower, and I saw her begin to lightly rub her pussy, massaging her clit in small focused circles. She changed her position; opening her legs wider and the water ran off at another angle. Yes yes, please, please now, you have a vibe, use it! COME ON! PLEASE!

Her breathing quickened, her body began to shudder just a little then her hand, that massive hand grabbed me, giving the knob a sharp twist and I could feel my body pulse and hum with power. This is more like it! This is what I crave, what I need, my purpose, my being, let me fan flames to roaring powerful fire. She held herself open, and plunged me in, leaving me sightless but the darkness was so welcomed. Her wet slick walls enveloped me, fully engulfing me as she pushed me all the way in. The way the motor made me shiver I could feel her flesh quivering in response. Quick deep hard fast pumps, the she tilted me up to rub along her sensitive tuft of nerves. She clinched down, tightening around me and I felt so constrained. If I had arms I would pound against these walls, kicking and screaming to be free only to feel her rippling, the orgasm beginning to claim her. More wetness, not from the water outside, no this was her, bathing me in her want, her hunger, and I would have killed for a tongue to lap it up.

Her moan was muffled through it echoed within her. She slid me out, and washed me off in the shower. The motor was quiet now, just water and her hand and me reflecting on the moment. She laid me on the counter while she dried off. I could see her, and I was reminded again of the beauty of a woman's skin just after she's come. I want to hold her, the way I did as a man. Then wrapped her in robe she takes me back and dropped me unceremoniously in the drawer again. Cold empty darkness once again and I resigned myself to my fate.

I awoke the next day, still haunted by my dream. So vivid and real, so much like a life lived rather than a dream dreamed. Throughout the day I couldn't shake it. Then that evening in the grocery store, I saw her. That HER. The woman in the shower, there she was buying breakfast cereal.

I started to go over to her but stopped. What would I say, how do you ask a woman "pardon me but do you have a blue plastic vibe and did it seem different somehow this morning?"

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