tagNovels and NovellasBy Air Mail Ch.07

By Air Mail Ch.07


***Looking back, it's been a busy night here and there.

In this, Craig, Amelia and Rosa get happy, Rebecca and Marjorie wonder that the Hell is going on, and Emmy learns about flying and trapped air. 0_o



Cascade, Idaho.

The house was still and three people stood looking at each other. Earlier, Marjorie and Rebecca had waited for the strange group of young people to leave and after a while, the place thinned out and settled back to what was normal for a regular evening at Bea's Café. In the kitchen, they suggested to Rosa that they all walk across the street to go see a movie together to give Amelia and Craig a little privacy, but Rosa had declined with her thanks for the offer.

"Watching a movie is a thing that bugs me a little," she'd smiled, "I like to watch them 'cause they're so big, but unless I can see the face of whoever is speaking, I miss a lot of what's said. So I get more jumps and parts where I don't know why somebody might be laughing or crying than I do when I'm someplace with real people - and I can only eat so much of that fantastic popcorn.

You go on ahead without me," she smiled with a little wink, "I'm sure that I won't hear whatever it is that Craig and Amelia get up to. I'm a little tired anyway. I might even just walk on over to your house Rebecca, and sleep there tonight."

And so Rebecca and Marjorie left to watch whatever was playing at the cinema.

And after about twenty minutes where three people sat at a booth together sharing hot chocolate and smiles, they stood up and walked up the stairs.

Now they stood, like three points of a triangle, naked. Each one was wondering just how to begin, but after some shared kisses, Rosa sank to her knees and began to wet Craig's hardness while the others kept on trading kisses.

It had been Rosa's intent to prepare Craig for Amelia, but Amelia had other ideas, so she surprised Rosa when she knelt next to her and whispered loudly into her "good" ear.

Amelia got onto the bed and leaned back to lie down, beckoning Rosa forward and when she had Rosa standing bent over her, she wrapped her arms and legs around her and told Craig to go ahead. He stepped forward and slipped inside of Rosa, careful to do it slowly, since he was mindful of what he knew regarding the way that Rosa had been taken by men that she wouldn't have wanted all of her life.

He was wrong where her thoughts of him were concerned, and Rosa relaxed and looked back with a look that spoke volumes. When she looked down, she saw Amelia looking up at her with a very happy expression and they kissed while Craig fucked Rosa slowly until she said that she wanted more and could he please do it harder as well.

The remark surprised the others for the soft way that it had come out of Rosa. She'd whispered it and her whispers were like the way that she often spoke - much louder than she'd have intended. But they knew that about her and they could easily see the way that she'd meant to say it as well.

Rosa was a little lost to her feelings and as she struggled, Amelia gave up her kissing to tilt her head just enough to be able to see Craig over Rosa's shoulder.

"Give it to her, Craig," she smiled up at him as she gently tightened her grip with her legs and arms around Rosa, "She's our girl, yours as much as mine."

Rosa began to moan very softly, not quite aware that she was doing it at all and Amelia pulled her head down against her shoulder as she ran her fingers deeply into that long dark hair which spilled over her. She looked at Craig and whispered at a level that she was fairly confident that Rosa wouldn't catch, "I love her like I love you and she's meant the world to me while you were gone. Tonight, we're finally together, so I want her to come first."

Craig nodded and did his best without being insane about it, so as not to upset the mood that he felt and he took Rosa by her slender hips and caressed them as he went on for her.

He didn't have long to wait before Rosa's head lifted from Amelia's shoulder and for perhaps the first time in her life when she'd had a man in her, Rosa came in a quiet, very personal way, trembling and whimpering as Amelia looked at her, so taken with the rapture that she was looking at.

Amelia, between her and Craig, perhaps best understood Rosa in this way. She knew that very likely, Rosa had experienced orgasms at the hands of the men who'd possessed her. She also knew because Rosa had told her that if it had actually felt good for her those times, she'd held herself still and silent, not wanting those men to derive any satisfaction from any enjoyment that she'd experienced. It was a subtle way to her to spit at their feet.

That didn't apply here and now at all. For once, Rosa was like a little girl who felt happy and Amelia knew it as something which Rosa had felt so very little of in her life. She found herself looking into Rosa's open eyes then and she smiled.

"You come so sweetly. That was so good to see."

For an instant, Rosa didn't know what to say or do, but Amelia had been expecting that and she kissed Rosa happily until Rosa responded with a look of surprise.

"Oh fuck," she grinned, "That hit the spot.

Now you, before he comes in me. I can tell he's got a way to go yet."

Amelia was perhaps a little taller and she stood bent over clutching two pillows, waiting for Craig to mount her. Rosa tried her best to be in two places at the same time and Craig stood while Rosa stroked him slowly while at the same time, she buried her face against Amelia's sex, licking and kissing for a couple of minutes.

Then Rosa moved back and rolled a rubber over Craig with such skill that he was a little amazed.

"Give it to her, Honey," she whispered coarsely, grinning as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

But Craig stopped her, "Come here, Rosa. I want to kiss you while I do this."

She nodded, "Just a second, I've got warm watermelon face."

He smiled, but he didn't laugh. "I know that," he said slowly so that she would get it, "I want to kiss you even more because of that."

Rosa looked at him in an odd way and then she stood up and helped to guide him into Amelia and with that done, she turned and threw her arms around Craig, kissing him for all she was worth while he began to fuck Amelia slowly.

Amelia loved it and she came too quickly - far too quickly, though she could admit to herself that it had been so good. Her trouble was that she sometimes became sensitive afterward and right now, it was something that she most definitely didn't want.

But Rosa knew Amelia and she'd given it a little thought, so she broke off from Craig for a little while so that she could bend down and begin to kiss and caress Amelia's hips and bottom, moving around, a little to the side as she began to drool saliva down the valley between those cheeks. She carefully reached to try to grasp what she could of Craig's hipbone, turning her head to look up at him as best she could, while at the same time reaching with her other hand to pet Amelia where they were joined as softly as she could.

"Stay in her," she said a little too loudly, "Just give me a little room if you can. I'm gonna get her ready for you. I want you to fuck her ass.

I know her. I know what she wants. Besides what you've just given to her, what she wants most of all is for you to put some of your juice inside of her. She'd love it in her pussy for what it would mean to her just like I would but even more.

But I also know that it would do her a world of good to have you in her pretty ass tonight. You just have to do it like you mean for her to have it, even nice and slow all the way if that's what it takes."

Amelia's eyes flew open at that. The memories of what Bobby had done to her weren't pleasant to her in the least. But before she could do or even say anything, Rosa's hand was on her back, between her shoulder blades, caressing and stroking. Her voice when it came out of her was as low and soft as she could possibly make it without being able to hear it well. It came out smoky and rough in a soft way all the same and to both Craig and especially Amelia it was as erotic as it was gentle.

"If you can't trust this one, Sweet Pea, then there's no man alive in the world that you can. I won't let him hurt you."

She stopped speaking so that she could force her face downwards between them, all the while worrying about trying not to push them apart. She pressed down on the middle of Amelia's back to get her to bend down more and then she began to tongue Amelia's little hole as best she could and in spite of herself, Amelia groaned and began to relax.

"He's your man," Rosa hissed, "and I know that he wants you so bad - even right here. Let him try, Honey. He's not stupid."

Amelia looked down over the top of the pillows that she clutched to herself. She saw nothing but the blankets, but she nodded.

Rosa pushed Craig gently until he was out and she told him to lose the condom, "This is gonna be you trying to make Amelia feel great and I'm gonna help. This isn't for you this time, understand? We have to get her to know how much you care about her - by feel.

The payoff will come later, when she's not afraid to let you in right here. If I'm right, then those times, she'll want to try it fast at the end and she'll probably choke on her pillows to hear this right now, but if you get this right, she'll want it hard enough later on to make her think that there must be an earthquake going on for the way that the room moves around from her point of view.

Look at this right here, Craig," she smiled with her cheek against Amelia's hip and flank, "This little ass was just made to be fucked just right. I'm going to teach you how a girl needs to feel that too, if it's done the right way by the right man - and you know who that is, right?"

She moved her head back above and drooled as much as she could, while toying with Amelia's asshole in little circles.

"Now Craig," she smiled up after spitting on the tip of him and gliding her fingers over as much as she could, "You just put it here and wiggle a little like it wants to make a new friend, ok?"

Amelia began to laugh and she pushed back a little as she felt a bit of courage come to her and after the gasping moment where everyone froze, she moaned loudly as she felt Craig slide in slowly until she felt his balls up against her mound.

As he fucked her - basically to Rosa's detailed instructions - Rosa reached under again and played a little for a time until she spoke to Amelia and took her hand so that she could do it for herself. Then she got on her back on the bed and used her fingers on herself so that Craig could watch while she squeezed first one and then the other of Amelia's nipples the way that she knew that Amelia liked.

She looked over at Amelia, who gasped and sighed at every breath. Rosa smiled and moved some of Amelia's long hair up and over her neck.

"I just love watching you getting fucked," she said, "I think it's my new hobby. You just look so good like this."


Much later, after the shower, they were back on the bed - well to some degree. Amelia was on her back holding Craig's head while he held her hips and licked her. She was trying not to make a sound, but her soft sighs came out of her anyway.

Craig was on the bed, but his hips were turned because Rosa had commanded it, for lack of a better term.

When Rosa wanted something from them, she sure wasn't shy to say it.

Not in the least.

Not wanting to crush anyone, Rosa sat on the floor now, her bottom feeling a little sore, but otherwise just as pleasantly loved as Amelia's as it leaked Craig's semen into a wad of toilet paper that she held against it. She was facing away from them, looking as Craig's really nice prick as it stood out, almost begging for a little attention.

Rosa smiled. This had gone so well for them and it was only the first time. What she really wanted - the naughty little film which was playing through her mind, was for the night when Amelia could play without Craig needing to use a condom. What she was fantasizing about as she looked at that downright lovely dick there in the air before her, was to help as Craig fucked Amelia - just as she was coming to believe that she always wanted to - and then she wanted Amelia to help while she looked up into their faces, Amelia's and Craigs, while he fucked her.

Rosa knew what she also wanted and it would entail the three of them finding the kind of dildo that you could wear. She knew something about Craig. He was the man that she wanted to fuck too. She thought that she could probably come just from seeing his face as he looked back at her then.

But for now, there was that hard thing there out in the breeze.

And that just wasn't right to Rosa somehow.

She smiled again, reaching for it and opening her mouth as she leaned against the edge of the bed, the fingers of her other hand reaching for her lips down there.

She sighed very softly, not really knowing that she was making any sound at all as she took it in and began to try to express the way that she felt about him. Her eyes closed slowly and Rosa became aware that she was actually happy.

What she'd missed seeing was the line at the edge of the door. If she had seen it, she'd have noticed that it would have appeared just a little darker to her at this very low level of light.

That was because it was just very slightly ajar, held where it was by Marjorie as she peeked through.

She didn't really know what to make of what she was looking at as she watched the three of them, though they seemed to be having a great time.

A few minutes later, Rebecca stood at the door, peeking in because Marjorie had come to her and taken her by the hand, breathing into her ear not to make a sound.

She wasn't sure what to make of it all either, but she loved the way that Marjorie's fingers felt while she stood bent over to peek.


Pueblo, Colorado.

The next morning, Quinton found Emily up before him, trying not to be annoying over how chipper she felt, since it was a new thing to her. Her ass hurt a little in a constant sort of way, but she didn't care about that much.

It might have been an 'around the corner and in the back door' sort of thing, but she knew now that she could please Quinton easily and best of all, that she loved doing it. She looked up when she noticed that he was awake.

"What are you uh, doing, Emmy? Good morning by the way,"

She smiled a little as she worked with the small scissors that she'd found in a cosmetic set in one of the footlockers, "I'm trimming the hedge a little is what I'm doing, Quinton. Good morning back."

She brushed off the trimmings very carefully and got down to gather them, "The coffee in the thermos bottle that we didn't open is still pretty warm, considering. I haven't had any because I wanted to have it with you."

He didn't reply and she looked back.

He was looking at her ass.

"That's off-limits today," she said, "Did you want some coffee with me or not?"

"You missed a spot," he smiled helpfully.

She rolled her eyes, "I left you a little stripe to aim at on the way in. I'm holding scissors, Quinton. Why is it that we're having two conversations? If you want, I'll trim you - and I won't miss anything."

She got to her feet and began to get dressed as Quinton poured them each a cup of still-warm coffee and he counted out eight dollars and set it on one of the seats as she looked at him.

"Have you decided?" he asked, "I'd really like it if you'd keep going with me, but the final decision is yours Emmy."

"I want to go with you," she said, "I want to learn this and I think that it's better than anything that I might be able to find for myself. Lord knows I haven't done well so far and I know that I'd miss you if I stayed here."

He got up and hugged her, "Then I'm very happy not to leave a friend behind. You ought to know that there's a bit of risk to this kind of flying, but I don't think that it's much above flying a passenger plane. At some point, we may end up doing a little bush flying and that's a little more adventure as well as risk."

It caused Emmy to laugh a little, "Well it's a good thing that I trimmed the bush, huh?"

He nodded and smiled, "But I don't want to die, Emmy, so that's why I'm always careful with the risks, and I never skip using a checklist ever. I just wanted to get it said, that's all. I think that in terms of numbers, most people die in the home, slipping in the bathtub and stuff."

Emmy nodded, "I kind of thought that all out, Quinton. I still want to go."

He nodded and sat down on one of the seats, reaching for the thermos as Emmy walked over and sat on his leg to put her arm around him, "Wanted: Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over eighteen. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred."

"What the hell is that?" she asked with a curious smile.

"It used to be the want ad put on posters and in newspapers by the Pony Express when they needed riders. Now that job entailed a lot of risk."

"I dunno, Quinton, "Emmy chuckled, "From what I read, about the biggest risk to those boys was the Indians. I might have made out ok back then."

She kissed him and leaned back to sip her coffee, "I don't make friends easy - and I've never in my life made one like you."

She smiled, "I think I ought to go with you just for that."


Cascade, Idaho.

Rosa was up before the others and she dressed as quickly and quietly as she could to slip off to the bathroom before she tiptoed down the stairs. She was a little relieved to see that she seemed to have gotten there before Rebecca and Marjorie for once.

She was about to fill the large percolator when her world spun around and she found herself up against the wall, staring into Marjorie's eyes.


Amelia woke with a little start, looking around to find Rosa already gone. She had to work at it a little, but she did manage to finally free herself very reluctantly from Craig's embrace. She got out of the bed and left him with a little kiss on his cheek.

"Welcome home," she smiled as she whispered to him, "you're so beautiful when you're asleep."

She pulled her clothes on and opened the door to head out.

The next thing that she knew, her mother had her up against the doorframe, staring holes through her.

"I ... I have to pee," Amelia said.


When Craig woke up, he was already hungry. He saw that he was alone in the bed and he got up, remembering something about having to go hunt rabbits. He padded off to the bathroom and after brushing his teeth, he took a look at himself and decided against shaving for the day.

He headed back to his room and opened the closet, wanting to take out his rifle.

But it wasn't there, where it was supposed to be.

Curious now, he went downstairs a little gingerly, since the long ride home the day before hadn't left his bones yet and he wandered into the kitchen. After saying good morning, he was about to ask Marjorie if she knew where his rifle was, since he wanted to get her some rabbits for when Bonny came over the next day, but he didn't get the question out.

He saw Amelia and Rosa sitting at the table there in the corner of the kitchen.

"Sit down," Marjorie said.

He sat and Rebecca put a cup of coffee in front of him.

Marjorie looked over her shoulder at the three customers who had already been served. They looked reasonably happy and she thought that it might be a few minutes before she was needed again, so she stood next to the table with her arms crossed while Rebecca sat in a chair which blocked the only other means of escape.

"We want to know something," Marjorie said, quietly enough so that her voice wouldn't carry beyond the kitchen.

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