tagNonHumanBy The Light Of The Silvery Moon

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon


By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

You Bring Out The Animal In Me

Chapter 1: Afternoon Delight

It was what they call a witch's night. The hot and steamy air was filled with the intoxicating essence of nightshade mixed with the damp rotting humus of the forest floor. No breeze was able to break thru the wall of heat to disturb the treetop leaves. The only noise to be heard was the ever present mating song of the crickets and the soft crunch of pine needles under foot. Julia picked her way down the trail through the virgin pine forest by the silvery light of the full moon rising peacefully over head.

Her granny always warned her never to be caught in the old woods after dark when the moon was full, but Julia always dismissed the warning as an old gypsies tale from her grannies own youth in Romania. Besides, Julia rationalized, this trail thru the old woods cuts off at least a half hour walk home and it was already getting late. Her Da would be furious with her for missing dinner but she knew how to calm his temper and make him understand.

Julia had spent the afternoon with Peter in his fathers barn. The two young lovers had exhausted themselves rolling in the hay loft and had fallen asleep wrapped in each others embrace. Her head still filled with the sent of fresh cut hay mixed with their sweat and the sweet essence of their love making, pulling a piece of straw from her hair she wondered why Peter left her asleep in the hay loft. For when she awoke he was gone and it was dark the harvest moon just rising over the tree tops. She had a devil of a time finding all her undergarments in the hay. Their afternoon session was exquisite, she couldn't remember Peter ever having come so many times without going limp. He was so animalistic tossing her from position to position. It started out playfully at first like it always did with lots of giggling and teasing. The mock chase around the barnyard until she ran into the barn and hid in the hay loft.

"Where did you run off to this time? When I find you, I'm going to give it to you good and hard."

Julia let out a soft giggle as she wriggled out of her clothes then splayed herself across the loose stacked hay. Peter seemed to follow her trail like a bloodhound coming straight to the hay lofts ladder.

Sniff, "Hmm, maybe your in the loft?" A muffled giggle was enough response.

Up the ladder he went to find his prey completely naked in a nest of fresh cut hay. The sunlight streaming in through the open loft doors seemed to make her long curls of fire orange hair glow and dance with the settling hay dust.

"Your not going to give me anything…dressed like that."

Peter wasn't stupid he new the foreplay was over. He quickly stripped as he cockily strutted toward her. While dropping his jeans he got all tangled up and took a nose dive into Julia's nest.

"My macho man" she laughed and quickly grabbed his pants and finished pulling them off. "Oh look at that. Ole glory standing to attention. Let me salute that for you." She licked her lips and took him then. Taking his throbbing cock deep into the back of her throat then slowly sliding back out to tease his tip with her flicking tongue. His groan assured her of his satisfaction and she started sucking and playing her tongue up and down his shaft. Working her way ever so slowly, deeper and deeper until she couldn't take any more of his manhood. Gently she cupped his balls then applied some subtle pressure between them and his anus. He groaned in approval once again. She began to feel his package tighten in the palm of her hand and she new he was close. She began to work more furiously, up and down she teased, fucking him deep with her mouth. She wanted to taste his come, it had been almost a week since they were able to get away and she had mist his salty seed. She never thought she'd like the taste of cock so much. She always thought that it seemed somehow dirty to her but to her surprise she found she loved it.

"Oh, god yes. Don't stop. Oh!" Grabbing a handful of hair he pushed his shaft deeper down her throat.

A little more pressure with her index finger. His balls tightened. Two more pumps with her mouth and she was rewarded for her service with what seemed like a gallon of come splashing down the back of her throat. She clamped her lips tighter onto his shaft as she slid her lips up and down milking him. She didn't want to waste a single drop of this delicious treat. For the fourth time she swallowed and took the base of his cock in her hand she deftly wrung out the last of his flow. A flick of her tongue caught the last drop as it shyly emerged from the tip of his throbbing head.

"It seems like you were saving that up for me. I thought the eruption was never going to stop." Tracing her lips for any straw droplets and then licking her fingers clean.

"I've been thinking a lot about you lately. And now it's your turn."

A squeak of glee broke out of her throat as she flopped unceremoniously onto her back and stretched her legs heaven ward. "Come and get it big boy"

Peter crawled up between her legs and inhaled her scent. Lilacs, she always smells of lilacs. I love that smell.

With a little wiggle of her ass and thrust from her hips, "What are you waiting for? I need you now."

Hint taken. Peter runs his calused hands up and down her legs and over her soft mass of short reds then down to cup her tight ass to raise her slightly. While holding her ass, he reaches around with his thumbs to part her sex to find that she is already dripping in anticipation. "You are ready, aren't you?" He kisses her belly first and rolls his tongue around her navel.

"Just do it already, damn it. Stick your glorious fucking tongue in me. Eat me now. Stop the teasing and do me."

Oh how he loved to tease her, building up her anticipation till the point where she could no longer bear it. She shudders in delight as he gently blows on her swollen clit. Then grabbing her short hairs with his mouth and tugging gently. Another shudder. He flicks his tongue against the tip of her extended clit, which causes her to buck. A full lip lock around her clit and he begins to suck as she grinds her pubic bone into his face.

"Oh yea, suck me, yes that's it. Oh" her head drops to the side, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her head reeling from the electrical sensations that twitched throughout her body. Her brain on fire. She cupped one of her breasts and squeezed then ran slow circles around her areola before tweaking her erect nipple.

Peter continued sucking hard and tickling her clit with the tip of his tongue. Suddenly he broke his pit bull like grasp on her and gently blew on her throbbing clit which made her let out a shrill moan. With his thumbs he caught her labia and parted them to reveal his secret valley. He sent in a lone explorer to chart out the valley. Mapping every ridge and delving deep to the valley floor to discover a gapping dark cave just dripping with her essence. Sweet nectar. It always tasted like sweet nectar, lilac scented nectar of the gods. The explorer feeling lick the luckiest man alive charged right into the gapping cave, swirling around to chart all it's nuances. The valley began to quake and shake then clamped down upon him. The sweet nectar flowed heavy torrents over the explorer and down his chin onto his throat. He closed his lips around the perfect valley hidden beneath the red forest and drank deeply. Sucking furiously while his tongue drew more nectar out from the honey hole.

Julia was on another planet. She clamped her thighs around his head and thrust hard, driving Peter in a little deeper. And then it hit her. The dam exploded. She writhed back and forth clutching handfuls of straw. Releasing her thigh lock for a second, only to clamp down harder the next. Wave after wave of rolled over her, blinding her for what seamed an eternity. When her vision returned she found Peter sitting next to her rubbing his neck and wiping her juice off his mouth and neck with his t-shirt.

A soft smile crept over her lips, "I guess I really needed that."

"I thought you were trying to drown me." They both laughed. And Peter crawled over and kissed her passionatly tasting his own salt mixed with her sweet nectar.

The sound of crunching leaves brought her back to the present. She turned this way and that trying to find the source of the noise but all was silent. "Must have been some little creature out looking for a late night snack." She continued on down the moon lit path toward home. Julia's mind wandered back to the spring.

Chapter 2: How It All Began

The sound of crunching leaves brought her back to the present. She turned this way and that trying to find the source of the noise but all was silent. "Must have been some little creature out looking for a late night snack." She continued on down the moon lit path toward home. Julia's mind wandered back to the spring.

She had known Peter almost all her life. He was the first person she had met of her own age when her wandering family had chosen this valley to settle in. That was just over eight years ago when she was barely ten. It wasn't until this spring that the child hood playmates actually noticed each other as something other than co-conspirators and constant companions.

Julia and Peter had spent the morning hiking around the valley seeking out the elusive morels. As the sun reached its climax, the cool morning are turned hot. They needed some relief from the now oppressive building heat of the day and decided to head on over to their secret swimming hole for a quick skinny dip. At the top of the hill, Julia yelled, "Last one in is a rotten egg!" and broke off into a sprint.

"Oh no you don't!" exclaimed Peter as he took off in chase.

They dropped their baskets of morels as they ran. Julia pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it onto a bush as she ran towards the inviting coolness of the pool.

As Peter came racing around the bend he caught a glimpse of Julies flowing red hair and a flash of pink flesh. He then noticed her top strewn over a bush. As he ran on he found her bra similarly discarded. His t-shirt discarded next to her bra. He continued his pursuit.

At the rock out crop, Julia pause to take off her shoes and socks. While peeling the tight denim off her calves she heard the crack of a twig as Peter came trotting around the corner. She let loose an involuntary squeal of delight at the sight of Peter so close on her tail. Tossing the jeans aside, she takes off again. A little more slowly wary of her soft bare feet.

"My, my, my. I don't remember Peters chest looking that good last summer. Nice abs too, so that's what they mean by six pack. I wonder what he did all winter to get in that kind of shape? What are you thinking about girl? You've known him for years and he's your best friend. You've never had thoughts like this about him before, why start now? Yea I know, but seeing him in this new light is starting to get me hot." She strips off her pink cotton panties and drops them on the trail.

The sight of Julia's ass enveloped in soft pink panties sticking high in the air pulling her jeans off causes Peter to stumble over his own feet. Barely escaping an embarrassing fall onto his face, he recovers his balance just in time to hear Julia let out a small shriek and a flash of her breasts before she darts behind the boulders. "Wow, when did she get those? Man, she has filled out. Last summer, they were barely bumps on a log. Now they are healthy bouncing little honey dews. And that tight little ass, invitingly pointing up to the sky, just waiting for someone to come along and take it." At the boulders, Peter stops to kick off his boots. As he's taking off his jeans, he's surprised to find himself in such an excited state.

Stripped down to his boxers, Peter looks down the path for any sight of his quarry. No sight of her, but wait what is that? Something pink in the middle of the trail. The needle of his personnel compass homes in on the intended target direction. A quick glance down and Peter knew for certain that he was no longer in control but only able to follow the lead. A few moments later he reaches the pink panties now lying innocently at his feet. A quick glance around and no sign of Julia, he bends down to pick up the panties. To his surprise the crotch is soaking wet. He slowly raises the soft pink cotton to his nose and inhales deeply.

With an audible sigh he exhales, "Man, they smell like lilac. I wonder if she'll taste so sweet?" From just up ahead Peter hears a loud splash and another of Julia's endearing shrieks as she hits the cold water. Absently dropping the slick lilac scented panties, the needle leads on.

"Peter, come on in! The water is such a relief."

"I will in a minute."

"What are you doing standing behind that bush, any way. Get your butt in here."

"Um…nothing…um, uh…just working up the nerve to take the plunge."

Stretching out on her back and letting the water splash over the top of her pert breasts and erect nipples, she does the backstroke towards the far end of their swimming hole. "Come on in, you chicken shit, the water feels so nice. It's making my skin tingle all over."

How am I ever going to get into that pond with this leading the way? She'll never forgive me. Oh and look at her now, thrusting that fine bit of fire bush out of the water and the double scoop sundae just waiting for its pert little cherries to be eaten off. Keep thinking along this train of thought and you'll never get near her. Maybe I can back into the water. The cold water should make junior behave.

"Alright, here I come," backing down the bank and into the water then quickly turning and diving under the surface. "Whoa! That is cold!" Peter exclaims as he surfaces in the middle of their pond.

My god and I thought his chest was something. Checkout the dimples on that ass! Was that what I thought it was? That explains why he was hiding behind that bush for so long. That must have been a good eight inches. Looking down over her floating body, her pert breasts, taught thighs and a tuft of red-orange hair exposed to the sky, thinking to herself, "We've swam together hundreds of times. I wonder, did all that cause Peter to get so excited?"

With the waves from Peters dive now washing over her breasts, Julia rolls over and paddles towards the center of the pond where Peter is still flailing about letting explicatives fly about the coldness of the spring water. She dives deep to the bottom of the pool and swims beneath his feet. Focused on her prey she pushes off the bottom and porpoises out of the water. Exclaiming "Ha ha", as she plunges back down she grabs Peter by the ears and pulls him in towards her breasts submerging below the ponds surface. The water fills in above their heads. She releases Peter from her grasp. Before kicking away, she feels the point of a soft warm stick pushing at her thigh then warm lips passing over the erect nipple of her left breast sending tingles up and down her spine.

Swimming into shallow water she finds her footing and stands with the water line just barely covering her nipples. What a rush that was. I never felt anything like that from his touch before.

Sputtering back to the surface, "Hey that's not fair! Where did you go?" My god, she has such soft breasts. She pulled my face right into them. Where is this going to lead?

"I'm way over here! Come and get me!…if you can." Julia taunts.

At that very moment, a little blue gill swims up and notices the little red cluster of writhing worms. "Whoa! What was that?" Julia jumps.

"What are you talking about?"

"Something…um…something pulled on one of my…um…"

Peter bursts into a fit of laughter, "The blue gills have found you!"

"Whoa!" She jumps back further exposing her pert jiggling tits to Peter.

"Those devilish little gills, just can't seem to keep their mouths away from your short hairs." A fit of laughter over takes him again.

"Whoa!" She jumps again causing her pert tits to do another seductive little dance for Peters feasting eyes. "That one got a little to intimate. Peter come save me from these hungry little devil fish."

"Well, if I must."

He swims over to her and splashes around a bit, making a show of scaring the fish away from their tasty treat.

"Let me just check and make sure they're gone." And with that he draws a deep breath and submerges under water.

Peter sees Julia's creamy white thighs just inches from his face. He reaches out and grabs a hold of her legs.

"Ea-ah. Oh." She exclaims and parts her legs some.

Before his eyes, beautiful writhing tendrils of fire bush wave tantalizingly in the current. "No wonder the couldn't resist." Peter exhales a stream of bubbles that float up against her treasure box. Some tiny little bubbles cling to the waving red hairs before floating upwards. Peter gets more brave and pulls against her thighs, bringing the mass of red hairs right into his face. He darts his tongue thru the red jungle and discovers a soft smooth skinned valley opening for his exploration. A few more exploratory flicks of the tongue and oxygen deprivation sets in and he regretfully rises to the surface.

Julia grabs him by the shoulders and pulls him down close to her, "My your worse than those devil fish." Her passion consumes her and she leans in to lock lips with her childhood playmate.

A jolt of electricity shoots into her lips and rattles around her brain for a while before descending down her spine to settle in her belly to smolder. She feels the soft tip of Peter push up against her thigh. She mashes her lips harder onto his, bruising her lips against his teeth. Exploring his mouth with her tongue, Peter squirms and the tip of his member slips across her thigh and between her legs. Then suddenly without any warning it raises up and softly smacks into her lips, sending that smoldering lighting bolt in her belly racing back up her spine to rattle her brains again.

"Oh!" she exclaims and pushes off Peter to paddle back out to the center of the pool.

"Julia, wait, I'm sorry, I um…didn't mean to um.."

"No Peter you're wonderful. I was just surprised when your...um when your um. It pushed up against me."

"Well, I guess it was just looking for a warm spot."
"Oh, is that what it was doing?"

Peter swims out to her. Both treading water, staring into each others eyes with ear to ear grins on their blushing faces.

"You know Julia that kiss. It sent a tingle all the way down my spine."

"Really. You too?" Licking her swollen lips "If you want another, come and get it but you keep that water snake under control…for now."

In their passionate embrace they cease treading water and are slowly taken below by the cool waters of their secret pond.

The sound of a twig cracking brings Julia out of her memories. Looking from shadow to shadow she sees only the tall thick pines and a few bracken ferns. She quickens her pace treading lightly trying not to make a sound as she darts from patch of moonlight to patch of moonlight.

A cry, a howl of pure anguish shatters the silence of the forest even the constant hum of the crickets goes silent. Her heart in her throat, unable to even breath, she is frozen in her tracks like a deer seeing headlights.

"My god," She thinks, "Grannies ancient tales. Cold they be true? But we're not in Romania. Could these werewolf creatures have followed us here? But these monsters just can't exist here in America. This is the land of the free and the brave not the ancient lands of monsters and evil." With that she bravely marches on down the path through the old woods.

Chapter 3: Full Moon

The sound of a twig cracking brings Julia out of her memories. Looking from shadow to shadow she sees only the tall thick pines and a few bracken ferns. She quickens her pace treading lightly trying not to make a sound as she darts from patch of moonlight to patch of moonlight.

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