tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBy The Numbers Ch. 02

By The Numbers Ch. 02


The next time we work together.

Sheila's words echoed in my mind for days after that incredible New Years' Eve. I couldn't wait to see her again, to admire her exquisite body, to share the kink she had introduced to me. It was one thing to anticipate the delights of a potential lover, to experiment with what she did and did not like during that first night of lovemaking. But Sheila was taking that sensation to an entirely new level, protracting the exploration, while at the same time maximizing the pleasure of each step we took.

I still had questions, of course. Questions about Sheila and her attorney boyfriend. From all I had observed, her beau made Sheila happy. I had even learned that Sheila had been expecting a proposal from him for a while. But, contradicting that happy image was Sheila's revelation that they had been fighting. And if that was not the case, then why would Sheila spend New Years' Eve with me, masturbating together in my car, with the hint – hell, the implied promise – of furthering our sexual relationship?

But, if I had learned only one thing about Sheila, it was that she was a woman who wanted to call the shots. She would reveal to me only what she wanted, and no amount of insistence on my part would gain me any further knowledge. Indeed, I had the impression that, if I pushed too hard, Sheila would close herself off, and our fun would come to an end. I was at least intelligent enough to know that any continued pleasure Sheila and I might share depended upon my ability to play her game.

After that New Years' Eve, Sheila was absent from work for nearly a week. I learned, casually, through our managers and her friends, that Sheila had requested the first through the fifth of January off over two months before. Something about taking a trip with her boyfriend.

I tried not to feel jealous, but I couldn't help it. I felt that Sheila and I had shared something intimate, something special, something that was a beginning. Yet, the day after we had pleasured ourselves before one another, she was off . . . with him?

The illicit and hidden nature of our tryst demanded that I keep quiet about it. How could I brag to anyone that I, Nathan Briggs, had spent New Years' Eve masturbating in my car with the one and only Sheila Kareides? No one would believe me, I knew. Maybe that was what Sheila had wanted. A tease, a tryst, a little fooling around with the one guy she knew she could control through her sexuality.

By the time Sheila came back to work, I was morose, despondent, and thoroughly cold to her. I avoided her like the plague when we worked, and didn't even look her in the eye. I was a little surprised that Sheila seemed hurt by the way I treated her, and in a way, I even enjoyed it. She tried to corner me now and then, tried to make casual conversation. But I spurned her at every turn.

I wanted her, of course. Hell, I dreamed about her every damn night, replaying that night in my car, making events escalate to the point where she sucked me of, or I went down on her, or she fucked me with total abandon and told me she loved me. But my stupid male pride, wounded as it was, kept me cold and distant.

Less than two weeks into the New Year, it was a typical Friday night. I was busy enough that I didn't have much time to think about Sheila, even though she was in the section next to mine and we brushed against each other now and then throughout the night. The following Monday was the beginning of the new semester, so I also had that to occupy me. My junior year was important, as I was taking only classes geared toward my History major. So I found solace in concentrating my thoughts on ancient Greek stories and myths, on the legends of the Spartans and Phoenicians.

That night, I finally found time to take a smoke break just after ten o'clock, after having been flooded by guests since five. The relatively calm and cool air of the back loading dock was welcome after the five hectic hours I had experienced. Surprised to be alone, but also thankful for it, I lit up and enjoyed that sweet rush of nicotine.

I barely heard the door from the kitchen as it opened, then closed. I simply stared up at the dark, star-filled sky overhead, trying to think of anything other than the way Sheila's tendons stood out on the insides of her lean thighs as she spread them, the way her pussy split open wetly like a fish's mouth, the way her aroma swirled around me like a sexual maelstrom . . . .

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes a moment, the only reaction I had at the moment to the sound of Sheila's voice, the knowledge of her presence. "Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I should be happy that you wanted to play around with me before going back to your boyfriend." My reply was not as insulting and bitter as I had fantasized; now that I could finally confront Sheila about my feelings . . . I was still the 'nice guy.'

She was quiet for a long moment. I didn't look at her; instead, I smoked my cigarette, holding it between slightly-shaking fingers.

"Okay," she said at last, stepping around me toward the far wall of the small enclosure. "I guess I deserved that. But I wanna tell you something, Nate."

I flicked ash off my cigarette, watching it fall to the ground. "What's that?"

I heard her breathe in, then let it out shakily. "I meant what I said."

I pulled on my cigarette. "Did you?"

She laughed harshly. "Fine," she said bitingly. "You wanna be a dick about it, go right ahead. But don't forget that I wanted to give you everything, and you fucked it up."

She stormed past me, tossing her barely-smoked cigarette away, and reached for the door.

"Sheila," I said, finally letting my eyes see her. She hesitated at the door, ready to jerk it open. I took a deep breath, admiring her in a both a purely carnal way, as well as affectionately. "I still want you," I said. "That'll never change. I just don't know if I can handle being . . . the other guy."

Sheila's hard face, in profile to me, softened. Her eyes reddened slightly, her lips parted. "You really amaze me, Nate," she said, then looked to me for a moment, her face full of emotion and vulnerability. Then she pulled open the door and stepped inside.

As before, I was left with more questions than answers.


It was a little after midnight when I trudged out to my car, weary and tired and looking forward to the warmth of my bed and maybe some good Internet porn to jack off to. Thoughts of mine and Sheila's tantalizing tryst had compelled me to seek out and download clips of girls masturbating in cars, and doing even more than that.

Just as I unlocked the door of my car, I heard a soft voice in the darkness. "Hey."

I recognized Sheila's voice instantly, loving the soft lilt she possessed even as it made me cringe. I pulled the key from the lock, popped open the door, paused. I did not turn around. "Hey."

I heard her step up behind me, stiffened for a moment as Sheila pressed her nubile body against mine. I felt her warm, moist breath in my ear, just before her tongue flickered out. "I really missed you."

I could have been strong, could have held to my reserve. I could have pushed her away, gotten in my car and driven home. But I didn't. Sheila felt delicious, especially as her hands slid around to the front of my jeans and began tugging on the top button.

"I . . . I have, too," I admitted.

Sheila's hands separated the coarse fabric of my jeans and slid inside. I had not worn underwear since I was sixteen. I breathed in as I felt the tips of her fingers thread through my thick pubic curls. They slipped around the shaft of my rapidly-growing cock, caressed my sweat-dampened balls. Sheila giggled softly in my ear, kissed the side of my neck. "I can tell," she said breathily, then pulled her hands free and stepped around to the passenger side of my car.

I really did not have much choice. My libido was doing all the thinking for me. I got behind the wheel, leaned across to unlock the passenger door. Sheila slid in quickly, closing the door as she gave me an impish smile. "You know where to go," she said meaningfully.


I was all but literally shaking with anticipation as I parked the car in the same field outside the Air Force base. This time, however, there were no other cars around. Only the distant stark lights of the airfield, the hazy glow of the city around us. There seemed to be more light shining through the windows of my car, but perhaps that was only because there were no other vehicles around to cast shadows our way.

Sheila gave me a wicked grin as she popped open the passenger-side door. "Come on," she urged, then stepped out of the car. I frowned for a moment, wondering what she was thinking, or planning. Sheila left the door open, facing away from me, letting me get an unobstructed view as she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. She bent straight-legged at the waist and shimmied them down her lean, tanned thighs. As before, she wore no panties.

Oh, Jesus, I groaned inwardly, my eyes riveted to Sheila's perfect ass, the plump, shadowed lips beneath her cheeks. She seemed to take her time getting out of her work shoes and the tiny ankle socks she wore. Nude from the waist down, she straightened and turned, giving me an impish grin accompanied by a wiggle of her thin, arched brows. She beckoned me with the seductive curl of a finger.

I took a breath, intimidated – yet also exhilarated – by the idea of being naked, outdoors, with Sheila. I decided not to think about what we were doing, or if we might get caught. I had to trust Sheila if I wanted to sample her once more.

I jumped out of the car, coming around the front as Sheila dropped her work polo and undershirt to the ground. Aside from her necklace, earrings, and navel charm, she was totally, deliciously, sublimely naked, standing with her legs slightly parted, hands on her hips, those perfect little breasts thrusting out toward me.

"Uh-uh, cowboy," she said. "Not another step unless you're nekkies."

I breathed in, looking around. I couldn't see anything even resembling a human being, car, or whatever, for at least a couple hundred yards, yet still, the simple idea of exposure was practically frightening. At the same time, I was conscious of the fact that, if I followed Sheila's rules, if I played her game . . . the risk would be worth it. So, staring at her inspiring naked body, I began undoing my belt.

Sheila bit her lip, eyes smoldering sensuously. She stepped closer, watching me push my jeans down and step out of my shoes. Her firm rear slid onto the hood of my car, and she leaned back on one hand, parting her legs and stroking the little tuft of hair on her pubic mound. Her nipples swelled and darkened in the cool night air.

"Mmm, Nate," she moaned softly, her eyes fixated on my cock. It was fully erect, jutting out from between my legs. "Did I tell you that you have a gorgeous dick?"

I chuckled, pulling my shirt off and dropping it to the ground. The cool, wet grass crunched a bit under my feet as I moved closer. Automatically, I grasped my shaft and began sliding my hand back and forth. "You might have mentioned it," I said.

Sheila's glowing eyes lifted to mine. "Ready for Number Three, baby?" she asked heatedly.

I nodded slowly, feeling the heat radiating from her. Even with the stiff, cold breeze, I could smell Sheila's ambrosial pussy. I suddenly realized that she was going to let me touch it . . . play with it . . . feel it.

Sheila leaned back on both hands now, lifting her legs above the hood of the car, spreading them wide. Her sleek pink lips glistened wetly. I had no doubt that she was turned on, as intoxicated as I was by the situation. "Get on your knees, Nate," she said with a sexy grin. She licked her lips slowly.

I obeyed like an automaton, approaching closer, then dropping to my knees on the cold grass. Sheila's raised and bent legs made her tendons stand out, catching the light from the airfield and once again drawing my attention to her sleek, hairless lips. The dusky pink of her cunt glittered like wet sands at the ocean's edge. Even her perineum and the tiny, shadowed bud of her anus were slick. Her aroma was stronger, now that my face was less than a foot from that succulent treasure.

"Just remember, baby, we have all night," Sheila whispered. "There's no need to rush."

I nodded mutely, glancing up briefly to her flushed, glowing face. "I want to touch you," I said.

She smiled demurely, and slowly settled her naked feet on my shoulders. Her thighs splayed even more widely apart. Her vulva opened like a mouth, the sleek labia parting stickily. Sheila's clit was already engorged, filling out the dark sheath in which it lay. I could practically see it move under the fleshy blanket.

"Then touch me, Nate," she whispered huskily. Her breath was ragged. "Anywhere you want. But just your hands, baby. Just your hands."

My twenty-year-old brain experienced a sudden flash of insight. My impulse was to dive in, shove a finger up inside her and feel the heat and tightness of Sheila's pussy. But I realized I had the chance to really savor her body, to explore it in ways I never had done with a girl before. I decided to make the most of it.

I placed my hands on the insides of Sheila's knees, feeling the heat of her skin. I watched her face, the rise and fall of those exquisite breasts, the flexing of Sheila's muscles beneath the skin of her abdomen, the rolling motion of her pelvis. Her pussy lips seemed to gape now, as if opening on their own and enticing me inside.

"Oh, yes," moaned Sheila, her eyes closing, head falling back. She breathed in and out heatedly through her mouth, whimpering as my hands smoothed further up the insides of her thighs. "God, Nate, I'm so hot!"

Hell, yeah, you are, I thought. My hands seemed drawn by the heat of Sheila's pussy, but just before the tips of my thumbs touched her bulging lips, I slid my hands up to her pelvis, along her narrow, taut abdomen to her breasts. I leaned in, all but pressing my chest between her splayed thighs. Her heat nearly burned my skin. Her aroma surrounded me.

"Hmmm, Baby . . . ." she murmured, sighing and hissing as my hands caressed her naked breasts. She breathed heatedly as I massaged those firm mounds. Her nipples slipped between my fingers. I squeezed and lightly pinched them, making Sheila gasp. "Harder," she breathed.

So I did, pulling on her nipples, watching her body undulate in response. I took each of the dark, thick nubs in my fingers and pulled them away from her body, watching her breasts stretch. Sheila bucked and cried out, arching her back. She ground her ass against the hood of my car, scooting down a little until the hot, moist lips of her pussy were pressed against my chest. I trembled at the feel of her slick flesh sliding up and down on my chest, her stiff clit mashed against my sternum.

Sheila's thighs trembled, and she dug her heels into my back, keeping me where I was (not that I was about to move). She writhed and moaned, and I felt her wetness seeping down to my abdomen. Her open mouth worked like a goldfish's. Her fingers scraped the hood of my car.

I couldn't help myself. She smelled just so damn good, and I was so turned on . . . I lowered my head, and licked the inside of her left thigh, tasting the fresh, tart flavor of her fluid. I moaned, and sucked just at the junction of thigh and pubis, feeling her soft, bulging vulva against my cheek. My tongue snaked out, searching the edges of those sweet, quivering lips . . . .

Sheila's fingers were suddenly threading through my hair, pulling at my head. I sighed in disappointment as I was denied the chance to drink from the fountain, and looked up to Sheila's inflamed face.

"Just hands, baby," she said with a husky lick of her lips, which flared around her clenched teeth. "Finger me."

Those words made my libido soar. Finger me . . . I had never had a girl say such a thing to me before, nor had I ever been so intoxicated by a woman in my life. I was, needless to say, inspired.

"Get on your hands and knees," I said.

Sheila's eyes flashed excitedly. "Just hands, okay?" she reminded me, scooting up on the hood and turning over. I groaned at the sight of this beautiful woman as she positioned herself on all fours. Her rich skin seemed more pale in the distant light and the faint glow of the moon overhead. She arched her back and looked over her shoulder at me, nibbling her lower lip. "Go for it, baby," she cooed.

I smiled back, admiring the firmness of her cheeks, the puffy vulva of her pussy and the slink, shiny lips of her slit. Her tiny asshole all but winked at me. I couldn't help but feel blessed.

Sheila purred when my hands caressed her round cheeks. She swayed a little on her hands and knees, hissing as I pulled her cheeks apart, making her cunt split open with a faint wet sound. I inhaled her scent, bringing my face as close as I could without my lips touching her. How I had the will to resist fastening my mouth to those succulent folds, I couldn't fathom.

"Mmm, yeah, Nate, that's it," sighed Sheila, feeling my fingers rubbing her glossy, warm lips. I couldn't believe I was actually touching Sheila's pretty pussy. The heat emanating from her was incredible. I massaged her vulva for a moment, pinching them together, then spreading them wide apart. Sheila moaned again.

I didn't need to suck my fingers to get them wet, but I did so anyway, tasting her sublime flavor. Oh, how heavenly! Musky, sweet, tangy and just a little bitter. Nectar of Aphrodite, I thought, then returned my fingers to her cunt. I slowly pushed the tips of two fingers against her tight entrance.

"Yes!" gasped Sheila, pushing back against me. "Fuck me, baby . . . fuck me with your fingers . . . ."

I was transfixed by the sight of Sheila's pussy stretching around my invading digits, sucking them in. I felt the muscles gripping my fingers tightly, rippling and pulling. I exposed her clit with the fingers of my other hand, and touched it with my thumb, just as my fingers were buried to the third knuckle. Sheila jumped, then purred again.

"So good, baby, so good. Go on, do it. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy!"

Her dirty talk spurred me on. I slid my fingers back, almost vacating her tunnel, watching the way her labia billowed out like the petals of a blooming flower, then pushed back in, going just as deep as before. I moved my fingers around inside her, massaging her clit all the while. Her juices flowed freely, dripping over my hand and down her thighs.

I plunged in, again and again, increasing the speed and rhythm until my knuckles were smacking wetly against her pussy. Sheila bucked, gasping loudly, her breath leaving her quivering lips in shuddering puffs. She rolled her hips insistently, lowered her shoulders to the hood. Her pussy clenched my fingers tightly, making me anticipate the feel of that same snug cave around my cock.

I felt and watched her body trembling, and the way she was panting and moaning, I figured she was getting close to orgasm. Or maybe she had already cum, the way she was dripping. I honestly wasn't sure, but I wasn't going to stop either way.

A thought flashed into my head, and I went with it. I pulled my fingers from her pussy, sucked on them for a moment. Sheila was breathing heavily, giggling softly as she remained where she was. "Done already?" she asked, brushing hair from her face and lifting up to look back at me. Jesus, was she gorgeous, with her face positively glowing, her body glistening with sweat.

I smiled up at her, tasting her rich essence. "Not yet," I responded, returning my fingers to her hole. Sheila giggled again, watching me with a slack expression on her face. But this time, as well as the two fingers I inserted into her tunnel, I pressed my ring finger against her anus. Sheila caught her breath, clamping her mouth and biting down on her lower lip. She moaned as I slowly penetrated her ass.

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