Buzz Me


She picked a tissue from the box on her desk and mopped up the sweat from her brow. Picking up her purse, Teresa walked out of her office and headed for the washroom. Her knees were wobbly. The very warm piece of metal sliding over her heated center sent impulses that threatened to make them give out at each step. Teresa put what she hoped was a normal expression on her face. But she was sure the fire burning in her shone from her face and filled her eyes.

Back in the bathroom and the stall she used last time, Teresa peeled her sopping undies from her lips and wiped herself down. She almost, almost, started to move her fingers inside to fulfill the demand that had spiked in her. Instead she recovered herself and replaced the impromptu sex toy her lover had given her. She went back to the basins and washed. Teresa decided against makeup, there was no way to put it on with the way her hands were shaking.

Returning to her office, she sat down again. Well, slumped actually. With bated breath, she waited for her next treatment.

None came. Slowly her desire faded. Just a little. She managed to sit up straight and look at her desk with an eye to doing something. She checked her computer's clock. It read 4:50 PM.

Teresa smiled. She could go home now. Home to her lover and what he had planned for her. Without any help from Mike's surprise, her passion and anticipation grew.

"God damn it," she recalled then. "I'm drinking with Maureen." A soft groan of frustration sounded. They had planned to meet at 5:30 in a bar ten minutes walk from Motive Fashions. Teresa's face clouded, knowing she had a while to wait yet.

Pulling a pen from its holder, Teresa took up a paper and tried to read it. She couldn't focus on the words at all. She could see them fine, but they made no sense. Her lust and expectancy were so high, they kept derailing her chain of thought.

The clock seemed to make sense. 5:00 it read. Then 5:10. And finally, 5:20. Teresa gathered her things and headed out. The office was almost empty now, what with it being Friday. There were several people in the elevator. She found this a little embarrassing. Teresa was sure they could smell her arousal. And certain the look on her face gave away her inner thoughts, which were now focused on Mike and important parts of his anatomy.

The walk to the bar seemed to take forever. The buildings seemed to crawl past and the people to rush by. Teresa felt like she was walking a tightrope. She was so excited and holding it in so tight that simple things like steps seemed complicated.

On reaching the bar, Teresa found a table and sat in a chair. She concentrated and managed to sit straight with her legs closed. She knew Maureen would be late as always. Teresa prayed not too late. She felt faint with arousal.

Something was spoken to her. Turning towards the sound, it took a second to recognise her friend.

"Man, Terry. You don't look so hot. Or rather too hot. You got a fever?" asked Maureen.

"A little," Teresa lied. Inside she grinned. "Fever indeed."

"Nothing a little bed rest can't cure," she continued. The internal grin grew bigger. The word 'bed' inspired images that had nothing to do with resting. Teresa could feel the flush in her cheeks deepen.

"Well, let's make it quick then," Maureen decided. "You should have called and canceled. I wouldn't have minded," said her friend.

"OK. I'm not that bad though."

So they got their usual drinks, bourbon on the rocks for Maureen and an apple martini for Teresa. They started to talk. Or rather Maureen talked and Teresa listened. Nodding her head to simulate encouragement and understanding Teresa sat and stewed in her own juices. Her lust didn't want to recede. It lapped at her senses. What her friend said came through in dribs and drabs but not enough to be fitted together coherently.

Just as she was raising her glass for a sip, Mike struck again. Bzzzzt!

Teresa dropped her glass as her body went limp from ecstasy. A long 'oh' groaned in the air. Her back slumped and her hips twitched. Bright little lights seemed to flash in her vision. Her lower lips began to flutter again, kissing the wet, warm metal pressing against her. The martini glass shattered as it hit the floor.

Maureen was on her feet and propping Teresa up in her chair. Her face was very worried. "Jesus, Terry! Are you all right? Do you need a doctor?"

Teresa managed to give a weak smile. "I just need to get home," she murmured. "Mike will look after me. I'm sure it's nothing major."

Her friend looked unconvinced.

"Just call me a cab," Teresa said with a bit more strength. "Mike will know what to do." "And if not, I'll show him," came her inner voice.

"OK, if you insist," acquiesced Maureen. She left some money on the table then helped Teresa to her feet and walked her outside. Flagging down a cab, Maureen placed Teresa inside and gave the address of the cab's destination.

"I'll call tomorrow," were her parting words.

Teresa said nothing to the cabby, just squirmed in her seat occasionally. These small motions teased her and Teresa maintained a high level of excitement the whole trip. This made the time pass very slowly. It was a surprise when she saw her building outside the window.

Teresa climbed from the cab. She would have forgotten her purse in her eagerness but she needed it to pay the cab. She pulled out what she was pretty sure was sufficient money to pay. Counting was too difficult and she was in a hurry. It must have been enough for the driver said nothing but "Thanks" and smiled.

Once more, Teresa concentrated on walking. Her legs felt like rubber. Again the movement of her nether lips on the smooth surface of the phone drove sharp spikes of pleasure into her. The elevator arrived, she entered and the door closed.


Teresa slumped against the wall and moaned. She was so, so close to exploding. Her heart pounded. Her face went slack. Her knees shook and her hips shimmied. Her awareness shrank to the small hot spot between her legs.

The elevator door opened. Teresa shoved herself from the wall and stepped into the hall leading to her home. She focused on their door, using it as an anchor and goal. It was amazing that her legs could hold her up.


Teresa stumbled under a fresh assault on her senses. Her eyes went wide and an unformed sound wheezed from her. Reaching out and grabbing a door knob she managed to avoid falling. With a mighty effort of will, Teresa gathered herself and continued down the hall.

Finally, she reached her destination. As she reached for the knob the door opened.

"Hi sweetie," greeted Mike, "Nice to have you home. Did you have a good day?" All he was wearing was a terry cloth robe. A peak in the front was pushed out by his erection.

Teresa stared at him, more specifically at where his cock was hidden. She wanted. She wanted him inside her; pushing, ramming, thrusting until she exploded. Images of the two of them rutting, screwing, fucking filled her mind. She had never been so consumed with the idea before. She lifted a shaking hand to move his robe aside, to reveal what her body craved.

Mike intercepted her hand and turning away said, "Dinner's ready." He pulled her along and she followed.

Teresa whimpered now. She knew she was going to have to wait some more. She couldn't wait anymore. But she found she couldn't act. She had been holding tight for so long that she wasn't able to let go. Mike had control over her now and she could only do things by his lead.

Somehow she found the wherewithal to speak. "Please," she whined.

Mike turned and gave her a loving smile. "Eat first, beautiful." His eyes sharpened with lust then. "We'll need our strength."

Teresa didn't say anything, that small effort to speak requiring all her will. Her consciousness faded into the most primal emotions waiting only for the right touch to release them.

They had arrived at the dining room by then. Mike sat her down. Dinner consisted of angel hair pasta with an Alfredo sauce and a lettuce salad with slices of green pepper and purple cabbage garnishing it. Mike's own oil and vinegar dressing with a little thyme and rosemary in it stood by to flavour the salad. He filled their plates and bowls, then sat and began to eat.

Teresa tried to emulate him. It wasn't easy. She couldn't focus and her hands still trembled. The food had little taste, it being far too subtle to push past the raging desire that filled her.

Mike stopped eating and announced. "I think that's enough. Time for desert." Teresa just looked at him, afraid to say anything, not knowing if she could. Desert meant more waiting and she was near the end. If she let go she would fade away, become some kind of spirit wandering the world, moaning for a completion that would never come.

Instead, he walked over to her. He placed an arm around her back, another under her legs and picked her up from the chair. Mike lowered his head to Teresa and kissed her hard. His tongue pushed into her and teased around inside.

With a gibbering moan, Teresa wrapped her arms around his neck and clung tightly. Her animal self realised the wait was over. She dueled with him. She wriggled in his arms, not being able to remain still. His body against hers and she began to release the tight hold on her emotions. Her heart began to soar.

Carrying his squirming burden into the bedroom, Mike placed her on the bed, on all fours with her ass towards him. He ran his hands up her legs, drawing the hem of her skirt up and over her buttocks. The muscles under his hands rippled. Teresa gave gasping little mews in response. This was what she she had been wishing for. She had been anticipating it, wanting it, demanding it. And the joy of it finally happening made her head expand, her stomach tighten and her pussy clench.

Once her cheeks were revealed, Mike took the band of her panties and rolled them down her thighs. Her miniature tormenter fell to the bed. Teresa groaned, glad of its loss and missing its touch all at once. Somehow enough rationality emerged to think, "Soon. Soon."

Mike lifted her knees and pulled her saturated raiment free of her. He leaned forward and kissed her left cheek. Subtle suckings and gentle pokes with his tongue played over the soft skin there. He could feel Teresa flex the firm buttock at his touch. He moved towards the crack and when he came to it, licked around the sensitive sphincter there. Teresa let out a gasping hiss at this. It was the first completely sensual thing he had done.

Mike moved downwards, licking at the sensitive strip of flesh between her two responsive portals. She emitted a soft, desperate noise as he did this. The feel of his hot tongue, pushing past the emotional wards she had erected, was making them weaken.

He moved lower still. He laved her labia, lapping up the tangy flavour of her. Wanting it fresh, he pushed the tip of his tongue inside. The wriggling of it over her sensitive inner lips made Teresa goggle. The feeling was almost what she wanted. But almost wasn't good enough. Her real want took hold of her mind and shook words loose.

"Mike?" she whimpered.

"Yes love?" he inquired.

"Please!" she demanded in a long, tremulous, shaking sibilance. The whole day sounded in her voice.

Mike looked scared for a second. He had hoped to arouse her. But this was beyond his ken. It almost seemed that his Teresa had been replaced with a slavering animal. He hadn't known she could want so badly. Then he smiled. He loved when she wanted. And now she wanted more than anything.

"Of course," he replied. He rose to his knees behind her, kneeling between her legs. Letting his robe fall to the bed, he aimed his erection at the wet, trembling lips that awaited him. Nestling the crown at her entrance he pushed with a long, slow pressure.

Teresa opened her mouth but no sound emerged. Every nerve in her seemed to be preoccupied with the marvelous organ finally inside her. She wanted to pump, to move Mike inside her. But she had been bought so high and had been holding it in so long, she couldn't let go. She hissed in a slight breath as he hit bottom and moaned quietly as he withdrew. Mike started a slow constant rhythm in and out of Teresa.

The steady movement eased Teresa's tight grip on her body and emotions. Small moves of her hips started to meet his thrusts. She began to pant as the fire that had been frozen began to loosen. It spread and shook loose more of her control. She could feel the edge she was going to fall over move closer.

"Yes, beautiful." Mike spoke to her. "That's it. Let go. I'm here and you can come for me."

At the word 'come' Teresa's body shook. The intimation of it bounced around in her mind. The promise jarred more words free. "Mike… Please… Fuck… Hard."

He picked up the speed and force of his plunges at her request. He watched her ass cheeks ripple from the force with which he drove into her. Teresa started to move more, her craving forcing her to take him, help him. A steady stream of grunts, sighs and moans came from her.

"God, woman." He knew that words could direct her passion, drive her to orgasm. "I want you to come so bad. I want to feel you thrum, squeeze, shake and quiver. I want to hear your noise as you let go. I want you!"

Teresa could sense the end approaching. But not fast enough. She needed now. The day's passion had to be released. She needed to come. Her need pushed one last word out. "Harder."

Mike grabbed her hips and pulled her to him. He drove hard and fast into her wanting depths.

Teresa fell to her elbows, her arms too weak to hold her up anymore. The sweet friction inside built an enormous pressure inside her. The end was seconds away.

"Yes," came Mike's voice from an enormous distance. "That's it. Let go. Release yourself. Come."

At the last word Teresa let loose with a scream of utter bliss. Her body shook as her orgasm exploded in her. Overwhelming sweet waves of pleasure washed through her, flushing her skin, making sweat pour off her, leaking a hot wave of juice from her pussy. Eyes rolling back her head tossed frantically, flaying her hair back and forth.

Mike kept pumping and her climax went on and on. It would shrink just a little, almost allowing her to breathe and then it would sweep through her again. She could make only incoherent sounds, only move in a motion that kept the source of her joy beating inside her, only feel the electric heat that crackled within her. It swamped her mind and hid all rational thought under the most extreme carnality.

A "Now!" sounded distantly. And Teresa felt a new warmth, not her own, fill her. She snapped upright pressing her back to the man she loved. Although she didn't think it possible, her passion climbed yet again. She felt his hands take her breasts and squeeze, causing another wail of ecstasy filled the room. They moved against each, reaching a height neither had ever known.

Slowly, slowly, they stopped. They held to each other, aware only of the flaming warmth they felt. She felt Mike wilt to one side, collapsing to the bed and carrying Teresa with him. He was clinging tight, as if afraid she might vanish.

Teresa felt addled. Her mind could only absorb impressions, not form thoughts. It had been too much.

She wouldn't have complained even if she could. She had never felt so completely satisfied as she did at the moment. A dizzy smile was plastered on her face. Her eyes wandered, trying to understand what it was she was looking at. But it really wasn't important enough to care much.

Her view blurred for a second as she was rolled over. Teresa saw Mike's face and she smiled even more. Somehow, she knew this was the reason she felt so good. She reached out and pulled herself close, nuzzling into the neck of the most important thing in her life. An instant later she was asleep.

Two weeks later Teresa entered her bedroom once again. Looking in the mirror she took inventory. The new addition to her appearance was still there; she glowed with satisfaction, contentment and happiness.

She and Mike had been like teenagers, hardly able to keep their hands off each other. Being around each other had been a constant turn on. Often they didn't make it as far as the bedroom. Once, Teresa had him pull into a public parking garage and she had her way with him in the front seat of their car.

She had never felt so thoroughly loved in her life. Their frenetic coupling had begun to taper off though. It was hard to maintain that level of passion forever.

Teresa smiled at her reflection and thought, "I know just the solution to that."

She went to her dresser and pulled out the undergarment that had started the whole process. After putting it on she walked over to the bed, sat down and draped her upper body over Mike. He reached out of the covers to take her hand. "Good morning, beautiful," he whispered.

"Good morning," Teresa whispered back, kissing his cheek. She sat back up and he rolled on his back to look at her.

"I'm off for work soon," she said, "but I want you to do something for me."

"If it's within my power, of course," he replied with a smile.

Teresa reached over to the night stand on his side of the bed. She took up the cell phone from the charging stand she had made sure it was placed in the night before. Drawing the front of her panties out from her hips she slid it home. The touch of it and the memories attached caused her to react immediately.

She gave a sweet, wicked smile and told him, "I want you to buzz me today."


I hope you enjoyed this. Please send votes and feedback letting me know how much. It keeps me going.

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Phones have got bigger since '05

That is a shame!
A great story, well written and as entertaining today as it would have been 12½ years ago.

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