tagErotic CouplingsBy The Numbers Ch. 04

By The Numbers Ch. 04


A mixture of proud anger and adolescent shame filled me for the following few days. I worked with Sheila over the weekend, but never seemed to be able to be alone with her. She was sweet and smiling the entire time, flirting with me as much as she always had before, but it always appeared to work out that we simply could not spend even so much as ten seconds alone.

On Sunday, we both worked the day shift. Typically, Sunday afternoons were busy. As soon as church let out – and there were more than a few in the area – we invariably filled up. I liked my Sunday shifts, since I made good money and usually had the night off. And, having checked Sheila's schedule, I knew that she had the night off, as well.

After four days, I was looking forward to being with Sheila once again. There was, after all, at least one more 'number' on her list. As much as I loved Number Four, Five promised to be . . . exquisite.

Toward the end of the shift, as the evening crew was taking tables and I was cleaning up after my last guests, I heard a squeal of surprise from the bar area. That squeal sounded very familiar. I had heard variations of it several times, after all.

Except . . . this time, that sound had not been emitted for my benefit. Rather, it was for the tall, good-looking blonde man who, as I stepped around the edge of the bar from the kitchen, was holding Sheila tightly. To say that jealousy reared its ugly head would have been an understatement. I wasn't sure which I suddenly hated more: Mr. Lawyer's good looks and obvious affluence, or the way Sheila clung to him, grinning up to his face as if he was the most important person on the planet.

Well, if he's so fucking special, I thought, why is Sheila going out with me? Why is she—

Idiot. She's not 'going out' with you. She plays with your dick and sucks you off. You don't take her out to dinner, you don't buy her flowers, she doesn't spend the night . . . .

"Cute couple," came Andi's voice from beside me. "She looks really happy with him."

I glared at her. "Leave it to you to twist a knife in my back," I said acidly.

Andi wasn't the least bit offended. She just stared back at me. "And who put it there in the first place?" she asked bluntly. She did not step away after her quip; she remained where she was, silently challenging me to rebuke her.

I looked back to Sheila, watching her laugh and smile and snuggle against her man, against Grant. I suddenly hated that name. Part of me wanted to butt in, say something, be the 'alpha male' and claim Sheila. But that wasn't me. I was the 'nice guy.' The 'quiet guy.' I didn't make waves.

So, instead, I backed away. "I'm gonna go smoke," I said, and left the bar.


I had decided to distract myself with my collection of Star Wars Xbox games. I was well into cutting up some bad guys with my lightsaber when the knock came at the door, reminding me that I had ordered a pizza. Reluctantly putting the game on pause, I dug for my cash and answered the door.


I blinked, having expected the usual geeky girl who delivered my hand-tossed double-pepperoni pie. Instead, it was Sheila who stood on my tattered straw welcome mat. It had been a couple of hours since I had left work, and figured Sheila had not lingered much longer. Yet she still wore her jeans and had on just a white tank, and the greasy smell of a restaurant was faint but noticeable drifting from her.

I didn't say anything, confounded by the swirl of emotions that Sheila's appearance had elicited. Confusion, wonder, arousal . . . .

"You didn't say good-bye when you left work," she prompted me with a small, amused smile. "Are you mad at me or something?"

I managed to recover my brain, at least somewhat. "No, of course not," I said, even though I really wanted to ask why she wasn't with her 'perfect' boyfriend. I shrugged, trying to come off as being cool and nonchalant. "You, um, seemed kind of busy."

"Hmm," she muttered casually. "Okay." She gave me a catty smile, apparently done with the topic, and stepped closer, expecting to be let in. I resisted, just for a moment, not budging. But then I stepped aside and let Sheila in.

I was glad I maintained a somewhat clean apartment, even if the dishes were piling up and the bathtub was in need of a good scrubbing. I had some incense burning – a habit, since I smoked in my apartment – so the place didn't smell too funky. But I had some clothes strewn around the floor – my apartment was a one-room studio – and a few empty beer cans on the kitchen counter. Sheila did not seem to be offended by my place as she looked around.

I felt like I needed to be a gracious host for my unexpected guest. At the least, I needed to do something to counter the immediate sense of arousal I felt in Sheila's presence. "Um, want something to drink?" I asked awkwardly.

She finished her assessment of my living conditions, and turned back to me with a sly look on her beautiful face. Her gaze drifted to my crotch briefly, then back to my face. "Sure. You got something on tap?"

Just that simple look, and the implications of her words . . . I could feel my cock growing, snaking against the denim that encased it. "Uh, sure," I said, trying to be suave. "Wanna get a glass?"

Sheila's lips stretched in a sexy smile as she stepped up to me, lightly pressing her body to mine. "Actually, I'd rather just suck it from the tap, if that's okay."

I suddenly hoped Sheila couldn't tell how much her words had me trembling with lust. Something in me wanted to salvage some measure of control over the situation. It was a mad wish, of course; my subconscious understood that this entire scenario was Sheila's game. But my conscious mind wanted to hold onto the fantasy that I still held a measure of control.

"Well . . . if you insist," I said.

Sheila's hands were already pulling on my belt, getting it undone. Her eyes shone up at me with that canny expression of desire. I held my breath as she undid the button of my jeans and pushed the zipper down. "Oh, I do, baby," she murmured, then sunk to her knees, dragging my jeans down.

I sighed as my cock fell out, then groaned at the feel of Sheila's warm, wet breath, soft lips, and darting tongue upon the head. I watched as she licked slowly around the tip of my cock, making the head shine with her saliva. Her eyes shone as she looked up to my face. I found that inordinately sexy.

"You like this, baby?" Sheila whispered in between licks at the head of my dick. I watched her tongue become repeatedly smeared with the clear, glistening pre-cum that oozed from my dick.

"God, yes," I muttered.

Sheila grinned, squeezing my dick with her hand. She rubbed the head of my cock around her lips, making them glisten with my fluid, then sucked the head into her mouth, all the while looking up at me. The sweet, wet sucking sounds that escaped her throat and lips were intensely arousing. I shuddered and sighed, running my hands through her long, flowing hair. Sheila's eyes softened, and she took more of my cock, her lips stretching around my girth. She breathed out through her nose, letting a soft, moaning sound escape her throat before it opened and stretched around my dick.

I moaned loudly, cradling her head to my groin as her chin pressed against my balls, her nose tickling the hairs of my abdomen. I felt every tight, sucking ripple of her throat around my shaft. The sensation was ecstatic, to say the least, especially since she kept me buried for many long, glorious seconds.

Smoothly, Sheila slid me from her mouth and stood, quickly undoing her jeans as she stood. "Take it all off, baby," she urged me, her eyes hungry and feral. "I wanna see you naked."

Heeding her words, I sat on the edge of my little bed and pulled off my shoes, jeans, and shirt. I watched Sheila shimmy her jeans down her lean legs and step out of her shoes and socks, then as she slid her panties all the way off. Naked save for the tiny top she wore, Sheila approached me, pushing me back on the bed.

"Eat me," she whispered, climbing over my chest and framing my head with her thighs. Her pussy was moist and fragrant, almost crudely so as she pressed the flaring lips to my mouth. I was intoxicated instantly, inhaling her scent, licking along, then between, her slippery lips. I felt her vagina open and accept my intrusion. We both moaned as my tongue penetrated her.

"Oh, baby, yeah!" she gasped, rolling her hips, grinding her soaked cunt onto my face. I sucked and licked avidly, devouring her juices, but some escaped and I felt it dribbling down my chin and neck.

Knock, knock.

Sheila suddenly pulled back, looking down at me, her face glowing with rouge. "Someone's here!" she whispered in a worried, frantic tone. For a moment, I wondered if she thought my guest may have been her boyfriend.

I swiped at her clit with my tongue, making Sheila wince and tremble. "Pizza," I said.

She suddenly grinned. "Pizza?" she asked.

I nodded, kissing the insides of her taut thighs. "I ordered one."

Sheila giggled and slid back, jumping off the bed. Damn, she looked beyond sexy in that tight, wrinkled little top and nothing else. The dimples above her ass made her firm, round cheeks stand out. I could just make out the swollen, dangling lips of her labia as she went to the door and peered through the spyhole.

"It's a guy," she said, giving me an impish smile. "Let me get it."

I chuckled, more than willing to stay on the bed, stroking my dick to keep it hard. "Go ahead," I said. "My money's in my jeans."

Sheila laughed softly, then looked for her own jeans. She extracted a wad of cash, gave me a look. "It's on me, baby," she said, then opened the door. "Hi!"

There was a long moment of silence. Sheila's shirt stopped just above her waist, which meant that the sexy swell of her hips, the little 'landing strip' of pubic hair above her pussy, were completely exposed. I couldn't see the pizza delivery guy, but I could sure imagine his awe-filled expression.

"Got a pie for me?" Sheila asked with a grin, shifting her weight to her right leg and fanning her left out.

"Uh, yeah," I heard a male voice say. Velcro ripped. Sheila was handed a white cardboard box.

"How much is it?" she asked.

"U-um . . . thirteen, um . . . thirteen—"

"Here's twenty," she said, taking the pizza box and turning on her feet, affording the delivery guy a perfect view of her bubble-butt. Sheila grinned broadly over her shoulder. "Keep the change," she said, then kicked the door closed.

I shook my head, laughing as Sheila stepped toward me. "You just made his day."

Sheila's eyes smoldered, and she set the pizza box on the little table between my bed and couch. She locked her blazing eyes on mine and crawled up over me, settling her steamy pussy against my groin. "And I'm gonna make yours, baby," she whispered, then leaned over and kissed me deeply.


Never will I forget that moment. After sucking my cock to return it to its full length, Sheila lay back, legs spread wide, her swollen pink pussy splayed open and ready for me. She licked her fingers, then stroked her labia, all the while gazing up at me. "Put it in me, baby," she urged. "Fuck me."

I felt an urge to savor the moment, so I took my cock in hand and rubbed the head along her hot, spicy slit. I moaned at the feel of her slick lips parting and caressing my dick, at the sight of her swollen clit. Sheila jerked slightly when the head of my dick rubbed against it. "Please," she lamented.

I positioned the head of my cock against her pursed, wet opening, and grabbed her ankles. Sheila willingly spread her legs wide, and closed her eyes in blissful anticipation. I leaned in, pushing inside her, sighing loudly at the heat of Sheila's pussy, the tight, sucking motions of her inner walls as they pulled me in. I looked down, watching my cock being swallowed up in Sheila's heavenly cunt.

"Oh, God!" cried Sheila, throwing her head back. Her legs locked around me, ankles digging into the small of my back. She panted and breathed loudly through her mouth; her eyes flashed open. Her mouth worked silently for a few moments, then she grinned, closing her eyes. "Oh-h-h-h, baby . . . yes . . . . "

I grunted in response, reveling in the heat of Sheila's pussy, the tightness of her cunt as her muscles stroked and massaged my length. I kept her legs spread wide apart, plunging into her over and over and over—

"Oh fuck!" she screamed at last, her sweaty body shaking beneath mine. Her eyes flashed to mine in an almost pleading way, even as her hands clawed at the cheeks of my ass. "I'm gonna cum, Nate . . . oh . . . shit!"

Her face contorted, twisting as if in pain as her head thrashed back and forth. Dark strands of hair danced across her face. Then she was grunting, crying, even screaming. Her body lifted up from the mattress, her legs tightening around me fiercely. Her eyes flashed open and she hissed, panted loudly through clenched teeth. "Baby! B-b-baby! Oh fucking hell!"

Sheila's orgasm was incredible, and inspiring. She shook and moaned, thrashed and gasped. Her cunt sucked powerfully on my dick, and I had no more will left to deny her. As I felt the squelching juices of her pussy spurting around my cock and soaking into my groin, I hammered deep inside, enjoying my own release. I felt every last pulse of semen from my dick as it was emptied deep in Sheila's womb.

For an instant, it was like we were trapped within a sliver of time. I held Sheila close, my hands digging into the firm flesh of her hips. We stared into one another's eyes. I saw only bliss, content, and perhaps, even a shadow of love.

With a groan, I fell atop her, pressing Sheila into the mattress. She cooed and purred, wrapping her arms and legs around me tightly. I felt her soft lips kissing my neck, my ear, my cheek, then my lips.

"I love you, baby," she whispered.

I might have responded. But I was too drained. I barely remember rolling onto my back, clutching Sheila close as we recovered.


The pizza was lukewarm, but neither I nor Sheila minded as we sat on my bed and watched some contrived, predictable movie on the Sci-Fi channel and ate. Neither of us bothered with clothes; Sheila had stripped of her top, and sat Indian-style in full nudity as I reclined on my side.

"See?" she declared, stabbing a finger at the screen, mindless of the pizza sauce smeared at the corner of her mouth. "That's just stupid! You're getting chased by a ninety-foot snake! Don't run up the hill, where it can see you! Go in the stupid fucking house!"

I chuckled, watching her. Her casual nudity had maintained within me a constant level of simmering arousal. My hand slid up between her thighs, and automatically, Sheila uncurled her legs, letting me seek the moist, hot center of her sex. She took another bite from her slice of pizza. "Idiot," she remarked.

I smiled, slowly pushing a finger inside her pussy. She was surprisingly wet, even moreso than usual. "It's just a movie," I said.

Sheila looked down to me, smiling as she chewed. She spread her legs even wider, lifting one in the air to give me better access to her cunt. I slowly slid my finger in and out, then added a second. She moaned softly, swallowed her mouthful. "Mmm," she moaned, rocking gently on her hips. "I know. Still, these kinds'a movies always piss me off . . . um, Nate, baby . . . ."

I grinned, leaning in slowly, watching Sheila's face as I slipped out my tongue and swiped at her clit. "Yeah?" I asked, feeling the little button as it swelled and grew.

Sheila dropped her half-eaten slice of pizza back in the box and leaned back on her hands, spreading her legs wantonly. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked with a little smile.

"Having dessert?" I asked, then smiled back, slipping my tongue into her pussy. I was aware of a tart, salty, bitter flavor. It was different from before.

Sheila giggled, evidently amused by the expression on my face. "You do remember that you came inside me, right?"

I stopped licking her, looked down at what I had been sampling. Sheila's pussy was creamy, the fluid coating her labia thick and gooey. I suddenly realized why Sheila was so wet, and that what I had tasted was my own cum, mingled with her juices. I wasn't sure what to make of it.

She giggled again, and scooted back on the bed. "Come on, baby," she urged, standing beside the bed and reaching for my hand. Her eyes flashed excitedly. "Let's have shower sex."

I couldn't very well argue with that. I followed Sheila's perfect cheeks into the bathroom, temporarily cringing at the thought that she would be offended by the scum in the tub or the shower curtain that really needed to be replaced. But she gave no indication of disgust as she pulled open the curtain and turned the knob. The way she was bent over . . . I couldn't help myself.

"Ooo!" she gasped, then giggled as I pressed my groin to her ass, feeling the swampy heat of her pussy against my growing shaft. I bent at the waist and kissed her shoulder, smoothing my hands up her slightly oily skin.

"I want you," I whispered.

I watched her face in profile as she closed her eyes and bit her lip sensuously. "Mmm, I know you do, baby."

I was quickly hard, and pulled back, just a little, enjoying the feel of that heavenly ass against my lower abdomen. My cock angled up automatically, seeking her hot center. I groaned at the feel of her, of those slippery lips caressing the head.

Sheila wiggled her hips, teasing me, then straightened and turned around. Giving me a sultry look while curling her fingers around my dick, she stepped into the shower, bringing me with her.

Warm water ran over us both. Sheila looked even sexier as her hair became thick and heavy with water, sticking to her neck and back. She kissed me passionately, raking my chest with her rock candy nipples. Her hands stroked lightly along my shaft as it jutted between her legs. I moaned as she rubbed the tip against her clit.

"I can't believe . . . how hot . . . you make me," I whispered between kisses. I rolled my hips a little, trying to push inside her. But Sheila would tilt her own hips back, just as the head of my cock penetrated her pussy.

"I think about you all the time," she said back, moving her hand down to cup my balls. Rivulets of water trickled down her face. Her plastered hair and wide dark eyes made her look like a teenager. "I fantasize about you."

That surprised me. "Really?" I asked, dumbfounded. "Even when . . . I mean, when you're with—"

Sheila shushed me with a finger to my lips and a soft, sensuous kiss. "This is about us, baby. About you and me and making love all night."

My passion hit a new peak, evoking a warm, sharp stab of raw emotion in my heart. Sheila's words were akin to a commitment, it seemed. With a roughness – tempered by my adoration – that made Sheila yelp, I gripped her ass and lifted her up, pinning her to the wall. I smothered her mouth with mine, and drove my cock inside her slick tunnel, feeling the powerful muscles pulling me within.

"Oh! Nate!" she gasped, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around me. I reveled in the feel of her trembling body.

"I love you, Sheila," I moaned, thrusting hard and sure, making her back squeak against the wet tile behind her. With each deep drive, my balls slapped wetly against her ass. I sucked water from her neck and shoulder and listened to the heated panting in my ear.

"Mmm Nate," she groaned, clenching me tightly within her. "God, baby, you make it so easy to cum . . . ." And, to make her point, she let out a shuddering wail, clawing my back so deeply that I winced.

But I didn't stop. I couldn't. I was going to fuck her all night.


It was a little after three in the morning when I awoke, stirred from sleep when I realized my arms were no longer wrapped around Sheila's warm, supine body. Feeling almost drunk from the pleasure we had shared, I rolled up in bed, watching Sheila as she got dressed.

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