tagErotic CouplingsBy The Lake Side

By The Lake Side


We banged by the lake side...

To start the story off, I'll describe myself and my Girlfriend. I'm 18 at the time, not skinny but not fat either, about 5'10 white and short brown hair. I'm a student at the local college. My girlfriends skinny, but not stupidly skinny, she's about 5'6 with long brown hair.

As we sit in the bar, she's getting eyed up by most of the men in there, wife or not with them! As she's sat in a tight hugging pencil skirt, black tights with 4" heels, and a white blouse, as she goes up to the bar to get us the next round of drinks she nearly falls over, so I decided after this last drink we should head back to our caravan.

On our way back the drinks had really badly gone to her head, she had no idea where we were, where we were going and had forgotten how to walk. We finally reached our caravan when I decided that I fancied another drink before bed, so I switched the telly on and got us both a whisky, I loved whisky but she only drank it when she was already drunk.

After a while, she randomly just picked the remote up and switched it to some random porn channel that I didn't even know we got! She then jumps on top of me, straddles my lap and starts kissing me, after a few minutes she moves to me neck, then as she digs her fingers hard into my back... she kisses lower...

She then takes one hand and starts undoing the buttons on my shirt and kissing further down as she undoes more buttons. As she gets to the last button I rip my shirt off, then pull her top off over her head and throw it across the room. I quickly undo her bra revealing a beautiful pair of 36 D tits right into my face and waste no time in burying my face deep into them and sucking on her nipples and squeezing them.

While I'm at this she's still grinding against me and got her skirt zip undone. She suddenly stands up and pulls me up, at which point she goes to her knees and undoes my belt, button, zip and finally yanks my trousers down to the floor. She starts playing with my already hard 7" cock through my boxers and licking the fabric. She then pulls my boxers off and my cock springs out and nearly hits her, she starts licking the tip and slowly tossing me off while looking at me with those big gorgeous brown eyes. She starts taking more and more of my cock into her mouth and playing with my balls until I'm nearly ay the point of Cumming down her throat when she suddenly stops.

I take this hint and lay her onto her back, first taking her skirt off leaving her heels on, then her tights and finally her pants, as she's laid there waiting for me to make the next move, her sexy body glowing in the faint moonlight and the light from the porno on the telly I quickly bury my face deep into her hot pussy and start licking and sucking her like it's the end of the world! Soon she's having her first orgasm all over my face and I still kept going, now starting to put two fingers faster into her. Not long after she has her second orgasm of the night and she then stands up, and says follow me.

Her, just in a pair of black leather 4" heels, me completely naked, she leads me out of the caravan holding onto my cock the whole time leading me towards the fishing lakes on the caravan park, I didn't really think it was happening and though I must have passed out from the alcohol!

Now, in complete darkness and at the side of a fishing lake, she tells me to lie on the floor, before she jumps on top and starts kissing me again while rubbing my cock all over her pussy but just not quite in. We stayed like that for at least 10 minutes and eventually her teasing got too much so I moved her hand and grabbed her hips. I pulled her hard and fast onto my cock penetrating her and all 7" of my cock going straight into her wet, hot pussy. As I thrust up into her, she pushed down onto my cock, if anyone had walked anywhere near us all they would have heard were her moans of pleasure and the sound of us fucking hard.

We seemed to be fucking for ages, before I finally leant her onto her back, got on top of her and started fucking away, we changed positions multiple times, before ending up with her back on top, I was getting towards needing to cum and she could tell! Suddenly she just dug her nails hard into my chest, grabbed on and had a powerful orgasm and screamed out in pleasure, 5 seconds later I Cummed deep into her hot pussy and she leant in and we started kissing again.

We quickly got up and made our way back to our caravan and got into bed where we fucked again before falling to sleep.

When I woke up and went into the kitchen, she was stood naked with just an apron on making bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast, when I went and kissed her and said good morning she said it back and grabbed my cock and said "The same again tonight? But different place I think"

I tried thinking all day about where we might go that night to have sex in public again and struggled to think of anywhere she'd want to go until it finally dawned on me where she was going to take me....


This is my first Sex story so I hope you've enjoyed it.

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