tagSci-Fi & FantasyBy the Light of the Moon

By the Light of the Moon


The woods are so dark for a full moon night. You walk quickly to your destination. The energy of nature filling you, pulling you toward the event you have been waiting for so long.

You reach the clearing. You take in the scene, awed by the power of nature to create such an inviting vista, such a perfect temple for the ritual of the evening. The large flat rock honed by nature, a perfect altar; set on the shores of the peaceful lake, the wide green meadow stretching beyond the shores. The whole clearing ringed with giant oaks, creating a stage for the stars-the only witnesses to this evenings blessing. The heavens adding to the mystical aura of the evening, with the sparkling and twinkling of millions of natures night lights set against the cobalt blue night sky. The wind blowing gently through the oaks, rippling the waters of the lake, carrying nature's symphony on its wings, perfect music for the night.

Then, she steps into view. A vision of the Goddess herself, standing high above you, as if floating in mid air, she bows her head to in silent greeting. She stands silently; awaiting you, long diaphanous silk billowing about her body in the breeze. Her fiery gold hair playing about her shoulders in a tumultuous riot. You look up and see the moon high above you in the September sky, as if nodding approval of the sacrament. You close the distance between you quickly, coming to rest at the base of the rock. She knows it is time, her training now put to the test. She is the maiden, you the hunter.

You watch dumbstruck as she raises her arms silently to her sides. The wind increasing in strength slightly, at her quiet beckoning, takes the robe from her body. It floats gently away, swaying like a leaf in the night wind, glowing like a stray moonbeam over the water. You see her smile. Her confidence in her gifts apparent; her abilities to control the wind, the water, the fire and the air; to tap into the magick of the earth itself, a result of years of training. All for this one moment, her first right as high priestess.

She raises her hands higher; seeming to call to the moon. Flames burst into life in the fire pit below the altar as she calls fire from the air! The moonlight answers her plea, bathing her in sweet white light. Her body glistens with youth, her hair shimmers in the flickering light of the bonfire. She lowers her gaze to meet you. Your eyes traveling over her body from the tip of her toes to the top of her head. Following her pale flawless skin past her knees, resting momentarily on the fiery thatch between her legs. Higher still across her belly up to her firm breasts tipped with coral colored nipples, puckered from excitement. Your gaze coming to rest on her face, heart shaped, and perfect, green eyes glowing from the depths of her passionate soul, with more than a hint of pride and independence.

She lowers her arms in front of her opening them to you, welcoming you to the arms of the Goddess!

You go to her willingly, ready to accept your place at her side. A consort of the maiden, hunter for the The Great Lady. She takes you to the altar stone. Standing in front of you she begins to remove your clothing with expert hands, gently teasing fingers brushing your already heightened senses. Your garments fall by the wayside. You stand before her, both of you naked now, as nature intended.

Without speaking, she places her hands on your shoulders and gently guides you down on the alter stone. As you come to rest on your back, you feel her climb on the altar beside you. You gaze up at the night sky, trying to concentrate on breathing, unsure what is to come but eagerly anticipating the experience. The wind blows gently across your body and you feel the maiden move between your legs. Glancing down you see her face, raised to the heavens, eyes closed, invoking the presence of the lady. She gently lowers her face. Reaches out with both hands, and cups your manhood, gently.

You gasp and arch your back. She simply smiles and places one hand on your belly, she places one finger of he other hand to her lips. "Shhhhh".

You lie back, trusting her and her training. You feel her breathe, hot on your navel, traveling lower, as she trails kisses down your body. Her hair follows in a veil of silk, brushing your skin in an erotic massage. She stops long enough to grasp you again, needing both hands to encircle your girth. She holds tight to you at the base of your shaft with one tiny hand, and uses the other to trace you, first up, then down, and back up again, gentle explorations as you twitch and ache. She pulls away, licks her thumb and begins again. Down and up in a rhythmic fashion. Stopping now at your head, its velvet tip dewy with drops of your essence, she places her wet thumb just over your opening and rubs gently, cleaning you, then pulls her thumb back into her mouth to taste you for the first time!

She wastes no time now. She lowers her head to your shaft, and flicks her tongue out, the contact sending electricity running throughout your body. She flicks again, this time licking as she pulls back a bit. Then you feel her hot, warm, soft lips close-just over your head. She holds you there, not wanting to take you over the edge too fast, allowing your breathing to calm. When you are ready, she lowers herself onto your cock, all in one long slow sweeping thrust. You find yourself buried in her faces up to your balls. You feel her lips on the edge of your balls as she suckles your hard, licking and flicking. Her wicked little tongue doing things that you have never imagined. You silently thank the Goddess for choosing you this night!

You glance down. She is holding your sac of life in one hand and using the other to reach between you, under you. Searching as she sucks. Up and down her head moves faster. Pulling you in and out of that dark cavern, pressing against you. You feel yourself hitting the back of her throat and know you are close to the end. She smiles up at you as she plunges back down onto your cock,, and you feel her finger enter your ass, just slightly, searching. You arch into her mouth hitting the back of her throat hard, causing her to groan into the head of your cock, vibrating it as she finds the spot in your ass. The trigger!

You yell, the sound breaking the peaceful silence of the night. Screaming in ecstasy, you raise up off the altar as you feel your cum bursting from your cock, into her mouth, around her lips. Everywhere!

You spurt all over her chest, she swallows a lot, but you have too much to be contained. It drips off her lips and seeps onto the stone

You fall back to the altar, spent and drained, as she moves away from you in the moonlight. You want to ask her name, find out how to come to her again, but you are swiftly loosing consciousness. The world swirling into a mass off stars and electric haze!

You wake the next morning on the altar. There is no one around you, the only signs of anyone else being present the night before are the ashes of a fire and a swathe of white silk lying at a distance on the shore. You sit up and start to swing your legs to the side, only to find an odd twinge on your right thigh, a tingling sensation as the muscle contracts. You glance down and gasp. There just below your cock, on your inner thigh, a new tattoo, bright blue in the light of day, the crescent moon!

You sigh and smile, knowing your pleas will be heard and answered. You have been accepted as consort to the maiden, and the next ritual, the deflowering, is only months away!

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