By Invitation Only

byLord Greystoke©

It wasn't that it tasted bad. On the contrary, it tasted really good, but it burned every inch of the way down to my gut. The thing was, that wasn't all, I was aware of every sensation, every nuance of what it was doing to my body. It was as if I had just been injected with liquid warmth and it had immediately shot through my veins! I wasn't feeling flushed, that wasn't the sensation, but rather like a warmth that flowed just through my arteries and veins and permeated my muscles. Actually it felt or at least made me feel very good.

Then I became aware once again of all eyes staring my way. Hey I felt good! REALLY good and I started to say so. The problem was, for some reason I couldn't move my mouth. In fact I could barely move my eyes or anything else. But I was aware of those around me. I could hear everything they said, I could feel their eyes on me. Now normally losing control would normally have scared the shit out of me, but I wasn't. I was overwhelmed with a sense of calm and peacefulness.

The next thing I was aware of was Oliver saying, "Okay, fellas, I have to get ready for the ceremony. One of you can help Paul prepare, when you are all ready we will meet you in the sanctuary."

I couldn't fathom a thing that he was saying, I had absolutely no idea what he was referring too, but the next thing I knew was that one of the men came to me looked me square in the eyes and then said very matter-of-factly, "Paul, come with me."

I found that I could do that, but nothing else. I followed him. He took me down the hallway, through one of the other doors and there to my amazement were the other guys. This room was like a big shower room, with shower stalls, lockers and benches to sit on. The guys were all in a state of undress and I could tell that their goal was to completely unrobe. Any other time and I would wonder what I had gotten myself into. Supposedly they were all married, but was this some kind of kinky ceremony. I just didn't care, I was neither concerned nor aroused.

Finally the young man that led me into the room came and stood in front of me and looking into my eyes again said, "Paul, please remove all your clothing." I did. As simple as that, I removed my clothes and stood waiting for another command.

I then became aware of the other guys looking me over, and saying things such as, "Oh yeah, he will make a worthy companion, she picked well." And, "We will now be complete, this is a special night!" I couldn't make hide nor hair of what they were meaning, I just wanted them to tell me what to do next.

I didn't have long to wait. The same young man again commanded me to follow him, as I moved to follow, I noticed the rest of the men had already left. I followed him to another room that I could only assume was the sanctuary. It was very much different than the others that I had seen. As soon as I entered, the thing that stuck in my mind were the chairs. There were twelve chairs lined in a semi-circle. There was a thirteenth chair in line with the two chairs at either end of the semi-circle and it was on a raised platform about a foot off the floor, in the center of the semi-circle.

Now you have to understand these weren't just ordinary chairs. On the contrary they looked a bit like a cross between a barber chair and an obstetrics table. It appeared to be a black material, definitely not leather. The back was slanted at about a forty-five degree angle, and the seat itself was not broad and deep but rather was shallow forcing a person to sit toward the edge. At the front of the seat was a small protrusion that blended into the fabric. I have no idea why my eyes picked that out. The other noticeable thing was the arms. The arms actually protruded forward and bent to accommodate a person's knees.

It was obvious from the start that a person sat in the chair with their legs raised up and spread apart, baring their whole genitalia. In front of each chair was a padded stool for the same material as the chairs. There were levers that most likely raised and lowered the chair just as a barber chair. What some of the other levers were for I could only imagine, but their silver sheen stood out in comparison to the velvety black material.

There was also one other aspect that caught my eye and imagination. In the very front of the seat was a flap that was about half the size of the chair seat. Toward the center of the flap was a hole about three inches in diameter. At the corner ends of the flaps were hooks that slipped into a loop on either side of the chairs. Evidently when a person was seated, the flap would cover their groin area leaving just enough room for their genitalia and they would be strapped in. They were certainly ingenious chairs. I could only imagine what was going to happen!

I didn't have long to wait; and it wasn't as if I was concerned, because I really wasn't in the least bit. My mind seemed to function and I was aware, but I had no emotions, no concerns. My young guide led me to the chair on the very outside and as he positioned me in it, I noticed the other men were seating themselves into the chairs and pulling the flap over their groin and allowing their scrotal sac and cock to protrude through the hole. Each and every one of them raised their legs and placed them on the protruding arms and then sat back and with the levers, adjusted the legs and the angle of the back.

If you could see the picture that was presented! Here was a group of men sitting in special chairs with their cocks and balls pointing toward the center of the semi-circle. I am not really into men but you have to believe me when I tell you it was an erotic sight! Surreal to be sure, but erotic none-the-less.

When the young man who had helped me got me seated, he placed the flap over my member and made sure my balls were hanging free. He helped me raise my legs into the arms that were sticking up and outward. He didn't say much but was very efficient. The only thing that he did mutter was that after this I would be able to do it myself. At the time, I couldn't even comprehend a next time. I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

It was definitely not uncomfortable. In fact, once the back was adjusted so that my legs fit perfect in the arms, it was very relaxing. Any other time I would be overly concerned to have my manhood so outwardly exposed and unprotected, but as of yet I still had no concerns. I should mention that whatever was flowing through my arteries creating the warmth was probably also keeping me from becoming emotional. That heat was coursing through every inch of my body. I could feel it in each of my toes, and coursing across my scalp as well. It heightened my senses and yet seemed to keep them at bay also.

The position that I was sitting gave me a perfect view of the chair in the center. Which to this point was not occupied. I was assuming that Oliver, the father would probably be seated there. Man was I ever wrong! I didn't have long to wait. Just out of sight through one of the side doors came the rest of the women. The mother first followed by the other twelve daughters. None of them had on a stitch of clothing! They were every bit as naked as we were and I know at the sight of the beauties that walked before us I would be sporting a might erection if it wasn't for the lack of sensation.

Every one of the daughters followed the mother to the center where the other chair was located. Oliver wasn't in sight at this time, but the daughters helped the mother into the chair and followed the same procedure with her that all of the guys did. This was a real twist. I could not for the life of me imagine what was going to take place. Here we were, twelve guys with our cocks dangling toward the center of a stage where a beautiful and vivacious looking woman was sitting with her breasts pointing toward the ceiling and her bald and smooth pussy staring straight at us.

These thoughts were going through my mind, but in now way was I becoming aroused. It was as if I could see, but my mind wouldn't process the images. Then what happened next was another surprise. The daughters all took a place in front of their husbands, turned with their backs to their husbands and gazed toward their mother. Sharee came into my view, took a place between my legs, she stopped and stared for just a moment then turned her back to me and gazed with her sisters toward her mother.

After just a few moments, probably not even a minute, Oliver entered the room, but the difference with him was that he was wearing a very ornamental gown. It shown almost translucent in the light of the room. It must have been ceremonial because it sure wasn't for warmth. He stopped in front of the oldest daughter at the far end of the semi-circle and when he approached, she held out her right hand. He looked into her eyes and said something to which I couldn't hear and then kissed her right hand, then moved unto the next daughter.

All the while that he had been moving closer I could not hear what he was saying before he kissed his daughter's hand. Even when he was with his daughter next to us, I couldn't hear what it was he was saying. Only when he stood in front Sharee did I hear what he said. He looked into her eyes and then quite formerly stated, "May the blessings of Malcor open you. May you rejoice in beauty of his love." That was it and then he kissed her hand.

That is where everything became different. Instead of moving off he came to my side and looking deep into my eyes said, "You are welcomed into the House of Oliver and the blessings of Malcor. I give my daughter to you, bless her and may you open her with the love of Malcor."

I didn't know the meaning of a thing he had said. But, as his eyes continued to pierce my consciousness, I felt the beginnings of understanding. It was as if a light had been turned on and all of a sudden the feelings and sensations that had been suppressed had started to rush forward like the heat coursing through my blood.

All of a sudden I looked around. Oliver was still gazing at me, and then he smiled. He placed a finger in the center of my forehead and softly said, "Do not speak. Take what Malcor gives and become One in our Uniqueness and become Unique in our Oneness."

Two things happened at once as Oliver turned from me and walked to the center of the half circle and stood with his back to his wife while gazing to each of his daughters. First, I couldn't speak. I couldn't make a sound. Comprehension settled in but I was trapped. Second, the sensations that had been suppressed came flooding in a rush as if a dam had broke and I instantly had an erection like none I had ever had!

The sensation of heat continued to course through my veins and arteries but I was now so much more aware of the sensation in my cock. I don't know if my eyes held my shock or what but there was absolutely nothing I could do. I wondered what kind of sick perversion I had fallen into. Try as I might and even with the fear that had joined the heat racing through my body, I couldn't concentrate on anything that would lessen my erection. It was pointing straight at the back of the woman I had only just met.

Oliver spoke again, but this time to all that were in his presence, "Let us now partake of the blessings of Malcor." When he said this there was a chorus that repeated back the response to him.

He continued and so did the chorus of repetition. "May Malcor truly make us One. May Malcor truly keep us Unique. May we all rejoice in the beauty of his love!" After the last chorus of voices rang out, Oliver made some kind of sign with his hands and then removed his robe. His robe came off, but on his arms he had some kind of fabric that reached to his wrists. They almost reminded me of women's leg warmers. The daughters continued to stand as if waiting for a signal.

Oliver was a big man in many ways. First, he was a tall man, the graying of his hair was not just on his head. His body looked chiseled and firm. His muscles were well defined and sinewy. He did not look to be a man to contend with. Further down above his muscled abdomen was a cock that is hard even now to describe. First he was very big there. Not just in length but he was also very thick. He was uncircumcised but it also looked as if he was protected by some type of sheath. I just couldn't be sure, but he was an awesome specimen of a man.

His member was starting to rise as he stood gazing at his daughters. He looked back and forth to each one and then when his cock had not only risen to a full erection it had grown in length also. It was huge! His cock head was pointing out of it's sheath and I could feel my cock throb and twitch as I watched. The next thing he did was to pull the arm covers down around his hands and from the inside it looked like he had snapped the ends together. His hands were now completely covered! I still couldn't imagine why.

Finally he made one more comment, "Minds joining as one, bodies burning as one, let us rejoice in our oneness, let us meet in our uniqueness."

When he finished speaking, a wave passed over me and I felt as if I were possessed with the sensations of many others. I felt arousal, from so many different areas but I also felt excitement, apprehension. My eyes were riveted to Sharee who had turned toward me. Her eyes were glazed and she appeared to be in some sort of trance. I felt stirrings in my loins that I had never felt before and I could feel the heat building in the center of my crotch as if that was the only place on my body that had any feeling or sensation.

I could just see to the side of her and Oliver had turned and approached his wife. He brought forth the stool that was by her chair and he sat upon it and then plunged his face into his wife's cunt. The sight alone would have normally made me cum right then and there but I found no release. It just felt like my cock had hardened even more. At the same time, that Oliver went down on his wife all the daughters in unison took the nearby stool sat upon it and impaled their mouths upon their husbands members. Sharee did exactly the same and I felt the exquisite warmth and softness of her mouth as it slid over my already throbbing cock. If I could have come out of the chair I would have right then. I felt as if my balls wanted to explode right then yet once again I did not feel a release but rather the heat increased in my balls and in the area of my prostrate and I became even more rigid.

Sharee was still in a trance-like state but she was performing oral sex on me like I had never had it done. She was expert in her rhythm and movement. Her tongue must have been extremely long because I could feel her tongue lathering my balls with every downward stroke of her mouth. I had never felt those kind of sensations but there was another sensation. I sensed it in the back of my mind like a part of me that wasn't totally connected. I felt as if I was feeling the same thing that Oliver's wife and Sharee's mother was feeling. I was feeling Sharee around my cock, but in my mind I felt the sensation also of a tongue going deep 'inside' me. It was the most erotic feeling and sensation I have ever had. I was becoming lost in the sensation and my mind was clouding to the things going around me and staying tuned to the sensations that was bombarding my cock and brain.

Sharee was caressing my balls and at the same time fucking me with her mouth, lathering my balls with her tongue to the point where nothing else mattered. I could just barely hear her mother moaning loudly and groaning with the sensations of pleasure coinciding with what my brain was telling me. The eroticism of the combination was causing the cum to boil in my balls and I felt like my balls wanted to just rise up inside me as they tightened with the pleasure of the oncoming sensations.

I felt as if the whole universe was centered around my cock and my brain was exploding outward with the sensations of pleasure that were moving outward like ripples or waves on a pond. It was as if my cock and balls had the power of the universe and was just waiting for the moment to come for the big bang. Just when I thought I would pass out with the intensity of the pleasure, I heard Sharee's mom let out a wail, at the same time Sharee went down on my totally taking in my eight or nine inches of man meat, her hands and tongue went for my already tightened balls and then another sensation intruded upon my senses.

I was about to cum with the wail of Sharee's mother echoing in my brain, when I felt something begin to force its way into my rectum. I felt liquid squirt at my asshole and something about the size of a thumb force its way inside me. The next sensation besides the spasm of my anal sphincter was something massaging or rubbing or doing something to my prostate. You have to remember all this happened in the space of seconds and with a shout that I didn't know I had I unloaded my seed deep into Sharee's throat. The sensation of whatever it was on my prostate with the heat flowing through me and the warmth and rhythm of Sharee's performance was all I could handle.

I was aware of Oliver's wife cumming on his tongue and realized that in combination with the sensations that were being applied to me, that was the trigger. I was lost in the sensations my brain was telling me were not my own, and with the continued work that Sharee was doing on my cock. She was making sure that not a drop of my cum left her mouth and there was no way that she was going to let my cock get soft.

My breathing had become hard and fast yet I was not fatigued, rather I felt almost a super-human strength and stamina permeate my being. My cock had not softened even a bit it was hard and I felt as if I needed more. In fact in the back of my mind I felt waves of orgasm course through me, not strong, but definitely there.

My mind was becoming less foggy and I looked toward Oliver and his wife and realized that at the same time Sharee stood and pushed the stool away, Oliver had done the same thing. Oliver was rising and his massive erection was pointing directly toward his wife's glistening cunt. Even from where I was I could see the redness in her beautiful and pointy breasts and the flush in her cheeks.

Sharee had risen and had turned her back toward me again, but my cock was aiming straight for her. I could still feel the faint waves of orgasm coursing through my abdomen, and I could feel pressure on my prostate. Not in anyway painful, but rather almost like a little electric shock stimulating it. Sharee looked back at me and then turned and grabbing one of the levers, she lowered the chair just a bit. When she was satisfied she turned back around and as he father began to penetrate her mother, Sharee impaled her cunt on my steel hard prick. \

She was not warm, she was hot and the heat that I felt coming from her was radiating with the abnormal heat that was flowing through me. I felt my cock expand in her already tight cunt and it felt as if the head of my cock wanted to penetrate her cervix. She developed a slow and steady rhythm and as I watched, I realized she was keeping in time with her father's movements. In fact everyone in the semi-circle was keeping pace. It was like a chorus line of erotic Rockettes or something.

When Oliver changed his pace, the daughter's pace coincided with his. When the mother let out a groan, the husband's including myself felt a groan come from deep within. It was uncanny but I had never felt the eroticism that I was feeling now or had just experienced. I had not even been concerned with what was around me until just now.

I was becoming more and more aware of a couple of things. Something was happening in the area of my prostate. I was being massaged from within which was causing an intensity that I had never experienced before. Secondly, Sharee's cunt muscles were milking my cock as if it were an udder on a cow. I felt her cunt muscles surround my cock with muscle moves I had never experienced. At the same time it felt as if her cunt was actually pulling my cock deeper into her. I couldn't explain the feelings and I didn't care. I was lost in the sensation of that and the sensation that was growing in my brain of being filled and yet wanting more. If I could have opened my legs wider I would have. My brain was telling me I was being filled with massive cock and yet my body was delivering the sensation of a cunt trying to squeeze the essence of my seed out of me.

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