tagBDSMBy His Touch

By His Touch


Ciara laid in the warm silence of his bedroom, her small, lithe form on her side, stretched out across the neatly made bed. Her crimson hair was pooled around her shoulders, neck and face. Her utterly naked flesh was tingling in anticipation. She had never felt so sensitive to her surroundings.

Indeed, she had been denied a few of her senses and abilities this evening. Her eyes were blinded by a dense black length of silk, folded, rolled and tied about her head. To her eyes, there was nothing but utter darkness.

A raw leather strap bound her wrists tightly, almost painfully tight. She had no way of covering herself, no way of shielding her body. She liked the feeling of helplessness though; she had her tilted back and to the side, her soft, pale neck and throat exposed. Her small, soft breasts betrayed her delight even further. Erect nipples quivered in anticipation.

She had done this to herself at his command, bound and blinded and bedded herself. Now she waited, wondered, dreamt behind the darkness over her eyes. Desire made her body feel hot, sensual and needy. She occasionally squirmed, twitched, seized tightly. The heat in her belly was rising, slowly, surely.

Gentle sound broke the silence. Her ears picked up the soft padding of footsteps. They were approaching her, long strides upon the soft carpet. Anticipation pulled her stomach into a knot, made her body tense. Without consciously willing it, her tongue slithered past her full, plush lips and circled over them wetly.

The steps came closer, closer, till she could hear his gentle footsteps circle the bed and stop at the side. He had not touched a single finger upon her, yet his presence was smoldering, overpowering.

His eyes were upon her, scanning the smooth, creamy bare flesh. She arched her back, fingernails digging into her palms. The inability to see or to touch was suddenly maddening. She wanted him, more than just his mighty presence before her. On her, in her, at one with her. Yet she remained silent and tried to be patient.

His fingertips came to rest on her temple. She yelped, unable to help herself. Her mouth hung open, nearly drooling as his fingertips glided slowly, easily down her cheek. His index finger stopped and began stroking in circles over her perfectly puffy lips. She gasped, panted. She could feel a flow of hot, sticky moisture between her legs. Every nerve ending became searing hot and tingly, pleading for his touch.

Her mouth hung open with sexual hunger, moaning as two fingers slid past her lips, resting softly on her tongue. She moaned, a deep, rumbling moan from her throat. The taste of his flesh was raw, hot, exquisite.

"Suck, my sweetness," came his deep, calm voice from above. The sound filled her ears, pierced her mind. There was no mental process at this point, her body merely complied quickly. Her mouth closed, her tongue wrapping about the tips of his fingers. She sucked, deeply, slowly, tilting her head back and forth. Her thighs clenched tightly, her toes curled into the sheets.

She lost herself in this simple task, not even minding that she was drooling rather sloppily at the edges of her pursed lips. Her ears caught the sound of a pleased sigh falling from her master's lips. She reveled in the small sound, grasped his approval and held it tight to her to her soul.

She nearly cried out in frustration as his fingers slid back and left her lips. She whimpered through a slack mouth, desire crackling deep inside her, making her body quake.

"Sit up," he said, firmly. The command in his voice was so powerful. Again, there was no mental process, no need to think. Her body, almost automatically, straightened and rose to a sitting position.

She heard his movement, felt the bed shift. He slid neatly behind her, bringing his strong, raw hands to rest on her shoulders. She swore in that moment she could feel every ridge, every line, every detail of those wonderful hands. She mewled, nearly purred, shivered.

His hands glided over the curve of her shoulders, down her arms to her elbows, then back up. She shook despite herself; he was using only the slightest, simplest touches, and yet her brain was already flooded in endorphin.

His fingertips glided inward, neatly brushing her blood-red locks to the side, forward over her shoulder. A few seconds later, she could feel his warm breath, breathing softly, steadily at the base of her neck. Her body tightened and her lips quivered uncontrollably. Oh, how he stoked the furnace inside her so skillfully.

Next came the warm, wet, slick tip of his tongue, drawing figure eights along her spine, from the base of her neck, slowly up to her hairline and then back down. She cooed and purred, tilting her head forward as her muscles tensed. She couldn't stop shivering and twitching.

His tongue slithered across the back of her neck to the side, till it found her pounding pulse beneath her creamy, soft skin. He bit down, suddenly, quite hard, not hard enough to break the skin, but Ciara could feel the sharp edges and points digging into her flesh. She cried out as he growled, releasing her flesh and kissing her neck tenderly. She panted as he kissed across the back of her neck to the other side.

Another bite dug hard into her flesh. He practically gnawed and sucked at the tender delicious flesh, again, taking care not to break her skin. He was certainly rough, but Ciara did nothing to deny him, tilting her head to the side, offering herself to him. She felt electric pleasure crackling between her legs, and was dimly aware that her inner thighs were coated in a hot, sticky layer of her nectar.

His hands seized her shoulders and yanked her back against him, ravenously kissing and gnawing along her neck, throat and shoulder. His chest pressed to her back, the lines of powerful musculature felt easily on her skin. Then another realization jolted her; he was completely nude, as she could feel the throbbing steel hardness of his manhood pressing to her buttocks!

She gasped, her breathes coming in short, quick bursts. Her head was spinning. Her master's lovely cock was barely even an inch from her grasp ... she would only need to shift slightly to be able to take it into her hands. She had not yet been permitted to though. Nonetheless, she somewhat enjoyed his hard grinding against her ass, which was uncontrollably wriggling back into his raging length.

For quite sometime they remained locked this way, back to chest, Ciara tilted back, her beloved kissing, licking, biting up and down her neck, throat and cheek. Meanwhile, Ciara grinded the scrumptious curves of her ass against his cock. She could feel thick, sticky gobs of his seed leaking out, coating her ass. The passage of time was meaningless, neither could care less if they remained this way forever

He tilted her head back and kissed her, deeply, furiously upon her lips. It was a crushing, powerful kiss, like a storm channeled from him to her. His soft voice flowed across her lips as he spoke.

"Lay back, my angel. Let your head hang off the edge of the bed." As he finished his words, he kissed her cheek and slid off the bed. Her motions were surprisingly fluid given her bound state, easily twisting, turning, stretching her legs outward. She leaned slowly back, blood red locks spilling off the edge of the bed as she tilted her head back.

Again, she could feel his presence standing over her. An immense heat, almost searing. Incredibly powerful, dominating, owning her utterly. And dear Deus did she love it.

She felt an incredible heat press gently to her lips ... the head of his wonderful cock. She gasped sharply, nearly had to bite her tongue to keep it from darting out to meet his manhood. He teased her, the bulbous, swollen crown being rubbed across her wet, quivering lips.

She whimpered, whined like a hungry kitten. Her lips were so sensitive at this point, she could feel how massively engorged he was, the pulsing heat raging in his sword of flesh. Could feel his slit drooling crystalline precum all over her lips, leaving them sticky and messy.

"Hungry, my love?" he said in a soft, almost bemused voice.

She gulped air into her lungs, almost unable to speak for a moment. "Yesssssss," she moaned out, the single word barely coherent. Her lust was breaking her down, stripping her of any and all refinement, leaving her little more than a feral creature driven by raw, perverse hunger.

Not that she minded.

He gently pressed forward, inserting his bloated cock-crown into the soaking heat of her mouth. Her heart nearly jumped for joy for the chance to finally taste him this way.

"Suck my love. Suck as much as you like." And she did. Though it was just the head of his cock, she didn't care. She suckled at the plum-sized organ as if it was the most impossibly delicious thing on earth. Indeed, to her it was. In this moment, she was utterly focused, closing and clutching her mouth to fit perfect around him, Her tongue dancing, frolicking lovingly around the bulging tumescence.

She was rewarded with one gob of precum after another, eagerly swallowing them. With each passing moment, she became more feverish, writhing, her hips rolling and grinding.

"So horny ... such a needy little girl," came his beautiful voice from above. "Needing to cum, I imagine. Let go, sweet slave. Let your pussy explode."

That final word, explode. He said it so lusciously, in such a dripping wet, lascivious manner. His permission, his words ... she did explode, oh heaven help her did she explode.

Her hips bucked madly, her back arching till it hurt. She thought she would turn fully inside out. She screamed, wailed madly against a steely mouthful of cock. One bolt of raging release coursed through her after another, gathering from the very core of her form and surging out through her pussy like an unstoppable tidal wave. She could hear fluid jetting from her furious cunt and splashing down on the bed.

Before she could gather herself to continue pleasuring her master, he decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. His hands encircled her neck and he began to glide forward. Dizzy, barely conscious, Ciara somehow managed to remembered to utterly relax her throat, allowing him to easily bury his full delicious meat inside of her.

She felt his heavy balls come rest against her face, the musky, powerful scent of his manhood filling her nose. The scent dizzied, aroused her, as if his semen-bloated orbs were leaking raw pheromone. He swiveled and thrust against her, his prodigious, stony pillar stretching her mouth, filling her throat, leaving puddles of his sweet seed inside her. He grinded his groin lewdly against her face, her senses overwhelmed by the massive sexual power her possessed.

He began to fuck her mouth and throat, long, slow, fluid strokes. The way his steely spear glided easily over her tongue and into the dripping wet depths of her throat was pleasurable in and of itself to Ciara. She knew he took great pleasure from fucking her this way. She would gulp gently as he buried himself fully inside her, making the walls of her throat clench in undulating waves around his delicious meat.

His hands glided from her neck, over her collarbones and up to her chest. His fingertips touched lightly to the trembling peaks of her impossibly hardened nipples. They swirled lightly, his slight, playful touch making her thrust her chest aggressively up at him.

He continued to tease her aching nipples as his hips grinded down on her, slowly but forcefully mouthfucking her. His deep, lusty moans filled her ears, bringing her an indescribable joy. She loved that her body brought him such pleasure.

His hands pressed down hard on her breasts as he braced himself. He slammed his hips forward, ramming himself violently down her throat, his great heavy balls smacking audibly into her face. Again he drove forward forcefully, showing none of the gentleness he had afforded her earlier.

He became a freight train, his brutal thrusts gathering speed and force. His fingers clawed into her tender flesh as he began pounding her mouth and throat. Truth be told, it hurt slightly, but Ciara endured his punishing fuck. She'd be lying if she tried to say she didn't like his cruel roughness at least somewhat.

Indeed, muffled moans rumbled in her chest and throat as he greedily used her body for his pleasure. His erection was becoming impossibly swollen and engorged as his climax grew close. Ciara was growing dizzy from the merciless pounding.

Suddenly a fierce growl came from above and his cock completely left her body. Barely conscious, gasping for air, Ciara had no chance to react when his semen began blasting into her slack mouth, splashing messily across her lips and cheeks.

She coughed, sputtered, unfortunately not as prepared as she would've liked. Several dense ropes of his cum coated her tongue and face, as her master's cries of pleasure echoed through her senses.

For a few minutes thereafter, the only sound was the two of them panting, gasping, trying to each regain their senses. Ciara eventually found herself swirling her tongue lewdly through the creamy load he had filled her maw with.

As she enjoyed the taste and texture of his wonderful seed, her ears picked up movement once more. He paced around and calmly stepped onto the bed again. He wasn't finished. She snapped her head forward and up despite her lack of sight, wondering what was in store for her.

His powerful hands easily grasped around her slender calves, pulling her legs open wide and dragging her up till she was hanging upside down in his grasp. She whimpered softly at how weightless her body was in her master's grasp.

"Oh my," he said, a wicked twinge in his voice. "Such a wet sticky mess down here. I should really help clean all this up."

Ciara gasped out loud as his tongue began lapping at her nectar soaked inner thighs. He moaned softly as he did, obviously relishing her taste. The muscles in her legs tensed as moved back and forth, dragging long, hot, loving licks from the very tops of her inner thighs, all the way up to her knee.

The sensation was so glorious, so sensual, it brought tears to her blinded eyes. Her voice was trapped in one continuous moan. She couldn't feel the bed beneath her, couldn't feel the straps trapping her arms, couldn't feel the blindfold cinched around her head. Her consciousness, and her body with it, was somewhere else entirely, only aware of her master's sexual affections.

Her mind and body were suddenly jolted by him biting, ravenously, into the soft, creamy flesh of her thigh. His teeth dug deep, pulling back and then sinking in at a different spot. The pain was sharp, but quickly melted into pleasure. Ciara's hips jerked as her back arched, her toes curling so tight that her feet ached.

Again and again the sharpness of his teeth clenched her skin roughly, never drawing blood, but coming agonizingly close. She hardly even cared at this point. Her mind was empty but for a swirling maelstrom of ecstasy.

He quickly buried his face into her pussy, his tongue plunging easily through her soaking labia. He maniacally ate her out, his tongue darting inside of her wildly, his lips suckling hungrily at her cum soaked flesh.

Ciara's body quaked. Her throat tried to scream, but was too dry and hoarse. She could feel blood leaking from her palms as her fingernails dug into them. His lips encircled her clit and began suckling at it furiously. He wanted to send her soaring over the edge.

And when his teeth bit down upon her screaming clit, that's exactly what happened. She finally managed to scream in unleashed pain and pleasure. She was dimly aware of his teeth clenching tighter, pulling her clit up. Her orgasm screamed outward from her cunt, draining her utterly. Her body finally short circuited, and consciousness left her.

Time had passed when Ciara finally regained consciousness. She was not sure how much. Her eyes fluttered open, her vision cloudy (as was her mind). Darkness, utter darkness, was all that greeted her, though oddly, she could not feel the blindfold. She realized the room had been completely darkened.

The next realization was that her arms were no longer bound, the strap gone and her hands free. Her palms stung, and her wrists burned from the leather being strapped so tightly to her.

She was laying on her back in the darkness ... but then quickly realized she was not alone. Her head was neatly laid against her master's groin. She mused it was both erotic and strangely cozy to have her head against his considerable endowments.

"Are you alright, my love?" came his gentle voice, penetrating the darkness.

"Sore ... drained ... but happy ... why is it so dark? I wanted to see you ..."

"That wasn't the point of tonight. You see me all the time ... I wanted to show you that it wasn't important ... to feel, to know of my presence, that's what I want you to consider important. I am here, even if you can't see me."

He was right. Ciara, as she was able to blindfolded, could feel him, his presence, his warmth ... his love. Cradled against his body, filled with his love, she let sleep take her.

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