tagIncest/TabooBy The Pool Ch. 03

By The Pool Ch. 03


All my stories are of fictional characters over 18 years old. I write so that other may enjoy... Please feel free to leave constructive feedback.

When I woke up the next morning I was unsure if what I thought happened the night before was a dream or reality. It was quickly solved as I realized my mother was still lying next to me.

The sun coming through the window dancing onto my mothers naked body made me horny again. Thinking about the events over the past couple of days and looking at her back and her slim waist had my penis totally engorged. Mornings had always meant a big hard on for me. I jerked off a lot when I woke up, but having my mother beside with my penis 3 inches from her ass made me pretty crazy.

I didn't want to wake her up and for some reason all I could think about was touching her skin with my erection. I moved slowly grabbing my cock with thumb and my finger then gently pushed it away from my body against her ass. She was lying in a fetal position so I easily slipped my cock back and forth in the slit of her ass. I grazed the head of my cock through there a dozen times before she stirred and I was actually feeling like I was gonna cum on her ass. Her movement forced my cock straight out from my body with no way to allow it back up without moving myself now. I wasn't about to move however as in this position I could now feel heat and juice from he pussy. However much I enjoyed grazing the head of my penis against her soft ass this was in another realm of feeling for my dick. I was close to climax and I couldn't help, but slowly move my hips back and forth smearing her juices with the tip of my penis. My mother started to stir and I stopped. Moving her hand to her side she reached over to secure my penis. She sat up and looked at me with my penis still in hand. She was so beautiful and she looked down at my cock.

"Wow you sure are horny." My mother said with a huge smile on her face. "I will take care of you with my hand it wouldn't be right to have sex with my own son. You really do have an amazing cock the girls are going to be wild to get this in them once they all find out."

"I love you mom." I said lustfully.

With that she stroked me up and down with purpose. She sat with her legs crossed right at my mid section and looked as though she want to lean in and suck me. I started to jerk my hips when I was about to cum. My mother leaned over my cock and took the tip in here mouth while still stroking my shaft up and down. I squirted a ton and bucked as she held on and sucked up all of my seed. I could see the red blush on her chest and her erect nipples so I decided I would try to satisfy her. I pushed her back and she resisted I think because she thought I was going to try to fuck her. I looked up at her and she then leaned back with her legs slightly apart. I lowered my head into her pussy and she was really wet and hot. I let my tongue play up and down on her slit without trying to enter the hole. I am guessing it was not my talent at oral sex, but how horny she was that made her cum so quick. She grabbed the back of my head and held it against her pussy when she came. My face was forced up against her pussy and she humped up and down. Once the climax was over she moved away quickly seeming like her clit was now to sensitive to touch any longer. I was happy with myself and satisfying my mother made me a bit proud.

My mother got up and went to have a shower. While she was in the bathroom I jerked off onto my belly with my bedroom door wide open while I thought about what just happened.

My mother spent some time out by the pool in the morning sunning her perfect little body. I was getting horny again although my dick was a bit sore when I got a hard on. My mother noticed a few times the bulge in my shorts and a couple of times as I got in and out of the pool I let the tip of my erect penis slip out of the top of my swim trunks.

With my mothers top undone sunning her back it was all I could do not to untie her bikini bottom and push my cock against her pussy. I lay there pretending to sun tan with her, but really all I was thinking about was trying to fuck her now. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the hand jobs or the blowjob she gave me, but having felt the warmth of her pussy and the fact that was now the line not to cross. I couldn't help but be consumed with that idea.

Just before lunch mom announced her friend Joy was coming over. To be truthful my heart sank a bit I was horny and I wanted another session with her. I figured that I would try to straddle her chest and cum on her tits if I could. This simply would not happen if we had company.

My mother's announcement was true and her friend did come by. I waited for about an hour thinking she may leave quickly, but that was obviously not happening. I was about to phone my friends to tell them I had not dropped off the earth when my mom called me in the living room.

"You remember Mrs. Cavanaugh right?" My mom inquired.

I wanted to be rude to them. I was punishing her for my disappointment when all I really did was nod my head looking disinterested.

Mrs., Cavanaugh shocked me by saying "Your mom tells me that your cock is bigger then your father's was. I loved fucking your dad... We used to have such a good time when your dad was still alive."

I was totally stunned. Ears buzzing, stone face, white skin, and completely stunned.

"Why don't you come over and show it too me I want to see if you mom was telling the truth." Mrs. Cavanaugh crooked her finger toward me motioning me over when she said it.

My mother got up and walked over to me pushing me from behind edging me toward her. When I was standing directly in front of her my mom reached from behind and undid the front of my trunks. Still stunned I just stood there motionless as she tugged my trunks down. Both women slid to their knees starring at my hard on. My mom stroked me a few times to ensure I was fully erect.

Joy then looked at my mom and said " Jesus that was no tall tale. I have not seen a cock like this is so long. My pussy is so wet I feel like a teenager. Lay him on the couch I am going try and get this in me right now." Mrs. Cavanaugh said all this as if I wasn't in the room.

My mom laughed and said to me "I won't fuck you son, but that doesn't mean I don't know someone that will. You let her do the work lay back and just enjoy. Most women will have to slowly work you inside them so try not to force your cock inside. Let her push down on you until she is all the way in."

With that I lay back on the couch while my mom removed my shirt. She stroked my cock while she watch Joy get undressed. Joy just came right in and got on top of me. Kissing my neck her hot pussy pressed right again my dick. There was no fooling around with this lady she was grinding on my cock as soon as it made contact trying to get it into her smoking hot pussy. Within a minute I was all the way inside her and it felt great. I tried to move my hips, but she took over. Her tits where bigger then my mom's and she had white creamy skin on her stomach and chest. She scared me a bit with how wild she was. Groaning and screaming she humped hard down onto my cock making her tits jangle all around. I was so turned on I started to buck into her and that caused us both to cum. She screamed so loud I was worried the neighbors would call the cops. She lay exhausted on top of me looking over toward my mom who was rubbing her pussy through her pool wrap.

Joy said " Give me a sec I will eat your pussy. It has been a long time since I came this hard I need a sec to recover. He is so young we are going to have so much fun with him!"

Joy's word's didn't sink in right away. It wasn't until my mother had her first orgasm via Joy's mouth did I start to realized I was going to get to fuck her again. My mind raced with all the possibilities.

Joy spend a long time licking my mom's pussy and by the look of it this wasn't the first time she had done this. My mom was truly lustful as she ground her pussy into Joy's face. I again managed a hard on and fucked Joy's doggy style while she finished up on my mom. My mom had orgasm multiple times and her eyes where totally fixed on me fucking Mrs. Cavanaugh. Watching her getting her pussy eaten was such a turn on.

After our session we all got cleaned up Mrs. Cavanaugh said as she was leaving "Tomorrow I think I will bring a new treat for you."

These words became the focus of my imagination for the next 22 hours until I saw her again.

Chapter 4 is coming...

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