tagRomanceBy Night, My Love Ch. 02

By Night, My Love Ch. 02


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Rhea ground her head back against the pillows, a low, breathy moan escaping her lips. She caught a glimpse of hooded, green eyes before the man's head dropped to her flushed chest. Hot, molted heat engulfed her nipple and she almost jerked off the bed. Rhea's hands flew to the man's hair; whether to pull him away or to push him closer she didn't know. She gripped his hair in a tight fistful just as his sharp teeth nipped at her distended flesh. The small bite of pain sent a shocking jolt right from the tip of her breast straight to her throbbing core.

Panting, she tried to close her thighs and create some kind of friction but her lover was between her thighs. He insinuated a thick and muscled thigh up to core, rubbing that hot, quivering flesh.

"You want me, baby?" her lover growled in her ear, darting his tongue out in a quick lick to her ear lobe.

"Yessssss..." Rhea hissed as his teeth worried that sensitive bit of flesh.

Her lover chuckled and rewarded her with a quick little kiss.

Trailing his calloused finger tips down the slope of her breast and over her stomach tot eh dip of her pelvis, he finger her honeyed core. The soft tissues there pulsed around his fingers, almost as if pulling him in. Oh god, did Rhea want him inside her. Her hips undulated with the shallow thrusts of his fingers.

"You want me here? In you? Taking you? Making you mine?" With each question, he trust his fingers roughly and quickly into her pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes," Rhea chanted in a mindless litany of pleasure and desire and want. Wanting him so bad, her whole body was quivering. Smiling down at her, he reared up over her on his knees and took his hard cock in his hands. Mesmerized, she watched in abject fascination as he pumped the angry looking flesh. Breathless she wondered how that thick girth would fit into her small, little hole. He murmured some soothing words before placing the tip of his head at her opening. Circling his hips, he rubbed his shaft through the wetness gathering between her two swollen lips. Biting her lips, she gazed wide eyed up at him.

"Say my name," he ordered her without breaking his stride.

More than happy to comply, Rhea opened her mouth.

And with that, Rhea woke up with a jerk. Great, she was having one of the hottest wet dreams in ages and she didn't even know what to call him. She'd probably never see him again and the least she could have done was get him name. Now she had no name for her dream lover, dammit.

Growling in frustration, Rhea swung her legs around and sat up on the bed. That's when she noticed she wasn't passed out on Krysta's couch. In fact she sat on a very sumptuous canopy bed with gauzy curtains tied back to the bed posts. She gazed around in awe as she took in the most beautiful room she had ever been in.

Maybe that concussion had caused some kind of hemorrhage and now she was heaven. Not that she had done a great many deeds that would get her through the pearly gates.

"You're awake." Rhea jerked her head around to see the object of her lusts standing at her door with her his arms crossed. She gulped. He looked even more handsome and brooding in the morning light. His sulky lips were pulled into a displeased frown as he looked at her. Self-consciously, Rhea ran her fingers through what she was sure were a tangled mess of bed hair.

"Um, it would appear so." Her voice came out in a hoarse croak. Her heart was still pounding from her illicit dream and the spot between her thighs was embarrassingly wet. Knowing it was stupid, she never the less flipped eth corner of the dark gold comforter over her lap as if that would hide her lust from him. As if her jeans and undies weren't enough.

"I ordered breakfast. Why don't you take a shower then you can eat."

Before Rhea could open her mouth to thank him or even ask how she got into this sumptuous bedroom, he closed the door behind him and left her alone with her endless questions. Frowning at the door, she childishly stuck her tongue out her host. He was infuriating, more so now after he'd almost gotten her off in her dreams. Bloody tease.

Rhea sighed and began to strip off her clothes. Her mother had always called her impulsive and whenever she did in front of Rhea, she had tended to stick up her nose in affront and promptly done something impulsive. Picking up a strange man in the middle of her melancholy in the middle of the night probably topped the list. She knew absolutely nothing about him and yet here she was sharing a lavish hotel room with him.

Following his orders, albeit grudging she got in the spacious shower. The shower head was stationed straight above her head so she was feeling like she was under a gentle spring rain. A few buttons caught her attention and she soon found out there were more shower heads on the side of the walls that gently massaged the stiff muscles on her back. The past year hadn't allowed her the time to luxuriate in a bath like this. Washing her hair in some expensive smelling shampoo, she also took the time to condition her hair. She'd found people were less prone to be rude to someone who looked pretty. Also, her vanity wouldn't allow her host and dream lover to see her as the rag tag runaway she have seemed like last night and especially this morning.

She found her bag sitting in a rich, brocade chair by the room's single window and took out one of her nicer t-shirts. By nice, she meant that it didn't have any holes and wasn't as threadbare as the others. Wanting to show off her freshly shaven legs, she also put on a pair of booty hugging short.

The grumbling of her stomach convinced her to forgo blow drying her hair so she towel dried as best as she could and skipped form the bedroom with a happy little bounce. The next room had large space devoted to a sitting area and television with a small table set for two to the side overlooking a large floor to ceiling window. Her host was already sitting at the table, a newspaper hiding his face and a cup of coffee in his hands.

Taking the opposite seat, she looked down at the platters of food set out before her. There were waffles, crepes, and pancakes with an assortment of berries and whipped cream on top. There were also some scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns and more breakfast foods that she couldn't name. A large platter had an assortment of fruits with chocolate and whipped cream. There was even a small carafe of an assortment of coffee drinks accompanied by another tray of sweets. The only thing she could identify on that platter was a crystal dish of Jordan almonds.

Hungry, she piled on as much as she could on her plate and began stuffing her face just like the runaway vagrant she was.

Speaking around her large mouthful, she asked him with a gesture of her fork. "Couldn't make up your mind?"

Her dream lover didn't look up from his paper. Watching him, she swore he flushed a bit.

"I didn't really know what you liked so I got a bit of everything." Actually, it had been her gaunt cheeks that had motivated him to order a feat fit for a king, or in this case a very enchanting imp of a girl.

"Mmmmm, this is good," she said around a mouthful of sausage, eggs, and sweet bread. "So who am I to thank for all of this?"

"Excuse me?" Garret finally looked up from his paper.

"To whom should I express my thanks for this bounteous meal?" she said with a teasing smile, enunciating each word slowly as if to a child.

Garret cleared his throat and went back to his coffee. "No need, I already tipped the man who delivered this."

Rhea rolled her eyes. "That was my subtle way of asking your name but apparently I was too subtle. So I'll ask again, what's your name."

"I'm sure we don't need to exchange names. I'll be happy to give you a ride to wherever you need to be today," he said curtly, finishing off his coffee. She pursed her lips at his stuffiness and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Well, I'm going to ignore your less than welcome introduction and introduce myself. Rhea O'Hara, at your dubious service." Rhea thrust her hand under his nose, forcing him to acknowledge her. Keeping to his aloof image, he ignored her.

"Aren't you stuffy this morning? What happened to the guy who gave a total stranger a ride, hmm?"

"Since you didn't want me to take you to the emergency room, can I take you anywhere else?" Garret asked, completely ignoring her prodding.

The man was just too formal this morning, not that he had been all talky-mac-talkerson last night either. But this man in front of her was cold and hard, and she saw none of the pain that had drawn her to him in the first place; only a biting bitterness that she feared would cling to him always.

Smirking, she said "I don't accept rides from men I don't know the names off."

"Garret Butler," he said on a long-suffering sigh.

"Oh, if only your mother named you Gerard instead and you had the sexy Scottish accent, you'd be perfect," Rhea teased. A small smile curled his before he quickly covered it with the guise of taking a sip of his coffee. What little she had seen of his half formed smile made her heart trip. Who knew what a full blown smile would do her. Probably give her a heart attack.

"You know, Garret, there's really not a place I have to go. Krysta only offered me a place to stay for one night before her brother comes home."

She watched in confusion as he got up and went to get something. When she saw what she came back with, she glared at him and put her hand up to stop him.

"There is no way I'm taking your money. Forget it. I already owe you for more than I could ever pay back. I didn't tell you to get your pity, it's just a fact." Rhea was no charity case. She earned every penny she got and she wouldn't stoop to accept some pity money now.

Garret held up his hands in supplication. "It's not pity. Consider it a loan."

Rhea snorted. "Oh yeah, like I'm ever going to see you again after you abandon me. It'd be easy to just throw some money at me and wash your hands of me wouldn't it?" Rhea didn't know why she was getting so angry at a man she barely knew. But this man had cared more for her than anyone since her mother. It shouldn't hurt that he wanted to be done with her. She was just a hindrance to him. Hell, he had only met her last night and she's practically forced herself on his self-imposed solitude.


"I'm sorry I snapped at you," Rhea interrupted him. "I'll get out of your hair. You've done so much for me and I'll being a bitch. Just-just drop me off at a bus station, okay?" Rhea whirled around and went back to her room to pack, the food she'd eaten feeling like lead in eth pit of her stomach. What did she expect? That he'd be irresistibly drawn to her from just one night of acquaintance? She'd been alone from most of her life and she could handle more years of loneliness. One brooding man with green eyes shouldn't have made her realize how deprived she'd been in one night.


Garret had to physically shake his head to clear the image of Rhea's behind held snugly in a pair of hip hugging denim. He'd stayed up the entire night, thinking about what to do with the girl. He shouldn't feel guilty about leaving her but it felt like he was kicking a puppy when eh even thought about abandoning her. He didn't understand her; even less he understood the need to protect her.

The need to kiss her - now that he understood. He'd watched like a lust-crazed teen as she chewed on her food, her tongue slipping out to lick away a drop of syrup. Feeling jealous of that tongue was a foreign emotion to him. Her every movement was sensual, enticing him to wonder how she would move in bed. Maybe his obsession was just lust driven. While he'd never been one to fall in instant lust, it seemed that the past 24 hours were chock full of first. Fist time giving a stranger a ride, first time smiling since the death of his loved ones, first time feeling this strange longing for a girl he hardly knew.

He was jerked out of his musings when his phone began to ring. It was his friend from hospital he used to work at in New York. Flipping it open, he greeted Harlan.

"Harlan, everything okay over there?"

"Garret man, you've been gone longer than a week. Marias been hounding me to call you and make sure you aren't holed up with a blonde beach girl," Harlan chuckled. Garret grimaced; he'd dated Maria for a short while until he'd discovered how clingy and smothering she could be.

"Will that get her off my back?"

"Hell, even if you suddenly declared you were gay that wouldn't stop her. I told you not to go there."

"So how are Michelle and the kids?"

Harlan went on excitedly about his new wife and his two month old twins. Garret listened to his the happy man, trying not some semblance of happiness for the man. But that was quite hard when his family was so ripped apart, with one daughter's blood still drying on his hands and the other daughter not even talking to him.

"So when is your flight? You want me to pick you up?"

"Uh, actually no. I'm bringing back my father's car. I'll be driving it cross country."

"Ha, you on a road trip? Get ready for weeks of jerky and burgers. Actually, that sounds like heaven. Michelle's one this fish phase where everything I eat is some kind of fish variation. Have you ever eaten fish bread?"

Garret laughed at the gagging noise Harlan made.

"Maybe I should tell her to save you some."

"You do that and I'll tell her all about New Orleans."

That shut Harlan up. "You're an evil man. I respect that."

They talked for a few more minutes then hung up. Garret had intended to stay one more night while finished up business then leave in eth morning tomorrow. He really didn't need to drive the car himself, but he didn't want to go back to New York so soon. Neither did he want to stay in Los Angeles. Seeing his parents again and the family pictures they kept up was painful. His mother would hug him every chance he got and his father would give these long winding speeches about forgiveness and moving on. Like hell he was moving on from that.


Rhea read over the text once again, her hands shaking so bad the words were blurred. They'd found her again. Krysta had just texted her, telling her two guys had come to her house asking about her. Rhea knew who they were.

Furious, she grabbed the nearest thing - a through pillow- and flung at the wall. She had to restrain herself from grabbing at something that would cause a more satisfying crash. She's need to run again. This couldn't be happening. She made sure to use cash and avoided the authorities. Her uncle's numerous goons shouldn't have found her so soon.

Rushing around the room, she stuffed a few things from the bathroom and bedroom. Soap, a small welcome basket of crackers, cheese and dried packaged food all went into her backpack. Pride had nothing to do with self-preservation. Obviously Garret could afford to pay for these things.

When she went to open the door, she heard him speaking on the phone. One bit of information popped out at her. He was driving cross country to New York. She had a friend in New Jersey, one that her Uncle knew nothing about. She also had no money so she'd traveled as far as could on hitch hiking and walking. But is she could get out of the state and go that far, her uncle would never think to search for her there.

Now all she had to do was convince Garret to take her. Yah, easier said than done. She's just promised to leave him alone and now she's be foisting herself on him for an even longer period. But desperation chased her pride to the back of her head.

"Will you take me?" Rhea blurted out as soon as he was finished with his conversation.

He whirled around to look at her.

"Take you where?"

"With you. To New York. I promise not to bother you. I'll be quiet and you won't even notice me, I promise," Rhea pleaded, getting close to dropping to her knees and begging.

He smiled wryly. "I doubt you'd be easy to ignore."

Rhea raised a brow. "You did a fine job this morning."

"Not for long, I didn't. Look Rhea, I can't take you cross country. You don't even know me. How could you trust me not to harm you?"

The fact that Garret wasn't saying anything about her imposing on him told she's been correct to trust him. He was more concerned about her safety.

"Because you could have left me last night. You could have raped me last night while I lay in bed." Garret winced at that and opened his mouth but Rhea continued on. "I trust you," she emphasized each word. "You said you'd take me anywhere. I-I have an aunt in New Jersey. I don't have any money and I'd have to hitch hike with strangers who might not be as nice as you." Rhea knew she was it on a bit thick but she was desperate. The few times a man had given her a ride and tried to get frisky with her, she'd pulled out her .48 magnum and smiled very sweetly as she's expertly pressed it against their crotches. She wasn't some helpless damsel but even she knew her limits.


Rhea was hard pressed not to smile in triumph. The man was easy to manipulate.

"God, I don't even know why I'm going to say yes." Garret glared at her.

"So I can come?" Rhea was almost jumping on her toes.

"Yes," he gritted out.

Rhea whooped and jumped at him, hugging him around the neck.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I swear you won't regret it."

"Yah, then why do I already regret it?"

Rhea pulled back but still kept her arms looped around his neck. "You're confusing you excitement at being stuck with me for regret." Impulsively, Rhea leaned up and placed a quick kiss to his cheek. When she tried to pull back, she found herself immobile when his hands tightened on his hips. She breathed against his cheek, waiting for him to do something, anything. She felt a growing pressure against her stomach and before she could even thrill at the action, Garret abruptly pushed her away and took back a few steps. This time, there was a definite blush on his cheeks.

"Uh, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning. I have a few errands to run today. You can stay in the room and do whatever." With that, the flushed man quickly reached for his coat and keys and stomped out of the room. Smirking after the closed door, Rhea was defiantly looking forward to the road trip.

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