tagIncest/TabooBy Accident, On Purpose Ch. 04

By Accident, On Purpose Ch. 04


"Mmmmm Kevin." My mother told me. "I can honestly say darling, ... that I have never seen a more beautiful penis in my life." I sat there and let her gaze at me. "I don't know about fucking baby. I really think that is just way too far into the incest pool for me, for us!"

Things had progressed so quickly between us; this trip, Dad's leaving, and the manner in which he did, my sexy encounter with Maribella, as Mom watched. Mom's fascination with my cock; her own son's naked, erect penis. She had sucked it last night, so incredibly. Now here we were again, her playing with me as I sat nude on the beach with her.

Her eyes came up to mine then back to my manhood. "Would you think me too horribly wicked if I sucked that gorgeous meat again?" My smile gave her my full approval. "Oh Kevin. Your mother is such a slut." Mom said as she dropped to her knees, resigned to do what her body, not her mind was demanding. "God help me, I want your fat cock sweetheart." She reached out, took my cock in one hand, my balls in the other. "I love your sweet cock darling. Mother wants to suck her son's cock. Doesn't that sound so wicked? Mommy wants her boys big dick."

She leaned in and kissed the tip. "Mmmmm, go on and say it, I'm a slut. I'm a mommy that sucks her son's big dick." With that she engulfed the head and half of my shaft, and moaned loudly that she was pleased with it. I used the most outrageous language on her as she sucked me off.

I exploded in her mouth. She coughed a bit at the first spurt, but collected herself and began to gulp down my seed. "Oh yeah! Take my cum Mom. Take that sweet cum, Mommy! Drink it all!" She did, an incestuous mouthful of her son's thick sperm.

"Oh baby!" she panted. "Oh fuck! My sweet baby! You are so awesome! What a fabulous cock, darling. I love it! I love your beautiful cock! I love to suck it! I want it in me."

She then admitted, "I want you to fuck me with this sweet cock!" she took it completely in her mouth again. "Mmmmmmm, yeah!" she said loudly slurping it as it popped from her mouth. "I want it up my pussy! I want to get fucked hard and deep by my very own son. My handsome, studly son!"

"Come with me!" she told me standing. She pulled me to my feet. We kissed deeply. "Apparently I've become a woman who fucks her son." She giggled as we kissed again. I pushed the blanket from her shoulders and revealed her nude body. It was glorious! She was a gorgeous sexy woman, with an incredible shape. The fact that she was my mother, made it that much more intense for me to look at the most private parts of her; my mother's nude breasts, her naked bottom, her nude pussy.

We gathered her blanket and headed to the villa path. Little was said as we walked. Our pace was quick but not frantic. I was trying not to seem too eager. It felt like she was trying to buy some time by not going too fast. Regardless we arrived at the villa in record time. Maribella was nowhere in sight. We went to my room and discovered that Maribella had laid out an incredible spread of food and drink for us.

Fresh fruit juices in tiny glasses, sliced melons and other little treats, arranged as if she anticipated that we would climb into my bed and feed each other morsels and sips of juice and champagne, which was also chilling at the bedside. That is exactly what we did. I climbed into bed and laid on my back facing her.

Mom had wrapped herself in the blanket again, from the morning chill and now, standing at the foot of my enormous bed, made a show of stripping it slowly off her body, revealing her shape and nakedness to me. I made no effort to hide my thick cock, which she eyed hungrily. I wasn't exactly hard, as I laid back in a pile of pillows, but was getting there again. She crawled slowly up to me. She kissed both thighs, both hips, gently kissed my tender balls and followed that with a long tracing of my cock with her tongue. She kissed my stomach and chest and then, straddling my legs, she kissed my mouth.

"I love you Kevin." She told me with all seriousness. I told her the same. "Mmmmm. It is amazing to say that, ... heck I've said it every day since you were born, ... but now, ... to say it, .. and mean it, this way, ..." her voice trailed off. We shared a long look. "I love you. I love you in THAT way. Like a lover." She smiled a bit shyly which was entrancing. "I want to tell you how much I love you, ... as you fuck me." We kissed more passionately than ever.

She remained on top of me for a while, as we sipped and fed each other. She put ripe, juicy mango on my cock and licked it off. I smeared a passion-fruit compote on both her nipples and sucked it off. She oohed and ahhed. "Mmmm sweetheart, you were always so good at sucking my tits, I mean, as a baby." I gave her a look as if to ask 'Yeah?' "Oh yeah, baby! You gave such good head to my aching nipples, when I needed it most. You grew up so fat and healthy on mommy's milk, baby. My tits would be near to bursting, when I would give them to you. You would suck and suck and suck, ... Mmmmm yeah, just like that!!" She cradled my head to her chest.

"I don't recall though," she whispered seriously, "that your fat cock would poke me in the butt like this when you were little." We both burst out laughing, as she reached behind and stroked me lovingly. "Mmmmmm fat cock." Her tongue snaked out and licked her lips. "Kevin?" I turned my full attention to her. "Are you truly sure that you are okay with my wanting to fuck you?" I smiled and nodded. "You're totally okay with fucking your mother, even though you and I both know how wrong that is?"

I took her face in both my hands and simply gazed into her eyes. "I love you so much." I said simply. "I am so in love with you, Andrea Jean Mallory. Mother, Mom. All of you. I want all of you." I wanted to make myself very clear. "I admit that it turns me on that you're my mother and to fuck you will be the most naughty, incestuous, intensely sexy thing I could ever hope to imagine, ... but truly, I love you so much, as a woman, a beautiful, sexy, adult, strong woman. If you were not my mother I would want you just as badly." She was now staring into my eyes intently. "The sexy naughtiness of who 'we' are, does not even compare to how much I want you as simply 'Andrea Jean'. I love you because of who YOU are."

Mom now had a misty look in her eyes, and I pulled her down for the softest, most romantic, loving kiss ever. She was melting into me. We were melting into each other.

We shared a soulful kiss that didn't have the fiery passion of a moment ago, but was now a soft lingering dance of our lips that conveyed how much we adored each other, as people. My hands left her face and traveled the wonderful contours of her shoulders and back; her hips and tight round bottom. Her hips moved almost imperceptibly, but I could feel her wetness on my stomach, her smooth pussy lips stroking gently back and forth.

She moved up and back a bit, allowing my cock to slip off of her butt and flop heavily onto my stomach. She settled her pussy onto the shaft, not in her, but under her. "Mmmmmmm." She moaned into my mouth and she gently began to slip back and forth over it, the head bumping into her clit. She pushed back just a bit so that our noses were touching. She kissed mine and smiled sweetly.

She placed both hands on my chest and slowly pushed herself back up into as sitting position and then looked down to see my cock appearing from between her labia. "Ohhhh Kevin." She said simply. I looked down to see my cock working between us. It looked very large compared to her tiny pussy. It would disappear and then reappear wetter and wetter each time, as she rode me slowly. "Oh my goodness, Kevin, ... My sweet, sweet lover-son. You are going to hurt me with that huge cock, I fear, but I really don't care."

"I would never hurt you, ..." I began. Her eyes came to mine with a smile.

"No sweetheart. I don't mean like that. It's not even a bad thing. You're gonna hurt me so good. My little pussy hasn't seen any action for some time, and you're, ... well, ... you're huge sweetie." I relaxed a bit. "Kevin, darling, you are going to fuck your mother so good baby, but you're gonna have to take it slow at first. It may be a bit of a struggle to get your fat cock in me."

"In fact," she began again after a long pause of watching my cock stroking her pussy, "now that it comes to it, I'm a bit afraid." I asked her of what. "Afraid of your size, afraid of the discomfort, ... afraid," she said, looking up at me again, "of how much I'm going to love it."

"Kevin, you are going to stretch me, ... stretch my pussy open and fill me up so completely, ... it is every woman's dream to have that feeling. I am about to have the fuck of my life right now, with you, my son, you are going to give me the most incredible fuck of my entire life."

"Feel that." She told me. "I am so fucking wet for you!" she kissed me again, then sat up straight, her breasts jutting out towards me. I took them lovingly in my hands. "Mmmm yes. We are the naughtiest Mom and Son ever. Nude together, aroused, Mom straddling her son and stroking her soaking wet pussy over his incredible, huge, hard cock. We are so close to fucking right now." I had her hips in my hands and was pulling her back and forth over me.

"Fuck me, lover." I told her simply. She smiled and kissed me. I felt her reach between us with her right hand and gently grasp my shaft. She moved a bit and lined me up with her vagina. As she moved back I began to realize that this was not going to be a regular, or even an easy fuck; Mom was unimaginably tight!!! She leaned her head into my shoulder and worked on my cock.

I had been with 2 different girls who had wanted to try anal sex. This felt like that. One girl couldn't begin to get me in her tight little ass, so we gave up after much grunting and squealing. As I would begin to enter, she would levitate off of me, crying out in pain. Mom seemed somehow, a tiny bit tighter.

My cock was by now achingly hard, which didn't help matters, by being too rigid. Mom worked her pussy lips over the head, numerous times, trying to press down onto me. She too would lurch forward off of me when it became too much. I would feel her vagina begin to open for me, but not enough to allow passage. I held her hips and didn't move a muscle; I let her do all of the moving, at her own pace.

"Oh lord in heaven!" she hissed through clenched teeth. "Kevin, you are so huge! Oh sweetheart, my pussy is drooling for you for your sweet cock, but, ..." She moved up a bit and went back to stroking over me. "Holy cashmoly! I don't know! Fuck me you're so huge sweetheart. Plus I'm so tiny in that department." I asked her what she meant. "Oh baby, even your father thought I was too tight; and he was not built the way you are." A slight smile crept across her face. "Your father was nothing like you, sweetheart darling. He was barely half your size." I frowned, in wonder. 'Where did I get the big dick from?' I wondered briefly.

"Maybe, ..." Mom said as she pushed back farther until she flopped backwards onto my bed. "Maybe I'll just lay here and let you have your way with me." She played with her tits with one hand and strummed a tune on her clit with the other. "Lay here and let you fuck me."

I got up, picked her up and laid her back into my bed where I had been, and then arranged myself comfortably between her thighs, so that I could eat her pussy. I did, for a good 40 minutes, while she came and came for me. I had worked 2 fingers in her, though it had taken a very long time. She had cum twice before I began to jerk her off in earnest; hammering my fingers into her, over her G-spot, until she gushed into my hand. I caught some of her delicious flow with my tongue.

This must have been a new sensation for her, as her startled look and concerned expression made me giggle. "You never squirted before?" I asked her. She shook her head in concerned wonder.

"Squirted?" she asked me. I explained squirting orgasms for women and she listened, rapt, probably wondering how I knew about them. Finally, satisfied that everything was normal, she relaxed back in the pillows. "How'd you get to be such an experienced lover?" she asked me, a wide grin on her face. Her tongue peeked out the corner of her mouth in such an innocent, playful way that I almost took her right there and then.

I got on my knees and crawled slowly towards her. She looked a tiny bit afraid. "I would never hurt you." I repeated.

"I know that, ... Lover." She whispered, relaxing visibly. Her hand caressed my cheek lovingly. "Fill me?" she questioned with a sexy, innocent look, like a virgin, preparing to be deflowered. In a way she probably was. "Fill my tight pussy with your huge cock, ... son?" This last word was emphasized to enhance the naughtiness of our coupling. I was going to; even if it took all day to get in her.

I scooted forward and reached down to lay my heavy cock onto her vulva. It was instantly wet with her lubrication. I gently, slowly slid back and forth over her. Her eyes had a burning intensity in them, anticipating the feeling of me in her. Her legs wrapped around me, ankles locked together behind me, her thighs over mine. I took the opportunity to really take in the visual beauty of my mom's naked body. Her skin was velvet as I caressed her thighs and hips. Her hands settled over mine and held them there as I worked my hips.

Mom's breasts were a vision to me as I stroked over her. Perfect shape, slightly resting to the sides, like natural breasts do, nipples hard as bullets and surrounded by gorgeous pink areolas, the size of silver dollars. They moved ever so slightly as I pressed against her, bobbing sexily up and down. She noticed me staring at them and took both tits in her hands and kneaded them upwards, towards the center. Her fingertips squeezed all the way to the nipples, which she pulled out firmly, then began again at the base. I watched, entranced as she milked her tits again and again for me.

"You always did love my tits." She whispered. I gave her a questioning look. "When you were a baby, you couldn't get enough. You would stay latched on even when you were done eating. Up until the time you turned, ... oh 6 I think, ... you were always working your hands into my shirt. It used to bug your Dad, but I never cared. I wanted you to."

I slid my hands up her ribcage and took her full soft flesh from her. She let me mimic her milking of those gorgeous tits, ending with the same tugging of her nipples. "Yes baby. Play with Mommy's tits sweetheart. I know you want to. And I want you to. I have waited so long for someone to love them the way you do." I tried to communicate how much I adored them. "I know you do baby, I can tell. They love you too. Especially when you, ... Mmmmm!" she moaned as I tugged her tender nipples hard. I shook them gently, watching the soft tissue jiggle and bounce for me. "Mmmmm, Mommy has such tender titties for you."

I leaned down and spent a long time kissing each nipple in turn, sucking and licking. "God, I wish there was still milk in these." I told her.

"Oh fuck baby! I do too. I wish I had that sweet, warm milk for your mouth. I would feed you every day, 3 or 4 times a day! Let you suck Mommy's titties and drink my milk." I wasn't sure if it was possible, but she seemed even wetter under my cock.

I moved up and looked her in the eye. "I love you so much." I told her. She grabbed me and crushed her lips to mine. We shared a passionate kiss that left me feeling faint. "Even before I penetrate your with my penis, ... before I fuck your sweet pussy, ... I am making love to you. Right now" She had a misty look in her eyes. "I am making love to you right now. I am making love to my mother, and I couldn't care less what people might think. We are naughty together, and I love it!!"

We shared another exquisite kiss, as she humped up against my cock. "Mmmph." She moaned into my mouth. "Oh Kevin, baby, ... I don't think I can take any more. I need you in me. I need that huge cock up in my body." She had my face in both hands, holding tightly as she humped against me. "I need you to fuck my sweet pussy." I grinned wide at this admission and then pushed back up on my knees. I looked down to see my cock laying on her clit. It looked quite large against her tiny pussy. Her swollen mound was slick with her juice, the sexy smooth skin where her thigh met her labia, was shiny as well.

"It's time, I think." I told her. Her look grew quite serious. 'This was it.' It seemed to say.

"We really are going to fuck, aren't we?" She asked with very real seriousness. I smiled gently and nodded. "Mother and son." She whispered quietly. I reached down and took hold of my aching cock. I had to scoot back a bit to fit the length between us. I stroked the head over and between her lips. She reached behind her head, pulling it forward so that she could watch as well.

We took a minute to rearrange the pillows so that she could see my cock as it entered her. She then relaxed and allowed me to continue. I stroked the head over her clit, back and forth over the hood, and then between her lips again and again. I lodged it right at the opening of her vagina and applied a bit of pressure, the resistance was amazing. "Fuck Mom, you are so tight."

"I kind of thought so before, but your cock is really big, sweetie."

As I applied more and more pressure, the head began to ease in just a bit. Mom gave a slight moan and a slightly pained expression drifted across her face; not pained exactly, but I could tell I was stretching her. "When was the last time you did this?" I asked her. Her eyes flashed to me, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Well," she hesitated, "it's actually been a couple of years." She admitted. I was shocked. A flash of anger washed over me again at my father's behavior. Not so much the leaving part, I was coming to terms with that decision, much as I might disagree, but to leave this wonderful, sexy, darling woman untouched, unsatisfied for so long, was criminal.

"Well, after today, ... if you want it, ... I promise to fuck you so beautifully, so lovingly, every single day." Her look was a seductive blend of adoration, appreciation and unbridled arousal.

"Well, ... studly son of mine, ... I will hold you to that promise. I would LOVE to let you fuck me!! Every day!!"

I pressed a bit harder and the head of my cock slipped tightly inside of her pussy. She gasped a bit of air and gripped the sheets tightly. I withdrew. Her pussy snapped shut as I exited. "Oh! My!" she panted. "Fuck me, you are huge Kev." Her surprised look morphed into one of naughty playfulness. "You may have to go really, really slow with me, but goddam that felt amazing." I pressed the head into her again, and got the same response. After I retreated, she giggled a bit.

"Oh my fucking god, Kev. This is going to be something, trying to get you in me." She leaned down to see my cock poised at her opening. "You're so fucking huge, baby!" She alternated looking me in the eye and at my cock poised against her opening. I repeated, a dozen times or more, the gentle, firm press of my cock head into the opening of her vagina, then withdrawing completely. Finally she was used to this much of me.

The progress moved agonizingly slowly, torturing us both, as I would then lay it full and hard on her vulva and lean down to kiss her, then back up, to give her just the head. By now I had about 3 inches in her. It had taken a long time to reach even this shallow depth. Mom's eyes had begun to roll shut with each entry. She would lay her head back slowly and then raise it again to take in the awesome view of her son's cock penetrating her.

"So full!" she moaned quietly. "Oh baby, I am so filled with you. I have never felt this stretched before!" she leaned up to take a look. "Oh fuck!!" she cried out, falling back onto the pillows. "You're not even in me yet!" Her pussy was stretched so tightly around my girth that her clitoris was stuck up proudly. I wet my thumb and gently stroked it and the hood. "Oh yes, baby!! Oh I'm gonna cum, baby!!"

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