tagNonHumanBy Dawn's Early Light

By Dawn's Early Light

bySteve M©

No one is certain exactly how it all started. No one knows who let loose the plague that reduced humanity to a race of vampires—save the small enclaves of ‘norms’ who lived in terror with each setting of the sun. Hunted by the undead each night, they struggled for survival as they moved among the burned out remnants of what was once a thriving civilization. As their numbers had dwindled, the vampires had begun to take care not to extinguish their only source of food. While they continued taking the norms in the still of the night, the vampires made certain that they took only enough blood to sustain themselves—not so much as to kill their prey or turn them into one of their own.

For Dr. Damien Marcus, the question of how the nightmare enveloped mankind was irrelevant. His life had ended one evening a year earlier when he came home to find the lifeless body of his wife, Angela. Stripped naked and completely drained of blood, she had been one of the first victims of the rampaging legions of night demons. It was evident from the dozens of bite marks all over her body that she had been set upon by a group of bloodsuckers who then went into a feeding frenzy. One of them had even literally devoured her pussy, leaving a gaping hole where her softest of flesh had once been. As he had cradled her in his arms, he had hoped that she hadn’t suffered for very long. He then staked her through the heart to ensure that she would not rise to add to humanity’s suffering and buried her in a cemetery not far from where they lived. As he wept over her grave, his tears of sorrow turned to tears of rage. He swore to her that he would avenge her death and, if possible, put an end to the existence of the vampire scourge.

At first, he stalked them during the daylight hours, entering their darkened hiding places, staking as many as he could; scorching entire buildings when their numbers were too great to be eradicated one-by-one. But he quickly came to realize that his efforts were futile. There were too many hiding places, too many vampires to seek out—and only one of him. He returned to the solitude of his fortified basement each night and lamented at the overwhelming task that lay before him.

“If only there were more of me,” he quietly thought to himself. Finally, he came upon a plan to “spread himself out”, a plan which, if successful, would eventually retake the planet for humankind. He ventured to his laboratory at Genetyne, the company which had employed him as a bio-geneticist. Finding the lab intact, he hooked portable generators to restore power and threw himself into his research. After months of hard work, Marcus had developed a two-fold approach to solving the unholiest of problems. First, he had genetically enhanced himself to increase his strength by many times. Even the most powerful of vampires would be unable to overwhelm him. Added to that were improvements to his hearing and eyesight which made him a formidable foe in the darkness. But the treatments had not been without danger. After his first injection, he lay unconscious at Genetyne for a night and a day. Only luck had spared him from being discovered by one of the undead as he lay helpless.

The second part of his plan involved him changing his body chemistry. In examining tissue samples he had taken from vampires that he had dispatched, he had discovered the pathogen that kept them “alive”, made them vulnerable to sunlight, and compelled them to drink blood. In altering his chemistry, he discovered a way to kill the pathogen. Unfortunately, he found that the anti-virus could only be carried in his sperm. But once a female vampire had been infected by him, he projected that she would die within three to seven months—die an agonizing death. Of further benefit was that the anti-virus was somehow altered by the female vampire’s body chemistry which, when introduced into a norm’s bloodstream through her saliva, became a deadly toxin to all vampires. Once an infected female bit a norm, the altered anti-virus was passed on to the norm. Any male vampire biting the norm later on died very quickly, within two or three days. Female vampires died far more slowly, but they still died. One final benefit was that the taste of an infected norm’s blood became repulsive to female vampires, forcing them to seek uninfected victims—thereby further spreading the anti-virus. To enhance his own anti-virus production capabilities, he also applied his medical techniques to increasing his sperm creation capacity.

After several weeks of treatment, Marcus felt he was finally ready. Gazing out the window and watching the sun rise at the beginning of a long late summer day, Damien thought to himself, “Can I really do this?” It took only a moment of thinking about his dead wife to reawaken the rage that still burned within him. He slammed his fist onto an empty table next to his equipment. It shattered with the force of a cannonball striking a wall. He was amazed at the physical force that he now wielded. He was indeed ready.

He drove to an office building deep in the heart of the metropolis. He knew that it was a prime resting place for the bloodsuckers. He went into the building unarmed. Weary of staking them, this was going to be all-or-nothing affair. He came to a darkened room, its windows covered with black paint to shut out the sunlight. His enhanced eyesight quickly adjusted to the darkness. Inside the room lay more than a dozen coffins. “This is an older site,” he thought to himself. He knew this to be true because none of the boxes he observed were of the makeshift variety. They were coffins stolen from funeral homes, and even cemeteries, by the vampires. Newer sites often had coffins made from little more than cardboard boxes.

He carefully opened the first coffin, only to find it occupied by a male—deep in his undead slumber. He slowly closed the lid and opened a second coffin. Again, it was a male. Finally, the third coffin yielded what he needed, a female. She was an attractive Hispanic, appearing to be in her early 20s—at least when she had been among the living. She was dressed in tattered jeans and a t-shirt. Damien closed his eyes for a moment to gather his courage. Then he was upon her. With a few powerful sweeps of his hands, he had stripped the vampira completely naked, ripping away her t-shirt, then bra, then jeans, then, finally, her dark panties. She had awakened immediately but found herself powerless to stop Marcus. She screeched, howled, and bore her fangs, staring at him with those typically all-red eyes. With one hand, Damien had secured her wrists together. With the other, he first stripped her naked, then dropped his pants and pulled down his underwear. Preparing to climb on top of her in her coffin, he was startled as a cold, clammy hand grabbed his shoulder from behind. Although his superior hearing had detected movement behind him, he had been too occupied to reorient his attention.

The hand belonged to one of the male vampires, enraged at the intrusion of Damien into their lair. Almost instinctively, he knocked away the hand, grabbed the male by the throat, and with a powerful heave threw him more than twenty feet. He unceremoniously crashed through one of the covered windows. Marcus heard the vampire scream in agony as he was scorched by the sun. The sunlight poured through the now open window, illuminating the room with a soft glow. The female sat up, only to be met with a crushing backhand from Marcus, knocking her dazed back into her coffin. Her bountiful brown tits rocked up and down like mounds of jello from the force of the blow. The other vampires, also having left their coffins, were forced to take cover behind their shelters as a defense against the invading sunlight. Some even quickly clambered back into their cocoons, slamming the lids shut.

Finally, he climbed into the coffin and mounted the still dazed female. He positioned the head of his cock against her hairy snatch. But he wasn’t stiff enough for penetration. He closed his eyes and thought of his wife, of their intense nightly fucking, his butt rising up and down between her beautiful thighs, her feet perched high in the air, her toes spread. His large cock quickly grew stiff at the thoughts. Again, he placed the head of his cock against the opening of her pussy. Then, with a single thrust, he shoved his entire nine inches into her. The female vampire screamed as if she had just been staked. In a sense, she had been. Damien threw his head back and groaned, but it wasn’t a groan of pleasure. While her pussy was slick and soft, it was also cold. He hadn’t thought about that possibility when conjuring up thoughts as to what it would be like to fuck one of the undead females. He closed his eyes and focused on an image of his wife lying beneath him, her leg willingly spread for him. He pumped hard and fast, thinking, “If it’s cold, then I’ll warm it up.” His thrusts were furious, both in force and speed. One the vampires cowering behind his coffin could only watch helplessly as he saw Marcus’ ass rise up and down while the female vampire flailed her legs wildly above the opening of the top of the coffin.

He became enraptured by the power that he had over the female. He began kissing and licking her neck, then sucking hard on her beautifully formed dark nipples. He squeezed her big tits and pumped even faster. Such desecration drove the vampire into a frenzy. But it was to no avail. He was simply too strong. Damien felt his cum rising through the shaft of his cock and knew he was about to finish his holy task. The female finally spoke. “You will pay for this sacrilege!” she screamed. “Then I should make payment now, you bitch!” Damien bellowed. He forced her hands up to her eyes, pried the lids open with his fingers, stared deep into the blood red pools that they were, slid his cock all the way into her pussy, and began venting his sperm with a vengeance. The female screamed, “It burns! It burns!!!”

Her pussy went into spasms, milking his cock, forcing his balls to release more of his anti-virus infected semen. He filled her hole with his cum as she continued to scream that it burned. Then, grasping both of her wrists with one hand, he reached into his shirt pocket and removed a small crucifix. He then calmly retorted, “Yeah, well this will burn too.” Marcus then pressed and held the crucifix against her head. Smoke quickly rose from her forehead as she wailed in torment. He wasn’t trying to be cruel in doing this to her. From experience he knew that the mark left by the crucifix burning would never disappear. That would allow him to identify those he had already infected. “No sense in wasting valuable cum on someone I’ve already injected,” he had thought beforehand.

Finally, he was finished with her. He slowly withdrew his still hard cock from her now warm pussy. Though still slightly dazed, the Latina bloodsucker managed to sit up slightly as he dismounted. This time she received a fist to her temple, knocking her unconscious. “Sweet dreams,” he remarked as he slammed the lid closed on her coffin.

Standing next to her coffin, he calmly climbed out of his pants and underwear. Standing there bottomless, he smiled wickedly, held the crucifix aloft, and quietly said, “Okay, who’s next?” He walked over to another bloodsucker, a pretty blond who looked like she was in her mid-30s. She tried to scamper away, but he forcefully threw her into her coffin, mounted her as he did with the first, finishing deep in her pussy within about fifteen minutes. Again, he left the mark of the crucifix on the forehead. As he climbed off of her, the blond hissed, “You will be in agony for what you have done to me.” Pondering the statement for a moment, Marcus again thought of his Angela. “You first,” he hissed right back. Then, with one arm around her waist, he lifted her slightly, rotated her in mid-air, and slammed her face first into the bed of the coffin. Sliding his cockhead between her butt cheeks, he found her anus, cold and tight. Lifting up, he then plunged the entire length into her ass while pinning her upper body with a hand between her shoulder blades.

The blond’s reaction was almost indescribable. Damien had never heard such a blood-curdling scream from a woman. He pumped her rump hard and fast while smiling at the agony he was inflicting. “God, what a tight ass,” he thought as his cock slid in and out of her butthole. After a couple of minutes, he dumped another load of hot cum into the vampire. The blond also screamed that it burned. To add insult to injury, Marcus pressed the crucifix against each of her butt cheeks, leaving the telltale searing mark on each one. Once again, a well-placed punch rendered the female demon unconscious and he slammed the coffin lid shut on her.

Damien repeated the cycle, injected his sperm into all seven of the females who had chosen that lair as their resting place. And, in each case, he left the mark of the crucifix. Not wanting to neglect the males, he made sure he staked all of them before leaving. Of course, the females were left alive so that they could spread the anti-virus among the norms.

Over the next month, Damien went out each day, broadening his search pattern, “injecting” as many of the female undead as he could each day. By his own record-keeping, Marcus had fucked nearly two hundred of the female bloodsuckers in the first month, cumming deep inside each of them, marking each of them with the crucifix. Initially, he staked all of the males that he found, but eventually let them be, knowing they would inevitably bite into an infected norm. The nights soon became filled with the horrible moans and screams from the males in their death throes. Their corpses lay in the street each evening, to be scorched by the next sunrise.

Within six months, Marcus had branched out to other cities and even other states. He felt the widest possible coverage would mean the quickest resolution. But, growing weary of his crusade and longing for familiar surroundings, he returned to his home city. The nights were now filled with the cries of both male and female vampires as they agonizingly died—this time a real death, a permanent death.

The morning after his arrival, he slowly trudged down one of the city center boulevards. Suddenly, a figure burst from one of the buildings wearing a white robe with a hood. “You bastard, you did this to me! You did this to me!” the figure yelled. The robe then dropped to the pavement. There, standing naked before him, stood a very attractive brunette night demon, both her breasts and belly swollen. Her forehead bore the mark of the crucifix. She was quite obviously several months pregnant. “You did this,” she screamed as she clawed at her rounded belly. The sun’s purifying rays immediately went to work on the bloodsucker. Within moments, she was alight in brilliant red and blue flames. She screamed in agony as she quickly became a human torch. Within a minute, her body was reduced to a pile of ash.

Marcus stood there for what seemed like hours. He went home and tried to forget what he saw, but was tormented by the scene he had witnessed earlier. “She could have been Angela,” he whispered to himself. He sat at his kitchen table until after midnight and downed a half pint of whiskey, then staggered into his bedroom, disrobed, and collapsed upon his bed. His slumber was ended a few hours later by the sound of heavy breathing and a single fingernail tracing the outline of one of his ears. Opening his eyes, he found a female vampire standing over him, smiling and bearing her fangs. “Hello, Damien,” she purred. Marcus started to rise, but was frozen in his tracks as the bloodsucker raised a pistol to his forehead. “Uh, uh, doctor,” she breathlessly taunted. “You’ve become quite famous in my community,” she continued. Then, raging, “You are the one! You are the annihilator! There are only a few of us left because of you and we will all be dead soon! And now it’s time to turn you from being merely famous into a legend—and I have never believed in the concept of living legends!”

Damien tried to use his genetically enhanced speed to escape, but the effects of the alcohol slowed him to a speed barely in excess of that of a mere mortal. As he moved, two shots rang out, one striking him in the shoulder, the other in the chest. The force threw him back against the headboard. Groaning in pain, the vampira laughed in response. “And now, it’s time for lights out!” she hissed as she raised the gun to his face. Summoning all of his strength and speed, Damien barrel-rolled out of the bed and swept the female vampire’s legs out from under her. Again, the gun went off, but the bullet missed its mark. The demon flew forward from the brute force of having her legs taken out from under her. Damien was on her in a flash, tearing the gun from her hand and throwing it across the room. He tried to subdue her but his wounds were making it difficult. Still, he managed to rip her clothes from her body in the attempt for another conquest. The female bloodsucker hissed and spit as she fought back. Marcus could feel the strength draining from his body and knew he had only a couple of minutes of life remaining.

He managed to grab her wrists as they rolled on the floor, each struggling for control. Desperate, Damien looked around for something he could use as a weapon. The gun was nowhere to be seen—and probably wouldn’t have been effective anyway. Then, out the corner of his eye, he noticed wisps of dim light leaking in from underneath his bedroom curtains. “We’re both going to die today. We just won’t be going to the same place afterwards,” he calmly told her. Then with all of his remaining strength, he grabbed her by the neck and waist and propelled both of them through his bedroom window. Crashing through the curtains and glass panes, they landed with a thud on the grass of his front yard a half dozen feet in front of the window.

Disoriented from the force of the expulsion from the bedroom, the female vampire rolled her head back and forth slightly. Damien raised up slightly, his blood draining all over her, and slid his cock deep into her cold pussy. He shuddered at the coldness, but managed to stay hard inside of her. Reaching behind her, he bound both of her ankles around his back with one hand, then reached around her back with his other arm. He then stood up with her forcibly wrapped around him. He began to raise and lower her body, forcing her to ride his cock. “No, no, no!!!” she screamed. Then, majestically, the upper edge of the sun began to peak above the horizon. He continued to force her to ride as she screamed frantically. As Damien began to climax inside of her, the sun once again did its job. He threw his head back and moaned, “I’m cumming inside your pussy.” The female could only respond with screams as the rays of the sun ignited her body. Within moments, they were both engulfed in the fire.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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